All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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Hello. I really love all your books. I’ve read about 5-6 since early December. I’ve just read the one about your adopted daughter – Will You Love Me. I’ve also bought your writing and publishing one as I want to get published myself. I’ve got two great stories that I have been working on. You have also inspired me to foster. I really love your books. Thank you
Sam, 30/12/2019

Hey Cathy, just wanted to let you know that you and your books have saved my life. Learning about all of these other children and young people that are in similar but probably more challenging situations than I am helps. I have just finished reading Finding Stevie and this has helped me a lot as recently I have come out as being bi. I am continuing to read through all of your books until I have finished them all. Thank you for sharing these amazing young people and children’s experiences as well as your own. Thank you for saving my life!
JD​, Australia, 29/12/2019

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading Damaged. I finished it in a day and can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for writing it. I couldn’t hold my tears. Thank you for holding on to this troubled child and for bringing her painful story to light. You’re an incredible woman. I had perfect childhood and couldn’t have imagined things that happened to Jodie in her house and by her own parents. This book will bring the awareness on the subject and will help save many lives. Keep on sharing truth and keep on inspiring.
Saadia, Pakistan, 23/12/2019

Mi nombre es Saray, soy trabajadora social, y siempre me ha gustado leer libros que me hicieran pensar, el otro día por casualidad en la librería encontré tu libro: “mamá no me deja contarlo”, me lo leí en un día, me gustó tanto que busque si tenías más libros, dado que hacías alusión a que habías contado más historias de acogimiento familiar. Mi sorpresa fue cuando vi que había un montón de libros, pero ninguno traducido al castellano, y, personalmente, el inglés no es mi idioma favorito…¿ Sabes si van a editar algún libro en castellano? Me encantaría leerlo todos… Muchas gracias por tu atención, Un saludo,
Saray, Spain, 11/12.2019

Hi! I just wanted to say what a fantastic book The Doctor was – one of your Lisa Stone thrillers. Totally gripping and fast moving throughout and unlike some thrillers the ending was excellent. Having also read Stalker which was also great I look forward to your next novel. Kind Regards
Liz, 10/12/2019

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to send a quick email to say you are such a caring, loving and compassionate woman. I am still working my way through your books but from the ones I have read they have made me realise how much of an inspiration you are. I am currently studying social services at college and your books have been a great help for me, they have given me great insight into children’s emotions and feelings, so much so I am now thinking for becoming a foster carer myself. Keep up the amazing work Cathy, the children who need you are so lucky to have you. Thanks
Bethany, 09/12/3019

Hi, The Girl in the Mirror is one of my favourite books as I can relate to it. I am in care. I have been in 3 foster homes, they were very short stays, the longest 1 month. Since then, I’ve been in 4 children homes, a secure unit and a psychiatric hospital. I have read a lot of your books and sometimes wonder if I’d had a foster carer like you, I would have never been moved so much and my mental health may not have ever escalated to the level it has. I really respect you as a foster carer, I think all should have the dedication you do towards LAC. Thanks for reading,
C, 09/12/2019

Hi Cathy. I lost my daughter in July. It has been really hard for me every minute thinking of her especially during my drive to and from work that takes an hour.  My therapist suggested to get an audio book. I was so glad I found your books because I am interesting in fostering children. So far I have bought 10 of your books. Your books are the only thing that can help me to forget my sadness. I hope one day I can foster children. I really admire you. Thank you so much for telling your stories. Kiss kiss.
Fenti, USA, 04/12/209

Hi I just want to say you’re absolutely amazing. The time you have spent being a foster carer has made me consider my life and what I have to offer. My mum has always inspired me to be a foster carer. She is amazing and every time I read your book you remind me of my mum and how she is amazing like you are. You have so much patient love and understanding. Maybe someday I can do the same. I am ready to. I can’t thank you enough. I read a book of yours in two days every time. You made my world change and made me a better mum. Thank you xxx
Nicole, 04/12/2019

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished Will You Love Me, Run Mummy Run, I miss mummy and Damaged. I always have something to learn from your books. I didn’t realise what emotionally disturbed children could go through till now. Cathy, I salute to you for having the patience and love to foster a child like Jodie. You are 1 in a million, Cathy. I feel that a good social worker must be like you, who has a heart of gold and a 6th sense to handle trying situations. I dared not think what would happened to little Alice in the book, I Miss Mummy, if sensible Kitty had not come along. Indeed, it does take all sorts to make the world. You have got me completely under your spell, Cathy. Once I pick up your book, I just can’t put it down. The next book I’m going to read is, The Saddest Girl In The World. Ok. Got to go now. God bless you, Cathy for the good work you are doing. With best wishes.
Mee Lee, Malaysia, 03/12.2019

Amazing, moving and inspiring writer!  Dear Cathy, I travelled to the UK recently and because of my passion for helping children with disabilities, one of my Nigerian UK based friends gave me a gift of your book Another Forgotten child. I have learnt and would wish to imitate and employ some of your parenting and fostering skills. Hope so.  I am a mother of two girls (divine and blessing) and one of them is a special needs child whose dad abandoned us. I felt at home as your character and patience soothed me. Because of what I have been through, I started up a parents support group and we are now over 500 to encourage and work towards improving the lives of our children with disabilities. I have really fallen in love with you Cathy and your family.
Ruth, Uganda, East Africa, 26/11/2019

Hey! I just finished reading two of your books.  They went straight into the heart.  The books about Anna (Anastasia Hudson) and Mommy, told me not to tell.  Captivating stories.  Cathy Glass, you share your experiences of what it is like to be a foster parent, you do a great job with these vulnerable children/ adolescents who come to you.   I wish I had met a woman like you, since my childhood was not the best.  An amazing woman with a good heart!  I do not know Cathy personally but through the books I get to know you. Thank you so much!  With warm greetings!
Carolin, Sweden, 10/11/2019

Hello.  A few days ago I finished your book, Damaged. Her life story made me very sad, and the way Jodie treated you all when she arrived also affected me. You are a very brave woman, just like Jodie. Your work has thrilled me in every chapter and I hope it never stops. All the parents of these children should be like you.  Your children are lucky to have you. Their role in the book is essential. They helped you emotionally and didn’t let you give up trying to help Jodie. I won’t stop reading your books. They are amazing and make us think about the world around us, about the existence of people like you and cases like Jodie.
Maria, Brazil, 10/11/2019

Dear Ms.Glass, I have just finished reading your book  A baby’s Cry, a translation. It was so sensitive, how much effort and care you showed Harrison and the sacrifices you made to give a good life to him. You have shown that there are people who need us more than we could ever imagine. Your books are making somebody to learn how to be grateful, how to be kind and to be a caring person to the others. You are doing a great service to the society and I wish you all best for your work.
Maneka, Sri Lanka, 05/11/2019

I started reading your books about a month ago, they are very inspiring.  I live them. I’ve read about six of them. I’ve just finished A Long Way From Home and I’m just about to start when you adopted Lucy. I’m hooked on your books and it’s made me relax and sit still.  I’m a carer but in the community and my ladies are now reading them . Thanks for making me sit still and read, keep writing, very sad stores but you are a very strong lady, well done you.  I bet Adrian Paula and Lucy are very proud of you. Kind regards.
Nikki, 02/11/2019

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished Please Don’t Take My Baby. I can find no words to describe how well Jade’s story has been told. You’ve got a way of telling stories that hold your readers spellbound. You’re a wonderful person. You’ve got a heart of gold.  I salute you for the work you’re doing. It takes love and patience to shape and nurture these children and the courage to say goodbye. The world could certainly do with more people like you. Best wishes.
Mee Lee, Malaysia, 01/11/2019

To Cathy, I have just this minute finished reading Innocent. I can’t put into words my feelings at the moment. Sad, happy but mainly outraged!  I am writing this email to thank you for all the amazing work you have done with all the children over the years! You truly are an angel. You are my favourite author and I hope you continue to write these books. Lots of love to you and your family.
Sarah, 2710/2019

Hi Cathy. I just fell in love with your book when I first read Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, and I continued with Another forgotten Child. Today I just finished The Night the Angel Come. The way you write and tell the stories makes me feel very close to you and your fostering world. I’m now reading Can I Let You Go? I am very glad to know that we still have a person as kind as you in this cruel world. Keep it up Cathy.
Zera, Malaysia, 2710/2019

Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Innocent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I smiled and cried along with you. I’ve read or rather listened to 3 of your books produced in audio form and I liked all of them. I’ve got 2 boys. They grew up too fast for me. Oh, how I love those days when they were little. I am impressed at what you are doing. It takes tons of love and patience to achieve what you’ve done. Yours sincerely.
Mee, Malaysia, 23/10/2019

Hey Cathy, me and my mum love your books. She is one of the best people in this world and has gone thought a lot in her life. She was in care. She’s the best mum that I could wish for in the world.
Melissa, 23/10/2019

Hi Cathy, I’m one of your many fans and have read and listened all of your books, some in English, some in Swedish and Finnish. I wanted to thank you for your work and love for your foster children and for your own children. I’m deeply moved by those touching stories and it’s funny to say, but I found lot of comfort in your books. It feels like I get to learn how a good mom and a good parent would do, while trying to start my own family. It’s very healing for my inner child to hear about love and kindness, as I had a rough childhood and experienced lot of abuse. Thank you for believing when a child opens up and relives something from their past. Best regards.
Anon. Finland, 21/10/2019

Hi, I have just finished reading your book Girl Alone after not reading for a long time! I found reading your book was a distraction for my depression and anxiety issues!  Many thanks
Lara, 17/10/2019

Morning Cathy, I finished reading Innocent last night and was really surprised with the end. I will check the update on your website and leave a review on Amazon.
Julie, UK, 18/10/2019

Hiya! I’ve just finished reading Damaged!! Was incredibly disturbed. Was furious and lost count the amount of times I cried. Poor Jodie. Just lost for words. As I’m sure you’ve been told plenty of times you are an inspiration!
Aly, 16/10/2019

My Dear Cathy, I have only recently started reading, as in my latter years I have cared for/nursed various members of my family. I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your books, the last one I finished last night…. DAMAGED, so inspiring!! Sad at the same time! What you are doing for these children is beyond words, and having 3 children of your own, I can’t imagine how you coped. But cope you did, and are now able to let people on the outside know the love and patience you had for them. What Jodie had to endure in her young life doesn’t bare thinking about. I want you to know what an inspirational person you are. Love and God Bless to you and your three children. Truly
Norma, 13/10/2019

Hi Cathy! I just wanted to say I have read 4 of your books & I am loving them! I get them from my local library so I am making my way through them all. Also my dream job is to be a social worker I have recently just applied to University to do my HND in social care. You are an amazing lady! Keep writing! Love
Mandy, Scotland, 13/10/2019

Hello Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Damaged and was so sickened and saddened to hear about this shocking treatment to Jodie. There are certainly horrible people in the world. You are a wonderful person looking after Jodie with such love and patience. I work as a counsellor but not with children, although I’ve worked with adult survivors. Thank you so much.
Angela, 11/10/2019

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book Hidden. I can’t wait to read some others of yours. I, firstly want to say you’re amazing, thank you so much for having the heart, passion, time to make a difference in children’s lives. The sacrifices you have made and the cost it’s been to you, must be huge. But also, rewarding. I’m a counsellor and deal with horrible stories every day so I could resonate with a lot if what you wrote. And love love love happy endings as I don’t hear them often.  Just wanted to thank and encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. We need more people in the world like you and your beautiful family. I wish you the biggest blessings and so much love. Take care and God bless. Warm regards
Bergen, New Zealand, 10/10/2019

Hi Cathy,  Hope your well. Just read a few more books whilst away. I really enjoyed reading Innocent and was sad to read the ending. Can’t imagine how hard that must have been. I have finally read Stalker now and absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would get into the fiction books at first. I thought it was so well written and I could not put it down. I think I’m up to date with your fostering books now. Amazing work as always. Take care.
Ben, 10/10/2019

Once again I have just finished reading your latest book Innocent, what a beautifully written book. Poor Kit and Molly wanting their mum and dad so much, my heart broke for them. Your sympathy and understanding got them through it all. You have so much red tape to work alongside but give the children in your care 150% of your time. Many thanks.
Julie, UK, 06/10/2019

Dear Cathy, I have read quite a few of your books and have enjoyed reading them. I was also upset and happy with Max’s story. All the best for the future and keep up the good work.
Jackie, 05/10/2039

Hello Cathy, A very loyal reader here! I am totally in love with your writing style and amazing stories of the children whose lives you have changed. You really are a remarkable lady with a beautiful family, I feel like I know you through your books.  I enjoy your books so much I can’t even bring myself to read another authors books so please keep on writing! Many thanks to my hours of endless happy reading.
Charlotte, UK, 0/10/2019

Hello my husband has just bought me 13 of your books. I have just finished reading the first one The Child Bride. It was so upsetting to read but also a book to give any one young or old hope. Zeena coped amazingly for a girl of her age. I felt like I went through every emotion reading it. I can’t wait to read the rest of them, and as for you Cathy you truly are an amazing women helping so many children. Your children are also fantastic. Keep up the amazing work.
Jane, 3/10/2019

Hi Cathy. I love reading, and by chance came across your books – and can’t stop reading them. I have read 4 books in  a month and have just downloaded the fifth, ‘Nobody’s Son’. I have started reading them in the right order, and will carry on reading them until I have finished every single one. I think you are an amazing person with all you have done for children. The patience, kindness and love that you give them, making these poor lost souls feel whole again, is quite something. You are the most fascinating writer, people love your books, and you are known to millions of people. You are really amazing. Thanks for the hours and hours of reading you have given me. Kind regards.
Shelley, South Africa, 01/10/2019

Hi Cathy just finished reading another of your great books, Innocent. Once again what a great read, couldn’t put it down, but the ending for you was very upsetting. Hopefully Molly and Kit are both doing well.
Elaine, 29/09/2019

I love reading your books, they make me feel like part of the family.  I enjoyed Innocent but I have to say I didn’t like the way the parents acted at the end. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.
Thanks Tami, 29/09/2019

I just finished your latest book Innocent and I wanted to write you to say thank you for sharing these stories through your book. I’ve read all of them and they give you a new perspective on life and the strength of people. I was so saddened on how the book ended. Thank you again for all your books and I am looking forward for a new one.  Kindest regards.
Nanna, Sweden, 26/09.2019

Hello there Cathy. I just finished reading Finding Stevie. I was very pleased to find another one of your books at our Walmart called Innocent so now in the process of reading that. l love your books and as soon l finish one l wish l had another right away. I hope you , your kids & mom are all keeping well, Take care.
Lorrie, Canada. 26/09/2019

Hi I just wanted to send an email to say thank you!  I am studying health and social care level 3, with the hopes to start my social care degree next September!  My tutor recommended I read as many books as I can that confront situations dealt with by social services and I came across your books! I started reading Cruel To Be Kind on Sunday and have finished it tonight, it’s such an amazing rollercoaster that as really opened my eyes. Thank you. It has also re-opened my remembrance of the love of books. I will be starting Nobody’s son shortly! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences.
Nicole, 25/09/2019

Well done Cathy another great book. Have one more book to go then I have read them all! Have promised myself to start again in order in the future I have a Cathy Glass draw on my landing with Lisa Stone thrown in for good measure. Thanks
Gaynor,  24/09/2019

Just finished Innocent! Great book, keep writing them, please!
Barb, 23/09/2019

Thank you for allowing me to share your brave stories. You are incredible and I love the simplicity of your writing. I am a teacher and mother and have often wondered whether I could foster one day.  Your books have made me more thoughtful to the little lives I care for in my room. Every child has a story, many of which you don’t know.  I wonder how you stay strong through some of the brutal emotions you face but I imagine it’s easy when you have the sole purpose of making someone’s life better.  Can I say it is the descriptions of your children and their actions that touch me deeply. They are so compassionate which speaks volumes for you! Thank you for caring.
Jess, 22/09/2019

Just finished your latest look. This one shocked up. But as we know life is full of shocks. Glad to hear the children are doing well. Hope u and ur family are too. I’m about to start reading The Doctor. Thanks for taking the time to read.
Nancy, 22/09/2019

Dear Cathy, I have written before to tell you how much I enjoy your fostering memoirs, and please say you’ll be writing more! I have every one of them, and have written reviews on favourable ones! This latest book, Innocent, was so sad. I have a whole shelf of your books.  I do enjoy the overall atmosphere you present in your books. I love the outings, Christmases, visits to your parents, as well as the development of the child’s recovery. I hope your mother is doing well; your parents were always seen as supportive and affectionate to the foster kids and of course your own family. The updates section on your site is wonderful. Thank you for the reading pleasure you have given me and many others. I do hope you keep writing and fostering! Fondly, Val, USA, 22/09/2019

Cathy, I’ve been a reader of yours for the last few years and I’ve read every book. I get notified when a new one comes out and I just finished Innocent. Coming from a family who has done foster care for over 30 years, I know how much caring and love you put in your work. As a fan and someone who knows the system (the American system anyway) I’ve wanted to reach out to for a while now. I’m sure you get this a lot but thank you for the work you do. Each and every one of those kids you’ve taken in has been better for knowing you. You care so deeply and a lot if kids don’t get that from anyone in their lives. You make foster care a positive thing when a lot of times it can be negative. You’re truly a blessing for many. I hope all finds you and your family well. I feel like I know you and your kids lol. Thank you for all you do and your stories. Yours sincerely
Erica, USA, 20/09/2019

Hi Cathy, I’ve left social work, with huge regret but with a family I just can’t do the job. Having said that we have now started fostering!! It’s very different on the other side & I have seen a range of social work practice! I think you should know that your books were a great read for me as a new social worker & I hope I was one of the better ones. I recommended to all of my students that they read your books. They also interesting as an inexperienced foster career! Best wishes.
Jen, UK, 19/09/2019

Just finished reading Innocent. It was another sad but enjoyable read I will look forward to the next  book. There not many books I can get into on the first page but with yours I can. Thankful for them.
Carole, UK, 16/09/2019

Hi Cathy I have been in foster care since  I was 10. I love to read your books I have all of them I can relate to them.
Mandy, 17, UK. 14/09/2019

I have listened to your memoirs and found them very moving.
June, 14/09/2019

You have to write faster. Once I start one of your books I can’t put it down. Read the newest one straight through.  Keep up your good fostering and writing.
Fran, USA, 14/09/2019

Hi Ms. Glass, I just finished reading  Nobody’s son.  This evening I decided to write some lines to thank you for sharing your stories and professional experience with us! I am a teacher and I find your books really insightful. From time to time I think on how you tackle certain situations and always think that behind that student’s behaviour there is always a personal background which needs to be tackled.  I want to thank you for your dedication as a foster carer and as a parent. I really learn from you.  Keep up the good work. The next to read will be Will you love me? about Lucy, the child you ended up adopting. I can’t wait to read it. God bless you. Regards
Mary, Malta, 12/09/2019

I have come across your books though the library app. I just wanted to say thank you for writing the stories about the foster children. You have helped transform their lives for the good. I have laughed and cried reading and listening to each book.
Katie, UK, 11/09/2019

I was sat on the bus on the way to work this morning reading Innocent. A man who I dont know sits down next to me and pulls out a copy of ‘Will You love me’ I say hello to him and we spend the next 45 minutes talking about ‘Cathy’ and ‘Lisa’ books. The end result is I have a date with him on Saturday evening. Thank you Cathy. I give you all the credit for that. I’m loving Innocent. Another book of yours that I don’t want to come to the end of.
Ellie, 10/09/2019

Dear Cathy, I just finished Innocent.  That book was so shocking and SAD!!!  It was awful what Kit and Moly had to endure before coming to the loving arms of you and your family.  You are truly a treasure in this world
Love Angelina, 08/09/2019

Thank you for another moving story of the children you foster. Also, thank you for all the work you and your family put in to all these children.  You all have hearts of gold and are a credit to the world of fostering. The way you tell the stories is so compelling and I find when reading them it is extremely hard to put them down.  I read Innocent in two days. I look forward to many more.
Alison, 07/09/2019

Dearest Cathy, I truly love your Lucy and I agree when she text “WTF” regarding the judge’s decision in Innocent.  WTF!!!!! Indeed! Once again, Cathy you prove to be a better woman than I. How in the world you are able to stay composed through some of this is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for the advice on writing a book. I bought your guide to writing and publishing and cannot wait to start reading it.  Best wishes and well done!
Shanette, 06/09/2019

Dear Cathy, Thank you for sharing your experiences.  I am currently in assessment for fostering as a single gay man and have learnt considerably more from reading your books than from any training. I started with The Night the Angel’s Came. I cried buckets as the story clearly touched a nerve. I often speak of your books with others and hope they are as inspired as me. You have shown how some challenging situations can be happily and carefully managed and I can see myself reflecting on, and using  your ideas and knowledge in the near future. Thank you so much for giving so much to children and young people when they needed it most… and shining a guiding light for people like me. Like many others, I am waiting, somewhat impatiently I’m afraid, for Innocent. Kindest regards
Gary, 01/09/2019

Hi Cathy, Having read many of your books, I can’t praise you enough for the way you treat and respect children. When I was a child, the motto was ‘children are to be seen but not heard’. This is so far away from your thinking (and mine) that no more needs to be said except that, once again, I admire your dedication and will keep looking out for any new books you write. Yours
Laura, Australia, 29/08/2010

Hi Cathy, I read “The Night the Angels Came” and found it so poignant.  Also enjoyed Hidden, and Will You Love Me, the story of your adopted daughter, is a favourite.  I love your writing, as it is so heartfelt and you always go over and above the requirements of a foster caregiver.  Keep writing, please. I lend my books to anyone interested. I feel like I need to start a Cathy Glass fan club!   In “Finding Stevie” you tackled a relatively new issue of gender identity. I, like you, did not know what gender fluid meant. Stevie was indeed fortunate to be assigned to your care, as you handled it so sensitively.
Victoria, Canada, 26/08/ 2019

Hello there. My wife and I have just completed our first year of fostering. We returned from France today and picked up your book Another Forgotten Child.  Well that day went quickly as I devoured the most fascinating book I have read in my 52 years. This moment completed Where Has Mummy Gone.  I felt compelled to write as reading the books has helped engender a better understanding of how I can support our looked after child. A brilliantly written and sad at times portrayal of how we can turn kid’s lives around Thank you Kind regards
Richard, UK, 25/08/2019

Cathy, I want to say what an incredible book Damaged is.  I felt like I was there watching as everything was happening. My heart broke for Jodie. You have such a big heart and the patience that you had with Jodie WOW! It was incredible. I cried when I read the last chapter because I was so happy she got some sort of justice. Although I know her life will never be the same. Thank you for all of your love for these children. I can’t wait to read all of your books! With lots of love
Jennifer, 23/08/2019

Just read The Doctor (Lisa Stone thriller). What a brilliant read! Couldn’t put it down. Read it in a day ! Will definitely be buying your other books.
Carol, 17/08/209

Dear Cathy, I have enjoyed your books ever since I was eleven and started high school. I find it odd to think about how much you have helped me through the stories you tell, yet I have never actually met you before. From the age of four I was placed into care and struggled with my emotions but reading your stories about the experiences you’ve had helped me realise I wasn’t alone. Through your tales I recognise that unfortunately there are many people who have been through similar things to me but this comforted me as it gave me hope that there can be happy endings and help can be offered. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me, you probably don’t realise just how many people you help! I hope that you and your family are well. Love
Hannah, 16, 17/08/2019

Good evening Cathy, I am a  manager in a nursery. I have read your books since secondary school. Your experience and genuine nature towards children and their families has always inspired me to change the lives of children and young adults. Thank you for  sharing your life stories with others and being that role model to the children you are involved with.  I just want to take this opportunity to praise you even though you do this out of the kindness of your heart and not looking at your role as job!!! It is definitely a gift you have.
Tamara, 16/05/2019

Hi Cathy, I have read all your books as a foster mother and have ordered the latest one due in September and am looking forward to reading it. However as Lisa Stone you have blown my mind away. Starting with the fantastic The Darkness within and followed by the Stalker I was enthralled by the story lines. Then I read The Doctor. Wow I can honestly say it was the best book I have read for years. How on earth did you come up with the idea? It was a fantastic, amazing and truly the best book EVER. Thank you so much for the pleasure your books have given me both as Lisa and Cathy.
Juliette, 15/08/2019

Wow Cathy what any amazing lady you are. I have just finished reading “Damaged” and am now on “Hidden”. My husband and I are currently going through the process to be approved to be Foster carers. Your books have made me more determined to help some of those children out there that need guidance and help in their life. You are teaching me a lot through your books and I hope I turn out to be just like you. Thanks again and keep up your excellent work. I will continue to read through your books and continue to learn. Lots of love.
Kay, UK, 15/08/2019

Hi Cathy. I’ve read many of your books but just finished Cruel To Be Kind which was just wonderful! Although poor Kaz lost her fight which was very sad. I look forward to your books so much. Thank you for making a huge difference in this world. I wish I’d stayed with you!  Lots of love.
Anne, UK, 13/08/2019

Thank you so much Cathy for writing your life experiences from fostering.  I am a safeguarding officer in a school. I was dropped in it, but due to your books I have gained knowledge that has helped me and given me insight.  I think you have done an amazing job. I am glad you have put your experiences down for us to gain understanding. I am now trying to collect all of your books. Many thanks
Julie, 06/08/2019

I’m writing today to thank you for all your marvellous books. I’m not married nor I have kids of my own but I do love reading your books as it opens up my eyes and heart to the children out there who have been through hardships in life. I lost my dad at a very young age and living with a single mum was really difficult growing up but when I started reading my 1st book “Hidden” I cried and felt mushy inside. I started realising and I started appreciating and loving my mum deeper and realising that there are children out there who do not have that privilege of having a loving parent/parents. From then on I could not stop buying all your books and recommending my friends and family to read them. Your books touch and warm the heart. Thank you Cathy for all those wonderful books and for caring for all those children.  You will always be my role model. Lots of love.
Lydia, Malaysia. 01/08/2019

I just wanted to let you know that I love your books.  I feel that I am part of your family with Adrian Paula and Lucy and Tosha your cat.  I am blind and listen to your books on audio.
Margo, 31/07/2019

Hi, I have just recently found your books and have read ‘Damaged’ and ‘A Long Way From Home’ in the space of two weeks! Absolutely breath-taking books. You are an amazing person and I just wanted to say thank you. I have two daughters, one with autism and the other  with Asperger’s. Life can be very challenging for us all but your books have helped me with a few strategies especially with my youngest control problems. I have cried at the end of both books and I am off the Waterstones first thing tomorrow to get the next one.
Charlotte, 30/07/2019

Dear Misses Glass, I have read your book, Damaged. What Jodie experienced and what her family did to her for years is incomprehensible. As a normal person one always wonders how someone can do something to their own child. She is forever punished with this past, an innocent little child. Damaged was the saddest book I have read. But I have the greatest respect that you have taken her in spite of everything. Luckily there are people like you who help kids like her.
Justine, Germany, 29/07/2019

Hi Cathy, I have just finished Run Mummy Run, I enjoyed although sad, what Ashia put herself through.  He deserved what he got.  I also just finished Please Don’t Take My Baby, a beautiful ending but she was very lucky. She was a silly young girl. Tyler had more sense than Jade. I love your books and I think you are an amazing person.
Marjorie, 23/07/2019

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing books. I have read and re-read all your books and they have made such a difference to me in my life. I was in foster care as a baby and then adopted and so I can relate to so many aspects of your writing, especially “Will You Love Me?” about your daughter Lucy. My birth mother seems very similar to Bonnie so reading that book is like therapy for me! Thank you again so much for everything that you have done and for writing it all down so people like me can heal a little more. Much love.
Nicole, Australia, 22/07/2019

Hi Cathy, I truly do admire the commitment you put in to all your fostered children! I’ve just finished your book ‘Damaged’ and it’s one of your most heart-breaking stories. I believe Jodie is only where she is now because of you and your family! You and your children are amazing people, keep up your amazing work.
Lauren, 21/07/2019

I would like to compliment you on your books. The 1st book I purchased was Finding Stevie. From the moment I picked up the book I didn’t want to put it down. I have since purchased more of your books & find it hard to put those down too. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing lady. I am so looking forward to reading more of your books.
Nicky, 20/07/2019

I just finished reading your AMAZING book Cruel to be Kind about 10 mins ago and I loved it! I am a therapeutic foster parent and have been for the last three years and I really really enjoyed reading this book!
Jaclyn, 16/07/2019

Hello Cathy, I have read 2 Lisa stone books as well as all your fostering books and I thought they were brilliant. I don’t know how you  come up with all these ideas. I’ve read all your books loads of times and am waiting for the next.
Christine, 15/07/2019

Dear Cathy, Just wanted to say thank God for loving people like you. I have read three of your books so far Damaged, Finding Stevie, and A long way home. They are amazing books. The lives of these children are heart-breaking and we appreciate the updates. God bless you and keep up the great work as a carer and author.
Evelyn, 15/07/2019

Hi Cathy, Ihave just finished reading Cruel To Be Kind and also The Night The Angels Came.  I think you deserve a medal for not only looking after the children but trying to sort the family out as well, as in Cruel To Be Kind.  The Night The Angels Came is a real tearjerker and I hope Michael is happy.
Sylvia, 11/07/2019