Many readers have contacted me since the publication of Damaged, sending their best wishes and asking how Jodie is; my heartfelt thanks to you all. Jodie made excellent progress at High Oaks as a result of the care and therapy she received there. She lost most of her anger, rarely spoke of her natural family and had no wish to see them.

Because of her progress (and tightening budgets) the social services decided she was well enough to live with a foster family and found one in the area so she could continue at the same school and maintain friendships. This came as something of a surprise to my family and me. We were allowed to phone her a few times a year and send Christmas and Birthday cards. She could phone us too. However, we were not permitted to visit her as it was felt it would be confusing for Jodie to have two families.

Gradually over the years her phone calls became less frequent, then I learnt that the family had moved away.

Jodie is a young adult now but sadly I don’t know where she is or what she is doing. Every so often I look on social networking websites to see if she is there but so far without any luck. If I do hear anything further I will post an update here.  I would like to thank you for all your kind enquiries and best wishes.  They are much appreciated.