All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy I am a big fan of yours from Sri Lanka, I really do love your books!! The stories you write are really interesting and helpful in many ways ….please don’t stop writing them ….keep up your good work. The first book I read was about Joss and I totally loved it. Love
Wimi, Sri Lanka, 30/08/2017
Hi Cathy, Hope you and all the family are well. I have been reading your books and believe me when I can say I can read them over and over. I feel when I’m reading your books that I go on a journey with you, I laugh and I cry at such heart breaking events that have a occurred with each child you have looked after. To be honest when I read your books I feel warm and I have so much respect for you. The book I relate to the most in The Child Bride being an Indian girl myself I was engaged at 14 and half for 5 and half years. I ran away at 20… and I am now on my own with no family at all. No contact with my so called parents. But I get by and I enjoy life.  So thank you for everything with your books and I look forward to more to come. All the best
Parveen, 28/08/2017
Hi I’m a huge fan of your work. I can’t wait till Cruel to be Kind comes out. I’ve read the sample on iBooks and I’m hooked. I’m so touched with all your stories of those you’ve cared for. I can’t imagine how many lives you’ve changed. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for all those kids and families. It’s amazing knowing that there are such beautiful kind souls like you out there in the world. I love your work. Keep doing what you do. You’re amazing.
Mia, 21/08/2017
Hello from the US!   I fostered a boy I met while I was working in a treatment centre.  I did my best as a foster parent, despite my own problems.  He is now 36, and told me that I am the only person he will call “mom”.  I was young when I cared for him for about 3 years, but I instilled in him how much I loved him.  He is now an adult and has his own children.  I love reading your books.  You have certainly left a permanent touch on the children’s lives.  Sincerely
Kari, US, 20/08/2017
Dear Cathy, I have read few of your books now and most recently Girl Alone, in fact I literally just finished it. I too was in care and went through a lot of similar situations to Joss and my foster carer got me through it as you seem to have done with Joss. I just wanted to say on behalf of most children who went into care a destructive mess and came out the other side because of people like you a massive thank you. The work you do, the hours you put in,  I know, as I’m still close to my carer at the age of 30. How little you get in return and the fact you don’t expect anything shows what an amazing person you are. Please keep updating us all on the progress of the kids you care for and remember just how special you are. Warm Regards
Sinnitta, 18/08/2017
Hi Cathy, Boy have I walked a time or two in your footsteps as I have been a foster carer for 31 years now and taken care of well over 100 children. As I read your books I often think yes I know exactly what you are saying. Today you brought me to tears as I read A Baby’s Cry. It brought back three weeks ago when the baby I’d raised for 14 months left to be adopted by his forever family. Like you it was so hard to give him up but in those weeks his new parents have sent me pictures and messages most days and I know its going great for him and that he is so loved. I know I played a small part in his life and I’m so glad he is where he is. Keep writing as I so enjoy your books. Thank you for the insights, even after all this time I get new strategies from your experiences. Thank you. Take care
Jackie, 17/08/2017
Hi Cathy I have read all your books and love reading about  the children you foster and their updates. I think you do an amazing job and will continue to read an admire all your books.
Jillian, 30, 14/08/2017
Hey Cathy, I’m 15 and for a while I’ve wanted to study criminology and psychology and move towards working with the Juvenile Justice system. I have just finished your book “Mommy Told Me Not to Tell” and it only took me a week. I loved it and it kept me on the edge the whole way. A few weeks  ago I wasn’t to sure if I wanted to continue with my goal to study criminology and psychology and I just want to say thank you, as your books have encouraged me to  study in that field
Shae, 12/08/2017
Well for the last two months my spare moments have been spent reading  your books . I find you truly inspirational and just wanted to thank you on behalf of all those you have helped – adults and children alike. Your children Paula, Adrian and Lucy sound amazing too and need to be commended too. I feel honoured that you let me share your life in some way. Thanks again
Alison, 12/08/2017
I just want to say I absolutely love reading your books. You are a one in a million lady doing what you do. Thanks
Tracey, 11/08/2017
Dear Cathy, I have emailed you before and your reply was so positive that I thought I’d try again. I have been reading A Silent Cry. I suffered psychosis when my children were small and spent time in a mother and baby unit. I gave my children to social services. I was a single mum. Much of your book and its characters resounded with me. A Silent Cry has really helped me to come to terms with the past and not feel so alone. Mental health problems can make a person feel very isolated. I have contact with my children who are doing well.  You’re books help me to feel human.  Thank you.
Venetia, UK, 09/08/2017
Dearest Ms Glass, I work in a primary school and an avid reader of your books. I have written, to express the gratitude and admiration I have for you. I am heavily involved in the safe guarding and social/emotional aspects of children within the care system while they are at school, I cannot express to you how heart warming and inspiring your books are.  Your children and how you describe them within your books are nothing but a joy to read about. You have definitely  encouraged me to look into and apply to becoming a foster carer. Regards and best wishes to you and your 3 wonderful children. Yours sincerely.
Hannah, 07/08/2017
Cathy I finished your book, The Darkness Within, today, it was very good to read.
Margaret, 04/08/2017
Hi, I just thought I would email you to let you know that I really love your books. I’m 18 and I’m about to start college next month, I’m doing a ‘social studies’ course. I would love to be a social worker/foster carer and your books really inspire me. I’m currently reading ‘Saving Danny’ and I’m so moved by everything in the book that you did to help him. I hope I can help and inspire kids one day like you are doing. Thank you!
Nikita, 04/08/2017
Hi Mrs. Cathy, I’m really happy to send this mail for you. I’m a Sri Lankan girl. I have read your “Damaged” book’s translation. It’s really different from other books I have read.  You are very kind hearted one. You loved Jodie very much in that story. I’m really happy about you. Because I’m a Buddhist girl. in our religion we care others very much, but I haven’t meet any one like you. The way you treat that girl  is amazing. I  want to thank. Really you are like an angel for innocent children. So please carry on your services. I wish you again for your kind heart…God Bless you.
Buddhima, Sri Lanka, 04/08/2017
Hello Cathy, A few days ago, I finished reading Damaged. Indeed it was quite disturbing, and I felt so much anger and sadness for poor little Jodie. It is amazing how much strength you have to have taken her in. Also, your book made me feel grateful that although I was abused and neglected as a child, none of my parents ever sexually assaulted me. That is the most heinous form of abuse, a true violation of one’s well-being. The way the system failed little Jodie is a real tragedy, and that useless, lazy, and indifferent social worker made me quite angry! As a child, all of the social workers I came into contact with were so much like her. They did nothing to help me and my sisters, and they believed all of my mother’s lies. I have told many friends about your books. Next on my list is Lucy’s story, she sounds like a great kid, just as Paula and Adrian are! Thanks again. You have made a difference in so many people’s lives!  Have a blessed day! Love Always
Laeticia, US, 01/08/2017
Hello Cathy, Just finished reading your book “Damaged”, and I couldn’t put it down. What a marvellous author you are, and what a life you have known with all these children, broken or abandoned in different ways. I think you are one of those heroes that this world truly needs. Thank you for opening up my eyes too see those who the world has forgotten. Sad to see the updates on Jodie ended so abruptly. I really hope and wish that she  lives a joyful, safe and loving life. I think Jodie might be about my age, I hope she has the same safe and secure life as I have. Thank you for sharing your story, Best regards.
Karin, Sweden, 27/07/2017
Dearest Cathy, You really are an angel, thank you once again! I recently completed another one of your books, Hidden. Now I have just begun Jodie’s story in Damaged. Tayo’s story also made me cry quite a lot. It was difficult to maintain my composure whilst in public, especially as I read your memoirs on a park bench! I intend to read every single one of your books, and I already have raved about the ones I have read, with many friends. Don’t ever change! Your children seem quite charming too, particularly Paula. She sounds like a total sweetheart! Much Love and Best Regards.
Laeticia, 26/07/2017
Dear Mrs Glass, I am a 13 year old who has read your books and have been inspired by them. When I grow up, I would like to foster children too.  My favourite of all your books is the story of Reece in Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. This is because Reece despite all his behavioural and leaning difficulties still persevered to achieve his goal.  If you ever happen to bump into Reece and his forever family, give him my best wishes will you? Your most devoted reader.
Kaelyn, Singapore, 25/07/2017
Hi Cathy, Well firstly just finished Can I let You Go. As an adoptee whose mum was 16, an unmarried mother in 1960 was MADE to giving me up I found the story very moving. Also I felt your pain for losing your beloved Dad so sorry for your loss.  I am now reading ‘The Darkness Within’. Wow half way through. I am totally intrigued as to how you came up with the concept. Where did you find out about such a thing? I can’t get it off my mind. Thanks.
Gaynor, UK, 25/07/2017
Hi I have just read Girl Alone and reading Nobody’s Son now.  Just want to say what brilliant, sad and uplifting stories they are and you are a great foster carer.
Elaine, 23/07/2017
Hi Cathy I am 30 years old and I have read quite a few of your books. The one I am currently reading is Can I Let You Go which in some chapters has bought me to tears. I love your books and when I read them even though I get tears in my eyes I also think to myself how lucky I am to some people today. I think you’re an amazing woman and I admire you for all the great work that you do.
Dan, 19/07/2017
Hi Cathy I just I wanted to say your book Nobody’s Son, had me in tears. I got angry in places especially with the first family who let him down.  I had sympathy and empathy for the family who did adopt him. What a lovely family and what a strong family. I so understand what they were going through as I was going through the same troubles and issues with my own child. And just to say what a fantastic foster mum you are.
Kim, 16/07/2017
Cathy, I am quite grateful for your memoir series of your experiences as a foster carer. I recently was sworn in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in the US county I live in.  As in the UK, the US has seen a huge increase in heroin use.  Due to this, the number of children going into our child protection system has doubled in the last couple years. Prior to training, I read a few memoirs of children who were from dysfunctional and unsafe homes to try and help myself get prepared. These books were helpful, but cannot compare to your series. The UK child protection system is much like ours (w/ the same frustrations you experience). Reading your memoirs helps to bolster my confidence in my work. Thank you for all you do, Cathy, and thank you to your own children for their willingness to also help! I thank you especially for writing your memoirs.
Wendy, USA, 14/07/2017
Hi Cathy,  I just wanted to say Thank You. My mum is a foster carer and does so much for others that she never normally has time for herself. So I took her away for a treat and I bought her some books, one of them was yours. Since we been away, she has ordered and read practically all of your books, she can’t get enough of them! Thank you for writing books she is so engrossed with. I didn’t realise how much foster carers did until my mum became one. Take care
Vicky, 13/07/2017
Dear Cathy, I just finished reading Nobody’s Son. We thank God, finally Alex had a permanent loving family. The story indeed was very touching. He really turned into a blessed good boy with all your support, your children, Gwen, Gareth and family. May God repay all the deeds and kindness that you all offer to Alex and the rest. Warmest Regards
Suzie. Malaysia, 05/07/2017
Hi there Ms Glass, I am emailing you today on behalf of my mum Lorna. She has just finished reading Nobody’s Son; it was her first Cathy Glass book but it certainly won’t be her last. She thought your book was brilliant and extremely well written; true to fact. Many thanks
Lorna jnr. UK, 02/07/2017
Dear Cathy, I wanted to thank you for all you have been doing for those children in need. You have such a great heart and no hesitation in letting anyone in. Like many others I didn’t have an easy childhood either and sometimes I am still struggling. When I finished high school I needed a break and found Damaged. I couldn’t stop reading the night and was therefore really tired for school in the morning. My teacher asked what I was reading as I put my nose in the book whatever spare minute I had. I kept reading your stories and couldn’t finish one without crying.  I am so grateful that there are people like you helping children like us!  I hope you and your family are all doing well! I am still reading your books. Thank you a lot. Kind regards
Mo, Switzerland, 25/06/2017
Cathy, Hello. I have just finished reading your book ‘Nobody’s Son’. I absolutely loved it and would like to read more of your books. I didn’t realize how many books you have written until I started looking on your website.
Briana, 23/06/2017
Hi, every time I read one of your remarkable stories I feel inclined to write to you! You are such an amazing woman. I have read about that poor little darling Michael and his lovely father Patrick. Now, I have been reading all afternoon! Couldn’t put down your book about Dawn!  Meetings, contact, writing an account of every single day, etc…. but back then when you first fostered Dawn, there was nothing.  Very impressed with your writing.
Katherine, UK, 21/06/2017
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book “Damaged” and would like to send my praise and admiration for your untiring work. Your story of Jodie was heartbreaking and we hope she progressed and found peace. We fostered a boy and were told that we were his last hope before residential care.  Well, he is now married with children and has a first class degree. We are so proud of him and how he has progressed.  When he arrived he was fairly “feral” we sometimes wondered which way to turn, but with patience and love and the help of our own children, he is what he is today. I just can’t understand why more people don’t foster as it is so rewarding all round. He is like a son to us and we love him dearly. I would just like to say that the piece in your book that made me laugh out loud was when you were questioning why the social worker was on annual holiday again!  I used to ask how many annuals were there in a year?
Elka, UK, 20/06/2017
I have finished Nobody’s Son. Brilliant and well done you and your family.
Kellie-Anne, 14/06/2017
Hi Cathy. We fostered and have now adopted our beautiful children. Your books are amazing and highlight the so many issues that still remain in the care system today. I love your books! Keep writing. Kind Regards
Michaela, UK, 11/06/2017
Hi Cathy, I emailed you a few years back regarding how inspirational your books were and how much I loved them. I opened up about self harming and being sexually abused.  Your reply through email allowed me to overcome barriers in self harming and learn that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. I explained I was in a dark place. I’m no longer in that dark place although I still have certain barriers to overcome. I am at university studying Health and Social care and going on to Crime and Criminal Justice. I am also looking into fostering with my partner. I wanted to say thank you for your support, love, courage and strength. Because of you I got to make a difference and got to make a better life for myself. I’m a lot stronger than I was.  So thank you, all the best for yourself, Adrian, Lucy and Paula!  Kind regards
Jade, UK, 05/06/2017
Dear Ms. Glass, I have read all of your fostering memoirs and have enjoyed them.  I’m a teacher in the United States and have seen many fostered children in my career.  While some of them have been adopted by their foster parents, others have been nothing more than cash cows to the people who only foster for the money.  It’s sad but unfortunately true.  I read your books and know that you truly care and love the children who are sent to you.  These children need people like you.  Thank you for loving these children. I look forward to reading future books.
Robin, US, 04/06/2017
Hi Cathy, at the beginning of the year I made my new years resolution to read more books. In March when I was up to my 8th book I found a book by you ‘Can I Let You Go?’ Since then I have read 11 of your books. Whenever I pick one up I can’t put it back down. You amaze me, not only by what you do in fostering, but also by the way you write. When I read your books I laugh, I cry and I feel humanity. Thank you for sharing your experiences so people like me can read your books and become more aware of the reality of the world around us. Your books have touched me in ways no other books have.
Mollie, Australia, 03/06/2017
Hi Cathy, Just wanted to let you that I just finished reading “Hidden” and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Now I need to get more of your books.
Ellen, USA, 03/06/2017
Dearest Cathy, I have just finished reading Can I let you go? And prior to that Nobody’s Son. Both of which brought many tears to my eyes & touched my heart in a way that all your books do.  Being a new mother myself & experiencing this overwhelming sense of love & protectiveness, the children’s needs in both these stories are even more heightened. Every child deserves love & security no matter which circumstances they are born into. Each one of your books emphasises the kindness, the care, the love & devotion you & your family bless each child that comes under your care with. Thank you for sharing these stories, thank you for showing us that good can overcome evil & thank you for being you. Best wishes
Sara, 03/06/2017
Hi, I’m and in care. I read one of your books Cut, and it really helped me. When I was 3 I was put in care because I was sexually and mentally abused. I had lots of nits and had to have my hair cut all of. My foster carers were okay but never hugged me or spoke to me much. When I was 5 I got adopted and they sexually abused me and beat me. After 10 years I told someone because I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted to commit suicide. I got put in care with nothing but my school bag on my back and uniform I was wearing. I have been in care 5 months and am getting better. My foster carers are lovely and I’m getting used to hugs.
India, 02/06/2017
Thanks for caring so much for children. I wish I had somebody to care for me when I was a child. I have read most of your books. Thank you for caring and loving children the way that you do. I know you can’t be recognized in the world but I want you to know that you’re being recognized tonight from
Shane, New Mexico, 03/06/2017
Hello Cathy, I work closely with children who have special educational needs, such as attachment disorders, are on the autism spectrum or have behavioural problems. I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences through your books. I have been a fan of your writing, and believe they have helped me in my work. I have used your strategies and care and love. Not only have you helped all those children you have fostered over the years, but people like me, who will use your experiences to become better at what we do. I wholeheartedly thank you for helping me indirectly. I wish you health and happiness. I hope, Adrian, Lucy and Paula are well too. Lots of love.
Nazreen, 23, UK, 28/05/2017
Hi Cathy. I know you must get an abundance of emails daily but I just thought I’d tell you how amazing I think you are to give your life to look after others less unfortunate. Your books have me smiling, giggling, angry, crying uncontrollably and  aching sometimes, but hats off to you –  to someone who actually writes about the truth. It’s a rare thing to find these days. I wrote my dissertation at university on serious case reviews and how sometimes the system can let so children down. I think your books inspire so many people.
Jaimee, UK, 27/05/2017
I read all your books. While I have never been in care I have had dealings with social workers in my youth who let me down and again as an adult. I wish I’d  had someone to save me.
Rachel, 24/05/2017
I felt I had to contact you and praise you for the wonderful and inspiring person you are. Having recently retired after 40 years of working I have at last managed to take up reading again. Having read 2 of your books, Cut and Damaged, I have been in total admiration at the dedication and commitment both you and your family give to those you foster. Both books have been a real emotional read for me and I find once started it’s difficult to put them down. I now intend to read more. Well done to you and keep up the fantastic work you do.
Karen, UK, 22/05/2017
Just finished your latest, Nobody’s Son. Those adoptive “parents” made me SO ANGRY! You’d think these things would be obvious. I can hardly blame the social workers for failing to realize these people didn’t know them. The devastation, to begin with, and the very serious way it  can affect them. They treated this child like a puppy. We foster dogs, and it’s sad enough when a dog comes back to the group, but a dog CAN be rehomed and, after a short adjustment period, they’re usually fine. Children don’t work that way!
Angi, US, 21/05/2017
Just wanted to say that I found a copy of Nobody’s Son in our local Walmart and finished it  today.  I love, love, loved that you’ve kept up with “Alex” and were able to update the ending to include that in the book itself.  I’m so happy it turned out so well with his second placement even if he put them thru hell. Reminds me of the saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, it really applies to his story especially with that first “adoption attempt” (still shaking my head about those people). I hope he’s still succeeding in his life thus far.   Thanks for the laughs and the tears.
Connie, US, 20/05/2017
Hello Cathy I just wanted to say how much I love your books. I am a 14 year old girl and in year 9 now and have been reading them since year 6. I have even read books over again because I enjoyed them so much. I love the way you write and I never want to put the book down. I have just finished reading Nobody’s son and thought it was amazing. I have also just looked at the updates and it is lovely to see how they are all getting on. I struggled in the past to find books that I enjoy and have been so glad that I found you. Thank you. Hope to hear from you. Love
Marli, UK, 19/05/2017
Hi Cathy, First of all I’d like to start off by saying you are one amazing woman! Thank you for sharing your stories. I love them and I’ve got so many. I’m a massive fan of your work. I’m currently reading your book About Writing and How to Publish. I’ve recently started a book and when I saw this was by you I had to get it. Many thanks for reading.
Jolene, UK, 19/05/2017
My disabilities wouldn’t stop me from writing you a lovely email. I would like say how amazing you are to foster all these kids over the years as well as looking after your own. I am very grateful for what u have done. Your books bring tears to my eyes, they are all very heart breaking & I enjoy reading your stories. Many thanks.
Kimberley, UK, 17/05/2017
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I loved reading Can I let You Go? It takes a very loving and generous person to foster. I think you did such a great job with Faye. I am not a parent myself but I still had tears running down my face. I’m sure the choice was not easy by any means and I admire the fact that everything was done with Edward’s best interest at heart. I will have to read your other novels. I came across your book on the way from Singapore at the airport. I read the back of the book and couldn’t put it down. Kind regards
Paula, 15/05/2017
Can I just say how amazing all your books are, I have every single hard copy and I read them over and over. Such an inspiration. I could read and read your stories!
Shannon, UK, 10/05/2017
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book, Damaged. It has affected me profoundly. I know you’ve received well deserved praise for your efforts with Jodie and as a carer for others. I too applaud you. I am not a foster child or carer, but I do have my own story.  My daughter works in child protection. I hope one day she and I can use our strengths and experiences to help children (and women) from hopeless and desperate situations. Your book has inspired me. Kind regards
Jaci, Australia, 09/05/2017
Dear Cathy, I am a nursery nurse and started to read your books just before Christmas. I have learnt so much that I have been able to put it to practice and have you to thank for that! It has inspired me to carry on my degree in early years and take it down another route of social care. I have also made the decisions that when in a position I would like to foster children. Many thanks.
Felicity, UK, 09/05/2017
Hi Cathy, My daughter told me that she emailed you telling you how much we adore reading your books and she EVEN received a reply from you. That’s amazing! Yes we love your books. I’m even reading them all again at this very moment. I just finished your last one Nobody’s son. I found it unbearably heartbreaking and wanted to shake Edward and Elizabeth for what they did to poor Alex. It could have worked if they had given it more time. I think they also thought they were too upper-class for poor little Alex.   I think you’re an amazing writer. I can’t put your books down.   Well done as you always say in your books. Kind regards
Fay, UK, 07/05/2017
Hi Cathy, Yesterday I finished “Cut” and I was in tears. It is the best book I have ever read. Just wanted to say that you are doing a great job. I hope you hear from Dawn. And my mom has also started to read. May god bless you. Love you Cathy.
Niveda, 15, India, 07/05/2017
Hello Cathy, my nana is in her 70s with lots of free time on her hands. She came across one of your books “Damaged” and was so enthused about it she demanded that I read it. I have to say I couldn’t put it down and have gone on to read many more of your books. Your books are a daily part of both mine and my Nana’s lives now. To think there are so many children out there who need a good home, love and support – you are truly one of life’s angels. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Natalie, 06/05/2017
Hello. I just wanted to say I love your books, and the touching and heart wrenching stories of your fostering. I was fostered as a young baby, and then adopted by an aunt. I picked up one of your books, read it in a day and a half, and immediately ordered 7 more. I have a broken leg, and have been laid up already for 3 months, so it’s been great to have these true to life stories told. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Sincerely
Kim, 06/05/2017
Hi Cathy I have been an avid reader of your books from the first. We wait with patience and excitement until the next one is published. I have loved being part of your family and stories too. I am adopted and I have four boys so it’s always very hectic and rowdy here. I always wish you could pop over for a day and give us a tip or two on having calm. I have bought your bringing up books and read them slowly implementing the tips you All the best
Bruchi, 03/05/2017
Hi, I just want to start off by saying you are amazing, I have literally just started reading one of your books. I’m up to the fourth chapter and I cannot put it down, it’s so good. I’m glad I found your books. My sister is in love with your books as well.  Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re truly an amazing person. Sending my love and support from all the way in.
Emma, Australia, 01/05/2017
Dear Cathy, I became a great lover of your books after my very 1st book Another Forgotten Child what I read in February this year. After that I was hooked and am now on my 6thbook.  Every book brought me a lot of tears of sadness and of joy, there are so many emotional moments. I am single mum to a wonderful girl and been through many bad things but I have survived, flourished and became stronger than the abuser. I am not  dwelling on the past. I wish you all the best and world is so much better with people like you. Sincerely
Roza, Scotland, 01/05/2017