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Dear Cathy, I’m sitting here all emotional reading about your son’s wedding day, feeling as though I have watched your child grow up through your books, becoming a man and a husband. Your daughter a mother and so forth. Not only are your books inspiring, heart-breaking, and joyful, they’re also your life and your family and I feel blessed to be reading and following your life as you once lived. Your books truly own a place in my heart for life. So thank you for this roller-coaster you have shared with us, you truly are an amazing woman. Kind regards
Courtney, 28/06/2023

Hi Cathy, I have An Innocent Baby and it was such a heart-breaking, but lovely book. I suffer with anxiety and reading really helps me to escape. The book gave me something to look forward to every evening after the kids were bathed, fed and asleep in their beds. You really are a remarkable lady, and your family must be so proud of you. Keep being fab. I can’t wait to read more of your books. I think you really help so many people escape the reality and the hustle and bustle of life, so thank you. Take care. Kindest regards.
Louisa, 28/06/2023

Hi Cathy. I’ve just finished reading Too Scared To Tell and am in tears as I write this. I’m so glad those horrible men were found and put away, I almost felt like I got close to Oskar whilst reading it. When I first started reading about his mum I didn’t agree with her not making time for her son but slowly understood why and I’m so happy he got to live with his family. I related to it so much with my son who nearly a year ago I placed with his aunty because I struggled to cope as a single mum and knew I had to what was best by him. Now he is thriving and so happy and I still see him and speak to him and am so proud of the young man he is becoming. Best wishes to you and your family.
Sammy, 24/06/2023

Hi Cathy. I live on Long Island, New York. I recently began listening to audiobooks. I came across your book “Damaged” and loved it! I am now hooked on your books! I have finished 4 of your other books and are just starting on number 5 (I’m now listening to them in chronological order). I just wanted you to know how much I love your books and your writing style. The work you do with these children is extraordinary. I can’t wait to read the other ones!
Lisa, USA, 23/06/2023

Hi Cathy, would just like to say well done and thank you for sharing your stories. They are very inspiring and keep people going. I couldn’t put them down. I loved going on the website to read the updates. I always hoped you would have got with Jackson’s teacher, as together you would have been fantastic
Donna, 14/06/2023

I am a huge supporter of your books, I have read every single one and they are all so heartfelt and touching. You have inspired me to become a foster carer myself, I am now looking after my second foster child. Thank you very much Cathy Glass. Sincerely
Hailey-Jaynne, 11/06/2023

I came across one of your books, A Family Torn Apart, in April and have not been able to stop reading every book I can get my hands on. I’ve read 7 others since April this year and find them inspiring me to look into foster care. They’ve made me smile, laugh and cry. I’m so upset by the nightmare these children go through but also so very grateful that you’ve been there and helped them. Thank you for all you do for the children and also for shedding light on the issues that plague them. Love
Leanne, 06/06/2023

Hi! I came across one of your books at my local library. I love it. Suddenly I found myself getting more from the library and then buying them so I could keep them. Now I find myself needing to read your books every night. I just wanted to say thank you for writing these amazing books. Whenever I’m reading them I always feel like I’m there with you, a part of the family. It takes away the loneliness I often feel. Thanks so much and please keep writing. Regards. Amanda, New Zealand, 29.05/2023

Hi Cathy, I hope you are well. I found a book of yours in a second hand book shop, Damaged, was the book, and it was the first book I read of yours. I am now so drawn in & have just finished my fifth book, A life lost. You are an inspiration & I honestly admire you. Kristy, Australia, 23/05/2023

HI Lisa. Not going to bore you with a long email. I just wanted to say that The Cottage was incredible. I had a nasty flu and read it in three days while I was off work. I had the best time I have ever had whilst being ill! Many thanks.
Mark, 21/05/2023

Dear Cathy, I have been reading your fostering memoirs for quite a few years now. I just wanted to say how amazing you and your family are. I love your style of writing with all the minutiae of daily life included. What strikes me is how much you love each child that comes in to your care. I wish I’d been loved as much as you love your wards. God bless you Cathy.
Helena, 18/05/2023

Dear Ms. Cathy Glass. I wanted to let you know that I have read nearly every foster parent book and enjoyed them all. You are an inspiration and I became a foster parent in the states. I just got my license for family fostering. I believe you are an amazing person a wonderful wonderful foster parent. Bless you. I cannot give you enough praise. Thank you for being such a wonderful author and foster parent.
Sandra, USA, 17/05/2023

Good morning. I’m a 68-year-old French retiree and I’m writing to you using Google Translate. I love your stories as a childminder, and I am often moved to tears in the face of such dramas. Unfortunately your books are slow to be translated into French, there are currently only 10 of them, all of which I have read. On the last one I read, A Terrible Secret. I can’t wait to read the next translations. Thank you for your kindness to children, and thank you for your beautiful stories. Carry on! A fan.
Serge, France, 04/05/2023

Bonjour, Je suis Cindy je travaille en école auprès d’enfants en situation d’handicap, j’ai découvert vos livres il y a maintenant un an, j’ai une grande admiration pour ce que vous faites, vous faites un travail incroyable avec les enfants et vous leur offrez tellement, c’est beau ce que vous faites. Je dévore vos livres, dommage qu’ils ne soient pas tous traduit en français. Continuez ce que vous faites, ces enfants en ont tellement besoin.
Cindy, France, 04/05/2023

Good evening, I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you’re doing. I grew up in foster care myself, and became a foster carer too. Now I’ve just had my own baby I feel all sorts of strong emotions having never got closure nor spoken to anyone about my childhood. It makes me so happy to hear about your success stories for the children or young person as often there is the stigma that looked after children have. I have always loved reading your books and I always tell my partner about what’s happening in them too! He looks out for them at the shops. I know you can download them but there’s nothing like a good real book! Thanks again. Many thanks.
Molly, 30/03/2023

Hi Lisa (Cathy), I have seen your name on book titles for a long time but resisted reading while my children were little. I felt I would feel too emotional. Finally last week I bought my first ‘Damaged’. I am on the fourth book now. I love reading non-fiction but I have never been bought to tears by books before, yet your stories are so emotive, I am often left in tears. I really can’t wait to read the rest, what an amazing talent you have. And what an amazing thing you have done, becoming a foster mum, especially after your marriage break up. What an amazing life you have had, God Bless you for being there when needed and spreading so much Love and joy. Kindest regards and wishes.
Ali, UK, 25/04/2023

Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished Daddy’s Little Princess and was so happy. I can relate to this book so much from my own experiences with my own son. I will be getting some money soon so I will be ordering copies of all your books I don’t currently own, I’m currently reading a book a day of yours. I really hope Adrian and Paula are OK. I can’t believe John left you. I really didn’t see that coming at all and I’m so sorry. You are an inspirational lady who has fostered so many children. I don’t know how you let them go. Please keep writing I’m running out of your work. With kindest regards,
Sammy, 24/04/2023

I have read almost all of Cathy Glass books. She is a wonderful woman and a great writer. I am in tears with all of her books. Keep up the writing and take care.
Amanda, 23/04/2023

Good morning Cathy, I really am enjoying your books and will be trying to work my way through all of them in time. You radiate warmth and compassion which is clearly so important in your role as carer, and being a mum yourself. It’s great you’re raising awareness. Most memoirs I’ve read are written from the survivors, so yours have been a bit different. Thank you. Take care.
Natalie, 10/04/2023

I love to read your books. Sometimes very emotional and live. I really admire the way you work in day to day life. Very well planned. The way you presenting is very interesting and simple. I can read the whole book.  I wish you all the best Cathy. God bless
Vijitha, Sri Lanka, 30/03/2023

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say that I really love your books. I have cerebral palsy and often suffer with loneliness and other struggles so your books give me an escape from things and help me to feel less lonely. It’s kind of like I’m in the books in a way. So thank you for writing them. You sound like a great person. I have written a book about myself which is about my experiences with living with cerebral palsy and it’s currently being published so it’s good to be inspired by someone. Kind regards.
Issy, 30/03/2023

Came across one of your books and want to say it was really good. Just started reading them this year. I’m on my 6th book and I will be going on Amazon to order some more.  It is a great thing you are doing for these kids you and your family are wonderful people. Just want you to know you have a big fan here in the United States. Keep up the great work.
Sandy, USA, 28/03/222923

Hi Cathy.  I have read every single one of your books and love them. I have seen your family grow up and being part of your journeys. I too work with kids from all backgrounds so I understand all too well the challenges parenting and working with children present. I find a lot of what you write relatable. Although much of your work is with children far less fortunate than ours what I love about your books is that it’s not page after page of atrocities, as some of these true life stories can be, but a positive account of their time with you and how you have managed to turn things around. Thank you. I have just finished Unwanted. I have spent the last 12 months absorbed in your work. Kind regards.
Emily, UK, 22/03/2023

I have just finished reading A Family Torn apart. Very sad story but what a wonderful  thing you do.
Cleeve, 17/03/2023

Hi, I’ve been reading so many of your books.  I’m now listening to them in order, just finished The night the Angels came. My heart went out to all of you and Pat. He was such a beautiful man. The book touched my heart.  You inspire me. I use the 3 R’s with my children even though they are now adults. My oldest has a learning disability, she’ll always forever be a teenager and I find it works.  Take care and send my love to your family.
Ann, 11/03/2023

Hello, I am very impressed by your books. It is insane how many children have to suffer such a hard fate. Thank you for your work to help the children find the right path. I have read all the books translated into German.  I would be interested to know when there will be a new book in German, unfortunately most of them are in English.
Claudia, Switzerland, 26/02/2023

I have read so many of your books and although some have made me cry I always look forward to the next one. You are a lovely person and all the foster children you have had living with you have ended up loving you and are better for having had you in their lives. The funny thing is that often after reading one of your wonderful books I feel like making a pasta vegetable bake! I can’t wait for your next book!
Naomi, 20/02/2023

Dear Cathy. Thank you so much for you recent book Unwanted.  It was inspiring and I truly wish this little family every happiness for their future. I have read all your books.  At first I felt a bit guilty – was I looking at stories involving abused children out of curiosity?  I wasn’t. Your accounts and honesty are amazing and heart-warming as well as heart-breaking in parts. My very best wishes to you and your family and Thank you for the difference you have made to so many others.
Jan, 18/02/2033

Hi Cathy, I remember I was 14 when I first stumbled across your books. I related so much at the time to those children that have also fallen through the cracks. I had an extremely abusive father, and a mother who was none the wiser. I just wanted to say that all this showed me help was out there. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a foster carer as lovely as yourself but it was a far better than what I was used to. My respite carer was amazing. I wish I could have stayed with her. Thankyou for showing me that hope existed 5 years ago! Without your books I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m finally getting my life on track.
Marie, Wales, 15/02/2023

Hi, Cathy I’ve just read your book Unwanted. It’s the first book I’ve read of yours, I’ll be sure to read a lot more. I’m a care leaver myself. I was in care from 11-18. You seemed to have done an amazing job with such troubled young people. It gives me faith that not all foster parents are bad like the ones I had. I only wished I had come across an amazing woman like yourself. Maybe my life would have been so different.
Chelsea, UK, 13/02/2023

Hi Cathy. Just wanted to ‘touch base’ to say that I’ve now read 3 more of your books and they all got me absolutely totally ‘hooked’ after a short time … brought tears to my eyes. The last one I finished … Neglected. What an amazing story. I just loved it and I’ve ordered ‘Will you love me’. I’m intrigued to read about what made you adopt Lucy when you probably want to adopt all the children you foster. Anyway, keep up the good work; best wishes,
Ruth, 12/02/2023

Good Morning “Cathy” I just finished your latest book! I have read every single one and once again loved it. You really do inspire me in what you do, and often talk about your books at work, (I’m a nursing Assistant for the NHS) I hope that one day in the future I would start to foster, well maybe more, adopt a child  Thank you so much for what you do for these kids/families, if everyone was like you, the world would be a little less cruel. All the best
Leanne, UK, 11/02/2023

Hello Cathy, I’ve recently taken to reading your books and they’re a brilliant! I spent 8 years in the foster system from the age of 10-18 and know how difficult and daunting it can be. I’d say I was lucky with my careers but looking back now I’m older… let’s say they were nothing like you and probably shouldn’t have fostered any children! You really are a great foster career and if I’d have had you as my foster parent I would’ve been thrilled! Thank you for your time.
Rhea, 11/02/2023

I love  reading now for the first time in my adult life! I accidentally ran across your books and look forward to the next one and the next one…thank you for what you do and for sharing the good the bad and the ugly with us! I am newly retired and have all the time in the world to put my feet up, kick back and read and read! Thanks again.
Barb, 08/02/2023

I just wanted to email and say how amazing I think you are and how much of a difference you have made in the lives of children you have fostered or young adults you have helped. I’m not much of a reader at all. I came across your book Unwanted and read it within 4 days, then The Child Bride. I must admit was a very, very hard read and I completed this within 3 days! I’m awaiting my next book which I’m super excited about as it is the story of your adopted daughter Lucy. As I said, you are truly an inspiration. Thank you for the help, care and love you have selflessly given to many children and young adults.
Roxanne, UK, 07/02/2023

Dear Cathy, Unwanted is another fantastic book which I once again read really quickly. If it wasn’t for people like you and your fellow foster carers who knows what would happen to the poor children who slip through the net. I adore your books and eagerly await your next one. Many thanks
Julie, 31/01/2023

Hi Cathy, I came across you book ‘Neglected’ by chance and I am hooked, such a lovely and sad story. I think even I fell in love with Jamey. I’ve ordered a few more to add to my collection. I never read a book for years and someone suggested I start again to help with my mental health and it really has, so thank you. Thank you.
Claire, 30/01/2023

Hi Cathy just finished Unwanted. Another great book. You are such an inspiration. I will review on Amazon as a new author myself I understand how important reviews are. I have loved all your books including the Lisa Stone ones. Sending best wishes to you and your wonderful family  Looking forward to your next book. Love
Gaynor, 27/01/2023

I was in care from 5-16.  I was never happy in my 3 placements. I read all your books and often wonder how much I’d have loved you as a foster parent. I love your books and the insight to life as a foster carer. The stories are hard to read, especially the abuse ones. I only read them when I’m in the right frame of mind, but at the same time they bring me comfort knowing there is someone like you out there. Keep up all the amazing work you do.
Emma, 27/01/2023

Dear Cathy. I picked up your book ‘Damaged’ in a Hospice shop two days ago.  I read it nonstop. Often Crying.  Omg! How can humans do this to each other? You can see after reading it how this horrific damage inflicted is unrepairable. You are a special lady. Bless you for all you do for these poor souls. I experienced abuse as a child too, but nothing in comparison.
Dianne, New Zealand, 27/91/2023

Hello Cathy I have always envied people that are able to get engrossed in reading a book, especially when on holiday. I have never been able to do this, but at last I have the right one!! Yes you Cathy!!!! It was just over a year ago. I have never looked back, I have now read five, and my wonderful husband bought me three more for Christmas. I have really enjoyed all of them. Thank you so much Cathy, to eventually get me to be a reader. Carry on the good work, Kind regards
Edna, UK, 24/01/2023

Hi Cathy, I love kids and was so happy at the good your foster caring did for each one. I loved The Saddest Girl in the World.  She really made me cry. I was elated that she grew up happy and whole. I’m an elderly lady living alone and renting an old farmhouse in the country. Poor health has given me time to read.  I was in a pastoral team for years, and involved in counselling. I regret that I never went for a degree in child counselling, as my greatest empathy is toward children. Warm regards
Linda, 22/01/2023

I was abused until I was 8 by my dad. My mom had no Idea what my dad had done to me. I didn’t tell what happened until I was 24 years old. I now have an amazing psychologist who is helping me.  It’s not just her. After I read your first book I shared with my therapist how amazing you are to these foster kids how kind your words are.  I have actually decided to go to college in the fall for psychology and I’m so excited. I really want to foster one day so I can save little “Katelynn’s” from suffering all I did. I truly can’t thank you enough because I wouldn’t be where I am today without your books. I often cry when I go back and listen to you talk to these kids like you’re talking to me, It means so much. With Love and Thankfulness.
Katelynn, 20/01/2023

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how much I’ve admired your memoirs of fostering. Right now I’m reading two books of yours every day and I just cannot get enough! I’m hoping to become a fosterer in a few years as I’m still studying and training to become a psychologist. The life stories of these children, and how you’ve managed to touch their lives is incredible. I’m hoping to keep in touch long term hopefully and learn how to do what you’ve done! You’re my inspiration! Kind regards
Taaniya, 16/01/2023

I have read all of your books. I love them. I can never put them down. You are truly a remarkable woman.
Nicky, 12/01/2023

Hi Cathy! First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE all of your fostering books. I’m obsessed with them. I’m reading many hours every day. The last 6 months I have only read your fostering books, every day. I have ordered almost all of them and now I’m waiting to order Unwanted. I have read them over and over again, they are amazing!! I just want to thank you for the help all your books have given me, especially when I have had hard times with my mental health. So thank you! Best wishes
Daniela, 11/01/2023

Hi Cathy. I just wanted to say that the books and you’ve written are amazing. I’ve read about four of your books and I have recently read ‘An innocent baby’. I’m only 14 years old. To think that children my age and younger have gone through so much. Your books have really opened my mind up about the darker things of this world, and have made me grateful for my upbringing. I just wanted to thank you for that and for making a difference in this world by fostering children who need you. You’re a great person.
Ash, 09/01/2023

Cathy, Good morning! I’ve just finished part 1 of Unwanted. Last time, I told you that might be one of the best books you’d ever written. This time, it might be one of the saddest. This story is just so dark. Domestic abuse, a mother who has absolutely no idea how to care for her child, and puppy love, this is just a third of the book! You’re a good writer, and I have no doubt that parts 2 and 3 will introduce new angles to this saga. I’m looking forward to the rest! Best.
Alan. 05/01/2023

Hi Cathy, I found your book Damaged in a charity shop in Darwin, Australia. I have to say that I was absolutely hooked from the word go! I work in the care sector and it is something that I am very passionate about. I wouldn’t let me Mother read it. She would be in tears for days! You are clearly a wonderful person and an extraordinary foster carer with a very strong family unit. I hands down could not support Jodie the way that you did and for that I commend you! I just can’t believe what that poor girl went through. And now my next step is to buy all of your other books! I can’t wait!  I wish you all the very best.
Kristy, Australia, 04/01/2023