Filip and Aneta didn’t keep in touch but Edith, my supervising social worker, told me – about six months after they’d gone – that the children were doing well and liked their nursery.

Two years after they’d left I was browsing on line for a card to go with a gift for a good friend who was going through chemo. The standard get well cards didn’t seem appropriate. I found what I was looking for – a beautiful card of a bird in flight that could be personalized. It seemed familiar but it was only when I placed the order I realized it was Aneta’s work. She was selling her cards through an art and craft website. There was a whole range of cards, not only of birds but also of flowers and country scenes. I was pleased for her. This seemed to be a positive indication that all was well with her and her family. I hoped so.

I still see Maggie regularly and Keelie is fine and studying childcare so she can be a nanny.