To begin with Reece found the transition to secondary school difficult: the large building, new routine and so many students. But with support from the school (who were excellent) and also from John and May he soon regained his confidence and settled in. He is now at college studying horticulture – no surprise there.  He has grown into a tall, sturdy young man and a credit to John and Mary. We see them all a couple of times a year and there are lots of hugs all round.

I have not heard any more about Reece’s mother Tracey or her partner or new baby. The last time I saw Tracey and Gary was at the time mentioned in the Epilogue of the book. Because I am no longer fostering Reece there is no reason for me to be told details of his natural family. It’s possible I may bump into Tracey in the High Street again – as far as I know she still lives in the area. Despite everything I feel sorry for her – coming from a dysfunctional and abusive home she didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately Reece was taken in foster care just in time and now has a happy and fulfilling life, but his story could so easily have been different.