I might not have heard from Anna again had it not been for social media. The years passed then I received a Facebook friendship request from Anna Hudson. Needless to say I accepted, so too did Paula, Lucy and Adrian.

Through chatting to Anna online I learnt that she trained as a legal secretary and now works in a law firm like her mother. She lives with her partner, Terri, in a flat about five miles from her parents, and they are very happy. She hasn’t returned to her birth country again but Terri has said she would like to see it, so they might one day. They are also thinking of adopting.

Elaine is on Facebook too and we message occasionally. She and Ian have a strong loving relationship. While initially surprised that Anna had a same-sex partner they like Terri and have welcomed her into their hearts and home. They are supportive of their wish to adopt. ‘They’d make great mums,’ Elaine wrote. ‘I’d love to be a grandma one day.’
I’ll update when I hear anymore.