All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Cathy, I’ve read as many of your books as I can get hold of.  I’m sure you get this often, but I am such a huge fan of not only your books, but also of all your work in the adoption world.  It takes such a special person to take in someone else’s child as your own, let alone nearly 150!  I have always known I wanted to adopt a child one day, but after reading your stories I am truly considering becoming a foster parent when I am a bit older.  God bless.
Kristen, 22, USA, 29/06/2018

Hi Cathy, I have 25 of your books and am working my way through them, after the first one I read in 2 days! I just want to say how much I admire you, from using some of the techniques in your books I have made my job as a parent slightly easier. I have 3 boys and  I would love to foster in the future. I think I have a lot to give. I felt compelled to write to you. I really admire you. There should be more people like you in the world. If there was ever a reason I could no longer care for my children I would hope they were with someone like you. You have a heart of gold and endless patience. Hope you’re well and take care.
Nicole, 23/06/2018

Hi Lisa /Cathy, I have just finished your crime novel, Stalker, and could not put it down. I have read all your true story books which l so enjoyed but Stalker was the very first novel and crìme book l have ever read. It was so gripping thank you.  You write so well it was so easy to read.  It has taken me 70 years to realise that l can read other books rather than just biographies. Thank you  Regards
Ann, 21/06/2018

Hi I have read a few of your books and I enjoy reading them.  I just finished reading The Night The Angels Came and I was in tears. I am reading A Long Way From Home and it is a very good book just like all the other books.  You are an excellent writer.
Tammy, 21/06/2018

Dear Cathy, I have read quite a few of your books and have found them very moving. I had a difficult childhood. My father used to drink a lot and was abusive to both me and my mother. I can relate to many of the stories you have written. I find that they help me come to terms with what has happened in my life.  I look forward to reading more of your books.  Love
Valerie, Scotland, 20/06/2018

Dear Cathy, I have read all your books which i get from our public library and in reading about the children with autism, I recognized some of myself in those books. With a bit of research, i have discovered I have Asperger’s and at the age of 70 is quite a surprise. I always wondered why I struggled with certain aspects of my life but now I know why, it has helped me tremendously. Thank you for your wonderful books and I look forward to the new ones coming in the future. Kindest Regards
Delwyn, New Zealand, 15/06/2018

Hello, I simply could not put this one down – Nobody’s son. The best yet. I am an ex social worker and have not practised for about twenty years. I was so enthusiastic in my twenties but the system combined with many government changes, burnt out management, just took its toll on my mental and physical health.  I sometimes still miss it but I am now doing something entirely different. I hope your books are recommended in courses training social workers as they are invaluable in showing how the system succeeds and fails. I wish your books had been available when I was training but unfortunately it would have been before your time. I will continue to read your books as they are so informative and enlightening. My very best wishes.
Hilary, 12/06/2018

Dear Cathy, I just want to thank you, I’m 14 and have read pretty much all your books. I read my first book of yours at age 12 after begging my mother to let my read it. She refused and told me they were too sad and I wouldn’t like it, but she finally gave in. I read Damaged.  I’ve cried reading every one of them but I finally figured out what I want to do with my life when I leave school at 18. I want to become a foster carer and write memoirs so thank you for helping me find my future. I hope all the kids are well! Including your own 3! Thank you Cathy and I hope you’re well too.
Siobhan, 11/06/2018

I have messaged you a few times after I have read your books. I’ve just finished reading A long Way From Home. I have really enjoyed it. You do a brilliant job with all the children that come into your care. I can’t wait for your next book.  Thanks
Julie, 11/06/2018

Hi Cathy I love your books.
Abbie, 10/06/2018

Read most of your books as I love them but just finished The Night The Angels Came and had to message you! I enjoyed it so much and I too always look at the stars! Carry on what you’re doing!
Tara, UK, 07/06/2018

Dear Cathy, I am in foster care and have been since I was 12 (I’m almost 18). I think it is so amazing what you do and how you cope because we don’t see much of that from where I live.  I started reading your books about a year ago and they really have helped guide my life to what I want it to be.  Being a child in care we don’t really think about how the carers are thinking. Being able to read your books gives me an insight and greater appreciation of how many lives you have helped change for the better! I really identify with your daughter Lucy and look up to her. She had such a terrible start but has changed her life with the aid of you and many others for the best. I aspire to be as successful in making sure my life doesn’t change for the worst. Thank you for all you do Cathy.
Cheyenne, Australia, 06/06/2018

Your books are fantastic! Just finished reading Daddy’s Little Princess! What a lovely little family, I admire them all. They truly deserve much happiness. I cried when John left you, how heart breaking when there weren’t  any clues leading up to him leaving! Adrian and Paula are an inspiration, so very understanding and loving! You should be very proud of yourself in bringing these wonderful children into the world, they are a credit to you!
Judi, UK, 03/06/2018

Hi I wanted to say thank you for telling the stories of the amazing children you have looked after. You are inspirational, foster carers do not get enough recognition for what they do and the impact it has on your own life/family. I have read all of your books and each one of the stories have touched my heart. It is down to you and your children that so many of them had happy endings.  I am still young but would love to foster in the future. Wishing you the best.
Jessica, 31/05/2018

Hi Cathy, hope you and your family are all well. Just read Cruel To Be Kind, really enjoyed it. All your books are so good. Keep writing.
Sarah, UK, 25/05/2018

Dear Ms. Glass, I was introduced to your books through our public library. I fine them heartfelt, pleasant and eye opening. Through your books, I’ve also came to realize how lucky I am to have such a supportive and loving family. I believe if teenagers acknowledged authors like yourself, they’d come to realize just how lucky they have it when others don’t. I can’t wait to read more and I hope one day I’ll have a powerful story to tell like you.
Kayla, 15, Australia, 24/05/2018

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books since the age of 13, I started with Damaged as it was recommended by a friend. I remember reading the book in a few hours, since then I have read every book you have published on the children you’ve fostered and I am constantly waiting for new books to be published!  I am fascinated by the stories of the children and interested in supporting those in similar situations. Last year I started my Masters in Social Work and for my first placement. My role as a student social worker is to work with carers by providing them with information and resources. I praise all carers with the fantastic work they do and understand they are professionals in the field.
Evita, UK, 23/05/2018

I have just read, ‘A long way from home’. As a retired teacher I have, during my career, met lots of children. I could pick out the ‘damaged ones’ instantly who rarely responded to TLC.
Maureen, 23/05/2018

Hello, just finished A Long Way From Home. Your story of Anna kept me gripped with every emotion.  I’m sure the time Anna spent with you and your family had bearing. I’m gutted that that’s all your books read now so will have to wait till your next one.  Please hurry and finish another book please.  Best wishes to you and your family.
Cath, Scotland, 21/05/2018

Hi I’ve just finished reading Saving Danny and what a great book it is. I love your books and I cannot stop reading them.
Daniel, 20/05/2018

Hi Cathy just to say your books are amazing.  Yours are the best, they are addictive. One happy reader.
Linda, 20/05/2018

Bought your new book, A long way from Home, two days ago, and finished it late this afternoon! It was great, as are all your books! Please keep them coming!
Barb, 19/05/2018

Hello Cathy, A Long Way From Home is the first of your books that I have read, and I finished it in one day.  It was such a great story, and the update about Anna and your family mean so much to me.  For my next selection, I will try to get a copy of the book about your adopted daughter, Lucy.  I am learning so much.  Thank you.
Janel, US, 17/05/2018

I have read a lot of your books and really enjoyed them.
Sharon, 16/05/2018

Hi Cathy, I could not put “A Long Way from Home” down. It was so heart wrenching for Elaine and Ian, two lovely people that only ever wanted to be a Mummy and Daddy. Little did they or anyone else know that Anna had so many deep seeded problems. However, they carried on trying to bring the best out of Anna where I personally feel very few would have lasted that distance. Fortunately you were able to foster her and no-one would know what yourself, Adrian and Paula went through at the time. I must also admit I was worried about Toscha. I couldn’t wait to finish this story and finished the book at 2.10 am.  I loved reading the update online. Absolutely fabulous, fabulous book. Thanks Cathy, now I have to wait until September for your next one as I have read all your books to date now.  Maybe I should go back and start reading them over again.
Lori, Australia, 13/05/2018

Hello Miss Cathy Glass, my English is not that good, but I want to say that I read your book Damaged, recently, a translation. Your book took my heart. I received the translated book yesterday and I started reading yesterday and finished it today. I am so heartbroken for Jodie’s story and I could not imagine how an eight year old little girl has gone through a harsh past. After I read your book I realized that such kind and committed people like you still exist and there might be thousands of children like Jodie out there that we have never ever heard of. I am a 25 year old single woman who is considering adopting a child. Thank you so much for writing this because people like me who are expecting to adopt a child can be really educated by this book.
Maneka, Sri Lanka, 12/05/2018

Just to say you’re a brilliant author. I love your books, I can’t put them down.
Carla, 11/05/2018

Hello Cathy, I am enjoying your books so much. Thank you for writing them. I am close to finishing A Baby’s Cry. So sad. I can kind of relate to Harrison’s mom her in her situation to a degree. This book is so good, so intense. I just love your books. Thank you again for your books. Truly
Sarah, 10/05/2018

Another moving story, showing the real world of fostering/adopting. That poor little lad. Moved to tears again, read the book in 25 hours.
Julie, 10/05/2018

Dear Cathy I just finished reading ‘Damaged’ after my aunt recommended it to me. I finished in 3 days which is huge for me as I used to think I wasn’t able to read a whole book. I just want to let you know how deeply your story of Jodie touched me and made me feel so grateful for the family I have. I hope wherever Jodie is today she is doing very well and living the life she deserves. Your heart and determination is inspiring. Thank you for making this world a brighter place.
Mia, Australia, 07/05/2018

Cathy I love your books and have read every one of them. I’m dyslexic and have always found reading very hard so I never did but after reading your books I love reading now (only your books lol) I can’t wait for your next book. You have done such a great job over the years and should be very proud of yourself.
Rebecca, 05/05/2018

Dear Cathy, I’m a very keen reader of your books. I am a nursery nurse and find that your books have helped with my safeguarding role, especially when there has been a looked after child.  I have also struggled myself with mental health and have seen signs of mental illness in your children within the story. The way you deliver and care for them is just lovely and means a lot. Your stories have taught and inspired me so much. I would love to foster. I am raising awareness of mental health and doing a fundraiser this year. I will continue to read your books and do my job. Thank you for all your inspiration xxxx
Felicity, UK, 04/05/2018

Dear Cathy, you are my hero! I am a mother of 8 children and over the years have fostered several kids. So many children have been and continue to be abused. It was only recently that I discovered your books, and they have given me so much strength. I help take care of my husband who was diagnosed with dementia and work full time as a nurse. I can’t wait to come home and pick up one of your books. I’m trying to read all of them! You are an inspiration to me and to so many. Your strength of character, patience, warmth, and kindness are unparalleled. I wish you and your family good health, happiness, and inner peace. I hope you continue to write, and to be a role model for so many. ‘God bless you! Sincerely
Hennie, US, 04/05/2018

Hello, I am such a huge fan! You are my biggest role model in life and I hope I can do as much good as you have done for the children you foster. I am hoping to go to college for a degree in social services in hopes of becoming a social worker, to make a change in the way the system runs today. I always strive to be the best, probably because of the amount of bullying I’ve gotten in my life. The first book I’ve ever read by you: Damaged changed my life and I would just like to thank you for that. It made me a better person.
Emma, 16, US, 03/05/2018

Hello Cathy, You are such an angel for what you do! I cry every book! How do you find the strength to help someone in need when you also suffered so much? Every story just touches me and I cry every book! I have a 5 year old and yes its hard work as a single mum, but you just go beyond! Your whole family is beautiful and have so much respect for all of you! I miss your dad as I know you do. You are amazing! Wow you make me want to be a better person!!!
Louiese, 02/05/2018

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading your books. I’ve been sharing them with my mom and her sister and they’ve been enjoying them as well. They both spent a couple years in a local orphanage when they were early teens/mid teens as well as their other siblings. My maternal grandmother had some health issues and needed some help taking care of them. The orphanage was horrible to them. They are all seniors now and most have their own families have grandchildren.  I send the books  to them as I’ve finished and  we talk on the phone and discuss how good they are, and how sad these stories are. Thank you so much for writing these stories and sharing with us the work that you do. The world needs more caring people like you. Sincerely
Tara, Canada, 24/04/2018

Hello Mrs Glass, I just want to say your book Cut really inspired me. I  am a former foster child. I was in  and out of care my entire life. I found a home. I’m currently in college and as the semester wraps up, I was questioning can I finish? After reading Dawn’s story, I am more confident than ever. Thank You.
Khyer, 23/04/2018

Hi Cathy, Hope you are well, I’ve just finished your book The Child bride (not the first one I’ve read) just thought I’d email you to say you’re doing an amazing job as foster carer. I too spent 8 years in care through being sexually abused at 6 I only wish I had a carer like you. I think you’re a truly amazing woman and so inspirational. To see the side of a foster carer through your books has truly opened my eyes to how hard it must be to be a foster carer. To think how horrible I was to the carers that looked after me I only wish I kept in touch with them the way you do. Take care Cathy and keep up the amazing work you do. Kind regards
Susie, 23/04/2018

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your books! I’m a youth worker in residential care in Australia and I am completely in awe with you! Working with young people with challenging behaviours, I have no idea how you support these young people 24/7, for extended periods of time, I come off my shifts, 24 or 48 hours long, and am absolutely shattered. Reading your books, particularly coming off a very challenging shift, I will often ask myself how does she do it. I just wanted to say how truly amazing I think you are, and how much I am enjoying reading your books! Thanks for taking the time to read my email.
Mel, Australia, 22/04/2018

Hiya Cathy, I’m 20, at the age of 17 I lost my mum to leukaemia. During the sad days I picked up your books and not only did I cry but I fell in love with what you do. Reading about the way you change every child’s life has inspired me to become a foster carer. I feel the tough times I’ve been through and knowing I can pick up one of your books and cheer myself up again is as inspirational as anything. I just wanted to say thank you for the mother and parent you are. I send my love to all your family. Lots of love
Tara, 17/94/2018

Hi Cathy, I was recently introduced to you books by my mum and have become addicted very quickly. You are an incredible writer and I get so hooked, I end up staying up really late to read just one more chapter. I have just read “Can I let you go?” and I read it in 2 days and found it really moving, as the mother of a special needs son. I understood how much you wanted Faye to be able to successfully look after her baby Edward. I am my mums carer and felt it was the perfect book to read in my me time. Thank you so much for letting us into your world as a foster carer and mother. Love from
Michaela, 15/04/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just read your latest A long way from home. I just have to say I love your books, you go straight into the story, and that’s what I love about your books. When l m reading your books I feel I can imagine you and your family and your home. I certainly will buy your new book coming out under Lisa Stone. Anyway Cathy I just like to thank you for your great books, you know I never read much before now I can’t stop. Thank you.
Kay, 15/04/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book “The Night The Angels Came”.  Many times I had a lump in my throat and was reduced to real tears, not only for Michael and Patrick but for you as well. How you coped was amazing. Sometimes I wondered who was at home to comfort you as you were clearly distressed about what Patrick had decided. I want to congratulate you on the way you write your books, I usually cannot put them down and in fact you wrote this book in such a way that I think I was even in love with Patrick.  In a different time and place you would have made a great couple. Thank you for keeping your readers “in the loop” with the updates on all your foster children.  It’s great to hear how they are doing in this world, much thanks to you. Kindest Regards
Kerry, Australia, 15/04/2018

I have just read your new book A long Way From Home in just 36hrs. Another fantastic book and such an unbelievable the way children in other countries are left. The book was heart wrenching. Thanks once again.
Julie, 12/04/2018

Hi I absolutely love your books and they are so inspiring. I’m 15 and am trying to collect them all.
Jessica, 12/04/2018

Hello Cathy, Hope all is well. We chatted on Facebook some time ago after I found one of your books called “Damaged” in a hotel in Spain. I started to read it and couldn’t put it down. I read A Long Way From Home” two days ago and checked on updates on the book which was a great ending.
William, 08/04/2018

Hi Cathy. I am 19 years old and I have just finished reading all your fostering memoirs (save “Cruel to be kind” because I am still on the library’s waiting list). I really enjoyed them and appreciate how honest you are in your writing, and don’t leave out the “ugly bits” like the challenges of fostering or the abuse that happens. I think it’s very important to talk about these topics.
Kathi, UK, 06/04/2018

Hi I’ve just finished reading Damaged (which I started a couple of hours ago). An incredible insight into your journey with her.
Sophia, 01/04/2018

Hi Cathy I been fan of your books for a very long time. Last month I decided to quit smoking after 30years of smoking 20 a day. I thought I could never do it but I’ve done it. I’ve been off cigarettes for a whole month now thanks to your books. Every time I got a craving I would grab ta book and managed to stop smoking.
Mutlu, UK, 28/03/2018

What strength you have to face so many challenging behaviours with your foster children and the difference you make to their lives.  Especially enjoy the updates as to how the children are progressing. Mothering does not come naturally to all and some of us struggle to enjoy our children although we want them to be healthy and happy.
Kathy, 27/03/2018

I listen to all of your audio books, I find that your books are so inspirational I want to thank you for the insight of a foster child’s life.  As I was growing up I saw children being bullied just because they were  fostered or adopted. This confused me as I didn’t understand. I was a bit like them as I have severe learning difficulties which made me different to all the others. This has made me understand how this can affect  their behaviour and feelings,  giving me more reason in the future to foster young people.
Lee, 26/03/2018

Hello Cathy, I have just finished your latest book A Long Way From Home. Yet another amazing story. It really was heart wrenching to read what those children suffered at the hands of those who are supposed to love and protect them. I’m glad Elaine and Ian decided to try again with Anna…… and you got the chance to see her again years later….. that always warms my heart when that happens in your stories. I now look forward to your next book. (I have read them all). Keep up the good work you do Cathy as the world is a better place with people like you in it.
Jan, UK, 26/03/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading “Can I let you go?”. What an amazing story it pulled on every one of my emotions. I was so glad when Faye decided to keep the baby and I was proud of her learning everything she needed to be able to keep Edward. Making that incredibly difficult decision to put him up for adoption had me in absolute floods of tears. She is such a strong and brave woman to be able to do it she has my up most respect. And of course you as well. It must have been so hard for you to be involved and I can only imagine what it did to you and your family too. I’m over the moon that they are both leading happy lives with people who love them so much. I have read most of your book and I think you do an absolutely fantastic job. Taking these poor wee souls into your family and nurturing them with love and support so they can lead a happy and joyful future is just amazing. I totally take my hat of to you and all foster carers. I hope you continue to write your books. I am wondering if possible could you send me a list of all your books in order so I can read the ones I have missed please. Sending lots of you to you and your family.
Stephanie UK, 16/03/2018

Hi I have just started reading your books as I was recommended them by a work colleague, and I can’t put them down. You’re a real inspiration and it’s a good job there are people like you in the world reaching out and helping vulnerable children. I am currently reading Cruel To Be Kind and plan on reading all your books. Already picking out the next one.
Laura, 14/03/2018

Hi I have just finished reading your latest book A Long Way From Home. What a fantastic book. You are an amazing lady for all you do for the children.
Yvonne, UK, 14/03/2018

Just wanted to say how much my mum and I are enjoying your books.  I am a carer and I support people with learning disabilities and dementia. My mum is 78 years old and I introduced her to your books which she can’t put down.  Thank goodness for people like you who can help others in  need.  I also help voluntarily but it’s nothing compared to what you do. Always look forward to your next book.
Jo, 12/03/2018

Hello.  I have tried to read many of your books. Im a 16 year old. I find a lot of inspiration in your books. I think that u are a very find writer.  And the children you have fostered were always in good hands. Tasmiyah, South Africa, 12/03/2018

Hello Cathy, I just want to say how much I enjoy your books.  I am reading about Max and I am pleased that his life has turned out good.  It is sad to read what some children have to go through.
Elaine, 12/03/2018

Hi Cathy. I have read all of your books. I’m about to start your new one. You are such an incredible lady. I was fostered for 7 years, I was a complete nightmare. Now I have a family of my own and the most amazing fiancé who never gave up on me. With the right help I changed my life around. Keep doing what you do. I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.
Louise, 11/03/2018

Hello Cathy, I am 14 and I have read your book Cut because I was seeking some type of guidance or support. I really really loved your book and I’ve ended up ordering them all. I read them all in a day. I’m a sufferer of self-harm and have suicidal thoughts and low moods, I have been referred me to CAHMS but it just doesn’t help. I love reading and writing, it’s like an escape, so when I read your books they relate so much to me. You write so well. Sometimes I really wish I could be in your care because I know I could talk to you about anything. You seem so understanding and loving. I wish my mum could be more understanding. You have helped me a little bit and stopped me from doing some very very silly things. Lots of love.
India, UK, 11/03/2018

Hi Cathy!  I finally got your new book and I’m so excited to read it. Trying to make myself wait til tonight (delayed gratification) because I know I won’t be able to put it down and will most likely finish it in one night. I’ve read all your foster memoirs and always rush out to buy your new ones.  I  know it’s going to be hard to put down. I always learn things, I always feel emotional. You are an incredible writer (and foster carer).  Hope all is good with you and your family. Good vibes.
Sarah, UK, 09/03/2018

Hi Cathy, I’ve never been a reader  but my work colleague gave me your book Damaged and I’m totally hooked.  She has your collection to date and so far, I haven’t been able to put them down. I read Saturdays, night times, when I’m having breakfast. Your stories really grip me. Well done. Keep it up. Regards
Sue, Australia, 09/03/2018

Hi Cathy, I finished A Long Way From Home last night.  It was so good, and
had such a great ending.  I’m now listening to A Baby’s Cry, and am truly enjoying it.  I have also listened to The Darkness Within.  I absolutely love it! I’m also look forward to Stalker.  I will review your books on audible.
Laura, 08/03/2018

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘A Long Way From Home,’ and only purchased the book yesterday. Such a moving story, so well written and very thought provoking. I will definitely be ordering some more of your books and recommending to many of my friends. I am due to start a position supporting adoptive parents and their children in the next week. Of course I am well aware this job will be a challenge and I know the pressures social workers are under, but I am definitely ready to put all my knowledge and skills into practice! You are very inspirational, and reading ‘A Long Way From Home’ has helped me see the foster carers perspective of fostering children, their challenges but also just what an amazing job so many foster carers do.
Gracie, UK, 05/03/2018

Dear Ms Cathy Glass, I’m 14 years old and I am a very huge fan of yours. I love to read your books. I was never a big fan of books until I started to read yours. I’m doing a CBA in school (classroom based assessment) and I’ve chosen to do it on you and your books.
Charlene, Ireland, 05/03/2018

Hi Cathy Glass, I would like to thank you for writing books. I have read your books for many years and can proudly say I own every one of them, and convince all my friends to read them too. They each have their own spot on my bookshelf. Although I am still young (19) you have inspired me to want to make a difference and foster/adopt when I am older and have settled down. As welI, I thoroughly enjoy reading your updates often to check for new updates. Please never stop writing. Thank you in advance for reading my email.
Kailee, Canada, 04/03/2018

Hi Cathy, I am one of your Sri Lankan fans addicted to your books. I just finished “Cut” which made me cry. It is so heart breaking. I wish I could talk to you and listen more about your experiences. Wish you the best.
Thilini, Sri Lanka, 03/03/2018

Omg I loved The Darkness Within, so gripping. You are an excellent writer.
Jillian, 03/03/2018

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Cruel To Be Kind, it only took me taken me two days. How on earth do you do it?! I admire you so much & well done on looking after max & everything you did for him. I love reading all the details you include in all your books as it makes me feel I’m there with you in every chapter. What saddened me the most when reading Max’s story was about his mother, all so sad, and shows what an unhappy relationship with food can do too your health. I am sorry for Max & his sitters’ loss.  Hope you are all keeping warm in this cold weather. I’ve had a snow day today so I haven’t been a work, it was the prefect chance to finish your book.
Jodie, UK, 03/03/2018

Hi Cathy hope you are well. I just finished reading A Long Way From Home I’m so glad that Anna story ended up being a good one. The impression you made on that little girl…
Kirsty, 02/03/2018

Hi there Cathy, I just finished your new book and it was very good. As I read it I thought a lot about my friend and the things she went through when she adopted her daughter internationally. I will definitely recommend your book to her. She does a fabulous job with her daughter but she absolutely had struggles especially in the beginning. She now just has the everyday stuff we all deal with as parents.  I hope you and your family are well. Take good care.
Marnie, USA, 02/03/2018

Dear Ms. Glass, I’ve read every one of our books.  I love your style of writing.  You handle the most horrific of situations with such dignity.  Nothing is ever morbid.   I’ve cried and sometimes laughed at the way you describe things.  As the survivor of an abusive childhood and terrible early adulthood I appreciate the love, patience and commitment not to mention the effort you have put into learning about and truly understanding the children you help.   I wish I had someone like you when I was younger.  Thankfully, I was blessed with a wonderful husband who along with a strong faith in God has helped me learn to cope with the anxieties associated with my early life.  Thank you for the updates as well.  Enjoy the rest of your day.
Suzette, 01/03/2018

Hi Cathy I hope you and your family are well. I have emailed you before but just read A Long Way From Home and loved it, as I do all your books. I really hope you have another book out soon! Take care.
Jillian 28/02/2018