All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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An Innocent Baby has touched my heart in more ways than you could imagine. I have read your books for years and always look out for your next one, so did my mum. We had our very own Cathy Glass library which is now just my collection of all your books. I lost my mum earlier this year and reading about your mum touched my heart. Your books will always be something special to me that I shared with my mum. Thank you for your amazing writing, your beautiful books and the stories you so bravely share. Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth & angel mum Sheila

OMG!!! I’m still reading The Cottage, but wow… I had suspected it but still wow!! Still curious about the creature in the garden. I’ve my suspicions there too, can’t wait to see if I’m right.
Connie, 22/10/2021

Good evening Cathy, The Girl in The Mirror is different to the fostering memoirs. But once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. I was so angry with Jimmy, I will never understand people like him and why they do what they do.  I absolutely loved it and finished it in two days. Thank you so much for all you inspiring and amazing true stories/novels based on true stories. I really hope you carry on writing them because I enjoy them so much. I hope you and your family are doing good and I’m looking forward to reading the next one. Kind regards.
Sammy, 14/10/2021

Hello Cathy, I just want to say your books truly are an inspiration. As I grew up in foster care myself I can relate to the children you write about. I know how much hard work it can be to foster children as I wasn’t the easiest child myself. With the hard work and patience my foster parents gave me I have managed to do well for myself and live a great life!  Thank you so much for being a great author! I wish you and your family all the greatness in life you truly deserve it. Kind regards
Kirsty, 09/10/2021

Dear Cathy, I am writing to you because there is no one else whom I can say these things. I relate to Stevie (Finding Stevie). I was exploring my gender identity for years and now I identify myself as a bisexual female. Someone from telegram app tried to sext with me, and I gave in. I now feel violated for doing vile things to my body and sending him the photos.
S, India, 09/10.2021

Hi Cathy. I have been  waiting for quiet time to read your new book. I read them with an amount of trepidation due to the content being triggers. However, I have survived and have grown up children so mange the thoughts better. I completely resonate with Haylea and reading her story relates to mine in many ways. However, it wasn’t my father but grandfather and 4 of his friends. That is really the only difference in our stories, other than I wasn’t as brave as Haylea and didn’t speak out until far too late. She really is an inspirational young women and hope she finds the forever happy she so deserves.
Kaz, 09/10/2021

Hello Cathy, I’ve just read your latest book An Innocent Baby and it had me in tears!! I hope and pray to god you stay in contact with both mother and child! You are such a remarkable woman!! You have such a lovely heart!!  If it wasn’t for you who knows where Haylea would be now! Keep doing what you’re doing! I will be waiting for your next book!! Sending nothing but love. Thank you so much.
Tammy, 08/10/ 2021

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I love reading your books! I read my first book of yours when I was 15 (I’m now 22) and I absolutely loved it. It was so gripping and I was hooked. I have continued to read them over the years. I have just finished Cruel To Be Kind’, the ending choked me up. I’ve just ordered your new book! Super excited. I find your work so interesting and it’s something I am going to look into in the future. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. All the best
Liv, 07/10/2021

I just wanted to say I really love all your books. I can’t see, so read them on audible. They are all fantastic. When I have listened to them, I always listen to them again and again. I never get bored of them. I am so so excited for your next one. Hope you and your family are doing well.
Tash, 09/10/2021

Hi Cathy, I have read all of your books and just finished your latest. I’m a mature student social worker and recently finished my placement in an independent fostering agency.  You give such a real account of the ups and downs of fostering. I love reading your books and just wanted to say well done. Fantastic work.
Jo, 01/10/2021

I would like to say what a beautiful soul you have. What you and your family have done to help these children is truly amazing. I love your books. They make me laugh and cry. It’s heart-warming that there’s people like you out there, well done.
Wendy, UK, 01/10/2021

Hi Cathy, I love all your foster carer stories. Faye’s story really touched my heart; I read it in than two days and cried most of the time. I have read 4 of your books in the last two weeks and cannot wait to read them all. You are my role model for foster care worker and mother. You are a great person and a lovely mother to your children. They are blessed to have a mother like you. I write poetry and some short stories under my writing name. Have a lovely evening and the rest of the week. Good luck with your new book; I cannot wait to read it too. With love, light, and peace, always your
Ann, 29/09/2021

Hi Cathy, I’ve read a good few of your books. I love your stories and how to treat and deal with the children. You are a very special lady. My upbringing was awful. Poor. And abused most of my childhood. Nothing picked up in school back in the day. I hated school I felt like I had nobody. And couldn’t trust adults especially men. I don’t understand why my mum didn’t pick up on how her fellas were impacting my life so much. Making me so scared. I never spoke at school. I slipped through the net. I would have loved to have a mum like you Cathy. No wonder the children love you. I’ve struggled all my life to even make friends. I would have loved to have at least one true friend to share things. Regards
Dawn, 29/09/2021

Dear Cathy. An Innocent Baby was so emotional. I was deeply saddened for Haylea.  Nobody should have to go through that kind of terrifying and horrible childhood. As I read, I was angry like you were.  And something as awful as what Haley had to go through and all they got was 10 years!  I am also thankful so many people trust you.  You are so loving and really are a true gift. I mean that!!! I love your family so much!!! I can’t wait until your next book comes out.  Thank you again for all you do and for writing such incredible books. Love you.
Angelina, 25/08/3021

Dear Miss Glass, I have recently discovered your books and I just wanted to tell you that you and your family are amazing and so inspiring. I have become addicted to your books, reading one a day at the moment as we are on lockdown due to covid. Your strength and the power of your story telling moves me to tears in nearly every book. I wish there was more selfless people like you in the world. You have inspired me and my partner to look into fostering in Australia. When I have finished reading your books I want to go back to the start and reward them in order. Thank you so much for sharing your life stories with us and the amazing work that you do. The world is. definitely a better place thanks to you and your amazing family Regards
Donna, Australia, 25/09/2021

Dear Miss. Glass, I read your book, Another Forgotten Child,  and quickly became a huge fan of your books, and passion for the foster care system. Through your writing, your desire to help  childrenin the foster care system is clear. I would later in life like to foster and/or adopt children. Your books shine a light on such a big issue in the world that few people seem to notice
Korrin, 23/09/2021

Hi I absolutely love your books and they have been a massive help through my years struggling with mental health. I’m a single mam with 3 children. I’ve just finished An Innocent Baby and can’t wait for your new book!
Alexandra, 23/09/2021

Hi Cathy!  I have read your books for so many years. I’m 20 and started reading them from 14, and have been hooked ever since. I feel like you are an amazing human, and there has been times I’ve cried from your books because of the terrible ordeal that the children have suffered.  I’m so grateful that you’re there to help these children. Don’t ever stop writing, I love what you do and hope one day I can be a foster carer like you. Take care, lots of love.
Habiba, 21/09/2021

Hey Cathy your books are absolutely amazing and you’re a role model. You’re an amazing writer and I love all your books. I used to be in care and your books are so eye opening and different. Your new book An Innocent Baby hit home and made me think because of my experience. Thank you please please keep writing. Kind regards
Lottie, 20/09/2021

Hi there  have been a massive fan of your memoirs for many years. I just finished reading A Life Lost and wanted to extend my deepest condolences. I sobbed as if you were my own family member which is indicative of how you have always written your books. You draw your readers in and we feel as though we are there with you in those moments and part of your family. You are truly an amazing author and the dedication you have for fostering is admirable, and has made me consider possibly fostering one day.  Kind regards.
Kimberly, Australia, 19/09/2912

Hi Cathy, thank you so much for sharing your stories. I’ve now listened to all of them including An Innocent baby which I just finished tonight! My husband and I have been foster carers in Australia for 22yrs now and have had many experiences as you could imagine! You have really helped me as I find it hard sometimes when the children are hyperactive and violent, especially after they have been with us a while and I’m exhausted! I just wanted to say that listening to your experiences has really helped me to be more accepting and understanding when things get tough and to take a moment to re adjust my thinking so I can carry on. Thank you.
Sarah, Australia, 19/09/2021

Good evening Cathy, Please accept my condolences. I’ve just finished reading An Innocent Baby. Utterly heartbreaking! And that’s an understatement. I hope you are fit and healthy and that you are enjoying your expanding family. I am now a grandmother with another on the way!  Please look after yourself and make time to do something just for yourself, which I’m sure you don’t often do! Take care! With love and blessings
Ronette, 19/09/2021

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading An Inocent Baby and I thought I’d write and congratulate you on a job well done.  I just love your books.  This one was a little harder to read because it was closer to home with some similarities with regard to what I dealt with in my own life.  The part of the book that really got to me was where she was having nightmares.  I like to call them dream backs when they are a cross between a dream and a flashback.  I just could relate to her fear and how she must have felt and I almost took a pause from reading the book.  I’m decided to push through and finish the audio copy of the book. Ms. Fairman brings the story to life as she unravels the tale with another brilliant performance. Give Sammy a scratch from me Best wishes
Sarah, USA, 19/09/2019

I absolutely love your books, Your recent book An Innocent Baby arrived on the 16th September I finished it at 10pm on the 17th. I was in tears and had a bottle of wine open. It was the most heart-breaking story of yours I have ever read. I would just like to say you are such an amazing mother, foster carer and writer.  I have a little girl of my own and I hug her a little tighter every night knowing that she hasn’t suffered or ever will suffer the way those poor children you have foster do! My heart breaks for them every time I read your books!  I wish them a better world and better life. They truly deserve it Love
Katie, 17/09/2021

Hi Cathy, I so looked forward to your latest book An Innocent Baby and read it in one day. Thank you for another amazing and touching book which makes one appreciate what one has. I hope Marcy Day and Haylea are doing well and best wishes for their future. Also best wishes to you and your children and especially to your daughter Lucy. I love her personality and strength who seems to come through in the books.
Nanna, Sweden, 16/07/2021

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading your book ‘Where has Mummy gone’ and just wanted to say that you have an amazing knowledge of how children from vulnerable backgrounds think and feel. I have read most of your books and coming from a care background myself – both career-wise and on a personable level I was really gripped by this particular book. I was also adopted at an older age and I was very appreciative of your insight as to the difficulties this can present for the child. I loved reading each of your books and enjoyed reading about your own three children. I’m also intrigued as to how the British care system works as opposed to what happens here in South Africa. Thanks for hours of interesting reading and for taking the trouble to educate readers about vulnerable and at risk children. Looking forward to the next book!
Michelle, S Africa, 14/09/2021

Hello Cathy! Me and my mother absolutely love your books, I can’t get enough of them and have several in my collection. You inspire me to wish to foster, as do some of my mother’s friends.  I just wanted to say thank you for doing everything you can for every single child, person, and soul that has come across your path. You are a huge inspiration and I hope to one day raise my children as respectful, kind, and compassionate as you and children are.  Say hello to Paula, Adrien, and Lucy for me! Warm regards
Marissa, 22, Canda,12/09/2021

Dear Cathy. I just finished reading Damaged. I was speechless. I’m still crying Cathy. I can’t believe the things happen to that little girl. You are such a wonderful woman. Not enough words to say thank you for the things you did for Jodie. Stay Safe Regards
Buddhika, Australia, 07/09/2021

Hi Cathy, I am 59 yrs. old and must of read about 2 books in my life. Just by chance I bought one of your books and I’m now onto my 8th book. Your books are so good and the fostering you do is fantastic. I total admire what you do and will continue reading your books. Many thanks
Judith, 30/08/2021

Dear Cathy, I have just got my hands on your collection of books and am truly in awe of all the work you have done with so many children. I have so far enjoyed Nobody’s Son most, and am excited to read the rest of your series. Kind regards
Rochelle, 29/08/2021

Dear Cathy, I am 29 years old and my auntie is sending this email for me. I am blind with cerebral palsy and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to your audible books. I am looking forward to innocent baby in September. I have read 13 of your books so far and loved them all.  I also have a cat called Jeremy I know you like cats too. Regards
Lexi, 25/08/2021

Good morning. I am in awe of your amazing books. I purchased one of your books from my local charity shop, The Cottage, and instantly the cover and the blurb got me hooked. I read your fantastic book within a day. Totally was not expecting that ending but as a student social worker it got to me and had me gasping. Truthfully, I used to find it hard to read a good book. I love anything thrilling, with a touch of suspense and unexpected twists. You are my favourite author. Kindest regards,
Freya, 24/08/2021

Hi! I just want to say that your books are absolutely fantastic! I’ve recently finished ‘A baby’s cry’ in 3 days, I was hooked from the first page! I scoured the charity shops for some more but had no luck then found myself in WHSmith looking again! I came out with the 3 they had on the shelf and have just started ‘A Terrible Secret’. Your books are amazingly written and I’ve now found myself a massive fan!  Thank you for your amazing stories, it’s great to get a real life insight into the fostering world. My heart goes out to you and all those children! With love, your new biggest fan.
Bobbie, 24/06/2021

Hi Cathy. Thank you for sharing your fostering stories. Over the last few years I have listened to all of them on Audible whilst in the car or on the train due to travelling quite a bit with work. You are truly inspirational and because of you and listening to your stories, I started on my adoption journey almost 18 months ago and last Thursday was approved at panel to adopt. I have a couple of friends who have adopted children but due to being single and also a little older I never thought that it was an option for me. After listening to your books I decided to look into it further and eventually took the plunge. I always wanted to be a mum but it never happened for me, and having worked for 22 years with complex and traumatised children, and having listened to your stories, I believe I can make a difference for a little one and also be a Mum. So thank you because you have been part of my journey to get here and if I can be even half the mum you are, I know I’ll be able to make a difference. I look forward to listening to your next story. Kind regards
Kirstin, 24/08/2021

Hi Cathy, I’m so glad to read the update on Melody, my first book. Thank you for giving children hope for their future. My next book will be ‘Cut’, which I know is going to be a harder read. Take care. Bye.
Steven, 23/08/2021

Hi Thank you for your books! I started reading them around 3 weeks ago and already finished 2. I loved every page of both books and intend buying more from your collection. I was in care from the age of 14 first by being in a children’s home to then being placed with my amazing foster mum. Whilst in her care I progressed so much in many ways and reading your books give me hope that there are still great foster parents out there!  You are amazing and I look forward to buying and reading more of your books.
Jenni, 23/08/2021

Hi Cathy I am partly deaf and disabled with CRPS. I just want to tell you that you are really good author. I have read four books of yours and I’m really loving them. You are the best writer!!!  Thanks for doing an awesome job.
Kimberly, 19/08/2012

Hi, I am a huge fan of your fostering books. I’ve read nearly all of them now and I’m planning on becoming a foster carer. Your books really make a difference and I love following up on each child to see how they’re doing. I’m amazed at how each child has such a unique story. Thanks for what you do, both for children and for us readers, too. You’re one incredible person! Sending love,
Cailey, USA, 18/08/2021

Hi Cathy, I hope you are well.  I am emailing you regarding your books. I think you are an amazing writer, and as I am a senior carer I can relate to quite a few of your stories. Well done and keep up the good work. Best wishes.
Pam, 17/08/2021

Hi. I just wanted to say how much I love your books! I am a case manager in foster care here in Australia and coming to the completion of my social work degree. I have read almost all of your books (I have 4 to go) And I truly admire everything that you are and everything that you stand for. Thank you for being such an inspiration! Warm Regards
Anastasia, Australia, 15/08/2021

I love reading your Lisa Stone suspense stories. Once I start reading I don’t want to put them down. Very good stories all of them and well done to you for writing them. Thank you.
Sandra, 13/08/2021

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for ‘The Cottage’. It has been a number of years since I have read a book as I have been unable to find anything that gripped me. I bought ‘The Cottage’ hoping to read whilst on holiday. I thought I would read the 1st chapter before I went, and needless to say I loved the book and had finished it before my holiday. I have now purchased Taken. hank you again, I have a renewed love for reading. Kind regards
Heather, 12/08/2021

Hi Cathy I have read a number of your fostering books and also The Cottage. I work as a TA in a special needs school.  Your stories are inspiring and incredible and as usual I am hooked. I see many looked after children in the school I’m working in. So the experiences you have had are actually teaching me. Showing me the kind of things I should be looking out for. I got close to one child at the school like Oskar and so did his teacher. Kind regards
Jayne, 06/08/2021

Hi Cathy I’m 75yrs old. I have never been into reading but I saw your books on kindle and started reading them. I can’t put them down. I have just finished Innocent. I’ve only got about three to read. Keep up the good work.
Angela, 31/07/2021

Dear Cathy, Oskar’s story horrified me & broke my heart but it was wonderful to read, how he came out of his shell slowly but surely, with the safety & love you provided. I wept & wept at the end.  It was simply beautiful. Thank you for such an inspiring book. It just goes to show what safety & true love for a child will do. Best Regards
Karen, 27/07/2021

Good evening, I have just read A Terrible Secret in less than 24 hours, as always I couldn’t put it down! I have a friend who fosters and I told him about your books.  He took a photo of the one I was reading today and is going to look himself.
Jo, 27/07/2021

Hi Cathy I am just emailing you to say how much I love reading your books, once I start I can’t put them down. I read one of your books in a day, it was that good. You are an amazing author/writer. Can’t get enough of your books.
Trisha, 21/07/2021

Just finished A Life Lost, terrific book, looking forward to your next one! Hope you know, you cannot ever retire!
Barb, 20/07/2021

Hello, I am a very fond reader and have so far read 17 of your books, Damaged being the latest. I am a little lost for words from reading this one. You are one incredible person, your children, are incredible. You have made the most amazing difference to so many children lives. I have been a teaching assistant for the last 6 years and have a love for children like you do. You honestly are such an inspiration and I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making such a difference to children’s lives.
Abbie, UK, 18/07/2021

Hello, I am an early years’ practitioner and have worked with children who have witnessed domestic abuse and are recovering, so I am no stranger to working with individuals managing trauma. I am absolutely amazed by your work and have now read 11 of your books, Nobody’s Son being the last one. Thanks for your time, you truly are so inspiring.
Amy, Scotland, 18/07/2021

Hello Cathy, I just read your amazing new Lisa Stone book ‘The Cottage’ today while the sun was shining here in Northern Ireland. It was fantastic. All your books are amazing, I’ve bought and read every single book you’ve written, but ‘The Cottage’ was just something else. I couldn’t put it down. I cannot wait until your next Lisa Stone book, please hurry lol. Until then I’m reading your latest fostering memoire; which I also love. Thank you
Nicole, Northern Ireland, 18/07/2021

Good afternoon Cathy, I hope you are well. I want to say thank you, over the last 5 years I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. You first came into my life when I was in secondary school, I’ll be honest I wasn’t the biggest reader. My Mum had brought CUT and I think it was the first chapter book I had ever read, I was hooked on your writing style and the way you make your readers want to find out what happens next. Years passed and I didn’t pick up a book again until my mother passed away. I joined the library as a distraction and fell in love with your writing all over again. It kept me grounded and enabled me to see that although I had suffered there are others who have had it far worse. I have read the majority of your books and I have just finished A Life Lost.  I felt compelled to reach out and send my condolences. Thank you again for everything you have done, you seem like such a kind and loving soul. You have inspired me as a person and I feel you have been with me through some of the most difficult times in my life. I cannot thank you enough. I wish you and your family all the best.
Lots of love Sadé, UK, 15/07/2021

Dear Ms. Glass, I just finished reading your very moving book, “A Long Way From Home”.  Thank you for sharing the incredible, heart-breaking story of Anna.  With much gratitude
Gary, 15/07/2021

Just a tiny message of support. Your books are honestly amazing, I’ve never really picked up a book to read unless forced, but your books have sucked me in and find myself ordering more and more. I’ve just finished reading Damaged, what a truly heart-breaking story but my goodness how amazing you were with Jodie! As a victim of sexual abuse I know how hard it must have been for her to gain trust in you and open up. I truly inspire you and I hope life brings you so much happiness. Credit to your children to!! I’m about to read Lucy’s story! I’m sure so will enjoy it as much as I have the others I’ve read! Keep writing your amazing stories! Sending love and support. Kind regards
Becky, 12/07/2021

Hello Cathy, I felt that I needed to message you to tell you how much I love your books. I find them inspirational. For young people/children to go through what they have and come out the other side better people is inspiring to read. I was a person that had a rough/abusive childhood and still suffer problems because of it today. I have just finished reading INNOCENT. What a heart aching story. You do a wonderful job in caring for these children and helping them through some of the toughest times in their lives. You should be very proud of yourself. We need more people in this world like you. I love your style of writing. Your books are fantastic and inspiring. I really enjoy reading them and find them hard to put down. Thank you for all the hard work you put into helping children. Well done. Great job.
Cassie, Australia, 11/07/2021

Ms. Cathy Glass, I have been meaning to write you an email but I have just been a tad busy. I recently started going back to school, but before that I was reading your books every single night. I love every single one I have read. You did some awesome work. My heart hurt a few times, but I am so glad that you helped every single one of them babies. I would love to chat with you, you have lived a very interesting life. Thank you
Jennifer, USA, 10/07/2021

I have just finished another one of your books A Baby’s Cry. You and your children/family are absolutely amazing! I have sat and cried through the full last chapter! Having children myself I would be exactly the same! Being a foster mum & family is just something else you should be so proud of what you do for them all. Take care god bless
Bianca, 08/07/2021