I am delighted to say I am a grandmother three times over now. Lucy and Darren had their second child, a boy, only five days before Adrian and Kirsty had their first child, a girl. All are well.

I seem to be as busy as ever, but happily so: spending time with my family, writing, replying to readers’ messages, seeing Lara and other young people we’ve fostered, as well as preparing and delivering induction talks for those thinking of fostering, and foster carer training. Oh yes and some respite fostering.

Rachel’s eating disorder is under control and Damian is eating normally. No criminal charges were brought against Rachel. At the final court hearing in the care proceedings her children were returned to her. Should they ever have been taken into care? I honestly don’t know.

Esme is enjoying life with her dear papa and has supervised contact with her mother. She hasn’t visited us yet but she has a phone of her own now and video-calls.

Paige emailed a few days after her sixteenth birthday to say she’d had the best birthday ever. She is still with the same carers and as the last of the lockdown restrictions were lifted they gave her party.  She was clearly delighted and thanked me for listening when things had been tough. I replied saying she’d done well to work it out with her carers. Another happy ending.

Paula decided not to move into the bigger bedroom.

For an update on Lara please see the one for Unwanted Children but – to avoid spoilers – only after you’ve read the book please.

One final thought – History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children. Nelson Mandela

Thanks again, my wonderful extended family of readers. Much love to you all.

Cathy x