A True Story

Children usually come into foster care as a result of abuse or severe neglect. Very occasionally, and sadly, it is a result of one or both parents becoming ill or even dying.

When I was first asked to foster little Michael I didn’t think I had what it took. His mother was already dead and his father was very ill and needed someone to look after Michael when he had to go into hospital. I was worried about the effect all this would have on my children. However, when I met Michael and his father I was won over by their courage, faith and positive attitude to life. I knew I had to help them in any way I could.

What followed is a story of hope, happiness, and making the most of every day. It is the story of a father’s selfless love and devotion to his son, and a small boy’s belief that when the time comes the angels will take his daddy to be in heaven with his mummy.

Reviews for The Night the Angels Came:

“A truly harrowing read that made me cry.”
The Sun

“The Night the Angels Came is beyond words”.
Angela Rihia-Tamaki

What readers say:

I cried my heart out. Poor little Michael had so much courage. Amazing book. Keep up the great work Cathy.
Love Antonia x

…oh my lord it is just so brilliant. I feel so much emotion and love through every word. You are a wonderful women who does such a brilliant job. I don’t want to finish this book ..

Thank you 4 another gr8 book xxx

Oh no! Could not put it down. Now late for work oops

BRILLIANT I don’t know what else to say xx

I laughed and cried at the same time. Would recommend this book most highly, Cathy has surpassed even her high standards.

I think this is probably the most moving story I have ever read.

“The bestselling British author Cathy Glass is back with her most moving book to date.”
Palamedes PR.

’The Night The Angels Came went straight into the non-fiction paperback bestseller list on publication in September and has remained there ever since rising to no 2. It is presently no 6 in print non-fiction paperback and no 1 in Kindle non-fiction’.
Andrew Lownie Literary Agent