All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hello, Cathy! I love your books. I have all of them and re-read them often. I’m in college now and hope to be a social worker one day. Your writing gives me a lot of insight into how to handle children, I thank you for that. Thanks for all you do!
Claire, 30/06/2019

Hi Ms Cathy, I’m writing from a tiny island called Sri Lanka. I just read your book Damaged about Jodie and it broke my heart. When I look at my own children I can’t get her out of my head. Hope everything goes fine with her and she’ll ultimately be a happy little girl.
Nirasha, Sri Lanka, 29/06/2019

Hi Cathy, I am a big fan of your books and have just finished reading Finding Stevie. You are such a remarkable woman.  I’m currently reading Cruel to Kind.  Thank you for giving me hours of me time as I get lost in reading.
Lorraine, 27/06/2019

For a few days I read your book “Damaged” in German “Was Mit Jodie Geschah”. I was so seized, that something told me to contact you. I admire you and your work. I think you are a wonderful strong woman and I really wished I had someone in my life like you. I know how horrible it is not to feel safe. You inspired me in so many ways, I want to thank you. I want to be a little bit like you. I wished that a lot of people could be more like you. Do you know if more of your books will be translated in German? I really hope so.
Isa, Germany, 23/06/2019

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Can I let you go’ which has truly moved me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was very emotional. I enjoyed this book so much, that I have brought a few more of your books online! I’m just waiting for them to arrive. Just thought I’d drop an email to let you know that your work – both as a writer and as a foster carer, is truly appreciated. You are one amazing woman. This book has given me the push I need to return to uni to train to be a social worker. So I thank you sincerely I look forward to reading more.
Louisa, UK, 20/06/2019

Hi Cathy. I’ve always loved reading and I’m glued to your books.  Wow, you are a determined woman, and without you, a lot of children would have suffered! I am currently reading  ‘I miss mummy’. Keep up the good work, I can’t put the books down, and to know someone in this world is doing good for kids is amazing. It does make u wonder on why kids are brought up in such a horrible environment. Bless their hearts. But well done to u, u deserve a medal! Kind regards
Jo, 19/06/2019

Hi Cathy, its 4-15am and I have just finished reading Finding Stevie. What a read it was. You are an amazing writer and I have read all your books.  I have just noticed there is another book coming out in September ‘Innocent’   I am so excited I really can’t wait.  Keep up all your good work Cathy you’re an amazing person.
Gillian, Scotland, 18/06/2019

Hi I just read the book Hidden. Amazing. It’s sad his mom was like that.
Jen, 11/06/2019

Girl Alone. Another fantastic book! Just love all of your books. Thank you.
Judith, 01/06/2019

Cathy:  I have read all your books (just finished my last one).  I have really enjoyed reading them and will be purchasing your next book. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Kathy, USA, 02/06/2019

My wife and I are avid readers of your books. Absolutely love your work. The world could do with more people like you.
Doug, 02/06/2019

Hello Cathy, Hoping all is well. I just finished reading your latest book – Finding Stevie – such a good book and now l am waiting for another story which l see is coming August 2019 – Innocent … How on earth do you find time to write! Thanks for your amazing books.
Lorrie, Canada, 31/05/2019

Hello Cathy. Just finished reading Finding Stevie, yet another fantastic story. Just like you I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I have learned so much about Stevie, and what it means for a person to be gender fluid. Thank you for telling us this story, Cathy. Looking forward to your next book in September. Hope your family are all keeping well.
Jan, UK, 27/05/2019

Hello, I am writing to you from Poland. I have read your book, The Hurt (Damaged) I was very moved by Jodie’s life and would like to know how she is.
Dagmar, Poland, 13/05/2019

Hi Cathy, I discovered your books over ten years ago and it was because of your biographies that I now love reading! So much so I work in a bookshop in Australia! It is an absolute pleasure selling your books and introducing you as an author to those who are yet to discover your work!  I have just finished reading A Long Way From Home and cannot imagine the strength that not only you but also your children had in the early days of Anna being at your home! Please keep the books coming because as  You have a cheer squad down in Perth, Western Australia who come in often seeing if you have any more books coming out soon! My colleague and I are always discussing your books.  Kind regards
Kylie, Australia, 17/05/2019

Hi Cathy, I just want to say that I think you’re an amazing woman with all the things you do and caring for vulnerable children. I have only just read Finding Stevie and cried through quite a bit of it! I’m onto A Baby’s Cry now with baby Harrison and am going to continue with all your books. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences. I am sure you have touched the hearts and lives not only of children but adults too. Take care
Joanna, 14/05/2019

Hello and I do hope this finds you well.  I was rereading Cruel To Be Kind and was struck at how you advocated for Max’s much needed weight loss. I was disappointed at how his social worker wasn’t concerned for him. When I was young, I too found comfort, love and friendship in food and was badly overweight. You can imagine what school was like but I was bullied by members of my own family, most of whom were very overweight themselves. Instead of being advised and encouraged to diet and exercise, I was told I should, “lose weight so I could be pretty/get a boyfriend” and similar.  I grew up with extremely low self-esteem and allowed myself to be used and sometimes abused, thinking I wasn’t worthy of love or friendship.  I do hope as you have worked to support potential and current foster carers, you have expressed the importance of advocating for the child’s wellbeing in all aspects of life. I so wish someone had told me at Max’s age that if I stop eating for comfort and get physically active I would have felt better physically but also been more confident in my life. Once again, you are to be celebrated for the love, caring and dignity you have instilled in so many.  Kind regards
Shanette, 13/05/2019

Well Cathy I just finished reading Another Forgotten Child. Once I start reading one of your books it’s so hard to put them down. Your stories pull me in. I know there are so many suffering families out there and I feel for the children. I was lucky to have a great loving mother who gave my 3 brothers and I all the love we needed and the values to lead happy lives. I know there are so many not so fortunate. Thanks again for sharing.
Tami, 01/05/2019

Hi Cathy, I just read Another Forgotten Child. And then your update. Wonderful outcome.
Anna, 27/04/2019

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books for as long as I remember and am always on the hunt for the new releases. I have found you to be such an inspiration and have opened my eyes to many things growing up. When I read your books I feel as though I can relate so much and my appreciation for the work you’ve done goes above and beyond. I wanted to thank you for having such a kind heart and passion for the work you do, without people like you so many children would go without. Thank you.
Brooke, Australia, 27/04/2019

Hi Cathy. I just wanted to express how amazing your books are. I now have the complete set with your new one pre ordered. I have pre ordered innocent twice – one for me and one for my sister. We absolutely love your books. I’m so excited for receiving the new book when it’s out. I love all your books but I still can’t bring myself to re-read Damaged. It upset me so much. I have a little boy of my own now and I wouldn’t dream of hurting him I love him with all my heart. Please keep writing your books. They are an inspiration to both me and my sister. With love.
Sammy, 21/04/2019

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Finding Stevie. Brilliant story, so pleased he got there in the end. I really thought he would take his own life because he was struggling so much. I’ve left a review on Amazon. Kind regards
Julie, UK, 20/04/2019

I love reading your books, when I finish one I feel sad because I can never put them down! I have ordered all the others & am looking forward to reading the latest title Finding Stevie. I hope you & the family are ok. Regards
Lisa 14/04/2019

I’ve read each and every book you have written. I’ve just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone. It is sad and happy at the same time. I’m glad she is now back on the straight and narrow and hope she has a lovely life ! I work in a school with children with learning difficulties and it’s so rewarding. You must feel very blessed. If the world had lots more Cathy Glass it would be a better place. Sending love to you and your children.

Hi Cathy Glass, I am a big fan of you and your books! Your dedication, hard work, commitment, love, guidance etc are amazing. They’re fantastically written and I find myself reading them continuously and being so addicted! Sometimes I have to stop reading as they make me so sad and upset for the child! It’s nice to see somebody who is so caring and continuously giving! I really do love your books. Warmest and Kindest Regards
Cassie, 12/04/2019

Dear Cathy, You truly deserve a CBE for your dedication, love, patience and perseverance in caring for children.  I finished Damaged  today – I simply couldn’t put it down. Never has a book reduced me to so many tears. You did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing your experiences of fostering Jodie; I personally feel that every aspiring social worker should have to read this story. A story that demonstrates the commitment needed for what can be such a rewarding career. Wishing you, your family and those children you care for all the best. Best wishes,
Emma, UK, 07/04/2019

Dear Cathy, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these stories of the children you foster and your journey with them. I first came across your book, Hidden, when I was a teenager and “borrowed” the book from my aunt. I have to say that it was the first book I’d cried over, both in sadness and happiness, and I cherish the well worn and well read copy, I still have. Currently, I had the urge to read your other books and am systematically making my way through them. I’m up to, Can I let you go? They’re all quite emotional for me and I feel connected to their stories as I’m reading the book. I just wanted to thank you in some small way for sharing these stories and your life with us, the readers. I hope you and your family are doing well. Kindest regards.
Ebony, 05/04/2019

Hello! I just want to tell you how much I love your books. I have listened to 22 of your books since the last month.  I have laughed, cried and then it’s something i can’t explain really. Your writing and storytelling gives me a rush in the heart. It begins in the stomach and bubbles up to the heart. I just want to say Thank you. Your books have been the best thing for me lately.  Sorry för my English writing. I have never wrote to give my thanks before, but now I really wanted to. Best regards.
Cecilia, Sweden, 03/04/2019

Hi Cathy, I just want to say how inspired you make me feel about being the best mummy.  The way you take children in and majority leave flourishing and a completely different child. When you write i feel like I’m living it with you. Amanda and Melody were so lucky to have you come into their lives.  You made sure Amanda was looked after in the last remaining days of her life and supported Melody through such a traumatic time. I work in adult care with dementia and losing Amanda was like losing one of my residents. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Kylie, UK, 01/04/2019

Hi, I am a big fan of you and your books. I am a special needs teacher and love children so reading the brilliant work that you do really affects me. You have a massive heart and are a truly amazing lady and foster carer.  I have just finished reading your book Where has Mummy gone? which I particularly found difficult to read as my dad is currently in a care home due to the awful illness dementia. Poor Melody was just a child and it’s so unfair that she had to go through seeing her mum so ill but I am so very glad that she had you to care for her. Going to start reading the next book tomorrow.  On behalf of all the children that you have helped, thank you.
Aysha, 30/03/2019

Hello Cathy I’ve read Happy Mealtimes For Kids. I am an adult but it was really helpful. I don’t eat properly, it’s always been a problem, but after reading your book I went  to the corner shop and bought fresh chicken breast and fresh vegetables and made a casserole. I suffer from IBS and I think diet has a lot to do with it. I’ll try some of your other recipes. You make them sound easy.
Christine, UK, 30/03/2019

Good afternoon, I was gifted one of your books (I Miss Mummy). The story gripped me and I couldn’t put it down. I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school within a rather underprivileged area and we often act as social workers before teachers with some of the children. Therefore I found your writing so interesting. On the back of finishing I Miss Mummy I then went on to read Can I Let You Go and I’ve just finished Girl Alone. So 3 very different stories but all written with such feeling and emotion. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I cannot wait to read more. And what a fantastic and selfless role you and your children have played in so many young people’s lives.
Nat, UK, 30/03/2019

Hi Cathy, I’m a massive fan and have read most of your books. I have just finished reading your book about melody, brilliant read and amazing how much her behaviour changed in a small time frame. I find your books give me strength and the drive to not give up, my son was born 12 weeks prem. Reading your books give me some comfort and hope, I’m looking forward starting the next book. Amazing writing, amazing foster career, amazing mother. Please keep writing. Thank you for getting me through some dark  times. Kind regards.
Stella, 29/03/2019

Hello, I have read all of your books & I must say that the way you look after all the children is amazing. Love to you and your family xx
Mandy, UK.  22/03/2019

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your books and what a fantastic job you do. I was very touched by the way you dealt with Patrick’s loss.
Gary, 22/03/2019

Hi Cathy My sister introduced me to your book Damaged a few weeks ago. In two and a half weeks I have read Damaged, Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, and Girl alone. I have just picked The Saddest Girl in The world off my book shelf. I can’t seem to put your books down. After reading Damaged I went and purchased a further 5 of your books. What an inspirational women you are to so many people. Just wanted to say thank you for all the books. You truly are a wonderfully caring person and a credit to all you have helped along the way. All the best
Cally, 21/03/2019

Dear Cathy, Just wanted you to know that I found your latest book “Finding Stevie” a really fascinating read. I admire the way you dealt with the issues encountered by Stevie after making friends with Joey online. I felt so sad about his little brother and sister who became innocent victims of this. I had never heard the term gender-fluid so found the story a very informative read. Congratulations once again Cathy for bringing such a sensitive and important issue to light. As you know I am a long term fan of yours so as usual will be looking forward to your next book. Best wishes
Christine, 20/03/2019

Dear Cathy, I have read twenty of your foster carer stories and once you start reading them I cannot put it down.  You are a fantastic writer and have more patience than anyone I have ever known.  Please keep writing and I will keep buying and reading your stories.
Hellen, Canada, 19/03/2019

Hello Cathy, another amazing story, you are 1 in a million foster carer. Who would travel 100 miles at 4’oclock in the morning to collect a stubborn boy. I can’t see any parent doing that. You go above and beyond, the call of a foster carer, and I can see why you like to do what you do. It must be so satisfying. I am glad Stevie came through it all. And that’s was because of you. I am sure he has learnt his lesson, and his grandparents will be more aware, when Stevie’s siblings start using the internet. Can’t wait for the next book.
Jeanette, UK, 10/03/2019

Just finished reading Finding Stevie which took about three days to read. Was wonderful as were all the books of yours, I have read! Looking forward to your next one!
Barb, 10/03/2019

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading your book. “Where has my Mummy Gone?”  It really tugged at my heartstrings as I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s. Many of the descriptions you wrote concerning Melody’s mother, Amanda, brought back memories of my dad when he was suffering from that terrible disease.  On a happier note, I am also an adopted child, having been adopted as an infant.  I was very happy for Melody. I have all of your books. You seem to be a loving foster carer and I know your children are lucky to have you.  God Bless You. Sincerely,
Kim, USA, 09/03/2019

Dear Cathy. I’ve read all your books. I have been depressed for 3 years. Your texts have helped me to love myself again, to understand what is happening and take care of myself. “You were” with me when I was alone and did not have anybody who would make me stand in front of this nightmare. Please, always remember that thanks to you I started to live again. Greetings from Poland for all your family! Sorry for my English, it is not perfect.
Julia, 20, Poland, 07/03/2019

A friend introduced one of your books to me – I read it and loved it (Where Has Mommy Gone). Reading it made me want to read Will You Love Me? You do an amazing job and one many can’t. I had to purchase all your books Thank you for deciding to share.
Tami, 07/03/2019

Hi Cathy Well done I thought the two very current subjects of gender and online safety were covered very sensitively in Finding Stevie.  I found this book very thought provoking. I bet you learnt a lot yourself with Stevie in your family. I loved the book as I always do with your books, passing it on to my daughter to read Keep up the amazing work you do fostering and writing.
Gaynor, 06/03/2019

Hi Cathy,  I am a totally blind single mother. I’ve just finished listening to Finding Stevie through audible. It was another well written book. I’ve read all your books, some more than once. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.  They have helped me a lot. I’ve found myself using some of your techniques on my own daughter from time to time. Though she is generally a well-behaved child she like all everyone, has her moments. As she is getting older I am finding the closed choice technique handy in a lot of situations. I’ve debated about becoming a foster carer myself, I’m just not sure how or if a blind person would be given the chance to do so. Anyway, I was just wondering if there are any plans for Happy Mealtimes to be made into audio. I believe it is the only self-help book of yours that is not yet on audible. I hope you and your family are well, along with any children you may be fostering. Keep up the good work.
Carlie, Australia, 05/03/2019

Hi, Three of your books have been translated in Dutch, and I really love them. The way you write; it’s like I’m right there when it happens.  I was wondering if you are planning on translating more of your books into Dutch?  I also want to say that I think that what you do for all those kids; it’s really amazing and I wish I had someone like you in my life when I was a child. You’re a good person. With love.
Wendy, Netherlands, 04/03/2019

Hi, I have read all of your books so far except for Finding Stevie.  I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I live in the United States so I should be getting it next week. I can’t wait.   I love your books.  They are great reading.  I haven’t read your Lisa Stone thriller books yet though.  Thank you.
Tammy, USA, 03/03/2019

Dear Cathy Glass I very much enjoy reading your books.  I wish I could have known about your books before I had my child.  I have used one of your strategies on my client and it worked like a charm.  I hope you continue to write.  Take care. Cheers.
Thuy, 02/03/3029

Dear Cathy, I am reading your book “Damaged”. As I’m reading the horrific details of this young girl’s life, I just keep asking “is this really possibly true?”  My heart breaks for these kids.  I am training to be a CASA here in the US.  I thank God for people like you and I’d like to know more about you. Thank you.
Susi, USA, 29/02/2019

Omigosh!! Finding Stevie was one of your best ever!! Inspired me to be more open minded about LGBT issues.  Thank you for a wonderful read.
Carol USA, 29/02/2019

Hi Cathy, I hope you are all well. Thank you for writing Can  Let You Go? It has helped me in so many ways with my college course, and to also say thank you for writing Finding Stevie. Thank you again for all the amazing work you do, and for taking time to read this email. All the best.
Pauline, 27/02/2019

Hi I have read 8 of our books so far and I love them. I’ve had my brothers and sisters taken from me and reading your stories really gets to me but I understand and love your stories.
Donna, 27/02/2019

Your new book Finding Stevie is brilliant. He certainly was lost in many ways and with your help, managed to find a way back to the life he yearned for. His grandparents eventually saw that Stevie had problems. Please keep writing these terrific stories. Many thanks.
Julie, UK, 25/02/2019

Hello I have just finished reading Can I Let You Go and would just like to say what an amazing selfless person you are. I have read all of your books and always check your website for updates on all of the children you have helped. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.
Victoria, 24/02/2019

Hi Cathy, First if all I want to say you are a very amazing lady, mother and angel to the children that have been fortunate to be blessed with your foster care. I have read lots of your books as I’ve had ‘issues’ throughout my life (I’m now 64). Your stories have helped me get my head around a lot and makes sense of things/situations I’ve faced throughout my life. Your stories have made me shed buckets of tears as some have been so close to home – that close I’m now seeking professional help to deal with my ‘issues’. Finding Stevie has also educated me and given me greater understanding within the field of gender – fluid issues, also my best friend who works in education didn’t know what it was until today! So there needs to be more educational material out there for everyone about this subject. May I say again what a heaven sent person you are and your children are angels too thanks to you, their Loving Guiding Light. Love and hugs.
Lorraine, 24/02/2019

Dear Ms Glass, I absolutely love your books ever since I was in my early teens. I am now in my early twenties and your books have been an absolute inspiration. You have so much talent and such a big warm heart. Since I’ve started reading your books nearly 10 years ago you have become such a role model. I want to become a foster career as I want to help children and give them the love and support they deserve. Through your books, it has made me and possibly other fans, feel like we know yourself and your family. Thank you for your amazing stories. Courtney, 22/02/1019

Hi Cathy! I’m a 14 year old girl from Sweden who really admires your work! I’m reading your book “Girl alone” and I think you’re a wonderful author. I’m going to write an English book review for my English class and I’m going to write about this book! Best regards. Linny, Sweden, 21/02/2019

Hi, I would like to say thank you. It was through reading your books and personal experiences that has encouraged me to take the step in my life- to start my social work degree! Your books have helped me think about the effects that decisions that social workers and others make can have on the young person not just in the now but in the future. Thank you.
Katie, 21/02/2019

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Nobody’s Son’ and I was absolutely heartbroken about Alex’s failed adoption. I have been reading your books since I was 17 on and off, so 10 years. I have never had an author bring emotions out of me like your books do! I get so much joy out of reading how you turn these children’s lives around. You seem like a great person with a great family and very strong understanding children. I admire you for the difficult job you did for all of those years. Thank you so much.
Denice, UK, 18/01/2019

Ms Glass, I’m a student nurse and I have recently started reading your books and it has brought back my passion for reading.  The books are unputdownable. The first book I read of yours was “Please Don’t Take My Baby. I loved it I cried and for your writing to be able to make me feel such emotion is amazing for me. I’m currently on placement with a health visitor and we work closely with social services and your books have given me good knowledge in what they do. It’s so interesting and so sad.  We have to have some difficult conversations with parents about social services and I find it draining. I am super interested in your work it seems as though it would be so rewarding (albeit emotionally draining) and feel I would like to do something like it but I’m a long way off yet. My favourite book of yours is I Miss Mummy. That was heart wrenching. The grandparents reminded me of my own dear grandparents and I bawled my eyes out at their suffering. It’s so lovely the happy endings. I bet it feels amazing the impact you have had on so many people’s lives.  I feel like I know you so well weird eh? Anyways, thank you for being an amazing author and getting me back in to reading! Kind regards.
Phoebe, Ireland, 16/02/2019

Hi I’ve been following u for years. You have given me some great advice through your books. I think you are such an amazing person not just as an author but also a great person, for what you have done for all the children you’ve had in your home. You’ve nurtured them given them love and helped them believe in the world again. I’m looking forward to reading your next book. Thank you do much for being you.
Lorraine, UK, 15/02/2019

Hi Cathy. Don’t know what it is with reading your books on holiday I’ve just finished A Long Way From Home in New York and couldn’t put it down. Inspiring as always and a real eye opener.  I’m about to start Where Has Mummy Gone? I have your new Lisa Stone book after that. Don’t stop writing! Hope the family are well. Take care.
Ben, 15/02/2019

Hi Cathy, I absolutely adore your books and I feel I can relate to them in various ways. I have never been in care but I would absolutely love to help children that are. I think you’re a remarkable woman. Thank you for providing your stories for everyone. I hope you continue to do so for many years to come.
Poppy, 14/02/2019

Dear Cathy, I love your books and always look forward to discovering a new one. It is often heart rending to read about children who have been abused or neglected.  I sure admire your calling; and your diligence and kindness in doing the very best that can be done for a child, in various and often unbelievable situations. It must be rewarding to hear in later years from a child you have fostered and had made such a crucial difference to their future.  It is always nice to hear of your own children, and how tolerant and caring and inclusive they have been over the years when a new child was brought into your home for care. And Lucy, the third child you added to your family-I haven’t read her story yet, but hope to.  I have 8 grandchildren. They are all individuals and each so precious to us, truly God’s gifts.  Thank you again for sharing your unique experiences, and for making a difference for all the ones you care for.
Vicky, Canada, 08/02/2109

Dear MS Cathy Glass,  I am Sri Lankan university student . I have read Damaged. I was very sad to hear about Jodie. Please accept my deepest sympathies. I wish her future be happy.  Thank you!
Nilushika, Sri Lanka, 06/02/2019

Hi Cathy, I want to say I really do find your life very inspiring. I’m only 21 and want to leave it quite a few years before I foster, so that I can provide as much stability as possible to the young person. But I’ve always had a strong feeling that it’s what I was put on this earth to do. I’m very strong minded and always get told I have a wise head on young shoulders. I’ve always been determined to help others and since I was 17 I’ve done so much volunteering with various individuals (generally those from vulnerable backgrounds).
Georgia, 04/02/2019

Hi Mrs Glass Just wanted to drop a line to say I’m hooked on your books. You have a great way with words that keep me hooked. I am on my 3rd book and looking forward to the rest Yours sincerely
Andrea, 04/02/2019

Hi Cathy.  I love reading your books. I just finished reading Cut. As a mother of a teenager with mental health issues it was triggering at times as my daughter was also a cutter and tried to kill herself twice, once by cutting her wrist and over dosing, It was nice to see that these children can get better and have normal lives. Thank you
Kendell, 03/02/2019

Hey Cathy! I’m a mother of 2 wonderful kids and i have been listening to 3 of your books. You are amazing and I have been listening to the way you talk with the kids when trying to find out what happened to them. I noticed it works on my son who has been waiting for a long while now to be tested to see if he has ADHD. He’s hard to get to talk but I always reinsurer him that I am here to listen to him. I’m amazed by your work and love your books. I have been crying and smiling when hearing them. I’m so happy there are people like you in the world. When my life is stable i would love to work like you do. Love
Sandra, 02/02/2019

Dear Lady.  As an adult survivor, I wanted to thank you for publishing the stories of the children. Believe it or not, it helps immeasurably to know that at least some of us get saved.
Dawn, 02/02/2019

Just finished reading A Long Way From Home and I’m in tears. And your children, what a lesson in life they have been given. Well done Cathy! Thanks so much, God Bless
Nikki, 02/02/2019

Hi Cathy! I have read two of your books Damaged and A Long Way From Home. I am hooked! I am a single mother of two.  I just want to say you are INSPIRING and I would LOVE to one day become a foster parent myself.
Rachel, 30/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I hope you know you are an amazing person. I live in Canada and have been reading your books non-stop. I just finished reading I Miss Mummy and it really touched me. Thank you for helping them. Here in Canada we see too many families being torn apart for this same thing. Many carers here are not nice and don’t really treat the children as their own. It makes me sad, so reading your books has given me hope that there might still be good people out there wanting to make a difference in a child’s life. I have been a child and youth worker for the last 10 years and have seen a lot of bad here in the foster system and wish we had carers like you. Thank you
Samantha, Canada, 30/01/2019

Hello Cathy, I’m a big fan of your books. I saw you wrote a lot of books that I like you read, bit my English is not good enough to understand all the words and expression used, and I can find in Belgium.and the Netherlands only 3 books that are translated in Dutch. Are there going to become more of them translated? Oh I hope it, because I like them so much, Cathy. I wish you all the best and congratulations with your books! Greetings
Liliane, Netherlands, 30/01/2019

Dear Cathy, I am 15 years old. I would like to thank you. Up until last year I was not a keen reader and to me reading was more of a chore. However after discovering “Cruel to be Kind” about max, which was the first book of yours I read I was instantly drawn to your style of writing and the genre. I have now read all of you fostering stories and am looking forward to reading “Finding Stevie” and all the others that come out in the future, (I hope you write many more!) Thank you for helping me to find the books I love and for writing so many. It has made me realise how lucky I am and encouraged me to think about a career with children’s social services or in family law when I am older. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and I think the way you cope with children with so many needs is incredibly.
Lottie, 15, 29/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I have just finished Where Has Mummy Gone and I have to say it was the best read ever. I only read true stories and this was an amazing read, although heart breaking I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for the beautiful book, I will look forward to the next one. It is so heart-warming to know there are beautiful loving people like you out there.  Kind regards.
Liz 28/01/2019

Hello Cathy, I really love reading your books and just finished your latest Where Has Mommy Gone.  A beautiful story and so sad. Poor Melody. She had been through a lot. l pray she is happy. Hoping all is well with you and so looking forward to hearing from you soon !!! Take care & God Bless
Lorrie, 27/01/2019

Hi Cathy I’ve read Saving Danny. What a happy ending in this true story. I think you’re so inspirational, you have patience of a saint. You write your books so well. I’ve read quite a few and enjoyed every single one. Can I just say thank you to you writing such brilliantly books I enjoy them every time.
Janet, 25/01/2019

Hi, I have most of your books which I enjoy reading very much.  I admire you for what you are doing—helping all those children.   I just finished reading Nobody’s Son tonight so my next one to read is Where Has Mommy Gone.  Then I will read The Darkness Within and Stalker.
Tammy, 24/01/2019

I have just finished reading Girl Alone. What a wonderful book. It had me in tears. It’s been added to my Cathy glass collection. Thanks Cathy your books keep me company on the way to work. Without your books train journey would be unbearable. All my love to you and your family.
Mutlu, 24/01/2019

Hi, I have recently started reading your books. I have read 4 or 5 now and I love them. I’m wanting to buy and collect all of your stories.  I like to follow your family’s story too. I think you are a lovely author and must be a super kind and caring woman for doing the job that you do. Thank you.
Nicola, UK, 21/01/2019

I’ve been reading your books for about a year now. I’ve read so many. I can’t stop once I start. You are an amazing women and I wish you was my foster carer. I was abused as a child and I just wish I had someone like you to tell me everything was going to be ok. I hope I hear back from you.
June, UK, 20/01/2019

Hello Cathy, I have read nearly all of your books so far and they in a way make me so happy. I can relate to your books and I love the way you write them out, such easy reads. Kind regards
Emily, UK, 18/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I’m a first time reader of your books. Just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone? It’s so powerful. I have worked in social care for over 20 years in various roles but reading this book really touched me. I now work with young people in residential care and it helped remind me of their journey and the trauma they have faced in their lives. I have worked with many dedicated foster carers myself and always appreciated the good work they do. Looking forward to my second read. I’m definitely hooked xx Kind Regards.
Kim, 17/01/2019

Beste, Jou boeken zijn super om te lezen maar er bestaan er maar spijtig genoeg 3 stuks in het Nederlands. Gelieve meerdere boeken in het Nederlands uit te brengen. Met vriendelijke groeten.
Nancy, Netherlands, 17/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying all of your books! I am not (or wasn’t!) a ‘reader’ but I thought last year I would buy a book and take it with me on holiday. Well since then I’m hooked on your books. I can’t put them down and I’m onto my 10th book since August! I’m converted! I have to have a book ready for when I finish one! I’ve just finished ‘Girl Alone’ which was an amazing read and I am about to start Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. So a big thank you from me! Take care.
Cheryl, 15/01/2019

Hi, I am a huge fan of your books and very much enjoy reading all of them. I have just finished reading I Miss Mummy. It took me 3 days to read. I had so much emotion reading the book, crying and so sad until the end when I had tears of joy. Well done on all of your books and I look forward to reading the next one in my collection. I wish you and your family all the best. Many thanks.
Julie, UK, 08/01/2019

Dear Cathy, I have recently started reading your books, and i would like to express my admiration for what an amazing person you are. It takes an angel in disguise to have the love and patience you do for these little children who have been through so much. I cannot fathom how people could hurt their children. Children are such a blessing and a gift. I wish you all the success in your future endeavours and pray that you will be rewarded for the amazing work that you do. Best wishes.
Nabeelah, 08/01/2019

Hi, I have just finished reading your book Nobody’s Son. It felt like you were reading my experiences out.  I was in Alex’s place as a child in care from the age of 4-18 I had all the emotions that Alex had. I suffer anxiety and depression now and I am 39 years old. Thank you for lifting the lid on what it’s actually like to be in care and the damage it can cause even into adult hood. Well done and thank you again.
Pamela, 06/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I can’t explain how much I love reading your books and how much they inspire me. I have never lived with my biological mom or dad and have lived with my nan under kingship for 15 years. Now I am in foster care long term due to her kicking me out. I’ve been reading your books for a few years  and they have helped me massively to come to terms with my past and current situations. Your books have helped me to realise that I am not alone and that there are other children out there with similar or worse situations. I have now accepted that my past is my past and I need to focus on my future. I just want to say a massive thank you and I hope you keep on writing.
Chloe, 06/01/2019

Thank you for being such an amazing human being I have read about 6 of your books and “Where Has Mummy Gone” being my latest so far. Every time I read your books they bring me to tears and my emotions are everywhere, but for you to open your home to all these kids is beyond amazing. I sincerely admire you so much. Thank you for being so kind and loving to these kids that need it. May God keep blessing you and your beautiful family always. With much love and appreciation all the way from
Lizete, USA, 05/01/2019

Hi Cathy. Once again thank you for an amazing read. I have just finished Where Has Mummy Gone?  My heart went out to Melody and Amanda. As sad as the ending was I was also happy to read that Melody was happy and settled. I have also got my partner reading your books and she loves them.  I have also read both your books under your other name Lisa Stone and really enjoyed them. Hope you had a good Christmas and New year. Kind regards
Amy, 04/01/2019

Wish you a very happy new year dear madam. I’m one of your fans . My English is not so good, madam. Very sad story.
Renuka, Sri Lanka, 04/01/2019

Dear Cathy, I wish you a very very Happy New Year with bunches of happiness.  I hope you are fine. Yesterday I read Damaged about Jodie continuously in a whole day. It was unforgettable and unbelievable.  What kind of parents had she?  You are the greatest woman, you done your best for Jodie. Don’t worry about that.  I read  Damaged at my work place, in my bus, and at my home continuously. Your patience is marvellous about her behaviour.  I am not fluent in English. but I thought you can understand what I said.   By the way I wish you all the very best for your future works. Thanks  with Love
Nisa, Sri Lanka, 03/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books since 2009 when I was 14 years old. I have always known that I wanted to work with children but it was when I read my very first book of yours Damaged that I decided that I wanted to be a social worker. From there I continued to read your books and was inspired to become a child protection caseworker. I have just completed my first year as a caseworker. Whenever I’m with children, families and in particular carers your words are never far from my mind. It’s sometimes too easy for caseworkers to forget how amazing and selfless carers are, their job is much tougher than ours they are with these children 24/7 almost, they are with them in their darkest hours and their most frightened times. I often recommend my carers to read your books and they always say it makes them feel a sense of support and strength in their work. Keep inspiring we need more people like you in the world. Many thanks.
Bree, Australia, 02/01/2019

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to leave a message and let you know how much I have absolutely love reading your books. I started reading them a few months ago and quite literally as soon as I finish one I’m downloading the next. I also wanted to say what a true inspiration you are. My son has autism and I feel I have learned so much about parenting from your books and as he gets older I’m sure your wisdom on how to handle all the children you have helped will come in very handy. Anyway I really hope that you and your family are well. Have a great 2019.
Katie, 02/01/2019