We had a three month break from fostering after my mother died. As well as grieving for our loss there was a lot to do – arranging her funeral then clearing out and selling her house. It was March before we saw Jackson again and he was doing well. Kayla told me there was enough evidence for the police to prosecute Jerry for the other child he was accused of abusing.

Tilly is still in touch by text. She is doing well living at home but has resigned herself to having to retake some of her school exams.

Mum’s death certificate showed she died from atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease, and old age. In short her heart just stopped beating while she slept. We miss her dreadfully but console ourselves that if her time had come then she passed peacefully in her sleep having just had the ‘best Christmas ever’ with her family.

My next book, An Innocent Baby will be out in September. Then the books coming out next year will be set in the pandemic.