Nearly four years after Alice had left us I passed her with her mother and step-father in the High Street. It was Leah I recognised first and then Alice who was walking between her parents and quite the young lady. Leah was pushing a two year old in a stroller – the baby she’d been expecting when I’d last seen Mr and Mrs Jones. As we drew close Leah looked at me and smiled but didn’t stop or say anything. I don’t think Alice saw me or if she did she didn’t recognise me. Mike had never met me. They all looked well and happy and were like any other family out together on a Saturday. While I would have loved to have chatted to them I accepted that Leah had moved on from the suffering of her past and wanted no reminders. I was pleased it had all turned out well for them and I like to think that by looking after Alice I had in some small way contributed to their story having a happy ending.