Tilly, aged 14, was very angry with her parents. Her step-father, Dave, abused her mother, but she wouldn’t leave him. Unable to cope with their fighting any longer and fearing for her own safety Tilly placed herself into foster care. She came to live with me and arrived with a cut on her face from getting in the way of another fight.

As well as looking after Tilly and keeping her safe I was worried about my daughter, Lucy, who was faced with a very difficult decision. I just hoped she made the right decision as it would affect the rest of her life.

Tilly’s step-father Dave became increasingly controlling and vindictive, but I was shocked at the lengths he was prepared to go to. It wasn’t normal and I had a suspicion there was more going on than anyone knew. I was right, although I dearly wished I hadn’t been. It would be a very long time before Tilly recovered.