I am still in touch with Selina and family, but not Ashleigh. We meet up in the park during school holidays. Selina sees Ashleigh once a month but away from the family home. Angie and Polly have seen Ashleigh twice in the last year.

Ashleigh is now living in a children’s residential home where she will be prepared for semi-independent living when she comes out of care at eighteen. She could have been prosecuted for wasting police time because of the lies she told, but she received a warning instead and accepts she did wrong.

Tim and Selina continue to rebuild their lives. They decided not to sue the police or social services as they were going to as they recognized they were only doing their jobs.  Selina tells me she still has nightmares about losing her children and no amount of therapy seems to help. What happened to her family was truly the stuff of nightmares. False allegations ruin lives.