I didn’t ever find out how Haylea’s father discovered she was living with me but it seems likely someone he knew saw us and followed us home. Haylea is happily settled with Kellie and Amelia. She has started a foundation course at their local college where she has made a friend. Haylea likes college but has a lot of catching up to do in her learning. She hasn’t seen her brothers or sister yet although she still talks to her sister on the phone sometimes.

Haylea is still in therapy and likely to remain so for some time. She knows that Darcy-May is settled with her parents but never mentions her.  Nicky and Sam continue to send me photos of Darcy-May and I hope to see them all again soon. Darcy-May won’t remember me so it’s really for my benefit.

Haylea’s father and the two other men convicted remain in prison and the investigation into the wider paedophile ring is ongoing.