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Hello Cathy, I’ve read all your books and I’m waiting for the next one to be out!! They are fantastic and I can adapt them to my situation as a child, I can never put your books down!! You sound a lovely family. Keep writing, your amazing!
Helen, 24/01/2021

Hi Cathy, I think you are a brilliant foster carer and have done so much for the children in your care. I almost feel like part of your family after reading so much about them. Your books gave me inspiration, and made me reflect on my own childhood. I have so much empathy for the children in care, the children who are suffering, and the now adults that have never quite dealt with their trauma. I want to give something back so I am starting a new career with a course on counselling. Thank you again. I look forward to your new book to come out. Take care.
Leah, 22/01/22

Hello, I’d like to thank you for your books. I love reading them. I’ve just finished A Terrible Secret which I enjoyed. I’ve just pre-ordered February release, thank you
Debbie, 21/01/2021

Good evening, I have been following your work for some years now.  I’m 24 years old and read your book “Cut” many years ago as I was struggling with self-harm and suicidal tendencies. The book really called to me! Your work is absolutely phenomenal and I can’t wait to read on. I’m currently 3 chapters into “Innocent” and am so gripped already! Thank you for your work.
Paige, 21/01/2021

Hi Cathy Hope you and the family are all well. I have just finished A Terrible Secret bout Tilly… once again I loved it. It’s your books that are getting me through lockdown. Can’t wait to read your next one. I’ve just ordered another 3 from Amazon. I’m hooked. Please don’t ever stop writing I love every one of your books. Take care.
Chris, 19/01/2021

Hi. I just want to thank you for the books you have published, the real life stories you are telling. They have become my coping mechanism rather than relying on a therapist.  Reading your books is like opening up my own life story, I never thought I would cope with this, I never wanted to, I wish I had forgot. It’s helping me heal, I didn’t even know I was broken. In the last month or so I have realised the ‘norm’ for me growing up was in fact like living in a war zone. Thank you so much for sharing reality with the world, I could only have wished you were my foster carer. Best wishes
Gemma, 18/01/2021

Dear Cathy I have read so many books of yours and it encourages me. I learn so much. Thank you for being such a blessing. God bless.
Natasha, 15/01/2021

Hi Cathy I have read many of your books. What a caring woman you are. I really enjoyed them all and the way you work with these children. I am reading Will You Love Me?
Gillian, 15/01/2022

Hi Cathy I love your books so much. I never liked reading until I found one of your books on a book shelf at school. I showed my mom your book and she loved it. She bought almost every book you published. She is overjoyed when another of your books comes out. When it does we’re going to get it. Thank you for keeping up the good work.
Carly, Canada, 12/01/2021

Good Afternoon, I admire your way of handling children. When I read Damaged I thought the best way to handle Jodie would be to spank her. That is the way I was raised. But my circumstances were totally different to Jodie’s’ and afterwards I saw that all she needed was to be loved. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, and in such a way that we can learn from you. I raised my daughter with love and patience and today I see how it benefited her. She is studying to become a teacher.  Looking forward to reading all your books. Thank you so much. Please keep on writing! Kind Regards.
Rina, South Africa,  11/01/2021

Hi Cathy I’ve just read A Terrible Secret. I loved it and poor Tilly was such a nice girl who was treated so badly. I have all of your books.  You’re a brilliant author and have three wonderful children. hank you Cathy. Can’t wait for your next book.
Carol, 06/01/2021

Dear Cathy, I am an avid reader and I have read a lot of books written by you. I have an adorable 5 year old girl. I just started reading your books to know more about handling kids and parenting, but as I read the stories of kids you have fostered, I was really touched by the sadness in their life and comforted by the empathy, kindness and love you have showered on them. I feel that as a mother I can really connect with the feelings that you have gone through while you were taking care of the kids. I really want to thank you for the kindness that you have bestowed on those less privileged kids. Thanks for helping them and making the world a little better. The world needs humility and love. Warm wishes and blessing for you and your family. Love
Shama, 05/01/2021

Hello Cathy, I hope you and your family are keeping well in this current climate. I just wanted to say I have read your books for years now and I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories. I think you are all amazing and your books give me more courage to keep working towards building a future and maybe one day be able to help children as you do. Yours Sincerely
Gemma, 05/02/2021

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading your book The Silent Cry which I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked how the story wasn’t primarily about one child you fostered but of a family you met and supported using your wealth of knowledge and skills! That being said it was lovely to read the shorter stories of the three other children and the relatively happy endings for those involved, something I know isn’t always the case. I am currently in my third year of a social work degree and I am interested in fostering and adoption so your books are really interesting to me and teach me a lot too. Kind regards
Natalia, 03/01/2021

Hi Cathy, I bought A Terrible Secret and once again I couldn’t put it down. I feel like I know your family down to your cat now Sammy hahaha. You are the only author I read. I have all your books and want to go back to re-read Lucy’s story after hearing her news. I’m so excited about her news and I cried when I read about you finally receiving the text. I wanted to say a massive thanks to you, you have helped so many children over the years and you have had a massive impact on them changing and believing in themselves, it’s a gift that you keep giving. Your kids also so caring and giving! Much love
Lisa, Australia, 02/01/2021

Hello Cathy, I really hope this email finds you well. I have been reading your books for so many years now, and every time I read them I just wonder what your children look like!! When I’m reading I imagine your house to be my grandad’s. I still have some to read and have already preordered Jackson’s book. I love reading all about your work and how the children are doing.  Best wishes
Amy. 02/01/2021

Dear Cathy. I’ve been reading your books for a while but recently on holiday I got the chance to read back to back books uninterrupted as our foster child refused to take a Covid test to be able to come with us. We were really upset about it as she said she was happy to stay with another foster family. I hadn’t realised the break we all needed until we came back. I want to thank you for your insight into the children you have fostered. We too have been let down by the children’s social workers and I admired your composure when you described how they have spoken to you. I would have put the phone down after a few choice words which probably shows I have much more to learn. I have been a foster carer for 15 years and enjoy every second. The children have taught me far more than I ever expected them too. Thank you very much for your insight. Lots of love to your family
Jeanine, 01/01/2021