About Cathy Glass

I have three children, two birth children and one adopted child. When I left school I held a clerical position in the civil service, which I left to start a family. At the same time I became a foster carer, the inspiration for much of my writing. I have been a foster carer for over twenty-five years and am what’s known as a specialist foster carer, sometimes referred to as a level 3 carer. This is in recognition of my experience and qualifications and means that I am often asked to look after children with complex needs or very challenging behaviour. I have a degree in education and psychology which I was awarded as a mature student.

I have always been a writer – from when I was at school, with poems in the school magazine. In my teens I began writing short stories, articles, a few radio plays, and entering writing competitions. Like many writers it was a hobby – something I did almost furtively in my spare time, while working, and then later fostering and looking after my family. The two halves of my life – writer and foster carer – came together in 2007 when I wrote about a child I’d fostered and the book immediately became a number one best seller.

If you are a student or in a reading group studying my work, or you would simply like more information about me please email cathy@cathyglass.co.uk and ask for the Fact sheet.

Many readers have contacted me, asking for details of charities so they can make a donation.
Below are some of the charities I have supported:

Save the Children
Fostering Net
Various disaster relief funds.

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