Published 1 Sept 2022

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Amazon UK

Angie, aged 5, and her sister Polly, aged 4, were utterly distraught when they were removed from home by social workers and brought to live with me. They loved their mummy and daddy and seemed to have been well cared for, but their older half-sister Ashleigh, had accused their father of raping her. A shocking crime which meant Angie and Polly were at risk too.

The girls were inconsolable for days, not helped by only being allowed to see their mother online because of covid restrictions and concerns that she may frighten them into not telling the truth. But gradually they began to settle and as they did they talked more of life at home where there were a lot of arguments between Ashleigh and their parents.

Then a chance remark by Angie set me thinking that the situation might not be as it appeared. I contacted the police which set in motion a chain of events that eventually changed everything.