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Hi Cathy, Oh my days I have just finished reading Damaged. What an incredible story. I had tears and goose bumps throughout most of it. I really love the honesty in the way you write. You tell it as it is. I totally believe that you saved Jodie.  Totally and utterly. What wonderful children you have too. They are amazing, like their mum. I’ve already started Hidden and I only finished Damage at 4.30pm! Take care.
Tess, 01/08/2022

Hi Cathy, I picked up my first book of yours a month or 2 ago and was unable to put it down. I finished my first book of yours in 2 days. And knew I had to get more. So I went out and purchased two more and I have finished them already. I am now on the hunt for the rest. Can I just say you are truly an inspirational person and quite remarkable in what you do. I only wished I had a person like you in my life when I was younger. I look forward to reading the rest of your books and more to come hopefully. You’re a true inspiration!! Take care. Best wishes to you and your family.
Michelle, 01/02/2022

Dear Cathy, I wanted to write to you to tell you what an amazing person you are. I have read almost all your books and each one has really touched me. The latest one I read was Donna’s story and that one will stay with me, I can’t stop thinking about her. You have made such a difference to these people’s lives. Along with having a family of your own and being a single mother, how you have coped is beyond me but you have taken it all in your stride. You have gone above and beyond for these children. Absolutely incredible. Thank you.
Heather, 31/07/2022

Hi, I’ve just read 3 of your books and I’ve gone through every emotion there is from anger to laughter. You are an amazing person.  I truly hope Tilly, Molly and Kit and Oskar are living life to the full. I can’t wait for your other books to arrive. I have 5 grown up children and my heart aches till they come home or ring me so I know they are safe. Good luck with your new grandchild.
Bev, 30/07/2022

I’ve never read books before but the last 3 days I have read 3 of your books! You are a truly an amazing lady. I hope you and your family are doing well. Best wishes
Danielle, 30/07/22022

Hi Cathy, I’m a social work student and absolutely love your books. They are so informing not only about the children you foster but the way the system works. Thank you.
Susan, 21/07/2022

Hi Cathy, just a note to say I have read your books. You are amazing, and what lovely caring person you and your family are. I must have read about 15 of your fostering books so far.  I have yet to read your Lisa Stone books. Once again thank you for the good work you do for all these children and making them a safe place to live.
Jackie, 20/07/2022

Dear Cathy, I am an avid reader of your books. They are very hard reading for someone who had a childhood like some of your children. I wish I didn’t but very much relate to your books. Your love for the foster children is truly inspiring. Thankfully I turned out good and have two beautiful children of my own and now also a beautiful grandchild and another on the way. I wish you and your family well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing these books. Your work as a foster carer and author are touching. Yours sincerely
Dotty, 13/07/2022

Good Afternoon Cathy, I have just finished reading Too Scared to Tell. I think I lost count of how many times I shed a little tear. I have read your books for years. Hope you’re all well. Kind Regards.
Natalie, 12/07/2022

Dear Cathy, I have been trying to get back into reading. I have just left school having completed my GCSEs, so I have plenty of time to spare. I began reading ‘Damaged’ and after 1 chapter I instantly fell in love! I finished Damaged within 2 weeks and then began reading ‘Hidden’ which I have just completed. I absolutely enjoyed reading every word in your books and you have a writing style which is unmatched. Thank you, not only for getting me back into reading, but for helping so many people out there in the world, even those you haven’t fostered. Now I just have to source some more of your amazing books to feed my new habit!  Lots of love and respect. A huge fan.
Hessa, UK, 06/07/2022

Hello.  I have just finished my first of Cathy Glass’s books. You are a dear, sweet kind and gentle person. If all foster parents were like you, the world would be blessed indeed.
Kerri, Canada. 01/07/2022