All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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Hello, I enjoyed A Terrible Secret and your other books. Thank You
Donald, 17/10/2020

Hi Cathy, Wow I have just read your book Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ and I feel so emotional. What a moving book it is. I just want to say what a wonderful lady you are. It would be lovely to hear back from you.
Chantelle, 16/10/2020

Dear Cathy. I love reading your books, I have read a few of them. I have just finished A Terrible Secret which I only brought last week. You are an amazing lady. Well done. You should be very proud. Love
Genna, 12/10/2020

I have just finished The Child Bride! I am a very slow ready however I finished this book in under a week. I couldn’t put it down. This story broke my heart. I hope she is living a great life, this poor girl truly deserves it. You are a god send! Thank you for all you do! You’re an amazing person and your books show how much you have touched these kids’ lives. Amen to you! And thank you once again.
Belinda, Australia, 11/10/2020

Hello Cathy, I just came across your books less than a month ago and have read several so far. You are truly a God send for these children. I admire your strength. I have 2 aunts that have fostered and adopted and I loved helping out when I was younger. My heart goes out to all these children. I just finished Lucy’s story last night. “Will you love me” and I cried so much.
Brittany, 07/10/2020

Cathy I’m one of your fans, and I’ve got to say you’ve made my life happier, as someone that as suffered like some of your foster children. You have done a fabulous jobs as foster carer and mother. I just wanted to let you know you have made a difference to others people life’s as well as your foster children. I wish you and your family many happy years full of amazing memories. You truly are a very special lady and would like to thank you for happy me too.
Sallianne, 07/10/2020

Dear Cathy Glass, I am 14 and the first book of yours I read was Where Has Mummy Gone, I borrowed it off my mum and I loved it. Now every birthday and Christmas I ask for more. The one I really wanted was the one about your adopted daughter Lucy and that one is by far my favourite. For my 14th birthday I got Girl Alone, Please Don’t Take My Baby, both which I have now read, The Girl In the Mirror and The Child Bride which I am almost finished reading. I would just like to let you know that since reading your books I have taken an interest in fostering. Yours Sincerely.
Brooke, 14, 04/10/2020

Hi Cathy, I am a French young woman. Some of your books are not translated into French but I am glad I can get them from England. Reading your stories in both languages for 6 years, taught me so much. I am passionate with psychology. I love your writing and the unique content it offers. Thank you for sharing all of these lives with us.  I’ve just discovered your website. You can definitely be proud of you and your children. Lucy is such a special soul, just like you. I will read every book that will be written by your admirable hand. Avec toute mon admiration. Merci pour tous ces enfants, merci pour tous vos lecteurs. Vous avez prouvé qu’une seule belle âme peut rendre des milliers de vies plus riches, plus douces.
Mathilde, France, 04/10/2020

Good evening. I have read several of your books and as a person who was in care for many years due to neglect I want to say thank you. My foster experience wasn’t the best in my long term care, but I had an amazing respite carer. I’m reading your books in order. Thank you so much. Kind regards
Louise, 03/10/2020

Thank you Cathy, you are remarkable, I just finished Too Scared to Tell. I cannot wait to read your book about Lucy’s predicament and the angry teenager. You are admired for the work you are doing. God Bless You and your family.
Brenda, 01/10/2020

Hi. I am currently on chapter 8 of your book Hidden. The one about Tayo. I have never read any of your books in the past but I’m OBSESSED. When I am finished reading Hidden I am going to read “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell” Honestly I really wish Hidden becomes a movie. I would love to see a scene where Mrs. Glass talks to Mrs. Gillings about Tayo telling Mrs. Gillings that he wasn’t allowed to eat breakfast. And when Minty told Tayo he wasn’t supposed to be black. That breaks my heart. Thank you
Shianne, 13, 30/09/2020

Hi Cathy I have just finished reading A Terrible Secret. It was wonderful and as usual once I started I couldn’t put it down. I hope you and your family are well and coping with staying safe. I will look forward to the next book Take care. Kind Regards.
Sue, 28/09/2020

Just a note to say that I’ve started reading A Terrible Secret and am loving it. I stayed up all night reading it! I’m on chapter six now. I can’t wait to read on and hear what happens next, and will look forward to reading more later on this morning. Also, I just finished Taken, and you do write a great thriller! It is the first of your thrillers I’ve read! I really liked it it was so relatable and believable! Keep writing. Lots of love.
Shirley, Ireland, 27/09/2020

I just wanted to let you know, I have read almost all of your books! You are an inspiration and you have touched so many children’s lives! Thanks for being a wonderful person and a great author!
Kris, USA, 28/09/2020

Dear Ms Glass you are truly a gifted person. Not only as a writer but more importantly as a human being. Your books are so inspiring because you give children a hope and future that have been stolen from them by the sick actions of perverted people. I haven recently finished the book A Terrible Secret. God Bless you and the lives you have touched. Sincerely
Kathryan, USA, 26/09/2020

Loved A Terrible Secret. Couldn’t put it down.
Judy, 26/09/2020

Once again another fantastic book. How Tilly managed her anger and secrets is unbelievable, you gentle guided her through her terrible ordeal. Thanks once again for a brilliant read. I await you next book and a follow up with Tilly.
Julie, UK, 26/09/2020

Hi Cathy. Hope you and the family are all well. I just finished A Terrible Secret and as with all your books, it kept me riveted until the end. I can’t wait for your next book to come out. Keep well.
Nabeelah, 24/09/2020

I have just finished reading your book ‘A Terrible Secret’ and have already pre-ordered the next. I really enjoyed reading it and as soon as I started O was hooked. It was amazing to read about your experiences as a foster carer and I have ordered some more of your books. Already a massive fan!
Grace, 24/09/2020

Dear Cathy, I have read every single one of your books.  have just finished A terrible secret.  Every book of yours I serious cannot put down! They are gripping…you are such an amazing and lovely lady who has 3 amazing children!  Like you I have raised my children alone, my husband had an affair and left us…I was devastated for years and your books kept me company! I feel I know you through your books…anyway I just wanted to say hi and love to all of you. Take care Cathy, you have a big heart.
Natasha, 24/09/2020

Hi Cathy just finished reading A Terrible Secret and brought me to tears many times. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. Keep up the good work as you an amazing job with the kids you foster.
Sue, 23/09/2020

Hello Cathy, I’ve just finished your recent book “A Terrible Secret” which was very good. You have a brilliant way of writing & it feels like I’m with you when reading the book. I hope your family are well. Many Thanks.
Jodie, 23/09/2020

Hi Cathy, I really enjoyed reading A Terrible Secret. This book and made me cry so many times. You must have been sad to let Lucy’s room go but at least you all talked it over and Lucy was happy about it. I can’t wait for your next book. I am loving reading them especially the true stories as I get right there in the moment. As you describe what places and people look like I can imagine being there. Keep up the good work. Sending you lots of love.
Sue, Australia, 22/09/2020

I have just finished reading your latest book, A Terrible Secret in one day. As with all your books it had me gripped from the very first paragraph, well written and an enjoyable read.  cannot wait to read the next book. Kind Regards
Julie, England, 21/09/2020

I just finished your latest book. Love it! While waiting for that book I read all your books again. Got me thinking……I would love to see a blue print of your house like an architect draws in one of your books. Well please keep writing. I do look forward to your books. Take care & thanks for wonderful books.
Nancy, 20/09/2020

H Cathy just finished A Terrible secret. Enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for the next one. Congratulations. Sending love to you and all your family. Hope this Covid nightmare hasn’t effected your family. Look forward to the future books at this stressful time. Good luck.
Gaynor 20/09/2020

Hi Cathy. Thank you for sharing your fostering memoirs with us.  I feel that you are an inspiration, and a light at the end of a very dark tunnel for all of your foster children, past and present. I feel truly humbled to join you and your family in every new book. I wish to offer congratulations for raising your children in difficult and unexpected circumstances.  Their maturity and kind heart is all down to your unconditional love and strength as a single parent. They are a credit to you. The best of luck with fostering. I look forward to reading your next book in a few months. Keep being you. Best wishes
Rahila, 19/09/2020

Hi Cathy I have been reading your books for years and actually met my best friend through her reading them too. I would just like to say that it’s lovely to know people like you exist out there. I went through the care system but unfortunately did not have anyone as passionate as you in my corner until last year. I’m now 25 and am working with my case worker as I am leaving the care system. I just wanted to say well done and thank you for the amazing job you do.
Maia, 18/09/2020

Hi Cathy, I have recently discovered your books on audible and I felt the need to contact you to say you are amazing. I’ve listened to 3 books in less than a month and I’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. The latest being Finding Stevie. I hope you and your family are all well and thank you for looking after those beautiful children.
Helen, UK, 17/09/2020

Dear Miss C Glass I never really learned to read as I’ve always struggled but I got given your book please Don’t Take My Baby and fell in love. I have now read all your books including your new one A Terrible Secret. Kind regards
Shannan, UK, 17/09/2020

Hi Cathy, I want to start off by saying that the world needs more heroes like you. Those special individuals who rise above the division and chaos of today. Who inspire us and remind us of the human spirit that is so sadly missing today. I have just finished reading your wonderful book about Lucy which I just could not put down.  I want to acknowledge you and all your children for creating a very special, loving, welcoming and nurturing environment for 150 fostered children.  I salute you all.  Warm regards
Ray, 06/09/2020

Hi Cathy, I was in care for 11 years and was moved 45 times. I am inspired by your books and how patient you are with the children you look after. I only wish I had a foster mum like you. Because of moving so many times I have only got my life together and I am 25. I have spent years in a mental health hospital due to self-harm. I just wanted to say you’re an amazing person, Love
Ashleigh, 07/09.2020

Hi I have just recently found your books. Damaged, Jody’s story, breaks my heart. I have since read 3 more of your books. I’m currently reading Lucy’s story. You Adrian and Paula are so awesome for everything you guys have done for so many children. It really broke my heart how upset you kids were when Harrison left you. I hope you are all doing well. I can’t wait to read more of your stories kind regards
Sonia, Australia, 30/08/2020

Hello Cathy!  I´ve just finished listening to all your books. I graduated this spring as a preschool teacher. Your books have helped me become a better person, I have lost count of how many times I’ve cried of happiness or sadness from your books, all of them have touched me deeply! You have given me so many ideas to help me in my work, how to take care of all kinds of situations and I just want to say thank you. You have differently changed the lives of many people. I feel that thanks to you I’m a better human and carer! You have made me to a better person and you’ve inspired me to help people with my whole heart!  I really don’t have the words to explain all my feelings! I want to send you a really big hug.
Mona, Sweden, 30/08/2020

Hi Cathy, I love all your books (although they have all reduced me to tears). I think you are amazing to do what you do. Please keep writing and sharing your experiences, as they are truly inspirational. Thanks for many happy hours of reading!
Kelly, 23/08/2020

Dear Cathy!! Hi, I just realized there are a few books I don’t own by you,  and one of those was Run Mommy Run, So i got it and just finished it. It was so so sad. That poor woman. I love all of your books and think you have a true and amazing gift to write. I also wanted to thank you for being my friend. With love.
Angelina, 21/08/2020

I have just read your latest Lisa Stone book Taken and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I was gripped from the start. Your books just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work. Best wishes.
Janet, 17/08/2020

Cathy, I have just read your book Too Scared To Tell and oh my goodness it hit home. I am a ‘survivor’ or sexual abuse. I think you are an amazing person. i don’t read books but I am going to work my way through your books. You clearly go above and beyond. The world needs more Cathy Glasses.
Shanane, 13/08/2020

Thank you for writing the book ‘Damaged’. It was hard reading it, but it needs to be clear what horrific abuse some children have to endure and what a massive impact this has on the rest of their lives. Your story gives a voice to children like Jodie and to adults like me, who are not believed, and sometimes utterly alone. It is really helpful knowing someone believed a child like Jodie, like me and helped her, cuddled her in a normal way and cared. Thank you for giving ‘us’ a voice in such a caring way.
Nathalie,  Netherlands, 11/08/2020

Hi I tried one of your books a few weeks back and now on my 5th and intend to ready them all. I love them. You’re a very special person to put yourself through all those emotions and help so many. A lovely family. I’ve just finished Too Scared To Tell and I am wondering what happened to Lucy. Thank you for reading my message.
Sandra, 07/08/2020

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books and hearing about the incredible, if not sometimes heart-breaking stories of the children you’ve fostered. I currently have 16 of your books, the first of which I got when i was only 11. I can’t wait for ‘A Terrible Secret’ to come out in September and get to know Tilly and her story, as well as finding out what happened to Lucy. I couldn’t believe we were left on a cliff-hanger after Oscar’s story. I’m so glad there isn’t too long left to wait. I really want to be a foster carer when I’m older. I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding career. The work you’ve done is amazing and you really are an inspiration. Thank you for reading.
Amy, 13, 07/08/2020

Dear Cathy, What a wonderfully caring, patient and extraordinary woman you are! I find your recollections of the children you’ve fostered, and adopted heart-breaking and awakening. I’m currently waiting for my latest book to arrive – Too Scared to Tell. However saddened I am by their encounters in their short time, I’m also warmed by the love, kindness and compassion you show them.  I hope my email finds you well, and many thanks for your time. A massive fan and supporter.
Tracey, 03/08/2020

Liebe cathy glass! Ich habe Ihre 3 Bücher gelesen und bin sehr begeistert davon gewesen. Ich warte schon gespannt auf das nächste Buch welches im Dezember auf deutsch veröffentlicht wird. Ich kann leider kein Englisch deshalb schreibe ich auf deutsch. Meine Tochter könnte es mir auch übersetzen. Die Geschichten ihrer Pflegekinder interessieren mich sehr da
Veronika, Germany, 03/08/2020

Hi Cathy , I hope you are safe and well. I just wanted to share my news as I did on the Cathy glass group on Facebook! I have worked in the early years sector for 24 years. I am an avid reader of your books and you gave me the inspiration to apply for a job with the NSPCC to do more to help children in need.  I’m so happy to say today I received a call to say I had the job! So I just wanted to personally say you I inspired me and I’m sure so many others too.  can’t wait to read your next book!  Thanks Cathy. Kind Regards.
Jo, UK, 01/08/2020

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Hidden and I wanted email and say thank you. I’m a foster carer and although still new at it only been doing it for a few years, I haven’t really had any good endings for these beautiful children. Your book has given me faith that I’m doing the right thing in standing up against the social workers and fighting for the rights of the children. You sound like an amazing foster carer and person and I hope my fostering skills and knowledge build up to yours and I can help more children. Thank you for writing about it all and keep up your amazing work that you do. I know it’s not easy and some days are harder than others but these children need people like you and I wish there was more of you. I look forward to reading more of your books.  I wish you and your amazing children all the best for the future. Kind regards.
Freya, 31/07/2020

Bonjour Madame, j’ai lus plusieurs de vos livre ,c’est déchirants ,bouleversant les vies de c’est enfants !!!! Merci pour votre dévouement ,je vous trouve bien courageuse  je vous souhaite beaucoup de Bonheurs. Merci
Sonia, Belgique, 31/07/2020

Dear Cathy. I just wanted to email you and tell you that I have read a few of your books and there is none that I did not like.  I am not sure how you do it but you manage to make the reader not want to put your books down.  I find myself wishing that when I was put in care it had been with someone like you.  You seem as though you genuinely care about the children you foster. Kind Regards
Danielle, UK, 30/07/2020

Hi Cathy, I am 33 years old and have 6 children. I have always been a reader and your books they have really inspired me throughout the years. I tell my own children they can achieve anything  despite what they go through in life. I have a lot of your books in my collection and hope to collect more. I have  just finished Cut about Dawn the poor soul, I’m now reading Too Scared To Tell. I didn’t have the best upbringing myself but it wasn’t the worst. I thrive in life by loving my children to the fullest, teaching, guiding and enjoying them as children. Thank you again xx
Kelly, 24/07/2020

I’m really enjoying reading your books especially through this difficult time of lock down. You do a great job fostering all those children.
Tina, 22/07/2020

Hello, I emailed you six years ago explaining how much I loved your books and how I wanted to be a social worker when I was older. I just thought I would let you know that I’ve just graduated university with a 2:1 in Social Work. It’s been the most amazing and hard journey and I cannot believe that I have become a social worker at the age of 21. Thank you for your inspiring and raw books that outline and show the difficulty with social work as a whole.  I hope you’re doing well in these difficult times and I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing your experiences. Kind regards,
Natalie, UK, 21/07/2020

Hi Cathy I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful books. I really don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve read them all! I never really read until lockdown and now I can’t get enough of your books. Just finished reading about Zeena – The Child Bride. Right let’s start another one 7th one now.
Chris, UK, 20/07/2020

Hi Cathy I was introduced to your books during the early part of coronavirus COVID-19.  The latest one being about Oskar. You are a very talented lady. My heart goes out to you, your family, and all the children you  have fostered over the years. I was abused as a little girl for many years. But it all came bubbling up a few months after the birth of my second child. I’m pleased it’s all in the past now. I do have moments where something will happen and I get upset. But I’m a survivor. I won’t let it haunt me. I just wish I’d had the courage to tell someone. I’m looking forward to reading your latest book that I believe comes out in September.
Lynn, 19/07/2020

Hi Cathy, I have only started to read your books and I find them very eye opening.  You and your family are truly remarkable you have given so much love and kindness, and have bravely moved onto the next child needing the same. The updates you have provided are lovely.  It would be a major step forward if carers like yourself were asked to help make policy. You have so much experience. My mum was a member of the adoption panel for many years.  Thank you for your books.
Andrea, UK, 16/07/2020

Hello Cathy, I hope you are keeping well. And your three children are well. I would just like to say thank you for writing your books. You inspire me to be a foster carer one day. The job you do is amazing, and honestly you have helped so many children. They will never forget what you have done. I plan on reading every single book you have published. Take care.
Katie, 16/07/2020

Hi Cathy, I’m really enjoying reading your memoirs, thank you for writing about your experiences. It’s fascinating and uplifting to learn about all the children you’ve helped. You’re a really good person and it’s wonderful that you’ve worked to give so many children a better life.
Imogen, 11/07/2020

Cathy: I have just finished your book Too Scared To Tell.  I found it very upsetting what happened to Oskar, but you, as always, handled his situation professionally.  I have now read ALL of your books and can’t wait to find out about Lucy.  I imagine you will handle her situation with great care and give her good advice.  May GOD continue to bless you and your family.  I will be on the lookout for your next book, which I will buy, read, and keep as I have done with all your books.  Hope it will be coming out soon.
Kathy, USA, 10/07/2020

Hello Cathy, I’m at the beach with my family and just finished Nobody’s Son. My eyes filled with tears of sadness and joy all at the same time! I would have taken Alex in a heartbeat! Thank you again for sharing!  Stay safe.
Kristen, USA, 09/07/2020

I have already read The Darkness Within and The Stalker – Lisa Stone thrillers – and I am now engrossed in The Doctor.
Angharad, 08.07/2020

Cathy Glass I love your books. I’m 72 years old and still remember my time in care. I had three temp foster parents between being the age of 11 and 17. The system has changed so much. Thank you.
Shelagh, UK, 06/07/2020

Hi there, I love your books!  I am working my way through them all. I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact they’ve had on me! Firstly, they’ve blessed me with perspective. The knowledge that some children have survived such horrible treatment certainly inspires hope, but also an understanding that one’s circumstances are not always as difficult as they seem, that someone out there has suffered more. Secondly, your books have seriously helped me understand myself better. I certainly haven’t suffered some of the tragic things that some of the children in your books have but I could strangely relate to so many of them. I thought there was something broken in me. Your books have shown me that it’s not a brokenness in me but more of a reflection of the environment I grew up in. No fault of my parents as they were just living out what they had learnt. It’s just been such an experience reading your books! They’ve given me perspective and understanding. The world would be a better place if people had hearts like yours!
Angelica, Canada, 05/07/2020