All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hello Cathy, I hope this email finds you and your family well. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your last book, Where Has Mummy Gone? It was a very heart-breaking story but I loved it all the same. I have read all of your books and await each new one with bated breath! I am blind and read your books in audio, I am so grateful that you have made them available on audible, you have enabled so many blind people to be able to read them now, I am looking forward to your next one, out in February! many hugs, you’re an amazing lady.
Carol, Ireland, 31/12/2018

Hi, I speak English just a little. I apologize in advance for my terrible errors in this e-mail.  When I knew your books, I knew that I have to read all. And I read with bated breath. I have great respect for you. You are doing wonderful job and change life children on better.
Aga, Poland, 29/12/2018

Hi Cathy. I have just finished my fifth of your amazing books. I want to say a massive thank you from my heart for all that you do! You are truly beyond remarkable! Kudos to you for the selfless work you have done for all these years. You have made such a difference in so many of these precious lives. No child should EVER suffer anything more than the trial of having to wait til after dinner for their sweets as I believe they’re called in the UK. I reside in Australia…we call them lollies!  Ì am going to be getting hold of the remainder of your gripping reads asap. They are often heart breaking but I can barely put them down. I have grown to love not only you but your three beautiful children too. I feel as though I know them through reading your books. You must be immensely proud of them. My love & very best wishes to all of you. I will continue to read your books & your beautiful little family will doubtless remain in my thoughts, my heart & my prayers. Kindest regards.
Jacqueline, Australia, 27/12/2018

I have been fostering for more than 13 years now. I had a really difficult placement this year and could write a book about everything that happened. When this placement broke down I came across your books which are absolutely amazing!  At the moment I am reading Will You Love Me? which is quite similar to what happened to me this year. Many aspects of fostering in the UK are similar to Germany, from social workers, social service and fostering agencies to the behaviour the fostering children show. I kept underlining resembling passages in each book. There’s however ONE exception: We don’t need to write the log-notes I just write down any weird  behaviour and pass it on to my social worker or the responsible fostering agency.  Happy New Year to you and your family.
Gabriele, Germany, 26/12/2018

Hi Cathy, I’m 17 years old. I’ve been reading your books for 2 years maybe and this Christmas my greatest present was 4 of your books. I now have 13 of your books. I have been in care myself and have only recently come out. I cannot begin to tell you the inspiration I have received from your books and because of the amount you have helped others, you have inspired me to apply to university to study psychology to hopefully become a social worker while fostering. The most hurtful thing I found in your books was that your husband left you for someone else. How someone could do wrong to someone who does so much right completely blew my mind and had me in tears. I’m currently readying ‘Cruel To Be Kind’. I was in care because my mother was in an abusive relationship (which she is out of now) and my father is a serious addict who was also sexually abusive. I honestly cannot even begin to explain how amazing you, your children and your parents are for helping and adapting your lives to others in need. Thank you, so so much. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas
Holly, 25/12/2018

Dear Cathy, Firstly, I’d like to thank you for sharing both yours, your children’s and your foster children’s stories with the world. What an eye opener it is to see a wonderful mother along with all three of her children supporting those who really need a loving family. It really shows me that there are nice people in this world. Secondly, I’d just like to say how much you make me appreciate my up-bringing and life. Your books make me feel very blessed.  Any child (including your wonderful children; Adrian, Paula and Lucy) are truly blessed to have you as part of their life.  This sounds very cliche, but I’m not ever one to cry. It’s currently 12:20am here in Australia, I’ve just finished reading Tayo’s story and the ending has me sobbing!!  I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Yours truly
Jake, Australia, 21/12/2018

Hi! I would just like to start by saying how truly eye opening your books are, and I really took an interest in them through my mother. She began reading them around a year or so ago, and she now has an entire book case dedicated to them and insists on passing them around to her friends to indulge in! They have inspired her to work towards being a foster carer herself as she grew up surrounded by foster siblings too, so as you can imagine she can highly empathise with your writing and holds them close to her heart. Since reading your work, my mother has also taken extra time to make changes to the lives of those in foster care alongside her day job and domestic work. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future.
Darcie, 14/12/2018

It has been over 9 years since I read a book cover to cover – my eldest daughter is 8 years old. I have an 18months old who is a challenge at bedtime and throughout the night. My father in law gave me a kindle so I had something to read in the dark and in 2 months I have read 6 of your books and am currently enjoying another. You have saved my sanity! Your books are beautifully written and I really feel like I know the personalities of the children and adults in them. What wonderful work you do and lives you have changed. Thank you again.
Hayley, 12/12/2018

Hi. I recently found one of your books in my local library. I read it in 4 days. I Miss Mummy. What an amazing book. You’re a very special lady, as are your children and parents. My heart goes out to you and yours from me and mine. Well done on being what is good in the world. You do not go unnoticed. Kind regards
Rebecca, UK, 10/12/2018

Ms. Glass, My daughter is a huge fan of your fostering memoirs!  She has never been an avid reader until she started reading your books.  She and I were involved in a car accident in 2017 in which she sustained a significant head injury. She was restricted to 2-4 hours of school per day.  Being a 10th grader, she was finding herself depressed and saddened due to her lack of social interactions.  I purchased one of your books for her with hopes it would distract her some from her own issues.  She found herself unable to put your book down. We have almost all of your books, which she has read multiple more than once.  She has fell in love with your writing and the stories of the children you were able to touch the lives of.  I wanted you to know what a difference you have made in her life and thank you for sharing your experiences as foster caregiver.  I honestly feel if I hadn’t found your books, my daughter would have struggled with her medical restrictions but instead was able use your books as a distraction and continues to enjoy reading….because of you! Thank you!
Lisa, USA, 07/12/2018

Dear Cathy, I was on honeymoon in Malta and picked up Where Has Mummy Gone?” From page one I couldn’t put it down for all sorts of reasons; I used to work in children’s’ homes and so identify with a lot of the LAC language, I often wonder after the children I cared for and how they are getting on. I grew up with an alcoholic mum who has since gone on to develop vascular dementia. I think it is so amazing that you tell these kids stories, enable us to lift them up in our thoughts and prayers and to keep our feet on the ground. It is by no means glamorous trying to help these kids navigate their circumstances! I want to say thank you for all you have invested in the children you have looked after! I look forward to reading more and seeing the wonderful work you and your family have done!
Megan, UK, 06/12/2018

I have just read the first book of yours, Can I Let You Go? It was the best book I’ve ever read. Will be looking for more.
Lesley, 05/12/2018

Hi.  I read your Damaged books and Will You Love Me? Really heart touching books, crying reading after book. I wish you  good luck Cathy.
Nishadhi, Sri Lanka, 03/12/2018

Hi Cathy I’ve finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone and what an eye opener of how this little girl lived, but what an absolute credit you are. I’m not sure I’d have the emotional strength to foster and watch these children come and go. What a shame it ended the way it did for her mother, but in a sense, must have been a relief, as Miss May well described as being for the best. It is the only one of your books I’ve read to date but I have ordered 7 more to be delivered this week. You kids are also a credit to you! All the best
Ange, 02/12/2018

Hi.  I read your Damaged book. It is the first book I read of yours. I hope Jodie is okay? I think you can understand my English.
Sudehini, Sri Lanka, 01/12/2018

Hey, Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. I have always wanted to foster.  I am currently reading Girl Alone and I am really enjoying it. I enjoy it because you bring the emotions through the pages. I enjoy that you write about how each child interacts and also changes the family in the house. And how each child is so different. Thank you very much for sharing your stories.
Sami, 28/11/2018

I have read all of your books, you write so well with such articulate care for how it reads. I must say ‘Where Has Mummy Gone’ has touched my heart, maybe due to losing my own mother to this dreadful alienated suffering, but also for how well Melody coped.  Amazing Cathy, the world requires more individuals with your qualities of care.
Christine, 23/11/2018

Hi Cathy, My journey with your books began 3 years ago when I was a lost teenager and my aunt gave me one of your books in hope to get me back into reading and acting more like’ me’. I want to thank you for sharing all of your amazing stories because I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. Your stories inspired me to finish my studies at college and apply for university where I’m currently in my second year of studying social work. Your stories and details about social work involvement has helped me to a lot to get a sense of my professional identity. I would like to thank you again for all the stories. I cannot wait to read more. Thank you for helping me find myself.
Aleksandra, UK, 17/11/2018

Hi, I was adopted when I was 3 and I am still very close to my foster parents. I also went back to live with them when I was 15 as my life became very hard after experiencing some bad times at school. Your books really touch me, all of them and I am now finding them massive comfort. I have 3 children, after a very bad domestic relationship I ended up in prison and haven’t seen my children since 2013 and it never becomes any easier. It haunts me every day. Reading your books helps me to understand foster care. Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences.
Sarah, 15/11/2018

I just started reading your books – I started with reading about Lucy, then read about Jodie and Michael & have literally just finished reading about lovely Faye and her baby. I then found the updates on your website which are fantastic. I really wanted to send a message to say you are a wonderful person and if only there were more people like you in the world, the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing an insight into fostering.
Claire, UK, 14/11/2018

Hello Cathy I started reading your books when I picked one at random at our local Asda store. I simply couldn’t put it down. I have now read about a dozen of your books each one as superb as the last one. As I am disabled I have now found something worthwhile to help pass the time. Thank you so much for all the pleasure in get reading your books.
Bill, UK, 11/11/2018

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone. Another brilliant story which made me cry in places, just shows how drugs and drink ruins lives.
Julie, 04/11/2018

Hi Cathy,   I have just finished reading ‘Where Has Mummy Gone’ and as always I am touched by the story and went straight onto the website to read the update.  This is my third time emailing you, the first time was after I submitted my UCAS application in 2009 and the second was 2015 when I was working as a support worker in a residential children’s home. I am still with that organisation and within three years I became a registered manager. It was reading your books that made me take this career path, so not only have you helped children directly but you are also helping them from a distance. Best Wishes
Rachel, 03/11/2018

Hi Cathy, I love reading your books. I discovered them  via my mum, who lent me “The Girl in the Mirror” and I was hooked.  I’ve just finished reading about Alex and am about to move to the next one. Sadly, I suffer from depression but reading your books help me in ways I cannot begin to explain, so thank you.  Reading what some of the children you foster have experienced in early life, makes me appreciate what I have and also makes me realise just how devastating childhood can be for some, and how much goes on that many of us have no idea about. You’ve inspired me to become a foster carer when I am older as I’m concentrating on my career and raising my young son right now, but hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to help children the way you have. Thank you
Jessica, 02/11/2018

Hi, I have just finished reading your 24th book and I would just like to say what a wonderful woman you are, what you did for all those children and how your own children accepted them is truly amazing. I got into your books because i found Hidden in a charity shop and then i was hooked. I’ve read all of them in 2 months. I have a lot of illnesses that keep me in the house and that’s what has been filling my days but now i don’t know what to do lol. I hope you and your children are all well. I think you deserve some sort of medal or something for everything you have done. Regards
Emma, 31/10/2018

Hello Cathy I have just finished your latest book…. where has mummy gone and it was another great read Cathy. Melody was so loyal to her mother and loved her very much. But it was illness that came between them. When I finished reading this book I had this strange urge to start making cupcakes. Thank you Cathy for letting me into your world and family life once again. Keep up the good work. Love to you and your family, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your next book.
Jan UK 31/10/2018 XXX

Dear Cathy, I have read one of your books for the first time “Where has Mummy gone?” I just want to say what an amazing book it was, and what an amazing job you are doing fostering. I am currently thinking about adopting a child. You are a great writer and I wish you and your family best wishes. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards
Saima, 31/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I’ve just this minute finished reading ‘Where has Mummy Gone?’ Oh my gosh, what a beautifully written book, I honestly couldn’t put down. Me and my husband adopted our gorgeous son when he was aged 5.  Reading your book made all of the memories from our early experiences come flooding back. Thank you for writing, by sharing your experiences you’ve made me count my blessings. Thank goodness there are people like you around. Many thanks and kind regards
Sue, 30/10/2018

Thank you for all the books you’ve written. I just have to say I appreciate everything you have written about! Much love.
Ogallala, USA, 30/10/2018

Dear Cathy, I’ve read about 10-12 books you have written. I just finished reading about Dawn.  I’m 16 and planning on doing my higher studies on psychology  and I can’t begin to say how much your books have increased my interests in psychology and helping children with problems. It’s through books like yours that we get a good look into real problems. I just wanted to let you know that everything you have written has played a major role in me selecting what subjects I’d like to study or rather what I want to do one day. I hope you continue writing the stories of children you foster.  I also love the way your children have been brought up. Wishing you all the very best in future, take care and may God bless you all. Much Love.
Isuri, Sri Lanka, 28/10/2018

Cathy, I wanted to tell you that I now have ALL of your books.  I have read all but 4 of them, which I am working through and should be finished by the end of the year. I really enjoy true stories. One of your books caught my eye, so I purchased it and then fell in love with you and what you are doing. Keep up the great work
Kathryn, USA, 27/10/2018

Cathy, I have listened to several of your books and enjoyed every one of them. It is easier for me to listen to books than reading. I am so glad that I found your books. Keep up the great writing. Denica Fairman narrates your books great. She keeps your interest. I do like her voice changes. Thank you very much
Tonya, USA, 27/10/2018

Hello Cathy, I’m writing to tell you, you are truly a massive inspiration of mine. You are a fantastic author and are a credit to the fostering community.  I just finished reading ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ which  took me around 3 days.  I have a massive selection of your books which I am working my way through. You are such a brave, passionate and loving person and I am so glad I found your books. Never stop doing what you do best. Kind regards
Justice, 26/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading ‘The Child Bride’, it was heart-breaking.  I am addicted to your books. I recently found out that my local library also did e-books so I’ve read three of your books within three days. I’ve been unable to put my phone down.   I’m just starting to read ‘Saving Danny’ and I know it’ll be finished by tomorrow. I’m usually an early sleeper but I’ve been up until late reading your books and I’m spending my lunch break reading too! You truly are a great person, you’ve helped so many children and adults through the hardest times of their lives and made them feel loved and wanted. Reading comments on your website it seems you’ve touched so many people’s hearts, including mine! Keep it up!  Kindest Regards.
Eleisha, UK, 24/10/2018

Dear Cathy, Hope you are fine. I have read another of your books.  Like your other books I can’t believe what happened.  You are a great woman. I think the  #me too trend, which is spreading social media  is a smart step to women who have been abused by men.  Take care. With love
Nisa, Sri Lanka, 21/10/2019

Dear Cathy, I have recently become a foster carer and I am currently looking after my first child. My previous back ground was as a Teaching Assistant, a role I under took for 20 years. I thought this would give me a good grounding for my new role but I’m constantly amazed at the lows that people attain in the lack of care for their children. My supervising social worker gave me Hidden to read. It is one of the most amazing stories I have read, it moved me to tears. You are truly an inspiration.  In future when the going gets tough I shall think of you and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bless you. Yours Sincerely
Sonia, UK, 2/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I have emailed before but I wanted to reiterate how much I enjoy your books, I have read all your books, most twice or three times. I work in childcare and am currently doing a foundation degree in early years, and have found your books to be very helpful. Thank you so much. You are a true inspiration to me and many many more! I hope you continue to foster and write about your experiences. Best Wishes
Kirsty, UK, 20/10/2018

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to say how moving your book was – “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell.” I came across this book while clearing out a crack den one weekend as part of a community project.  I started to read your story regarding Reece being placed into your care. You are one remarkable woman who has  helped so many unfortunate children in the system rebuild their trust. You should be so proud of what you have achieved.  I will be purchasing more of your books. Regards.
Sharon, UK, 18/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I am halfway through reading “I Miss Mummy”. This book jumped out at me whilst in a book shop probably because we are experiencing something similar. Your books are very political. Why aren’t the powers to be taking on points you raise?  The mental health of the future generations should be paramount. Due to draconian laws decisions are made that are not humane. Thank you for recording practices that need to be revised.
Stephanie, 16/10/2019

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone? And my god, there were a few parts within the book that I started to choke up a bit. Especially with past experiences of how quickly a loved one can go downhill when they are ill.  Thank you for writing such lovely books. Am looking forward to the next one. Best wishes
Sophie, 13/10/2018

Just finished Where Has Mummy Gone? What a sad and happy book, had lots of emotions reading this. So glad that Melody found happiness in the end, for she had gone through a lot in her young life. Keep up the writing Cathy, really enjoy your books. Kind regards
Elaine, 13/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I love your books and your hard work! And for me you are the best writer! I have read your books twice, each book took me one evening. I just could not break away from them!  l saw that you have more books, but in Poland is only 15. So  when will there will be more of your books available in Poland? Best regards
Ewelina, Poland, 12/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I recently moved to the USA from Ireland and I was in Walmart last week. I sometimes pick up books if I am in the mood to read. Your book popped out at me. Where Has Mummy Gone. I picked this book up and from just looking at the front cover I knew it was the book for me. I read it in 2 days around my busy work schedule. Half way through the book I knew I needed to buy another, so I went straight to Amazon and ordered ‘Cut’. Half way through this book I just can’t put them down. I just ordered ‘Mummy Told Me Mot To Tell’. I am currently now a new and big fan of your books and thank you for writing them.
Ciara, USA, 07/10/2018

Hi Cathy, I have gotten behind on my reading as a lot is always going on. I just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone,  a very good book! You’re a great writer! Your friend
Ellen, 05/10/2018

Cathy, just finished your latest book, Where Has Mommy Gone? It made me cry at the end.  I also just read all the updates on all your books.  I have purchased and read all your books, although in reading the updates, I noticed a book that I haven’t read – can’t believe I missed one – “A Long Way From Home”.  I am going out first thing tomorrow morning and buying it. Thank you so much for all your books.  I really admire you. Also I have read your first Lisa Stone book, and tomorrow will also buy the second one Stalker. Can’t wait for your next book. Most sincerely
Trudy, USA, 04/10/2018

I have read all of your books, each one makes me cry. Thank you so much for the lovely books.  All my love and appreciation.
Maggie, 02/10/2018

I’ve just finished reading the book Girl Alone’ and I loved it so much.  I can relate to stuff that happened. ’m going to buy more of your books ! Thank you.
Rachel, 28/09/2018

Just read Where Has Mummy Gone. I know how the little girl feels a family member had dementia, and plus I work in a care home. The book was excellent. I couldn’t stop crying. Can’t wait for the next book. Sarah, 27/09/2018

Cathy I’m  on holiday in Greece. Just read your book, A Long Way From Home and wanted to say what an amazing lady you are . And a caring person to all your foster children. Your book was brilliant. I couldn’t put it down. Going to start on Where  Has Mummy Gone.
Sarah, Greece, 27/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I started reading your books back at the beginning of September when I saw the book I Miss Mommy in my local shop and decided to give it a go. I’m hooked and have read 9 more of your books since then. You are such an inspirational lady who’s given so much and helped so many children. Thanks for sharing your stories with the world.
Amber, USA, 27/09/2018

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading my first book of yours, Saving Danny, which was bought for me as a present. I can’t wait to go out and buy more of your books which I’m sure I will enjoy just as much. I couldn’t put it down. How lucky Danny, Riva and Richard must of felt to have you been part of their lives. You did a great job as I’m sure you have with all the other children you cared for. My grandson is also on the autistic spectrum and I’m defiantly going to try some of your techniques. I wish you all the best. You’re an inspirational lady. Love
Bev, 25/09/2018

Hi, I have just finished reading Where Has Mommy Gone. I enjoyed the book and it made me cry in parts.
Barb, Canada, 25/09/2018

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Cruel To Be Kind. Like so many of your readers I couldn’t book this book down until the very last page, some with tears falling down my face.  There are quite a few of your books I have read and have enjoyed reading all of them with sadness in my heart for all those children you have taken great care in looking after.
Dorothy, UK, 22/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your book Cut. Wow I loved it. I read it in two days, I couldn’t put it down.  My life has been similar to Dawn’s.  I grew up in care as my mother couldn’t handle me and have struggled with mental illness and trauma. It was so touching to realise that there are people in the world who have similar experiences to me. I would have loved to have someone like you in my life. I’m still trying to get my life together. If Dawn managed it then so can I. I have often wanted to write books about my life, I love reading, it’s like an escape for me. I have been in a dark place with losing my gran. Your book gave me hope. Thank you for that Cathy. Thanks for restoring my faith.
Ashley, 20/09/2018

Hello there, Cathy. I started reading your books  last year. I didn’t really have a love for reading but I realised I was spending too much time on social media and looked for a hobby that would distract me from social media for a while. The first book I read was Another Forgotten Child and I absolutely loved it, I found out that I actually did love reading. As heart-breaking as the stories are the books are truly amazing, easy to read and are written so well. My auntie fosters. The children are truly amazing and I have so much love for them. Your books really do inspire me.  Many thanks
Katie, 19/09/2018

Hi Cathy, firstly, thank you so much for Where Has Mummy Gone. You may remember me, as a blind reader, wanting your books in audio. While I have some catching up to do with your work the audio books are a fantastic read. You should listen to them, they are so emotional!
William, 18/09/2018

Just finished Where Has Mummy Gone? Excellent book, love them all!
Barb, 18/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I have read 18 of your books and I’m on my 19th.  Once I start reading one of your books I cannot put it down. I’m known to finish your books in one day, they just capture me and help take my mind off my anxiety and depression. I’ve just opened The Girl in The Mirror. I would love for you to reply. Thank you for your time. Regards
Jade, Australia, 17/09/2018

Have just read your new book Where has mummy gone? Another beautifully written book/story. You are such a talented lady who helps children in such desperate need of help. Carry on the good work and keep the books coming.
Julie, England, 17/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I really love reading your books and look forward to when you bring a new one out. I am currently reading Where Has Mummy Gone.
Vikki, 15/09/2018

Dearest Cathy, I have read most all your books I have cried through many of them. I too was a foster child and have been adopted. I am very fortunate to have been adopted by wonderful parents although I am a grown woman with grown children of my own. Your stories have touched my heart very deeply because I can relate to something in all of them. Please continue telling these stories as they make me remember my past and they make me ever so grateful for the life I now lead. The U.S. laws are slightly different than your country’s but they still have the same effect on the children.  I am very grateful but saddened  to know that the problems children face is a universal one. I praise you and all foster carers for all you do for without people   many children in this world, including myself, would never know happiness and true unrestricted love. Always grateful
Betty, USA, 14/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I’m 20 years old. I’ve been reading your books since I was about 15 and have read each one multiple times. I’ve just finished Where Has Mummy Gone? and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It was extremely emotional and I couldn’t help but compare Melody to Michael, from The Night The Angels Came. I will be leaving a review on Amazon shortly but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book and I’m really looking forward to your next one. Many thanks
Jessica, 14/09/2018

Hi Cathy I just read the story of your daughter Lucy (Will You Love Me?) and just wanted to say I love reading your books. They are told in a really straightforward non sensationalist way. I believe they give the reader a glimpse into you and your families lives as well as giving lots of practical insight and wisdom. I look forward to reading more. I am currently on Saving Danny.
Fran, 13/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Melody’s story and it has really touched me.
Whitney, 12/09/2018

Hello Cathy, I have just recently read your latest book, ‘Where Has Mummy Gone?’  Thank you for your books they have helped me read. I’m dyslexic and have always struggled reading. Your books are easy to read and understand (even if some tears are shed).  All my love
Lana, 12/09/2018

I recently read some of your books, and nearly cried in the emotional points. The way you put them into words was so real.  I am amazed at how wonderful a person you are by helping the children and young people with love and support. Thanks a lot
Fara, 11/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Where Has Mummy Gone?  It has helped me come to terms with things. I was really moved and touched by your wording, comments in respect of care assistants, the care home and the treatment, Amanda received. I am a care assistant and I work closely with those with dementia and terminal conditions. It was nice to hear your words of comfort to Melody. I truly thank you for releasing this book.  Kind regards
Jade, 10/09/2018

Dear Cathy I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your latest book and in fact all your books, I read over at least twice!  Your books give me such a sense of order peace and calm as I tackle my own household as a single mum to two teenagers who have autism and accompanying learning difficulties.  I would love to foster. I used to be a teacher but it wasn’t possible to continue with my boys’ needs.  I just wanted to say you’re inspirational and your books are honestly like therapy to me.
Helen, 10/09/2018

I just read your latest book.  I think that I have read most all your books.  I love them.  Once I start, they are difficult to put down.  I admire you for what you’ve done with your life, and the great difference you have made in so many children’s lives. God bless you. June, 07/09/2018

Omg. Cathy. Your latest book is amazing.  The original fostering author and still the best xxx
Carol, USA, 07/09/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged for the second time, it is an amazing and heart wrenching book. My dream is to become a social worker, to help young children just like Jodie. It was sad to hear how much Jodie was not supported by her social worker the way she should have been. But she was very lucky to have you in her life.  I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks
Kirsty, 06/09/2018

Hi! I absolutely love all of your fostering books. The first one I read was Damaged and I loved it so much. Now I have listened to all of them. You sound like a fantastic mother and foster carer! Love
Daniela, Sweden, 04/09/2018

Hi Cathy, Just finished reading A Long Way From Home. You are my best author so far. I have a biggest problem with your books, just cannot put them down. I have read all your true stories and just ordered Where Has Mummy Gone at 1am. I am taking a lot from your books, trying to understand and be patient with my own kids who are teens. Thank you so much, may you and your family be blessed with good health, peace and happiness always and inspire us with more of your rewarding experiences.
Deepa, Australia. 01/09/2018

Dear Cathy, My name is Zahra (pronounced Zara for non Arabic speakers) Like many people I am very fond and if I put it right, addicted to your books and the lovely stories in them. 90% of my kindle’s contents are your books. If there was an exam for anyone to qualify and work in the social services of the UK I think I’d pass from first attempt lol. I have 3 children and from the constant reading of your books I have adopted many of your techniques with my kids. Stay blessed
Zahra, Oman, 01/09/2018

Cathy I discovered your books in the library and since then have read 3 and want to continue till I’ve read them all.   Your books are so good and from start to finish are a great read.  I have always worked with children my whole life and am now working with 3 to 6 year olds. I get many tips from your books on how to deal with the children.  Keep writing as you are an inspiration to many!
Helen, Canada, 26/08/2018

Dear Cathy, my wife is a journalist and recently she bought you book, Damaged a Sinhala translate copy. She was amazed and shocked and ultimately became a huge fan of yours within few days. Since she is not much fluent in English she asked me to write to you. May god bless you with strength to write more stories as they make people more sensitive. Thank you very much.
Pasan, Sri Lanka, 16/08/2018

Hello Cathy, I have been reading your books and can’t seem to put them down.  Your experiences have gave me a lot of confidence as I was in care from 13 after my father passed away. My mum wasn’t great and I didn’t know her until just before my father passed. I was moved a lot in foster care and found my happiness once I moved into my children’s home where my key work was like a second father. Your stories have brought a lot home for me and at 22 I am now starting therapy to deal with issues from my past. I just want to thank you for your writing and say you’re an incredible women and should be so proud of yourself. Yours sincerely
Nicole, 16/08/2018

Dear Cathy, I would just like to thank you for writing the books about the children and young people you have fostered. I am making my way through all of them and have enjoyed every single one! I am dyslexic and until finding your books I had never found the joy of reading and could count the amount of books I had read on one hand. I work in a special needs school so have the summer holidays off and have currently read my way through 4 of your books which is a record for me! Thank you again for sharing your stories. I have learnt so much from your books, and they have inspired me to become a foster career in the future. Kind Regards
Jasmine, 14/08/2018

Dear Cathy, Thank you for writing your books. They provide very valuable learning and are also easy and enjoyable to read. I found Daddy’s Little Princess really interesting, especially the diagnosis the father received, raising awareness which I believe is important.  Best Wishes
Sorcha, 13/08/2018

Hi Cathy, I enjoy reading your books. They have touched me so much I feel your pain and happiness. I wish you and your family happiness and luck with the future.
Mel, UK, 12/08/2018

Hi Cathy, your book Damaged is incredible. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. How sad, sick and disgusting to know that there are such horrible people out there! I am totally overwhelmed by your care and love, especially for your patience. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think Jodie would have made it. You risked your family and nice life for Jodie. I do understand why she went through so many carers and that is what makes you her hero. You are one in a million!!!! I loved your story, now looking for the next one to read. I also want to say what lovely children you have, Paula, Lucy and Adrian have hearts of gold. All the best
Charmaine, Gibraltar, 11/08/2018

Your books were recommended to me by a very close friend and the first one I borrowed from her was Run, Mummy, Run. I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful way with words yet you still capture the raw feeling of the characters. I related strongly to Aisha and the way you presented her was beautiful. I cried at points throughout the book but at the end you made me, through Aisha, feel stronger about myself. I just wanted to thank you. So many authors portray abuse survivors incorrectly or in this fantasy way and you captured it so well. Thanks to your book I went out and finally sought some help years after because you made me realise I could. I look forward to reading the rest of your books. I admire you for your way with words, and as a child in the care system I admire you for your work as a foster carer. Once again thank you.
Julia, 10/08/2018

To Cathy, I just finished you book Girl Alone and I thought it was great. I was inspired by Joss’s story and of course you. I think it’s great that you write books about the foster children you take care of.
Paris, 12, Australia, 05/08/2018

Dear Cathy, I am from Sri Lanka, a little island  far from your country.  It is the first time I read a book by you, about, Zeena. (The Child Bride).  I was shocked. You are a great mother, great counsellor, great friend, great woman.  I haven’t words to express.  I have a lovely mother and family but according to your books I would also be like your daughter. God Bless you, I so much love you…..your loving
Nisa, Sri Lanka, 04/08/2018

I have read several of your books, and have loved every single one.  I really can’t get enough of them.  Your warm hearted personality shines through all your fostering experiences. You have helped so many young people find happiness, you truly are an inspiration.  Each time I go to the library I head straight to the shelves containing your books, hoping there is one I haven’t read.
Angie, 28/07/2018

Dear Cathy, I discovered your memoirs last year, when I was working as a TA for a looked-after child and looking for any guidance to help me understand her emotional turmoil. I read every single one of your memoirs last year and this year have read them all for the second time. The insight you bring to the struggles of these children is so touching, and also truly helpful to me as an educator. They should be compulsory reading for everyone working in education! I wish you all the best, and look forward to the publishing of ‘Where Has Mummy Gone?’ in September! Best wishes
Sam, UK, 27/07/2018

Hello, I’m 25 and dyslexic, always struggled in school, college and work life. Thankfully as I’ve got older I’ve become more focused  and am much better with reading, writing, spelling and hardly ever struggle now. Because of this I’ve never taken an interest in reading, but my mum borrowed your book A Baby’s Cry.  Something about it caught my eye and I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down! Read the full book within a few days, and also Can I let you go? I’ve absolutely enjoyed reading these books! And it’s made me want to become a foster carer in the future. Thank you so much.
Tamsin, UK, 25/07/2018

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books for a few years now. I used to read them on my break when I worked nights as a nurse. I have recently found your books as audible and they have been amazing. To listen to them is like you are there. I suffer from anxiety but have found I relax if I listen to your books. You are such an amazing lady and your children are so good. It’s also very good to be able to see the updates.  Well I just want to say thank you for sharing all these stories. Take care. Regards
Joanne, 22/07/2018

Hi Cathy, I have graduated from university and want to become a social worker. From a very young age I have been reading your books. I too was fostered at the age of 6/7 so I don’t recall much. Returning to my family and having to re-adjust back to what was no longer normal for me was difficult. I have always had an interest in helping and protecting vulnerable people, especially young people who have been exposed to abuse. I know this is my calling. It will be challenging but this is the only thing I’m passionate about. I believe my purpose is to help people. I’m a huge fan of yours! Your books are amazing. I hope you are well. Take care.  Kind regards
Terry-Ann, 22, UK. 18/07/2018

Hi Cathy!  I’m 18 years old and from Sri Lanka. I just read the book The Child Bride. I was quite fazed after reading it. I just can’t believe a 14 year old girl faced something like that. But I feel so proud of Zeena. She is such a brave and a very intelligent girl! A good example to all of us girls. Thank you.
Shimain, Sri Lanka, 17/07/2018

Hi Cathy, I hope you are well and enjoying our sunshine. I enjoy reading your books so much that sometimes they only take me 24 hours to read. The last one I read was  My Dad’s A Policeman and it took me an hour and a half.  I really enjoy all of them but one sticks in my in mind and is Damaged. That poor girl I really don’t know how you stuck by her. It took  strength for you to carry on. That’s why I admire you so very much. You never give up. Adrian, Paula and Lucy are brilliant too. They just accept any child you have and help in anyway. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope  I can have more to read. Best wishes.
Heidi, UK, 16/07/2018

I have just finished your  Lisa Stone novel, Stalker.  I must say it kept me enthralled, it was hard to put it down.  When is next one that involves Beth and Matt? Let’s hope it isn’t too long.
Trevor, UK, 15/07/2018

Hi I’ve just finished reading your book Cruel To Be Kind and really enjoyed it. I could not put it down.  I really felt like I was there in your book. I can’t even describe how I felt while reading it but my heart goes out to you and your family and to Max and his family. I’ve been through bad times myself so I can truly understand.
Kayleigh, UK, 15/07/2018

Dear Cathy (Lisa) Stalker is amazing.  How did you learn so much about computers?  Did Adrian teach you!!!!
Alisa, 12/07/2018

I am in the process of reading Stalker. I must say how enjoyable it is.  You go into the most minute detail.  I will be sorry to finish it.  I have read Peter James books and you are on par with him.  Regards
Trevor, UK, 11/07/2018

I live in Sweden and we only have “Damaged” and soon “Mommy Told Me Not To Tell”. I really want to read all of your books so would you have them translated to Swedish? I know a lot of people who would buy them.  Love
Michaela, Sweden, 10/07/2018

Wow!  I just read Damaged and I couldn’t put it down.  I am a social worker in the United States and reading this really helped me experience what foster parents endure.  I also agree that the child welfare system is not perfect.  I know that one part I took from your book is that I will do my best to make sure I spend quality time with my foster parents.  I have been guilty a time or two of doing short visits with foster parents if I know the children are in a safe place and doing well.  Sometimes with high caseloads we have to prioritize.  That being said, with a case like Jodies, I would have known it inside and out as well as spent significant time on it.  It would have been a high priority for sure.  I don’t know the differences between child welfare system where you are from the U.S. but it seems to be similar experiences.  All child welfare workers need more resources and recognition for work being done.  Thank you for shedding light on this!  I have recommended all my social worker peers read this book.  God bless you!
Carlina, USA, 07/07/2018

Hi Cathy, I have now read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’, ‘Nobody’s Son’, ‘A Long Way from Home’ and ‘Cut’. I’m addicted!! I have also ‘liked’ your Facebook page so that I can indulge in any updates you might have. My partner has ordered me eleven more books! So excited to get my teeth into them.  I would like to say a huge thank you again for sharing your outstanding achievements with the young people. I can’t wait to start reading your articles on your website and ordering ‘Happy Kids’.
Deon, UK, 03/07/2018

Dear Cathy, I am currently reading one of your heart-warming books ‘The Silent Cry’. I have to say, I am totally moved by it. The way you describe your experiences within mental health really emphasises how difficult and traumatic it is, not only for the person going through said illness, but also for those surrounding them. It gives a real insight into how you felt whilst going through these particular experiences, and it makes me feel connected, in a way, as if I’m there with you, and going through the tough times alongside you and your two children. I just wanted to praise you in your amazing work as a foster carer, mother, neighbour (as seen in the book) and as an author.
Lucy, 02/07/2018

Hi Cathy, I have just read Stalker and loved it.
Pauline, UK, 01/07/2018