All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

To add your comments, please email:

Hello Cathy Glass, I would like to say your books are all fantastic reads. I’m only a couple of books short now of owning all your books. Every time I start to read one I can’t put It down. I’ve just finished reading A Baby’s Cry & that was a really moving true story. Looking forward to reading many more of your fantastic books. Kind Regards
Julie, 29/06/2020

Hi Cathy, can I please say that I have read a number of your books and they are absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the readers and the strength the children have. Thank you
Louise, UK, 27/06/2020

Dearest Cathy, I have read with awe, amazement and admiration many of your books. Aside from being a skilled writer, your devotion, sympathy, warmth and empathy moved me to tears. I’m a 19 year old girl who unfortunately grew up in a home a lot like your foster children came from. I was sent to live with a  family who unfortunately were not nearly the understanding, supportive and loving home I craved. I’ve suffered a lot unfortunately but I’m hopeful to get married soon and not be homeless anymore. You and your books have me much strength and inspiration! I have repeated certain lines to my friends, in awe of how much you understand me and the abused mentality. I am jealous but happy for every child you have fostered and it is my goal to do the same one day so no child should need to suffer like me. Thanks for being my greatest inspiration!
Shaindy, 26/06/2020

Dear Cathy, I felt moved to contact you, and thank you for writing your book, “Innocent.” I know you have written extensively but so far I have only read that one book. I won’t trouble you with my personal story, but reading your words had a profound emotional effect on me. Not only what happened but the way you told it. The loving warmth that came through in your words melted a piece of ice in my heart and I thank you for that gift. I wish you and your loved ones all the best. Thank you for making the world a better place.
Dennis, 22/06/2020

Hi Cathy. I came across your book Innocent on audible and was instantly drawn to the story.  It is interesting to see another side of the issues relating to child care.  On several occasions my son has been in care mainly due to my health concerns.  I particularly enjoy seeing your compassion for the parents in your stories and can relate.  Thank you. Take care and God Bless. Sincerely
Shari, 22/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I’m a big fan of your books. I’ve just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone? which I found absolutely heartbreaking.  I’m currently reading Please don’t take my baby.  I love reading the updates to see how each and everyone is doing. Kind regards
Donya, UK, 21/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I had to reach out to you.  Your books have touched my heart, you’ve become my hero.  I so respect and look up to you for all you’ve done for others.  Your words make me feel as if I’m right there with you.  I feel part of the family.  I listen on Audible when I drive to and from just about any place I go.  I hope you know just how special of a person you are.  You’ve affected so many lives for the better. I’m almost done with all your books on Audible, I will be going out and buying the books as well.  I want these as part of my library. I hope life finds you happy and healthy right now, take care, stay happy and healthy. A forever fan.
Lori, USA, 19/06/2020

Dear Ms. Glass, I read your book Damaged in German and had to cry a lot.  I find what happened to Jodie terrible, especially because I also have a baby daughter. Thanks for the update on your page, so I know at least that she could be helped. Stay healthy and keep going.
Laura, Germany, 19/06/2020

Cathy, I wanted to say thank you for being such a kind woman and sharing your life and heart with all of us.  I’ve become addicted to your books and have read all of them.  You have so many teaching moments that I learn something new with each that I read. The world sure could you more people like you and you’re family.
Love, Brenda, USA, 18/06/2020

Dear Cathy, I was adopted as a baby. I love your books. I have all 4 books translated in Dutch and I have read them several times. The one I love the most is the one when Lucy comes at your family. when I was 23 I wanted to know my biological parents and together with my adopted parents and my boyfriend we started the search.  My biological father wanted to get to know me which was good. I’m eagerly waiting for the new books to be available in Belgium. Kind regards
Natalie, Belgium, 17/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I’ve been reading your books for a couple years now. I started with Damaged and have been hooked since then.  I’m totally blind and live in the USA. I use a service called Bookshare. I’m just now reading A Long Way From Home. Your books touch my heart and usually have me in tears at some point. Your patience with each child is touching. Thank you so much for being willing to take on children that would have no other options. Blessings!
Jamie, USA, 17/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I hope you are well and keeping safe in these strange times. Since lockdown I decided to treat myself and brought all of your books for my kindle and read them in chronological order. I started reading them on the 22nd April and have just finished the latest one “Too Scared To Tell” this morning. I think you’re an amazing woman and such an inspiration. I can’t even begin to imagine what all those children have been through in their lives but the way you care for all of them is amazing. Your three children sound so lovely and caring as well, I’m a similar age to them in your latest books (25) and the way they’re able to help you and the children you foster is so lovely to read about.I can’t wait to continue reading the books you write and I’m already counting down the days until September! Luckily I’ve been reading your Lisa Stone books as well so I’m excited to read “Taken” will be out next month. I love thriller books so the fact you write thrillers as well just makes me love you as an author even more!. Thank you for all that you do with fostering and writing. It’s been a pleasure reading your books and I’m looking forward to reading the next ones. Kind Regards
Eloise, 12/06/2020

Hello. You did an amazing job on the book Too Scared To Tell. You’re a very good author and a great person to take kids into your home and treat them good. I have every book you have every made. Hope you have more books coming out soon. Yours truly
Judy, 12/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I have just finished Can I Let You Go? It totally broke my heart. I sat sobbing, feeling the pain of Faye and yourself. It made me think of my own babies who are safely in bed upstairs, as a mother it just tore my heart out. Thank you so much for all your wonderful writing, during lock down I have read 9 of your books and they just keep getting better and better. Roll on September so we can all read your new on. Take care.
Amy, 11/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I am currently reading Too Scared To Tell, chapter sixteen: Questioned by the police. My heart goes out to Oscar and everything he has been through. I hope he has a better life and has found joy and happiness. May he continue to live a life without pain. You have inspired me already to want to become a foster parent. I wish you and Oscar the best. Have an amazing day.
Amber, 09/06/2020

Hi, I love reading your books. Where Has Mummy Gone?  made me cry at the end, such a sad story.
Georgina, 08/06/2020

I just finished reading Damaged. It took me a long time to get through as it was very triggering. Jodie was very lucky to have found you. The message you give out is one that not all survivors get to hear, that it’s never ‘too late’ to be saved and you are not ‘too damaged’. I was enchanted by your loyalty and I will no doubt read this book again and again comforted by the fact you were not repelled by what happened to her. I only wish I could have found a figure like you.  Best Wishes
Kylie, 07/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I recently started reading and I tried a few books and put them down, then I came across one of your books and I haven’t stopped reading since. I am working my way through all your books. I am 38 and you have given me a new love of books. I love your writing and you have made me smile more than I have done in a long time so a big thank you.
Annie, 05/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books. So far I have read 14 of them and looking towards buying the rest. I just wanted to say I think you are a very very remarkable woman to do what you do for the children you foster. They were lucky to have been placed with you.
Samantha, 05/06/2020

Hi Cathy, I have just read your book Damage. It was a very sad and terrible story. I hope Jodie is fine. Really appreciate your role as the foster carer. You are one of kindest women I have ever known. Wish you and your family the very best. Thank you.
Chamila, 04/06/2020

Hi just a quick note to say how amazing I think you are. Love reading your books. I have just finished reading Too Scared To Tell.  Can’t wait for the new one. Keep up the amazing work.
Lynda, 94/06/2020

Hi Cathy I find you so inspirational. I started to read Too Scared To Tell and could not put it down. I felt so many emotions, anger, confusion, I just couldn’t get my head around the lack of bond between this little boy and his mummy. But as the book went on I started to understand more and more. I felt sadness and I’m not ashamed to say that I sobbed reading the last two chapters. Thank you for giving a voice to those that felt they had none.
Rhiann, 01/06/2020

As an adopter I have read many of your books. I have always maintained that the good work of a foster parent paves the way for transition to the child’s new forever family. I often fill up reading your work but Innocent had me sobbing. Never thought I would have a favourite title from your work but this has to be it. Now onto Too Scared to Tell. Thank you for marvellous reading.
Helen, UK, 01/06/2020

Hi Cathy I have read all your books. My husband was in care it’s so sad to hear him talk about his past. It seemed all the foster parents he had were terrible and were out for the money. I wish he could have had you as one of his foster mother. He is a great man and I love him dearly. He has sure taught me so much. We have been married for 30 years and still going strong.  Looking forward to reading more of your books.
Joanne, Canada, 01/06/2020

I have just finished  Can I Let You go? It was so emotional. I think you all handled it brilliantly especially Faye to have her courage. It’s the first book to ever make me cry. I hope you and your family remain well and keep doing the remarkable job you all do,
Catherine, 01/06/2020

I must say I absolutely love your books although they most leave me absolutely devastated. I do a bit of foster caring myself and look after my brother once a week. I’ve just finished Too scared to tell & I’m eager to know how Lucy gets on. Many thanks. Love & best wishes to you & your family,
Stacey, 01/06/2020

Hi Cathy,  just to say I have a lot of your books, You’re an amazing author to the point I can read a book in 2 nights. I say a chapter before bed but I can never put them down. They definitely make you go through every emotion. There isn’t a book yet that I haven’t been sat in my room sobbing at. I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn’t be able to let any of the children go. I have just read Innocent. I found myself shouting at the book as if it would answer me. I was angry with the way the parents were towards at the end. I threw the book on my bed. Thank you for yet another emotion roller coaster. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your family do in helping these children.
Linda, 27/05/2020

Hi Cathy, I hope you and your family are well!.  Oskar’s story was shocking but amazing at the same time! I’ve read every single one of your books, I never miss a book. Due to the lockdown I’ve had time to catch up on reading, but I feel like I know you and your beautiful family! All my love
Ann, 26/05/2020

Hi, I just want to say a big thank you. My husband & I became foster carers 3 years ago. What a journey. As a new carer your books have been a great help. I have learnt things from them & take some of your ideas to help us become better foster carers. Thanks again.
Kate, 26/05/2020

Hi there, I have been reading your books for years. I have just finished Innocent, about molly and kit. I’m about to start the one about your adopted daughter Lucy. I have great admiration for you. I have always wanted to help children in care from when I was about 1st year of secondary school age.  Many thanks for reading my email. Take care and keep up the good work!
Amy, 25/05/2020

Hi Cathy. Just wanted to say thank you for all the years of dedication you have shown to all our children. With this lock down I have had much more time to myself and have come across your books. What an inspiration you are. I work in adoption and have done for many years. Your three children or a credit to you. I do hope the children you have looked after are doing well. We learn so much from our children and would do much more if we just give them the time they needed . Life is too fast and I’m hoping this unsettled period will make people reflect in what is actually important.
Alison, 24/05/2020

Hi, I have just finished reading several of your books, with several tears lost. You and your family are an inspiration, and along with a lot of happy endings I enjoy reading about you and your family’s love, passion and commitment for fostering. Reading your books has given me a huge insight into fostering and I am hoping in years to come that I will be a foster carer. I look forward to your new release this year. I hope you and your family are safe and well at this worrying time.
Rosanna, UK, 24/05/2020

Dear Cathy, I hope you and your family are keeping safe during lock down. Your books are truly inspiring. I had a traumatic childhood  and wish I could have had a lovely foster parent like yourself. I have two wonderful children now. I hope I can foster when they are older. Thank you for your books. They have helped me so much. All the best
Aimee, 24/05/2020

Hi Cathy just want so say thank you for another amazing book I have just finished Too Scared To Tell and loved every bit. You do a brilliant job fostering and deserve a medal. Can’t wait till the next book.
Imelda, N Ireland, 23/05/2020

Hi Cathy, I have been such a massive fan of your work for a long time. I started reading your books when I was 16 and fell in love with the idea of fostering ever since.  I always say to people that I have this overwhelming need in life to care for children and look after them. I tell my friends and family that I want to foster in the future. Thank you for the amazing writing.
Lydia, 21/05/2020

Hi Cathy,   Just read Too Scared to Tell. OMG poor little Oskar. But  at least he now is in a lovely family unit and the people that hurt him are in  jail. What a lovely thing you did for Luka, that was very nice of you.  I am looking forward to the next book to see how Lucy is going on. I love reading your books. You are a very special person. Keep up the good work.  Take care and be safe in this virus we are going through. We are just being allowed out a little more which is nice.
Sue, Australia, 18/05/2020

I have read all your books and must say you deserve a medal for your patience, I work in mental health and  know how challenging it is .Looking forward to your next book.Keep them coming.
Jayne, 17/05/2020

Dear Cathy, Having worked with both special needs kids and mentally ill adults I enjoy your books. People who have never had the chance to do this do not really know what the feelings are when that breakthrough does come. The joys and tears.  But then those special days like in I Miss Mommy happen and you know why you do what you do. To touch a person’s life is a blessing.
Barb, 16/05/2020

Dear Cathy Glass,  I just want to say how much your books have touched me. I have just finished reading Damaged.  I was adopted at a young age and went through a bad life as a child, but your books gave me an insight into foster care, and I could really relate so some of those aspects. You have inspired me not to only write my own books but also to follow my dream of becoming a foster carer myself. Yours Faithfully
Chloe, 16/05/2020

I just read your book about Oskar. I love reading your books. Some of them are sad but a happy ending for some.
Makala, 16/05/2020

Hello Cathy, I wrote to you back in 2015 when I was finishing high school and was starting to read your books. They made me realize I wanted to go into social work. I stuck with social work and when people ask why I picked this career I always say it’s because of your books. Thank you for sharing your fostering stories!
Madeline, 15/05/2020

Hi Cathy, I just want to say what a wonderful and inspirational lady I think you are, I’ve read 18 of your books so far, 1 I had delivered yesterday and started to  read around 7.30pm and it was finished my 11.30pm I just can’t put the books down. Me and my partner have 3 children and since I started reading your books I often think about fostering, I just wish we had the room!  I finished reading your book Cut” last night and can’t believe how different things were back then. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Take care.
Emma, 14/05/2020

Hi Thank you for writing and sharing your life story.  You are a true hero who have helped all those children.  I wish I had someone like you when I was younger. It was hard life for me, I felt so alone but when I read your books I felt less alone. I had a lot of meeting with social workers but they didn’t do anything.   So I just want to thank you. Take care and give love to the children.
Ronja, Sweden, 14/05/2020

To Cathy, I have been a massive fan of your books for about 5 years. I have just finished reading Innocent which took less than a week. You are such an inspirational woman. I feel since reading your books it has made me realise the kind of parent I want to be.  Your son and daughters sound such wonderful human beings.  I really do hope you and your family are keeping safe through these really strange times.  Kind regards.
Charlotte, 10/05/2020

Hi Cathy, your books are amazing and make me very emotional. I can’t wait to read your new one in September. I hope you and your family are all staying safe.
Nicola, 06/05/2020

Dear Cathy, I’ve  just finished Too Scared To Tell. I smiled at the good moments and had a lump in my throat and tried not to cry while reading it at other moments. I really hope Oskar is enjoying life now, and I really would like to praise you for the good work you have done with all children in your care. I’ve read a few books of yours now and I will be searching for more. All the very best to you and your family.
Tina. UK, 05/05/2020

Dear Cathy,as you know, we are on lockdown because of the corona virus.  I always enjoyed reading but don’t always have the time.  Since I’ve been home for a couple of months now, I started reading again. One day I happened to see a book you wrote and I read it.  I am now up to my 8th book. I love your books.  You are an amazing woman taking care of all these children and giving them all the attention they need.  You have made such a difference in their lives. As a professional, you know what must be done.  Some stories ended well while others didn’t. The story about Jody was absolutely heartbreaking.  Right now I am half way through Saving Danny.  I bought about 3 other books for now. I read on a kindle. Keep up the good work, for you are a treasure. With admiration
Josephine, USA, 05/05/2020

Hi Cathy, I have purchased all you audio books. May I take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed every one of your books Kind regards
Mo, 30/04/2020

Just finished Innocent. I was in tears but I love all the books I’ve read so far. Will be ordering more.
Tammy, 28/04/2020

Hi Cathy, I’ve read all your books and just finished reading your latest book Too Scared to Tell. I couldn’t put the book down. I found it so emotional and my heart was breaking for Oskar and what he went through. I absolutely love your books. You have such a lovely family. I can wait to read your next book and hope it won’t be long. Take care and stay safe at this difficult time.
Linda, 28/04/2020

Oh Cathy, I’ve just finished reading one of your books, ‘Cruel to be Kind’, about Max and his family. What a truly affecting story, related with kindness and compassion. Bless you.
Deb, 27/04/2020

Hi Cathy. I have just started your books. And all i can say is wow you are an amazing author. I would really love to read some more of them. Once I am out of isolation i will find some to read. Kind regards
Kristy, Australia, 27/04/2020

Hello. Hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to say I’ve got every one of your books, have read and reread.  You and your family are an inspiration to all. Well done to you.
Victoria, 26/04/2020

Dear Cathy, I was introduced to your books by my partner about 3 weeks ago. I am already on the 3rd book. I don’t normally like reading & prefer movies so for me to be on a 3rd book is a big achievement. Thank you for making these amazingly touching stories. The way you describe in detail  every movement and emotion is outstanding and thrilling.  I take my hat off to you for doing what you do –  what an amazing person you are. The patience and understanding. Sending you love and hugs.  Stay safe.
Sonia, 26/04/2020

I discovered your books just at the start of Covid lockdown, and have now read every some twice.  Your calmness, compassion, and love have helped me get through this difficult time. I wish I’d read them before I raised my son. I could have been a better mother.  Will use your skills on my granddaughters! Thank you.
Ann, 26/04/2020

Hi Cathy Glass,  I’m a huge fan of your books. I have every book and pre-ordered your next. I so enjoy reading and it helped guide me. I have two boys and you have helped me to cope with the challenges. Hello to your family as well.. Hope you’re staying safe and coping well with the virus. Can’t wait for the next book. Thanks
Jessica, 26/04/2020

Good Afternoon Cathy, I have been following your stories and I must say you are an amazing person.  Fostering children must be very hard, especially when the children have to leave your care. I saw that you have another book that is due to be published this September. A Terrible Secret.  I’m looking forward to reading this.  I hadn’t long finished reading the book about Oskar, the young boy you fostered and was hoping that there would be more books coming.   I look forward to continuing reading your books. Kind Regards
Andrea, New Zealand, 26/04/2020

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your books. I find myself getting completely lost in them once my children have gone to bed. Reading about the difficult lives that so many children have to deal with has helped me appreciate my children and my own childhood even more. I have become a lot more sensitive, affectionate and attentive with my own children since reading your books. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences. Thanks again
Ali, 25/04/2020

Hi Cathy I am just letting you know that I absolutely loved your latest book, Too Scared To Tell. I did not see the twist at the end regarding Lucy coming at all! What a surprise and I can’t wait to read about it in the next book. Oscar’s story really touched me as I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I hope you are staying safe in these strange times we are in now. Hugs
Carol, 25/04/2020

Hi Cathy, I think you’re the most amazing woman. I’ve read quite a few if your books and been left on a cliff hanger after reading Too scared to Tell!  I find your book so inspiring as well as heart-breaking – what each child went through! I work with children with challenging behaviour and it breaks my heart. I can only do so much for them in school. Every child deserves a chance and it’s not their fault they behave the way they do. I’m a big fan of your books, it never takes me long to read one ad I can never put it down. My heart goes out to you your family and all the children you’ve helped over the years. Kind Regards
Emma, 25/04/2020

Hi Cathy, Just finished reading Daddy’s Little Princess and enjoyed it as I have of every book that I have read of yours. I knew you and John were divorced but reading this book brought a lot of memories back to me as my ex husband did the same thing. It still hurts and my heart went out to you reading that book but at least you have moved on. I am really enjoying your books. You are doing such a great job. Take care also in this virus and be safe.
Sue, 23/04/2020

Good evening, Cathy I’m almost finished all of your books, you are such an inspiration! I love reading your stories. I’m studying at college to be a social worker and hope to foster one day. Reading your books has given me a feel for what it’s like! Hard work, emotional. but very rewarding!! Well done Cathy you are truly an amazing person! Love to you and your 3 children! I hope you are all well in this isolation. Keep writing please!! Love
Lauren, 23/04/2020

Dear Cathy Glass, Thanks for all your books, I’ve listen to all of them, read by the fantastic Denica Fairman! I think you are a wonderful writer and admire the way you take care of all the children. Now I’m about to listen to your books all over again. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family!
Anna, Sweden, 22/04/2020

I have been reading your books now for about a year. The Girl in the Mirror is very similar to my life. Like in the book, I have a secret that has been silenced. I am 42 years old. Similar to when Mandy’s grandfather passed away, it was when my dad passed away that memories started flooding back. The painting of the girl with no mouth, that is me. Still to this day, I can’t talk about what happened.
Linda,  22/04/2020

I just wanted to say thank you. I had my children in foster care and I didn’t understand the view of the foster carer until I stumbled upon your books. You helped me through the whole ordeal. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have understood the foster carer’s stand. I have had my children home for 2 years and still listen to your stories! You are an amazing lady and I cannot fault you in any way. The same as I can’t with my son’s foster carer who is now his respite carer! You truly are wonderful and one day I hope to follow in your footsteps. Yours sincerely
Sian, 21/04/2020

I hope this email finds you well.  I honestly have never emailed anyone like this before but I felt compelled to do so after reading many of your books.  I am a social worker in the United States. I find a lot of similarities in our systems and truly believe in helping to protect kids and try to give them a sense of safety and wellbeing. I am inspired by your dedication and commitment. I want to personally thank you for everything you do and for sharing your remarkable stories.  Sadly, there are a lot of unhappy endings but your books remind me of the positive outcomes when I have those dark days.  This is a tough road that we choose to travel but when the outcome is good, it makes it all worth it. Thank you!  You are greatly appreciated.
Nicole, USA, 22/04/2020

Dear Cathy Glass. I began reading your books a few years ago. I think that it is great that you foster and I am thankful that you share the stories of the children that you have cared for. One of your books that has moved me the most is The Night The Angels Came. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Michael to lose his father after already having lost his mother.  Thank you for sharing these stories with fellow readers like me. I have real respect for you and think it is fantastic that you do what you do.  Kind regards
Alexandra, Australia, 19/04/2020

Hi Cathy,  I’ve been reading your fostering books since I was a senior in high school and I’m now 24. I started reading when I was interning at a nursery school program called Head Start, which we have all over the US and is for underprivileged families. A lot of these kids were in foster care.  I decided to become a child protective social worker and have never been more proud of a profession. I read your books between my own cases. It’s therapeutic – a well narrated, more human, version of a casefile, and not have to make any decisions about that case. I’ve recently been given my most difficult case yet – sexual abuse. I finished “The Chid Bride” tonight and cried harder than I have in a while, for all the kids who have lost their innocence. It was good to get it out.  I think that if your books had not shown me the honor and responsibility of helping children heal and find their way, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. I have you to thank for that.  Just thought you should know that you inspire me to keep pushing when it’s hard and to love the kids on my caseload without limits.  Best
Abigail, USA, 18/04/2020

Hello Cathy, I have read some of your books and I am hoping to read the rest in the near future. Thank you for the work you do in helping children and for sharing your experiences. I was physically and emotionally abused growing up and have recently got out of that household. Your books made me feel understood and supported.  Thanks again. Yours faithfully.
Leigh, 18/04/2020

Hi Cathy, hope you and your family are staying safe. I would just like to thank you for your amazing books I have all of them I’ve just finished  reading Too  Scared To Tell. I couldn’t put it down. It was so sad. Thank you and I can’t wait for the next book.
Donna, 18/04/2020

Hi Cathy.  I hope you are managing to stay safe with the current crisis. Just finished (& reviewed) Too scared To Tell. I really felt for  Oskar when he was so scared. I hope everything has worked out for Lucy as she’s already been thru so much! Just wanted to send you and yours my best wishes.
Hayley, 16/04/2020

Hi Cathy just read Too Scared To Tell. I couldn’t put it down read in a day. I felt as I was by your side all the way. Hope Oscar and his mum are okay and Lucy, Paula, and Adrian.
Allison, 16/04/2020

Hi Cathy,  I have been reading your books for a few months now and I love how you and your family look after children. Just finished The Night The Angle come. I cry with some of it. Some time I cannot put them down. All my love to you and your family. From
Debbie, UK, 15/04/2020

Hi Cathy, love your fostering books, I have read them all, and I think you are just wonderful! I love reading about the way in which you change these children’s lives for the better.  I have just started to read your Lisa Stone thriller books and am in the middle of The Doctor. I want to thank you as I am quite an anxious person and during this lockdown your books are giving me the opportunity to unwind and relax when reading. I think you are amazing! Love
Saffron, 15/04/2020

Cathy, I used to write you often when I had post natal depression with my second born. You helped me by emailing me back. We now have four children and thankfully post natal depression never hit me again. The Silent Cry really hits home for me even reading it for the second time. So beautifully written. I’m so glad you wrote it because it’s real and it happens and often people shy away from talking of such topics. Lockdown has been challenging at times but I guess that’s the same for everyone, not being able to see our families.  I’ve got through the sleepless nights reading your books again. You help people even without knowing them and I think that is amazing! I hope you, Adrian, Paula and Lucy are all well and keeping safe. Me and my husband have spoken about fostering when our girls are older as we don’t have a spare bedroom at the moment but in the future it’s something we will look into. Thank you for being you.
Amy, 13/04/2020

Hi I love reading your books. What an amazing woman you are. I have just read Too scared to tell. Thanks.
Sheona, 13/04/2020

Hi Cathy I have read all your books. I can’t put them down. I have so much respect for how you have touched and changed each one of these children’s lives. Your truly amazing and inspirational. I hope Adrian Lucy and Paula are all well. Take care and stay safe.
Nicola, 13/04/2020

Dear Cathy, I hope you, Adrian, Paula and Lucy Are all well. Hope your all not too bored with lockdown that is currently taking place everywhere – such a sad time for millions of people. I’ve just reading two of your books “Where Has Mummy Gone?” & “Too Scared to Tell”, about Oscar. Both books were sad & moving. I love reading your books & hearing about your children. Sending you all my love & best wishes.
Jodie, 13/04/2020

Morning Cathy I have just finished reading the Doctor. It’s the best novel I have ever read. As you know I don’t read novels but used to years ago. You have an incredible imagination.  I will leave a review on Amazon. Kind regards
Julie, 11/04/2020

Hi Cathy, I have read so many of your books and each one better than the one before. So hard to put down I keep my kindle on full charge! I have great admiration for what you do. Stay safe at this worrying time. Kind regards
Vanessa, 11/04/2020

Hello Cathy I have just finished reading “A Long Way From Home”, I think that is about number 19 of your books that I have read.  Excellent as usual.  I always become engrossed in your books and because of the coronavirus and we are in isolation I was able to read it in one day.  Thank you again for the excellent books. Now I’m going to your site to see what happened to Anna and where she is now. Regards
Kerry, Australia, 10/04/2020

Hi, I had to message to say I just love reading your books, You are a real inspiration. Social services are very lucky to have you as are all the children that walk through your door.  can’t wait for your next book. I have just finished your latest Too Scared To Tell. Kind regards
Lindsey, 10/04/2020

Dear Cathy, I love your books! I was brought up in the care system and am now a primary school teacher in an inner city school. The stories of your foster children tug at my heart strings and remind me of my loving foster families which helped me as you helped those who came into your family. I hope one day to write my story. Me and my housemate have now started to listen to your stories on audible while we cook and clean and you have become quite the house hold name. Your books are definitely getting us through the lockdown. Thank you!
Beth, UK, 08/04/2020

I have just read Where Has Mummy Gone and wanted to say what a remarkable woman you are. I wish there were plenty more people like you. I have read all your books except three. I think I’m going to read them all again. After being in a coma two years ago reading your books inspires me. There are always people who are worse off than yourself and I want to help. People just like you do. Regards
Shelley, 08/04/2020

Good afternoon, I just read your book “Where Is Mama?” – and I just have one word : FANTASTIC, Regards.
Henry, Belgium, 07/04/2020

Hi Cathy, I have read every one of your books and love them. I will now order a Terrible Secret. I am anxious to read the book about Lucy and her predicament. I was thinking about you during the night in relation to the Corona virus and hoping your safe and well. If you are fostering it must be very hard for you all to self-isolate. I heard on the TV yesterday the Boris Johnson is in Intensive Care – I haven’t put the TV on yet as I am concerned they will say he has passed away. Your books came at a good time to get me through chemotherapy. Thank you. Stay safe and well. Cathie
Australia, 07/04/2020.

Hi Cathy, I have been reading a lot of your books recently and have enjoyed them all, I’ve just finished reading Oskar’s story “Too Scared To tell” I think you do an amazing job with these children.  Thanks for taking the time to read my email.  Kind Regards.
Chantelle, UK, 07/04/2020

Hello Cathy Glass , I hope you are well. I am a massive fan of your books. I have been reading them since I was in the care system back in 2010 . It really helped me due in a very difficult time in my teenage years. Your books helped me realise that I wasn’t the only child going through a difficult time as well as being failed by the care system. Kind Regards
Jamielea, 06/04/2020

Hi Cathy, I have read all of your books and honestly think you are an inspiration! I have just finished your latest Too Scared To Tell and I’m already eagerly waiting for the next!! Thank you so much for writing such personal stories. Beautifully written. My heart goes out to all of the children that have suffered any type of abuse, I wish they could all be saved by you! Thank you.
Laura, UK, 05/04/2020

Dear Cathy I have just recently started reading your books or listening to them on Audible. Some of the stories I do find very sad but all of these children show amazing courage.  The book I am listening to on Audible at the moment is Daddy’s Little Princess. One thing I’ve enjoyed about reading your books is how your children have grown up and I really like that   I know foster carers do an amazing job which is not easy at times, but I can guess it’s very rewarding.  I will close now and best wishes.
Louise, UK, 05/04/2020

Dear Cathy, I have read so many of your books. You are such an inspiration. I’ve just finished reading Too Scared To Tell. I couldn’t put it down and have ordered another one of your books I haven’t read yet. All your support to all these children is amazing.
Chantelle, 04/04/2020

Hello, You have my complete and utter respect. I have no idea how you coped looking after all those kids over the years.  have read quite a few of your books, I started reading them when I was about eleven or twelve. I have been in care but I am a success story. I was very fortunate to have been fostered by two amazing people and then later when I was nine they adopted me and my sister. I would like to start writing a book about my experiences. I have so much admiration for what you have done! Yours sincerely.
Grace, 01/04/2020

Dear Cathy Glass, I am a teacher in a primary school. I wanted to write to you to say thank you. Since I was a teenager, I have always chosen your books and have found comfort in them. Your writing is sensitive and allows anyone reading the book to gain a true insight into the different situations you’ve been through. The past week, I have been working from home and this allowed me some extra time to read two of your books. You are truly an inspiration and through working with foster carers in my career I can only admire the dedication and commitment your role takes.  Thank you sharing your experiences, pain and joy with me written so eloquently.
Catherine, UK, 01/04/2020

Dear Cathy, I have ready every single one of your fostering books, and I have just finished reading ‘Too Scared To Tell’. My mum is a foster carer, I am the foster sister just like Lucy and Paula.  One child had been the victim of sexual and physical abuse. I was sobbing reading your story as it hits home what it’s actually like. Your books are so honest, and being foster carers we can appreciate everything you’ve written and what you went through. You truly inspire us. Thank you.
Emily, UK. 31/03/2020

Once again, when you pick up a Cathy Glass book, you cannot put it down. How can people be so horrid to innocent young children and then frighten them half to death. I knew (from reading all your other books) that Oskar would soon confide in you, as you are such a wonderful foster mother.
Jeanette, UK, 31/03/2010

Hi Cathy, Thank you for another great read “Too Scared To Tell”.  I will have to wait and find out how Lucy is doing in your next book in September. I have one more book waiting to arrive “The Darkness Within” which I am looking forward to reading. Thank you again for bringing your books into our households. Take care
Natasha, USA, 31/03/2020

Hi Cathy, I have just finished Too Scared To Tell and Innocent in 4 days, I read your books at night when I get time to myself. I am a mother of six so you can imagine time is precious with them and busy, so I settle in bed with one of your books. I admire you very much and think how lucky the children you foster are to have you come into their lives as I’m sure they do too, as are their parents weather they admit it or not.. Hope your family are well and can’t wait for your next book. Please send my love to your family and mother too and thank them for their kindness. Take care and stay safe at this worrying time.
Michelle, 30/03/2020

Hiya I just wanted to say that I admire you so much and your books are so inspiring. These books mean so much to me as I was in foster care at a young age.  The children who have lived with you I completely feel for. I’m so glad you helped all of them out. I wished you could have turned my life around. When I was about 12 I used to wish that I could live with you! Kind regards
Amanda, UK, 30/03/2020

Hi Cathy. Just to say a big thank you! Your books are so inspiring. You have done a tremendous job looking after all of the vulnerable children you have cared for. From reading your books I can see how caring and wonderful you are!  I’ve read around 10 of your books and me and my reading group are thoroughly enjoying them. Your books are getting me through this pandemic, I hope you and your family are safe and well.
Lauren, UK, 30/03/2020

Dear Cathy, I read Innocent a few months back. I enjoyed it so much that I started looking for other books you’d written. I’ve always been an avid reader and we have been in isolation for the last 2 weeks so whilst my husband and I have been sharing childcare I’ve taken the opportunity to read more. I’m reading your books chronologically, and I finished reading Nobody’s Son last night. I’m not ashamed to tell you, I sobbed! That poor little boy! I find all of the issues the children you write about face devastating, but this one got to me the most. I think you’re a fantastic write and  a wonderful parent. Some of the ways in which you deal with challenging behaviour inspirse me to deal with my own children’s behaviour in a much calmer manner. So thank you.  Yours sincerely
Victoria, UK, 29/03/2010

Hi Cathy. I am a huge fan. You’re such an amazing selfless inspiring person. I stumbled upon one of your books years ago. Now I buy them as soon as they are released here in Australia . I have just finished Too Scared to Tell. Looking forward to your next publication. Yours faithfully.
Jenny, Australia, 28/03/2020

Hi Cathy. I’m currently reading your books in order. I’ve just finished Hidden and am now going on to. Mummy told me not to tell. I live every single one of your books. I suffer badly from mental health and your books have seen me through some dark times. I think you’re an amazing person to do what you do. You’re a remarkable person and I deeply wish there were more people like you in the world. So many young lives you have helped. You family sound amazing i hope you keep writing books. Kind regards. Keep safe.
Hayley, 26/03/2020

I have read all your books. As a child brought up in a catholic orphanage I can relate to the sadness of