All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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I just recently found your books and have been devouring them. The stories are heart-breaking and you are a wonderful person to be able to foster these kids. I had a grandchild put into foster care at a month old. I felt so guilty about not taking her in but I had to be realistic as I am not young anymore and work full time. She has since been adopted and I hope some day she will try and find her biological family.  Looking forward to the new book.
Pam, USA, 14/02/2020

Dear Cathy Glass, I have heard about your books long time ago, but for the first time I bought “Daddy’s Little Princes”. Just now I finished the book and still I am with very heavy heart. I am inspired with each and every word in your book and your amazing writing ability. I felt like I am Cathy Glass and I am the one who is looking after Adrian, Paula and Beth.  All the occasions and incidents in the book was in front of my eyes, I didnt feel like I am reading a book, but I was experiencing them.  You are a great inspiration. Thank you for writing such a book and I will continue to read all your books.
Nirosha, Singapore, 11/02/2020

Omg Cathy, I just finished reading Damaged and what that poor child went through made me sad and also angry. How could people do something so terrible to a young child. She was so lucky to have had you and your family to help her. I am loving reading your books and you do an amazing job. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
Sue, 08/02/2020.

Hi Cathy.  I want to let you know that after I listened to your book “Cut”, I understand why my daughter committed suicide. My therapist said it is because of the shame of what she did (that is a long story) but I think is because of the guilt that she carried like Dawn.  My daughter was a good kid and studying to be a doctor.
Anon.  07/02/2020

Hi Cathy,  I have read a few of your books, and I am planning on reading many more. From what I read you are a very loving carer and you deserve all the thanks in the world – not just because you provide a home for these children but because you do so much for them and set them back on the correct path that they should be on.  It’s times when I read your books, that I realise I’ve had a hard life growing up, with my Dad being a violent heroin addict, but these children have had it so much worse. My son is 3 and it literally breaks my heart if I were to imagine him being put through what your foster children have gone through.  You are a credit to those children and to society.  Thank you and I look forward to reading many many more of your books.  All the best.
Sherry, 04/02/2020

Morning Cathy, I enjoyed Stalker, one of your Lisa Stone thrillers. I have left a review on Amazon. Can’t wait till 20th for your new fostering book. Kind regards
Julie, 03/02/2020

Dear Cathy.  I have read all your books (some many times over) but I wanted to write to you about the one that has affected me the most – Saving Danny. I have special needs too (although not of the same type as Danny).  I really felt for Danny and I don’t think I’d have been as ready as he was in forgiving the emotional cruelty shown by his father. I know you fret in the book about going ‘too far’ in telling Richard the truth of Danny’s situation, but I applaud you. Danny’s behaviour reminded me strongly of a young boy I once worked with as a TA in my local infant school. He too had communication difficulties and struggled with many social situations. Like Danny, this boy had been rejected by adults in his life because of his special needs and many seemed to credit him with no feelings, simply because he struggled to express them. The way you showed Danny compassion and broadened his horizons made me jump for joy. Like the little boy in my own story, I am sure his future is bright. Thank you for writing your wonderful books. The world is a far better place with you in it.  All my love to you, your family and the amazing children you foster.
Natalie, UK, 02/2020

Hello Cathy,  I just wanted to say how truly amazing your work is and how you have managed to put such a sensitive situation into such a beautiful manner in all your books! I also find myself becoming more happy when I read about your family! I read Damaged first and my heart went out to how strong you were with everything going on around you and then I read Innocent next. I was also deeply saddened to read about how your father had past and it brought tears to my eyes!  I have just ordered all of your books off amazon so I can make a book shelf for them all as they are just so brilliant! I work in childcare just like Lucy and I am the safeguarding officer so reading your books educates me and all my staff to other possible signs of abuse and so forth! You have helped me explore many Subjects I had never heard of, so potentially placing all children in my care at work in better hands! So thank you on behalf of all of us. Best regards to you and all the family! (I feel like I know them haha).
Emma, UK, 25/01/2020

Hello Cathy, after reading several of your books I have the feeling that I’m writing a letter to a friend… my favorite story is Saving Danny – my brother is autistic and I thank you for telling people more about how fragile children with autism are and how special, even beautiful. My personal story is a lot different – and still there are children like “yours” in my life as wells). I started a school in Paraguay. It has 80 children and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I have also adopted. I found many moments in your stories that reminded me of my children. I love them to bits, but we have our rough times as well sometimes, as you can surely imagine. And it helped to read about yours and about your ways of solving most of them with patience and love. I wish you and your children as well as all those little ones who come to your house all the best – and can’t wait to read their stories. Sincerely yours.
Bettina, Paraguay, 25/01/20120

Hi I am currently reading your book The Doctor, one of your Lisa Stone thrillers. It is unlike any book I have read before and is gripping me from page to page. The story is awesome and I shall be reading the other books in due course. Thank you.
Viv, 24/01/2020

Dear Cathy, recently I came upon to one of your books Cruel To Be Kind and fell in love with your work. I went on Amazon and downloaded Finding Stevie. I am mesmerized with your work as a foster parent and especially with all you books. I’m reading now Daddy’s Little Princess. I just want to tell you it takes a special person to do what you do for so many years and do such a beautiful writing. You have  life long fan in me dear Cathy! Sincerely
Nadja, USA, 23/01/2020

Oh my goodness I just had to drop you a line.  I have read all your Cathy Glass books but only just discovered your Lisa Stone novels.  Halfway through Stalker and omg!!!! Loving it even if its giving me tremendous anxiety. So glad I read the back page of the latest Cathy book and discovered these books. Keep them coming please.
Debs, 19/01/2020

Hi Cathy,  I have just this moment finished reading ‘Cruel to be kind’ and the ending was honestly beautiful. Genuinely, I had a few tears at the end. My heart really went out to Max during the book. I’m doing my dissertation on how the British tabloid press reports on the care system. My foster mum read this book and then gave it to me to read. She did say that the book had a good ending and she wasn’t wrong. Also I love how you have updates on your website. It’s a really nice touch. I’d love to one day be a writer like you!
Iqra, 17/01/2020

I just wanted to say after reading all your fostering books which are fantastically written I came across your thriller books writing as Lisa Stone. I have read all three books with each one finger nail biting. Although they are fiction they have a reality about them. Especially in the Darkness Within. It certainly opened my eyes. I cannot wait for your next book in July. Kind regards
Lucy, UK, 13/01/2020

Dear Cathy, we have had an extremely large bushfire near our home over recent weeks. I want to thank you for sharing your talent of writing and your stories. They have kept me very well distracted during a stressful time. I have read many of your books over the last 5 years and have just finished reading ‘Innocent’ this evening. I have to say in most of your books (if not all) I cry when I read what the children are going through but when I finished this book I cried for you. I just couldn’t believe that someone could be so ungrateful towards someone who had cared for and raised their children for such a long time. You have inspired me to make my New Year’s resolution to seek out more of the positives in people, as you always find the positive in people. All the best Cathy and thank you.
Kim, Australia, 11/01/2020

Hello Cathy, I have read your book Damaged. Then I googled about you and found that I can contact you via email.  First, I really appreciate the service you do and I highly appreciate your patience. There are a lot of readers in Sri Lanka who love your books. I’m studying to become a teacher and your books, the way you understand children, the way you love them will definitely help me in the future. Thank you so much for writing these books. People like you are very rare. Although there are many foster parents, not everyone is good at it.  Reading about Jodie made me cry. I hope to read all your other books.  Lots of love
Ann, 08/01/2020,Sri Lanka.

I started reading your books a couple of years ago after having them recommended to me.  think you are an incredible, brave, strong women.  I got taken into care aged 5 after being neglected and abused. I lived in many different homes and I got abused living with my long term foster carers, but unfortunately nothing was ever done, I didn’t get a lot of support either. This has made me believe that all families were like that until I started reading your books. I just want to thank you as an adult now I know how difficult it can be growing up in care but you’ve made me realise not everyone is bad. I can feel the love you have for your foster children and your family. When you talk to them I feel how kind and gentle you are. Thank you for taking care of children that have been through similar things to me and thank you for helping them to grow up to be the best people they can. I often think if I lived in a home like yours my life wouldn’t have been so lonely and empty. One day in the future I’d love to foster myself but that’ll be when I’m quite a bit older.  Thank you again, your books mean the world to me and I’m so thankful that a compassionate, understanding, loving women like yourself helps children who aren’t  sure what love is. Please carry on helping children I feel like a lot of people give up to easily these days.
Katie, 02/01/2020