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A true story

When I first heard about Aimee I was horrified. The referral from the social services stated that Aimee kicked, bit her mother and pulled her mother’s hair, and worst of all, Aimee had strangled some little kittens. The social worker was looking for a very experienced foster carer with no young children to take care of Aimee and I was asked. I had serious doubts, but I agreed to look after her.

Aimee arrived late one evening with nothing but what she stood up in – rags and plastic trainers with the toes out. She was dirty; her head was crawling with lice, and she had a very bad attitude. But there was something about her that I warmed to, something I felt I could work with, and when she snuggled into her bed that first night she was so grateful I nearly cried.

With firm boundaries, routine, care and attention Aimee began to make progress and trust me enough to confide. But the more she told me about her life before coming into care the angrier I became. It was clear that Aimee should have been removed from home much sooner, and I couldn’t understand why she had been left to suffer. It seemed that Aimee had been forgotten.

Reviews for Another Forgotten Child:

“…a heartbreaking story, but does show that childhood experiences of despair and neglect can be turned around….One of the most poignant moments in the book is the conversation Cathy has with Aimee’s mother, Susan, where it is clear that she isn’t a ‘bad’ person, but is herself the victim of her past.”
Gina Ford

“This is a wonderful book which helps the reader to wake up to the realities of how the social system fails and works for some children and not others. Truly heartbreaking, but also an awakening to a world I was unfamiliar with.”

“A new memoir from the bestselling author and foster carer.”

“As always with Cathy’s books it was well written, a real page turner and very emotional.”

“This is another Cathy Glass special, if traumatic novel. No spoilers other than to say it is a page-turner, difficult to put down and very readable.”

“Another brilliant book from Cathy Glass.”

“Another inspiring story from foster carer Cathy Glass.”

“Absolutely fantastic book just like all her others.”

“Brilliant book. I’d expect nothing less from Cathy …I cried of course.”

“Another great book…brilliant…a sad story with a happy ending. Would highly recommend this book.”