Damaged on audio
My book Damaged is out tomorrow on audio. I’m really pleased with the recording. The actress has done a great job. You may like to listen to the excerpt. https://soundcloud.com/harperaudio/damaged-the-heartbreaking-true

Wed 25/6/2014

Audio excerpt
You may like to listen to an excerpt from Cut, the latest of my books to go into audio. The next audio release will be Damaged on 26th June. https://soundcloud.com/harperaudio/cut-the-true-story-of-an

Sat 14/6/2014

D-Day memorial
I found the D-Day memorial services yesterday very touching and also a timely reminder that countries need to work together to obtain peaceful outcomes for their differences. My father was part of the D Day landing in 1944 but only spoke of it once, so great was the horror of what he had witnessed.

Sat 7/6/2014

Recent elections UK.
Some of the issues I would like to see addressed by politicians include affordable housing for young people, transparency in the social care system, and a reduction in student loans. So many young people now are saddled with huge debts as a result of wanting to study and better themselves.

Sat 24/5/2014

Foster Care Fortnight
It’s Foster Care Fortnight. If you would like to know more about fostering check out: http://www.fostering.net

Thu 22/5/2014

Mother’s Day
Belated Happy Mothers Day to everyone else in the world who celebrated it yesterday – Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, to mention a few. I hadn’t realized there were so many. It’s in March in the UK. xx

Mon 12/5/2014

Mothers in America
Have a lovely Mother’s Day x

Sun 11/5/2014

Far away places.
I am very touched that my books have reached so many people around the world. This morning my inbox included emails from Russia, Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, as well Europe and the UK. All lovely emails containing beautiful words of good wishes. Thank you so much

Thu 24/4/2014

Audio Recordings.
I’m so chuffed my books are being released on audio I keep listening to Daddy’s Little Princess. It’s like hearing it afresh. Here is a free sample: http://smarturl.it/DaddySoundClip

Mon 14/4/2014

Big Kid
I’m like a child on Christmas morning when I have a new book published. Daddy’s Little Princess is out today and I was wide awake at 5am. xx

Thu 27/3/2014

New book out early
Parts 1 and 2 of Daddy’s Little Princess are out now in e-book. The whole e-book, the paperback, and audio will be out on 27th March. http://amzn.to/1qUHjv6

Wed 19/3/2014

Missing Plane
Thoughts and prayers are with the families of those on the missing Malaysian flight.

Sat 15/3/2014

Featured author
I am very touched as I’ve just heard that I’m one of the first authors to be featured on the Sainsbury’s e-book website: – http://www.sainsburysebooks.co.uk/author/Cathy+Glass/700315

Tue 18/2/2014

Re-nationalize the utilities?
Water, electricity and gas are in the hands of companies who make good profits and pay dividends to their shareholders, while consumers continue to see their bills rise. At one time the utilities were owned by the state so any profit was ploughed back into the service and was therefore used for the good of the people. I can’t remember what the arguments were for privatizing these services in the first place, but there are good arguments for re-nationalizing them now, and the transport system, and all other public services as well.

Mon 27/1/2014

Happy days!
About Writing and How To Publish is back in stock. Sorry for the delay. It sold out very quickly. Let me know how you get on. I’m always happy to help new writers. http://amzn.to/16JMqY0

Sat 11/1/2014

Just a reminder that Will You Love Me is also available in audio and my other books will be shortly: http://amzn.to/1ikppN8

Thu 9/1/2014

About Writing and How To Publish
Just heard that Waterstones have now restocked About Writing And How To Publish. Free delivery online. http://bit.ly/1eo0xRO

Tue 31/12/2013

Thank you and A Happy New Year.
Thank you for your wonderful support during 2013. We very much appreciate it. The reception you gave to the publication of Jade’s story (Please Don’t Take My Baby), and Lucy’s story (Will You Love Me?) was truly incredible. We were so touched by your kind comments. Many of you say that while reading my books you feel as though you are part of our family. Likewise, we feel you are part of our family too. A very big family that now stretches the world. So thank you and a very Happy New Year. Love Cathy & family.

Mon 30/12/2013

Top Ten Tips For Writers
I was asked to prepare my top ten tips for aspiring writers: http://www.waterstones.com/blog/2013/12/top-tips-for-writing

Fri 20/12/2013

No. 1 for writing
My agent has just pointed out that About Writing And How To Publish is No 1 in the Amazon kindle store (composition and creative writing) http://amzn.to/1jWlt6W Hoping the paperback will be out soon. There’s been a bit of a delay.

Fri 13/12/2013

Christmas Shopping.
“One good thing about Christmas shopping is that it toughens you for the January sales.” (Grace Kriley) Happy weekend.

Fri 13/12/2013

Two memoirs in the top five!
Andrew Holgate, Sunday Times Literary Editor, has named two of my books in his top five finest memoirs of 2013. Thank you, Andrew. I’m very touched. Happy Christmas to you too. x

Wed 11/12/2013

Leaving Care
Great news that the government is going to introduce an amendment to the Children and Families Bill so that young people in care will be able to stay with their foster carers until the age of 21. At present it is 18.

Wed 11/12/2013

Tayo (Hidden)
Yesterday we saw Tayo for the first time in nine years! He is nineteen and a big lad but I would have recognized him anywhere. He and his friend have taken a gap year before going to university and they are travelling. They had come over on the ferry from France, having spent three months in Europe and are now travelling through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Adrian, Lucy and Paula came with me and we met him and his friend for dinner. It was very emotional as you can imagine. I was surprised by how much he remembered of his time with us, and also touched by the kind things he said. His father asked to be remembered to us and renewed his invitation to visit him and his family if we are ever in Nigeria.

Mon 18/11/2013

Christmas Shopping?
Thinking of Christmas shopping? Know someone who wants to be a writer? My new book – About Writing and How to Publish – will make an ideal gift. http://amzn.to/16JMqY0

Wed 30/10/2013

Daddy’s Little Princess
I’m very excited as I’ve just submitted a new fostering story to my publishers. It will be out next year. http://cathyglass.co.uk/princess.html

Fri 25/10/2013

Easy reading
Readers often email me to say they find my books real page turners and also easy to read. I take this as a great compliment. Books should be accessible and fun. While some tomes of literary fiction may sit high in academia they often remain inaccessible to the majority. I am particularly pleased when someone emails me, tweets, or posts on Facebook that they have begun reading books, or have returned to reading, as a result of my books.

Mon 7/10/2013

No 1 Again!
My publishers have just telephoned to say that Will You Love Me is No 1 again in the paperback charts. I’ve texted Lucy the good news and she’s asked me to say a very big thank you. She has been very touched by all your kind comments, as have Adrian, Paula and I. So a very big thank you from us all. xxxx

Wed 2/10/2013

Will You Love Me surprise
I’ve just answered the door to be presented with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from my publishers, with a congratulatory gift card. Will You Love Me, the story of my adopted daughter, Lucy, has gone straight into the bestseller charts at no 1. My whole family is delighted, especially Lucy, who is deeply touched that her story has reached so many.

Thu 19/9/2013

Mirror Article
Beautifully written article by Emily Retter in the Mirror yesterday that coincided with the publication of Will You Love Me, the story of Lucy, my adopted daughter. http://bit.ly/17QXUXw

Fri 13/9/2013

Judge’s ruling
I have long campaigned for greater transparency in the family courts so I was very pleased to hear Sir James Munby’s ruling: http://bit.ly/13nloSx

Sat 7/9/2013

Part 2 Will You Love Me?
Part 2 of Will You Love Me? is out in e-book today. Chapters 10-16. This is when I meet Lucy for the first time. http://bit.ly/WillYouPart2

Thu 5/9/2013

Part 1 Will You Love Me?
Today, chapters 1-9 of Will You Love Me? are out in e-book only. Lucy’s early life was very sad and difficult. http://amzn.to/15ilka2

Thu 29/8/2013

Will You Love Me?
Thank you for all your kind enquires about my new book. Will You Love Me is out on 12 September in UK and will be available in paperback, e-book, audio, and with the option of buying it on kindle in three parts. Lucy was eleven when she came to me. I desperately wish it could have been sooner. It breaks my heart when I think what happened to her, as I’m sure it will break yours.

Thu 22/8/2013

Mummy Told Me Not To Tell
We had our fostering summer picnic in the park yesterday. Reece, Lisa, John and May were there. Reece is awaiting the results of his GCSEs. I hope he has done well. He has grown very tall and sturdy and when he hugged me he lifted me off the ground! It was lovely to see them all.

Wed 7/8/2013

Michael’s Baby
Michael’s new baby will be named after his father which is a beautiful gesture.

Wed 17/7/2013

The Night The Angels Came
Fantastic News. Michael, whose story I told in The Night The Angels Came, became a father for the second time yesterday. His partner gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is apparently the image of Patrick. We will of course visit them very soon.

Wed 10/7/2013

Please Don’t Take My Baby.
Please Don’t Take My Baby is now in the Top Ten for a 10th week. I know from the many emails I’ve received that this story has touched readers very deeply. Thank you for all your kind words. They are much appreciated.

Thu 4/7/2013

Getting it write
Many readers have emailed me to say they are impatiently waiting for my next fostering story. Thank you for your kind comments. I do take time writing my books, reworking and rewriting them many times before I am satisfied. I feel I owe it to my readers to achieve the best I can. If I took less time and produced more books then I feel the quality might suffer. If you have read all my fostering memoirs, but haven’t read my adult novels – The Girl In The Mirror and Run Mummy Run – then may I suggest you try them. They are both based on true stories and I’ve included updates on my website, just as I have with my other books. Details of all my books can be found on the books page of this website. I hope you like them.

Wed 12/6/2013

Another eventful day.
A new child has arrived and is settling in, and Please Don’t Take My Baby has entered its sixth week in the Top Ten bestseller list! Thanks to all. x

Tue 4/6/2013

Fantastic Day.
What a fantastic day! Just returned from taking a child to be reunited with his family, to find that Please Don’t Take My Baby is No 1 again in the non-fiction charts. Doesn’t get much better than this! Thank you. x

Wed 29/5/2013

Double celebration!
Please Don’t Take My Baby stays in the Top Ten for another week, and I now have over 10,000 members on my Facebook page. A big thank you to all. x

Wed 22/5/2013

Beautiful flowers
Over the last few days I have received the most beautiful bouquets of flowers from my children, publisher, and agent, with lovely cards congratulating me on the success of Please Don’t Take My Baby. People are so very kind. I know how lucky I am.

Mon 13/5/2013

Number One!
I’ve just heard from my publishers that Please Don’t Take My Baby is No 1 in the non-fiction charts. I’m overwhelmed that Jade’s story has touched so many. Your comments have touched me deeply. A big thank you to all.

Wed 8/5/2013

Historic Abuse
‘Historic abuse’ is never historic for the victim.

Wed 8/5/2013

E-book readers.
Just to let you know that my publishers have released two e-book bundles:

Thu 2/5/2013

I have written before that children’s services need to be more transparent. I was greatly saddened to receive an email last week from a foster carer which contained the following: … My own recent experience was of fostering a baby from newborn to 15 months. His mother desperately wanted him but needed some practical support and help. She was not a drug addict/criminal/alcoholic, neither was she mentally ill or violent, but she was homeless at the time of baby’s birth. The baby’s grandmother came forward to look after him but social services decided not to let her have him, much to her amazement and distress. There was never any valid reason given as to why baby could not go to grandma. She was already looking after her own child with no problems, so it is a mystery. Social services decided from the very beginning that the baby was going to be adopted, and the twin-tracking process was just a farce. The reason baby was with me for so long was because they were fighting for him, but in the end, to no avail. I felt that the family had been treated appallingly, and I’m still fuming about it. I made it clear to the social workers that I felt that a grave injustice had been committed.

Sun 21/4/2013

Letter from Ariel USA
Dear Ariel, thank you for your letter dated 18th March, and sent to me through my publishers. Unfortunately you didn’t give your address. If you would like to email me I can reply.

Sat 6/4/2013

New Books
Thank you for all the enquiries about my next book. Please Don’t Take My Baby will be published on 25th April. Please see the book page of this website for details. I am now working on a short book titled About Writing to help all those who have emailed me saying they would like to write but not sure how to go about it. Then I will start the next fostering memoir. Lucy’s story – Will You Love Me is already written and will be published this September

Fri 5/4/2013

“Human kind cannot bear very much reality”
Earlier this week I posted a small piece on the social networking website Facebook mentioning a child I was looking after had been tied to his chair as a punishment. There was a fervor of response with some feeling such detail was not appropriate. I think T. S. Elliot was right when he wrote: “human kind cannot bear very much reality”. Sadly, it is the culture of not wanting to know that allows abuse the secrecy to continue. One of the reasons I write my fostering memoirs is to raise public awareness and hopefully, one day, bring an end to child abuse.

Thu 21/3/2013

Writing Your Story
Because so many of my readers have contacted me asking for advice on writing, I am now writing a book on writing and how to publish your work.

Wed 6/3/2013

USA book news
Another Forgotten Child paperback is out this week in the USA, and Damaged and Cut are in the New York Times ebook bestseller list. Thanks to all.

Thu 7/2/2013

Will You Love Me?
The snow has gone and I’ve just finished the first draft of my new book: Will You Love Me? It is the story of my adopted daughter, Lucy. So many readers have requested that I write her story and now I have. It will take me a couple of months to edit and rewrite the text and then once I am happy with it I’ll send it to my publishers. Very exciting.

Sun 27/1/2013

2012 was another fantastic year. I looked after three children who were able to return to their families to live and are doing very well. Six years after publication Damaged was again in the charts: no. 2 eBook in the USA. While in the UK Another Forgotten Child reached no. 2 and then stayed in the Top 20 for over three months. A Baby’s Cry also rose to no.2 in the UK charts and became the 17th bestselling biography for 2012. It’s wonderful that my books and the message they contain reach so many, and I should like to thank you for your continued support for the children, my work and my writing. Cathy x

Sun 6/1/2013

Happy New Year.
A big thank you to all my readers for your continued enthusiasm, empathy and support throughout 2012. I should like to wish you a very happy, peaceful and contented New Year where all your hopes, dreams and ambitions come true.

Tue 1/1/2013

A Thought for Christmas
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

Mon 24/12/2012

Shop opening times.
Some shopping centres are staying open until 11pm for Christmas shopping this year. Is this necessary and is it fair on the staff who will be under pressure to work these hours? I am sure consumers don’t need this extension, and pity the poor staff who have to rely on a bus to take them home.

Tue 18/12/2012

Twitter Litigation
A large number of Twitter users are facing legal action as a result of libelling a public figure by tweeting incorrect allegations. I believe it is right and proper the perpetrators are brought to justice; vicious lies circulate all too easily on social networking sites and they can ruin lives. Fortunately, even those who hide behind false identities can be easily traced from their ISP.

Mon 19/11/2012

Happy Ending.
Good news: the little boy I’ve been fostering returned to his mother yesterday evening. Greatly missed but a good ending for him and his family. I wish them all well.

Sat 10/11/2012

No 1.
A Baby’s Cry is at no 1 in the amazon kindle store. It’s fantastic that so many readers have taken Harrison into their hearts.

Thu 8/11/2012

Sorry about the delay in Another Forgotten Child reaching you in paperback. It will be with you in February, its release will form part of a campaign to launch my books in to the US big time. Thank you for your patience. x

Sat 20/10/2012

Small World
It occurred to me this morning while reading my e-mail just how small the world has become through the internet. My inbox today contained emails from Australia, USA, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Canada, India, Poland, and S Africa as well as the UK. I take for granted that I can chat to readers thousands of miles away, but it is truly fantastic.

Tue 2/10/2012

Diet and Behaviour
The Food Hospital Ch 4 showed the behaviour of a boy with ADHD improve by 60% in 10 weeks as a result of changing his diet. This came as no surprise to me (and many other mothers) see my book Happy Mealtimes For Kids.

Fri 28/9/2012

Chart position
Another Forgotten Child is at no 2 in the paperback charts and Happy Mealtimes for Kids is at no 6 in Kindle/natural foods! A Big thank you from me. x

Fri 28/9/2012

New Updates
I’ve added new updates to The Saddest Girl In The World, I Miss Mummy, Damaged, Hidden, and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. They are on the respective book pages.

Sun 16/9/2012

New Books
Very exciting week with the publication of Another Forgotten Child and Happy Mealtimes For Kids. Feedback from the public is fantastic. Makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you.

Sat 15/9/2012

I had to change my personal Facebook account to a ‘page’ as I had reached the maximum of 5000 friends allowed. If you are one of my old friends who got lost in the transition or a new friend please visit Facebook (http://on.fb.me/MbbPKd) and click Like so we can stay in touch.

Wed 1/8/2012

Happy Mealtimes For Kids
Book jacket for Happy Mealtimes For Kids is now finalized and looking good. http://amzn.to/Nv4jj6

Sat 28/7/2012

Realistic Expectations
Clearly not everyone who applies to foster will be accepted. The assessment process is long, invasive and emotionally draining, but the criteria on which couples are accepted or rejected needs to be more realistic. Today I heard of a couple who had nearly completed their assessment but were turned down on the grounds that they didn’t visit his parents enough: a return journey of 200 miles. This type of nonsense is not uncommon and needs to be addressed or there will always be a huge shortage of foster carers.

Fri 13/7/2012

Lucy’s Story
Thank you for all your emails suggesting that I write Lucy’s story. I am planning to – in a year or so. Cathy x

Wed 30/5/2012

Closed doors
I receive far too many emails from family members whose child or children have been taken into care and they feel they have been lied to by the social services. The whole system needs to be more transparent. Too many life-changing meetings and decisions take place behind closed doors.

Fri 18/5/2012

Incredible news from my publishers: A Baby’s Cry has risen to no 2 in the paperback bestseller charts! Thank you.

Thu 5/4/2012

A Baby’s Cry
I’ve just heard from my publishers that A Baby’s Cry has gone straight into the paperback bestseller chart at No 5, which is fantastic. Thank you for making it such a success. Coincidentally there has been a lot in the news recently in respect of honour killings, although my book was written a couple of years ago.

Tue 20/3/2012

PC David Rathband
I was so very sorry to hear, this morning, of the death of PC David Rathband who was left blinded after being shot in the face in 2010. May you find peace now.

Thu 1/3/2012

BBC Documentary
A recent BBC fly-on-the-wall documentary highlighted the great and difficult job front-line social workers do in ‘rescuing’ children. What we now need is a similar documentary showing how badly ‘the system’ lets down the children once they are in care. For although the children are now safe they are left in limbo in the care system for far too long.

Thu 16/2/2012

Cause and Effect
The human body makes vitamin D, essential for strong bones, from the ultraviolet (UVB) rays in sunlight. I am wondering if the advice of recent years to cover up at all times or use a high factor sun screen to avoid skin cancer is responsible for the apparent epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.

Thu 26/1/2012

Happy Adults
Apologies to all those who have pre-ordered Happy Adults, we have a slight delay with the printing. Happy Adults is available on kindle now and the paperback will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Fri 20/1/2012

Happy New Year
I would like to say a big thank you for all your support, emails, and kind words over the past year. They are very much appreciated. I hope you have a truly wonderful New Year. All Best Wishes for 2012. Love Cathy

Sat 31/12/2011

Mailing List
If you would like to be emailed when I have a new book out please email cathy@cathyglass.co.uk and I’ll have you added to my address book. If you have previously contacted me at that address you will already be included.

Mon 28/11/2011

Youth unemployement.
Youth unemployment in Britain has hit 1 million. There simply aren’t enough jobs to go round. So why are the government forcing people to work until they are 70? Wouldn’t it make sense to retire the older work force to make room for young people?

Fri 25/11/2011

I was at a meeting with my publishers yesterday apropos my new book Happy Adults. Began talking about what made each of us happy. Interesting discussion!

Tue 22/11/2011

No 1
Wow! The Night The Angels Came is no 1 on amazon kindle. Thank you.

Mon 14/11/2011

One line in Hidden helped.
I was very touched by this reader’s letter which can be read in full on Comments: … I want to thank you for one line written in ‘Hidden’ that literally kept my life together throughout four of the toughest months in my life. ‘If Tayo’s mother was prepared to work with the social services and willing to rectify whatever had gone wrong, then it’s was quite possible that Tayo would eventually be able to return to live with her’. I had my baby girl removed 3 days before her first birthday and I can’t tell you how much hope reading this gave me. I’d find page 41 just to read the same line over and over, and when she was finally returned this August (four months later) I thought it was about time I thanked you. It’s wonderful carers like you that gave my daughter the stability love and care she needed while I couldn’t be there. I wanted you to know how much your books have helped me. Thank you so much. Abbie, UK.

Wed 9/11/2011

Adoption to be made quicker.
David Cameron’s latest initiative to get more children out of the care system and into adoptive homes is a good one, but a little naïve. He will need to change the law relating to family courts as well as putting pressure on local authorities. Most of the time lost is following legal red tape which is time-consuming and also very expensive for the tax payer.

Mon 31/10/2011

Shocking Statistic
Nearly 50,000 children in the UK are known to be at risk of abuse right now.

Fri 28/10/2011

iTunes Australia
Readers in Australia who haven’t been able to download Damaged on iTunes, thanks for bringing this to my attention. My publishers tell me the problem will be fixed by the end of the week.

Tue 25/10/2011

No 2!
I’ve just heard from my publishers that The Night The Angels Came has risen up the charts again and is now no 2 in the non-fiction paperback bestseller list. I’ve been really touched that a relatively simple yet moving story has appealed to so many. Thank you.

Wed 12/10/2011

Inflated price
Although I am flattered that the last two copies of My Dad’s A Policeman are selling on amazon at a price inflated by 500%! I would prefer you waited for the reprint. The book should be available again in a week – at the old price of £1.99.

Mon 10/10/2011