With little background information on Dawn I was rather left to get on with it. However, it soon became clear that Dawn’s polite and sweet nature concealed a terrible past. So terrible that she was haunted by night terrors and self-harmed to try and ease her pain. I did all I could to help her, but I was aware it was never going to be enough.

Reviews for Cut:

Another excellent read by Cathy. Picked it up and didn’t put it down again until I’d finished. Amazon 5* review

Moving and heartfelt … OK Magazine

… a tearful read…   Star Magazine

I read this book in 5 hours!! I love her style of writing and I love the fact it is unbiased and non-judgmental. I was screaming in my head at the inadequacies of Social Services but she just takes it all in her stride and learns from it. She has obviously turned so many young lives around with her positive thinking and the world needs more carers like her. Amazon 5* review

Cathy Glass is the best author ever.  I have read all her books and once you open the first page you cannot put it down until the end.  Amazon 5* review

Cathy Glass did a phenomenal job in writing the story. Sarah, Goodreads 5* review

… well written. Intriguing and captivating.
Carla, Goodreads 5* review

hard-to-put-down …Cut tackles the issue of psychological trauma experienced by a child who was abused. Coffeecrackersblogspot.