When Joss and Kevin moved to live closer to their grandparents they began attending a local school and we gradually lost contact. Some families of children I’ve fostered stay in touch but many do not, preferring to put a difficult past behind them and look to the future. Sometimes months and years go by and then suddenly they get in touch.

The following summer, eighteen months after Joss had left, I received a postcard from the seaside resort we’d all been to on a day trip. On the front of the card were the usual scenes of the beach and coast and on the back was Joan’s writing; I recognized it from the Christmas card she’d sent.

Dearest Cathy, I hope you and your family are all well. Sorry we haven’t been in touch. As you can see we are on holiday, having a great time. Guess who insisted we came here for our holiday? Thanks again for everything. Joss has many happy memories from the time she was with you. Much love Joan, Andrew, Linda, Joss and Kevin xxxxx

I was really touched.

Although I haven’t heard from Joss since that postcard I’m sure she is still doing very well. If she does contact me again I will certainly post on here. Thank you for sharing Joss’s story. I hope you enjoy my other books. Cathy x