All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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Good morning Cathy. I have recently started reading your books. I read one and was hooked so have ordered five more. I worked in children’s social care previously and was a police officer, I can relate so much to some of the people in your books. I have seen some horrendous acts from dreadful people, as have you. But then I remind myself those people are cancelled out by the good in people like yourself. Thank you for being a shining light to so many! I am currently on maternity leave and I am really enjoying baby snuggles whilst reading your books. Nothing more precious than a child. Thank you and you are an inspiration.
Karen, 02/07/2024

Dear Cathy, I started reading your books when I was 11 years and now I’m 13. Will You Love Me the first book I read. My friend gave it to me read. It was very sad story but in the end Lucy found a good family. Your children and foster children are very lucky for found a good mother like you. I bought Cut from my own money. Those two books are my favourites. Now I have read eleven books of you. I am very happy write you like this one my friends told me about this. Take care, Bye Cathy.
Labendi, Sri Lanka, 29/06/2024

Dear Cathy, At this very moment I’m reading Sinhala (our language) translation of ‘Finding Stevie’  I have read several books of yours.  If I believe, there are angels live in this earth among us, you are a great reason for that. You are a one in a million Cathy no doubt about that. You are a such a kind hearted person. I know  the feeling when a child is  suffering from loneliness. I’ve lost my parents in my child hood, they met with an accident. I can still remember how I suffered and how much I missed them(specially my mother) with no one around me to hug or give me some love.  Wish you all the very best, good health. Love
Dilum, Sri Lanka, 27/06/2024

Hi Cathy, I feel as I know you after reading Unsafe, it was the first book I’ve read from you. I just wanted to say what a fantastic, powerful book. I read it over the weekend. It’s also fantastic to see the updates on the children you have cared for. I’ll definitely be reading your other books. You have done an absolutely amazing job with children and young people that need support. Thank you.
Sarah, 25/06/2024

Hello Cathy. Ever since you began writing your books, my mum has read all of them. Growing up my sister and I always saw your books around the house, my mum always reading them. We were not allowed to read them though and I never understood why. I am 20 now and my sister is 17, 18 next week. I now understand that my mum was protecting us for the things she read the same way you protect the children you foster. I think you are an amazing person and very admirable in the way you share the truths of so many others.
Tanica, UK, 18/06/2024

Hi Cathy just read your book called A Baby’s Cry with the Amazing life of Harrison. So glad he is now back with his birth mum. Hope you and Adrian and Paula are doing well. You are an amazing person.
Caroline, 11/06/2024

Hello, I’m French, then i speak better than I write. I’m a child’s teacher and I’ve seen so many times children who are placed on family.  We never know what happen. I read your book of Molly and Kit’s story. Good job for your book. I will read many other. Have a nice day.
Claudie, France, 09/06/2024

Hi, I’m 14 years old, I have just finished reading your book “Too scared to tell” and I loved it even though it hurts to read sometimes. I’m currently listening to your book about Recce and I’m very curious to what’s going to happen and I will continue to read and listen to your books. You just got yourself a new fan from Sweden and I love your books, I will see you as inspiration as I also want to be an author and I’m considering fostering in the future, like you, bye and have a good day.
Agnes, Sweden, 02/06/2024

Hi Cathy! I’ve been reading your books for a while now (since I was 16) and as I was rereading them in chronological order again now I’ve finished university and I came across the title of your dissertation. I thought it sounded really interesting as your books have sparked a genuine interest in the care system and fostering for me. Your books have not only opened my eyes to other people and their lives, but helped me find insight into my own and have helped me develop as a character into the person I am today.  Best wishes,
Jessica, 01/06/2024

Hello, I read most of your books. They are really good and the experiences helped a lot in my work as a learning support assistant in the Nurture class. The description of emotions in your books help me realise what the students are going through. Well done and keep writing. I just finished reading I Miss Mummy. Thanks. Regards
Charmaine, 23/05/2025

Hi Cathy. I’ve pre-ordered your new Cathy glass book Helpless. I can’t wait to read it I’ve just finished reading Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and oh my days I was in tears. My heart went out to Reece. He was lucky to come to you when he did and well done to you for helping him the way you did. Can’t wait to read more of your books, I wish you had been my foster carer. Kind regards,
Shaun, 22/05/2022

Hi Cathy (or Lisa Stone) I love your books. I found one on a hotel shelf on holiday in Menorca in 2022. I couldn’t put it down. I went home and read every single one in chronological order (buying on Amazon for Kindle app or iphone ebooks). At times I cried a lot, but in a strangely therapeutic way. I became totally absorbed and found them so easy to read. Both my parents suffered from anxiety. Reading your books is like a therapy for me. I am now reading them all again and they’re just as riveting. Bless you Cathy
Vicky, 15/05/2024

Hi, almost finished your book The Cottage (Lisa Stone). It’s so so good I’ve ordered the rest of your books to read after.
Courtney, 13/05/2024

Good Evening Cathy, I wanted to send you an email to say your books are great, you are a true inspiration and the amount of people you have helped over the years is unaccountable. The relationship you have with your family even during difficult times is heart-warming. Regularly I check your website for your next book and I have now purchased your Lisa Stone books. Take care and I look forward to several more of your books. Kindest Regards.
Sharon, UK, 13/05/2024

Hi Cathy, I have read most of your books  over the last few months. They have really touched my heart. I have also learnt a lot from you in relation to the foster care and social work system in the UK. I am an art psychotherapist, and work with children in need in Ireland. Such children have been so fortunate to have been with you on their life Journeys. Take Care and Best Wishes. From a reader and admirer of your work.
Sheila, Ireland, 09/05/2024

I have read several of your fostering books. I have just finished Will You Love Me? – the one when you adopted Lucy. You are an unbelievable person and I admire you.
Susan, 27/04/2024

Hi, I came across one of your books in Tesco after saying to my husband that wouldn’t be able to find books on fostering! We are currently going through the process of fostering application etc, ready for panel July. Many people around us have been quite negative about us fostering, some worry about how we will cope, how my eleven and fifteen year old will feel etc. My favourite book so far has been The Night The Angels Came, having a strong faith myself I found this book so touching and wrote one of Patricks Irish blessings on the chalk board on my fridge to encourage all who read it. Thank you for your books. God bless you and your lovely family.
Kerry, 26/04/2024

Hi Cathy, I found Damaged very disturbing. That poor little girl.  As for that pathetic excuse of a social worker Eileen, hope she was dismissed or at least held accountable along with the others who failed Jodie. My anger towards the social services is insurmountable. Never before have I read a book that has had such a profound affect on me. Thank you for taking the time love and patience in having Jodie. Best wishes
Deborah, 22/04/2024

Hello Cathy, I have just finished your book Unsafe. I cannot believe how badly you were treated especially when you and your family have given up all your time to help those less fortunate than yourselves. I can understand why your friend had given up fostering after their son had been accused of abuse. You and your family deserved better and obviously you knew this yourself when you made the decision to scale back but it’s such a shame. I have read many of your books. It’s good that people have provided a way hard of hearing people can still enjoy books, I wear hearing aids so I listen on my phone as I have a app that can work with my aids. You’re are a warm blanket on a freezing cold and lonely night,
Natasha, 20/04/2024

I just finished reading all your memoirs again, this time in chronological order, and I just wanted to tell you again, how much I admire you and what an amazing person you are. You have touched the hearts of so many just by being you. I hope and pray you and your family are well.  Take care
Nabeelah, 09/4/2024

Hi Cathy, I have been reading all your books over the years. You are an amazing woman. I enjoy reading all your books, I have loads of empathy for your work.  I now believe when I have read some of them they opened parts of my past that I had tried to forget. Unfortunately years later things happened which opened memories. I needed to understand but buried again, then something happened a few weeks ago and again need to bury it again. Your books helped me. Thank you.
Maxine, 27/03/2024

I feel your books help me deal with my own matters in my life. I take my hat off to you. I totally love and get so involved with your life and admire what you do for the children you care about. I’ve taken a leaf out of your book to be a good mother. So thank you.
Julie, 21/03/2024

Hello, I have been reading your books for a long time, and have been inspired by them all. I just wanted to let you know that you are truly an inspiration. I have decided that once I reach the age of 25(the minimum age in Ireland) I would like to foster. My granny was a foster carer in London in the 90’s and my mother also worked with looked after children. Your books (along with my family’s experience) have made me into the woman I am today. I look forward to your next release. Thank you so much for everything you do, and the awareness you bring. Warm regards.
Sophie, Ireland, 14/03/2024

Dear Cathy Glass, I recently had the pleasure of reading your brilliant book “Damaged,” and I am at a loss for words to describe how truly extraordinary it was. Your storytelling is simply captivating, and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished every page. This book was my first introduction to your work, and I am already eagerly anticipating your upcoming books. Your talent for writing is simply extraordinary! I hope Jodie is doing well now, and her journey touched my heart deeply. This book resonated with me on a personal level as it reminded me of a schoolmate who faced similar challenges after being disowned by her parents. Your work goes beyond writing – it’s truly about fostering hope and resilience in others. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, Cathy. You are an inspiration! Warm regards
Anuvinda, 11/03/2024

Hi! I just want to thank you for all the good things you did all these years. I read all your books which are available in Poland. I’m sorry I can’t buy all of your books, but maybe someday. Sometimes I just dream about having a home like yours and I’m going to have it someday, I believe it.  Thank You for showing that home can be full of trust and love and teach me patience and forbearance. I wish you all the best, and send greetings from Poland.
Julia, Poland, 28/02/2024

Hi I’m from Canada I really enjoy reading your books. Thank you.
Jo-Anne, Canada, 16/02/2024

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you. I’m an avid reader and your books have helped transform my life. I had a pretty rough start to life with a lot of childhood trauma, so I really relate to a lot of the stories you write about. I find comfort in your writing. Your books have provided a space for me to heal in a sort of way. Your books are so wonderfully written and easy to read and they made me fall in love with reading again and also provided an escape for me at times that I needed it most. I hope you know how appreciated you are. Thanks again.
Maddison, Australia, 11/02/2024

I have read a lot of your books, and cried and enjoyed. I shall keep reading some more of your books.
Susan, 07/02/2024

Hi Cathy. Just read Run Mummy Run, I dread reading these kind of books mainly because they are truth life. I found it very gripping and Aisha was a courageous woman, the book was close to my heart in a way I went through a similar experience myself many years ago. I’m now a fan so I will continue to read them.
Sarah, 30/01/2024

Hi Cathy, I wanted to thank you as you inspired me to qualify as a social worker.  I started reading your books a few years ago and have now read them all- probably twice over! I think they are beautifully written and encapsulate everything that child centred care should be. Without your books I would have never considered doing what I do and so I still wouldn’t have half of my identity! I am due to graduate in June and have so much respect for all of you. I’d like to become a foster carer myself one day. Thank you,
Kayla, 24/01/2024

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your books. I am a supervising social worker and have recently started supporting student social workers. I read your book ‘an innocent baby’ and had to share this with my student. I have to thank you not only for your realistic view point on fostering which has really supported the student to understand the reality of fostering from a carers point of view (which is often overlooked!) but also your amazing service in supporting so many children. I hope to continue sharing your writing with many more students! Also hoping to build a little collection full of Cathy Glass. Take care and thank you again.
Chloe, 22/01/2024

Hi Cathy, I have been a fan of your books for many years unfortunately I found myself in abusive relationship and my favourite hobby of reading got lost along the way. Thankfully I made my way out of that place and am now two years in to a very happy, safe and loving relationship. Thank you for telling your stories I may not foster children but have learnt so much from your books. I have had a lot of catching up to do. You inspire me to be the best version of myself. When I have days of struggling with my past picking up one of your books and reading about the incredible work you do for these incredible young people it gives me that push to keep going. Thank you again for sharing your stories.
Becky, 21/01/2024

Good Afternoon, Cathy! I just wanted to say that I love your books. You are an excellent writer, and your stories are heartbreaking, emotional, and so well told, I am halfway through the books! Damaged was a heartbreaking book and I am so touched by the story and all you did for that poor girl. I wish you all the best and hope you and your children are well. Thank you for your inspirational books.
Hayley, 15/01/2024

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how inspiring your books are! I have read them all, except one. Which I plan to start next. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, I am sure all the people you have touched treasure you.
Melanie, USA, 15/01/2024

Dear Ms. Glass I am writing to thank you for all the wonderful books you have written although I wonder with all the fostering how you find the time. I started reading your books to learn about the child welfare system in the UK. I am now retired but at the time I started reading your books I was employed as a child welfare worker.  My job was to investigate reports of child abuse and neglect and if there was an issue to provide services or, in worst case scenarios, remove the child(ren) to a relative or foster home.  I was, therefore, interested in how other countries dealt with these issues. I learned a lot about how things work. The real heroes are people like you, Ms. Glass.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you have done for the children of the UK over the years
Linda, USA,13/01/2024

Dear Ms. Glass, I am French, I live in the north of France, not knowing the English language, I used an online translator to write this email. Sorry in advance if my writing contains errors.  Last year my mother gave me one of your books for my birthday which I loved. Since then I have purchased more of your works in order to have them all in my collection. Your testimonies are truly touching. They are full of humanity, love and compassion. It is admirable everything you have done for these children. I’m even considering becoming a host family one day. I am currently in the middle of a career change to become a social worker. Your writings mean a lot to me. Sincerely
Gwendoline. France, 14/01/2024

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that your books inspired me into becoming a social worker. I started reading your books when I was 18 years old at school studying child development in my sixth form. Fast forward to now I’m 25 years old and in my final year to becoming a children’s social worker. I work with lots of foster carers and your books always remind me to see the challenges from the foster carers point of view and to not always take things to heart when they disagree with my decision. Some days I find the job emotionally challenging but I really hope I am making a difference.  I don’t think I’d have ever chosen this career if it wasn’t for your books. When I’m older and ready to leave social work, I’d like to also take up fostering. Please continue writing, you have made such a difference to so many children’s lives. Many thanks,
Sophie, 10/01/2024

Dear Cathy, I am a big fan of your books. I have listened to every book you have written. The about Jodie, the best story was about Lucy. I also loved hearing about Paula and Adrian. You wouldn’t know it to look at me but I am a very fussy person. I have a lot of trouble sleeping but your books are perfect to entertain me and soothe me at the same time. I appreciate everything you have shared with us and it has been eye opening. Thank you.
Kelly, 10/01/2024

Hi Cathy, thanks for introducing me to your pseudonym Lisa Stone, a totally different style of writing, but still as enjoyable. I just finished the second of 3 novels, The Doctor, and Taken and just started to read The cottage. I particularly like 2 things, firstly certain characters remain the same, e.g. the police officers, and secondly what appear to be shorter chapters, then your books written as Cathy Glass. I look forward to listening to your books for many months to come, and once again, thank you for pointing me in Lisa Stone’s direction, my very best wishes.
Robert, 10/01/2024

Dear Ms Cathy, your book, Damaged, is the reason I am writing this email to you. It was translated into Sinhala. I am at a loss for words to describe my emotions after reading that book. The book you have written is truly amazing. I’m waiting to read another book from you. Once again, the “Damaged” book is superb. Good luck. Have a good night.
Tanya, Sri Lanka, 09/01/2024

Hi Cathy. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your books so far. I’ve just read your latest, Unsafe. You are doing such a great job! All those children you have helped along with their families! You must have a lot of patience! Can’t be easy at all! Just got some earlier books of yours and can’t wait to start reading them! Also well done to your children too! They sound such lovely people. Well take care. Kind regards
Louise, 06/01/2024

Hi! I just wanted to say to you that I really love your books, they are very well written and you describe so incredibly gripping. I like to listen to them and have listen to all of them at least twice. I live in Sweden and work as a teacher and many of your strategies works quite well in my classroom. I am considering starting to look after a child a weekend a month and that is because I have read your books. You are amazing! Best regards
Johanna, Sweden, 03/01/2024

Hello Cathy. Years ago I adopted three children. I have never been a foster carer.  Your books have been such a joy to read. They also have given me much insight into answering some of the questions my children have posed.  I also “watched” your compassion for the biological families. One of the bio Mums has recently been to my home for the first time (my eldest child now in their early 20s). Navigating this journey has been a bit easier because of reading how you have approached things.  Thank you!
Sarah, Canada, 03/01/2024