I am still in touch with Lara, Frazer and Arthur. The supervision order expired at the end of a year and Claudette was satisfied that no further interventions were needed. The family continues to thrive and Lara plans to look at college courses once Arthur is settled in school full time.

Diesel was convicted and given a custodial sentence. Lara is still friends with Shell and Courtney but none of them are in contact with Diesel.

Claudette traced some of Lara’s foster carers who of course had kept photos of Lara – digital and paper, so they sent copies of Lara’s time with them. Lara was surprised and touched, especially as the carers said if she ever wanted to meet up they’d be very happy to.

Thankfully, Lara, Frazer and Arthur’s story had a happy ending, but it could have so easily ended differently. Every child deserves to grow up feeling loved and wanted, either from their parent or care-giver. Sadly, that didn’t happen for Lara and Frazer. The care service in the UK is one of the finest in the world but mistakes happen, and there is room for improvement to ensure that stories like Lara’s and Frazer aren’t repeated in the future. Thank you for being part of our fostering journey. xx