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When I was asked to foster Darcy-May, a two-day old baby, I immediately teared up. She was coming to me straight from hospital and would have no contact with her teenage mother, Haylea. Even more worrying, she would arrive with a police escort as it was crucial her extended family didn’t know where she was.

Abandoned at birth, my family and I quickly bonded with little Darcy-May although we knew she would eventually leave us to be adopted. That was the care plan. However, rarely is fostering straight forward, and when Haylea asked for contact a different story began to emerge. So horrific I struggled at times to write this book, but her story needed to be told.

Praise for An Innocent Baby

This was another fantastic book written by Cathy. This one broke my heart. … Amazon 5* review

Another brilliantly written fostering memoir from Cathy Glass …Amazon 5* review

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Another outstanding read from Cathy, well written and draws you in from the first page. … Amazon 5* review

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Another outstanding read from Cathy, well written and draws you in from the first page. Goodreads 5* review

Absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to the next one…. Goodreads 5* review

I always enjoy Cathy Glass books – this one didn’t disappoint. The Reading Group agency  5* review

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