When Mandy, 23, learns her much-loved Grandpa is dying, she readily agrees to stay at her aunt’s house to help nurse him. Although the journey to her aunt’s is familiar, from all her visits as a child, when Mandy arrives she finds she can’t remember any of the house. Her mind has completely blanked it out.

Mandy begins to experience strange and disturbing flashbacks and starts to delve beneath the surface of her respectable family to try and find out what happened. What she discovers is so shocking that she understands why it has never been spoken of, and why it lay buried in her sub-conscious for all those years.

Reviews for Girl in The Mirror:

Bestselling author Cathy Glass returns with her first novel. The Girl in the Mirror is a moving and gripping story of a young woman who tries to piece together her past and uncovers a dreadful family secret that has been buried and forgotten.
Fantastic Fiction

I love Cathy Glass’s writing style as it’s easy and flows well. This story took me on an emotional rollercoaster; there was laughter, smiles and tears. Such a good book, I just couldn’t put it down.
S D Williams, Wales

The twists and turns in the story are shockingly great and you’ll find yourself gasping as they unravel.

I bought it mid-afternoon and less than twenty four hours later, I’d finished. A compulsive read. Cathy sets the scene beautifully and writes compassionately and poignantly about events which I could relate. Cathy is a brilliant writer. I’ve read everything she has written and do hope she’s going to provide more in the future. I for one can’t wait!
Kindle edition