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Angie, aged 5, and her sister Polly, aged 4, were utterly distraught when they were removed from home by social workers and brought to live with me. They loved their mummy and daddy and seemed to have been well cared for, but their older half-sister Ashleigh, had accused their father of raping her. A shocking crime which meant Angie and Polly were at risk too.

The girls were inconsolable for days, not helped by only being allowed to see their mother online because of covid restrictions and concerns that she may frighten them into not telling the truth. But gradually they began to settle and as they did they talked more of life at home where there were a lot of arguments between Ashleigh and their parents.

Then a chance remark by Angie set me thinking that the situation might not be as it appeared. I contacted the police which set in motion a chain of events that eventually changed everything.

Praise for A Family Torn Apart

What an emotional story. Angela 5* Audible

Awesome as always! Cathy continues to tell a story and provide inspiration on how to treat events in everyday life. Ria 5 * Audible

Excellent: Absolutely gripping as usual, looking forward to the next one…  Anna 5* Audible.

Amazing! I loved this book as I did all the other books. Thank you Cathy. Elaine 5* Audible

This book was quite an eye opener. You never know what is happening in a family. It was a very well written and true to life Jennie 5 * Amazon

Amazing book. Lovely read. Worth the money.  Stephen 5* Amazon

Loved another of Cathy’s books. Great read and a terribly sad story for all concerned. Sue Amazon 5 * review

It was brilliantly written as usual. Jessy 5* Amazon

 I really enjoyed reading this book, no spoilers obviously but nice for a happy ending. Laura Facebook

Loved it as usual. Another great book. Already looking forward to your next one. Sammy Facebook

You are an amazing woman Cathy. I have been reading your books for years. Lisa Facebook

Well done Cathy I’m not surprised it’s still in the bestseller charts for another week. Cathy Facebook

Great book. Read it in a day. Sarah Twitter

It’s amazing. I finished it last night. Louise Twitter

On my holiday in Majorca in 4 days. I couldn’t put it down!  Chelsea Twitter

I’m really hooked Kirsty 5* google-play

Amazing read.  Shirley google-play

It kept me gripped. A very good read gorreyn google-play