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All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Dear Cathy, I bought one of your books at the store (Girl Alone) and half way through it I told my husband how much I loved it. He got online and ordered me the rest of your books. I have 6 more books to read and then I’ve read them all. You’re a great author and a wonderful person!  Thanks
Rachel, 25/02/2016
Dear Cathy, I just want to let you know that I have read all of your books and you are my favourite author. I am struggling with mental health issues and by reading your book it has given me hope to keep going and get better. You are my inspiration. Kind Regards.
Deb, Indonesia, 23/03/2016
To Cathy Glass, I am 11 years old. This is my foster carer’s email address, she has given me permission to write to you. I love your books, they are really cool! They are the only books I have ever read coz I never learned to read as a child. I was taken into care when I was little coz me mum couldn’t look after me proper. I have lived with loads of different homes and some of them have been well good but I don’t stay in one place for very long! I get in trouble a lot sometimes but that’s coz I don’t follow the rules and get angry sometimes. I am going to try and be good at school otherwise I will get kicked out  and I don’t want that! Anyway that’s me story an all I just wanted to say how awesome your writing is and I can relate to them a lot 🙂
Lily, 23/03/2016
Hello I’ve just finished reading your book “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. How heart wrenching it was. My name is Jade too and I have been involved with social so this book meant a lot to me. xx
Jade, 21/03/2016
Dear Cathy,  After having read about 10 of your books and having just finished reading your story about little Alice, I felt I should right a little something to you to let you know how amazing I think you are. You are such a fantastic, inspirational, caring woman, whom, it appears, always puts others first. My heart breaks for each and every child you write about. Last summer I was sat around the pool in Egypt, having read 6 of your books in 6 days and had tears running down my face. I then passed 2 of your books onto my friend, who was also sat crying by the pool – what a sight!!  My husband and I have discussed doing respite for foster carers for a few years now. My teenage son was a bit unsure to this, until he met a couple of little boys who my auntie fosters. One little boy had never had a football kit of his own so my son hunted out all of his old ones and we bought him a training kit and my friend gave us some football boots which had only been worn once, to pass on. The look on this little boy’s face was priceless and he was so grateful. This made my son have a change of heart and he actually cried when we got back in the car.  I have worked with juveniles and it’s so hard!! I take my hat off to you. If there were more people as caring as yourself, then what a wonderful world this would be.
Lynne, UK, 19/03/2016
Hi Cathy just read your book The Silent Cry. What a very caring and loving woman u are.
Sarah, UK, 19/03/ 2016
Dear Cathy Glass,  I am one of your fans from all around the world. I have read most of the books. I love reading your books as it signifies real life events and it basically shows how courageous of you as a foster carer to be able to take care of mostly young children who has dark past. I love kids as well but I don’t think I will be able to do the same things as what you did. Maybe becoming a teacher in the future? I just completed reading your book, titled “The Child Bride” regarding a girl named Zeena. It took me less than 2 days. Your book has totally inspired me in so many ways. I hope you will continue writing great books & I can’t wait for new books to be published! Come to Singapore to have meet and greet as well, if that’s possible! Sending lots of love from Singapore. Your Fan,
Adilla, Singapore, 18/03/2016
Dear Cathy, I am reading The Night the Angels came and I have to tell you it’s my favourite book so far. I know it’s going to be very sad but what a special story it is. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you are well. Have a good weekend.
Marnie, USA, 18/03/2016
Cathy, Your book “Girl Alone” was recommended to me by Audible. I bought the audio book and was riveted.  My mother committed suicide so this book had special meaning for me. At first I became so angry with Joss because of her acting out, but when the allegations came out I believed Joss’s story right away and my feelings turned around 180 degrees. I thought the narrator Denica Fairman did a superb job, and I’m glad she’s narrated your other books as well — I now associate her voice as yours. Sometimes when I read (or listen to) a book labelled as a true story I am sceptical of the amount of detail the author can remember, but I remember you saying in your book how you kept a detailed diary of your foster care.   Well done. I’m glad I have some extra credits available on Audible as it looks like I will be buying all of your true stories. Thanks.
Tom, USA, 17/03/2016
Hi Cathy, Just started on the journey of reading your books and the stories of the children. Thank you for writing them and giving a voice for these remarkable children. The narratives you write enabled the reader to understand the paths these children have been on. Thank you so much for that gift you have given. Regards
Allie, New Zealand, 16/03/2016
Dear Cathy, I bought one of your books Damaged, at a book sale. It’s the first I’ve ever read that’s a true story about a troubled child and a terrible family and a saviour one can meet on the way.  I was in awe of how much patience you had with her. It’s nice to read that you weren’t hopeful all the time, but you didn’t let hope die completely.  You do good work, Ma’am.  I look forward to reading more books.  With love and appreciation.
Erica, India, 14/03/2016
I  wanted to thank you. The first book of yours that I read was Aimee’s story (Another Forgotten Child). The title attracted me because I could relate to it. I live in America and I can honestly say our system over here is horrible. My mother, while deep down was a good woman, didn’t know how to been a good mother. Social services were in and out of our lives.  I took the brute of physical abuse, stopping her from hurting my little sister and brother. She cracked my skull because I felt she was allowing her boyfriend to abuse my sister and me. Reading Aimee’s story and seeing how social services kept letting her slip through the cracks (and the same in Lucy’s story) instantly made you my favorite author and your books very dear to my heart. My siblings and I are all adults now and we have a better relationship with our mother, but your stories are so deep and they reach out to so many people. Thank you for your books, and thank you for caring. I hope this email finds you, Adrian, Lucy, Paula, and your parents happy and healthy!
Cynthia, USA, 12/03/2016
Cathy, just finished reading “The Silent Cry”. Yet another great book. I can sort of relate with Laura, over the years l have suffered with depression, with the love of family and the help of friends it really can pull you through. There is nothing worse than people not wanting to talk about, talking is the best medicine there is for depression. Can not wait for the next book, and to read updates on Laura and her family, Shelley and Darrel and not forgetting  Samson. I, like many of your readers have learnt a lot from your books. Take care.
Karen, UK 11/03/2016
Dear Cathy, I am a keen reader of your books and have read every book you’ve had published. Cathy, you write with such passion and emotion that it truly shows how dedicated you are with each and every child that has ever been in your care. Your time, patience, love and effort you put in with your foster children is inspiring. You have a heart of gold. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. I would love to read an autobiography from you, as I’m sure many others would. I hope you and your family are well. Best wishes.
Rebecca, 24, Qatar, 10/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I have read the majority of your books over the years and I love every single one of them. I have just finished reading Girl Alone and it was a very touching story. You are a very good writer and are brilliant at your job as a foster carer. It’s so nice to read about how dedicated you are to all the children you foster and how you help every single one to lead a happy life again. I can’t wait to read another one of your books. Keep doing what you’re doing. Best wishes.
Adele, UK, 10/03/2016
Hello Cath. I just wanted to say that I love your books. I feel like you are there talking to me. I have every one. Can not wait till you bring out then next one.
Shirley, 09/03/2016
Good evening Cathy, I’ve just finished ‘The Silent Cry’. It only took me a few days to read as I couldn’t put it down. I found it heartbreaking reading Laura’s story & about her PND. A few of my friends had suffered with PND when they had their children, but are fully recovered now. I also found it sad about young Samson with his story as well as Shelley with her son. Whenever I receive any of your books I always look forward to reading them.  I hope the fostering is still going well. Many Thanks.
Jodie, 08/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I finished the book, The Silent Cry, and of course it was fabulous. Mental illness is a hidden disability which definitely makes things more challenging for the person who suffers from it, like “the elephant in the room.” I have many clients I work with who struggle with mental illness and I have so much empathy for them. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be at times.  As a blind person my disability is right out there, the first big give away being my awesome yellow lab guide dog. He is definitely a conversation starter and as I chat with people we find common ground as most people like dogs and it gets easier from there.  I appreciate and commend your respect for people and their difficulties and I think it is awesome that you are so unassuming because you could very well be jaded from all of your experiences.  Your friend,
Marnie, USA, 07/03/2016
Hi just wanted to say that I enjoy all your books and I’m looking forward to reading your latest book. You are such a dedicated lady and I can tell that you care very much for the children in your life. I was in care for seven  years  with my siblings, it wasn’t  very nice and some  of  the people  who  cared for us were  very evil and cruel. I wish that we could have been fostered by someone like you, but I have come through it a better person. I went on to become a trained residential social worker and helped lots of children  who had been  battered and abused my their  parents. I always hoped that I helped them to understand  that not everyone  is cruel  and evil. Thank you for your books. I will keep reading them for as long as you keep writing them. Kindest regards.
Val, 06/03/2016
Hi Cathy just brought your new book. I like reading your books. Hope next one out soon. You are such kind caring person x
Lorraine, UK, 06/03/2016
Read all your books, and enjoyed everyone. I am also a foster carer, and have been for many years. I’m looking forward to your next one. Take care.
Angela, UK, 05/03/2016
Dear Cathy Glass, I am e-mailing you because I wanted to tell you that I love your books so much!  I would like to be a foster carer one day. My brother and sister were adopted through foster care and so was my best friend. The stories you write are amazing and once I start reading them, I cannot put them down. Because of you and my experiences with social services, I am leaning toward a career that has something to do with foster care. I hope to read more of your books in the future! Thank you so much!  Sincerely.
Cassandra, 15, USA, 05/03/2016
Dear Cathy Glass, I am writing to you to tell you that your books are amazing. I want to work with children. What you’ve done is wow inspirational. Yours sincerely.
Emily, 05/03/2016
Thank you so much for your books. I really enjoy reading them and I’m enjoying collecting them. Please Don’t Take My Baby is my favourite so far. It  had me in tears it was so moving.
Lucy, 04/03/2016
Hi Cathy, have just finished reading The Night the Angels Came, sad but brilliant. Now starting on Will you Love Me, looking forward to reading this one. Take care.
Sheila, UK, 02/03/2016
Hello there Cathy, I just wanted to let you know I have purchased your new book and I love it. Your compassion and non-judgemental nature is very evident and so refreshing. I wish I had more time to read, I would most definitely be done reading it by now if I did. Thank you again for sharing your experiences, the world is a better place because of you.  Thank you.
Marnie, USA, 02/03/2016
Cathy, I just bought and started reading your newest book “Silent Cry” as always, it is another winner! It is so hard to put your book down lol. I think I will just read a chapter or two but, it is so hard to stop reading.  I have read all of your novels in e-book form. You are such a fine writer. God bless you and your family.
Chris, 01/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished your latest book. Can’t wait for the next one. It’s good to know that everyone in the book had a happy outcome. Hope you and the family are well. Kind regards.
Kelly, 01/03/2016
Hi Cathy, nice work on Daddy’s Little Princess! I’m glad this book had a happy ending So often cases involving incest whether it be emotional or physical don’t have a happy ending.
Corey, 29/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books since I was about 14-15 years old and I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoy reading them. I’ve just finished The Silent Cry and I already can’t wait until your next book. Thank you for allowing me to escape the stress of my exams for a few hours by reading your stories! As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Thank you for reading this letter.
Jessica, 18, 29/02/2016
Dear Cathy, I just came back from Scotland where first thing I bought your book. I go twice a year to the UK, not always at the same place buy always taking the opportunity to buy your new book. So at evenings I relax and begin the book, during the trip back in Switzerland I go on reading and finish it while home. I love that routine: it’s like a bridge between my holidays and my coming back: it’s something that holds on the pleasure of the lovely time in England.  So you see, you accompanying me in that, just like a friend will do. And I’m very grateful to you for that.  I love so much your books that it’s always such a great expectation to dive in your stories, always so nicely written!!! And this one is no exception!!!
Albertine, Switzerland, 29/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just read two of your more recent books. Saving Danny s my second to favourite book of yours so far! I always love the stories where the child has not been brought into care due to the suffering of neglect or abuse. Girl Alone reminds me very much of myself at 13, I had very different circumstances to Joss, however I was just as hostile with a huge guard up. I thought that I had the right to act out by swearing and arguing but this only made things worse for myself. Eventually, after a turning point I realised that I had to calm down and that my teenage thoughts weren’t always the right thoughts. Now at almost 20 I still don’t feel adult sometimes so I most certainly wasn’t then! I wish the very best for Danny and Joss in their adult lives, and the very best for you and your ever patient and caring family. Kind regards,
Allie, UK, 28/02/2016
Hey, I’m just wanting to say how amazing ur books are.  I have 12 so far and am going to hopefully get the rest. I love ur books so much. I have read them a lot of times. You’re an amazing writer and a amazing person for helping so many kids.
Kira, 28/02/2016
Dear Cathy, Thank you for another brilliant read! I have enjoyed every book from cover to cover and love that you update us on the children whose lives you have so dearly touched. Many best wishes.
Kody, Australia, 28/02/2016
Hi Cathy, another fantastic read, The Silent cry was such an education. I will certainly view postpartum depression so differently now. The way you managed to put short stories in this also about your young respite children was amazing.  You are amazing. I have reviewed on Amazon.
Sue, 27/02/2016
Hi Cathy, just a quick email to say that I love reading your books! I have 7 of your books, I’ve read all of them twice. I can never put them down. I only have 7 but I’ll be ordering again soon to add to my growing collection!
Jodie, 24/02/2106
I read all your books and I love everyone. You are a very caring foster care person.  My heart breaks for some of the children, they are lucky to have you.
Patty, 23/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished Danny and Joss’s stories while I am in Mexico on holiday and cannot wait to get to your next one once back in the UK. I think I have read all your books now! You really are amazing please do not stop writing or fostering. You are one amazing lady! Thank you and love to your family.
Ben, Mexico, 21/02/2016
Dear Cathy Glass, I have recently downloaded your books on your personal experiences on fostering and they have been very inspiring! You are such a caring person, who I believe deals with situations very well. Your books are gripping. I have always had an interest for people in care you gave me a better view:) Best wishes.
Mel, 12, 21/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I came across your book “Damaged” about 6 months ago and as soon as I started reading I couldn’t put the book down, and for me to want to read a book, is unheard of. I don’t like reading haha so your book got me really intrigued. I have to say since then I have read another 3 of your books and I’m currently reading “Daddy’s little princess” and have read most of it in one day. With every book I just want to read more of your books.  You are an absolute inspiration. I am yet to have kids but it is people like you that make me think if I don’t end up having my own, it would be great to foster. Although it would also be a challenge and hurtful to see what you see.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration to me. Keep writing, you seem like a loving kind hearted lady and I’d love to meet you one day. Kind regards.
Penni, 27, Australia, 20/02/2016
Hi Cathy just want to say how incredibly amazing not only your writing skills are but you as a person. A mother, carer and all round person. Your attitude to your day to day life is amazing. The way you handle every difficult situation with such positivity and wonderful reinforcements. Your books bring me to tears every time and I think it’s fab you have a site that you update regularly regarding the children who have moved on in life.
Emma, UK, 20/02/2016
Hi, Cathy, I would like to say how much I love your books and the care, patience, love and time you put into each child and family that comes your way. Your work as a foster career, mother and writer is outstanding and so very inspirational. Well done. You are truly an amazing person. The only problem I have is I read your books so quickly as I cannot put them down!  And I have read them all including up to part 3 on The silent cry.
Renee, Australia, 19/02/2016
Hi Cathy, just wanted to let you know how special I think you are! The stories you write bring me to tears, and the way you deal with each situation is amazing! I find myself nodding my head in approval or thinking – wow how did she know how to respond to that situation?! ‎Even the every day small details of putting your kids to bed, bedtime stories is inspiring and has gotten me to incorporate more of it into our every day life. Thank you! Keep up your fantastic work! I’m sure it’s hard at times because after reading three of your books in two weeks I feel knocked out, drained and as if I had just fostered those three kids myself in that span of time. May you continue seeing only happiness in your own family life and with your children.
Sarah, UK, 17/02/2016
Hi, I love your books and it’s such a hard reality of my own life. I grew up in foster care also and I truly believe that you are angels from above, you guide and teach and like other foster kids I feel we work harder than most kids. It may take us a few years longer but we get there. The work any foster carer does is amazing. I still have coffee mornings with my foster carer and she’s a big part of my life even at the age of 34 and with children of my own. I went on and completed my A levels at 32 and started my degree last year. Your books show the rewards and positivity that foster carers give in today’s society when social services are getting a bit of negativity. It takes someone special I feel to love another’s child and give them the same love and devotion as your own children. Take my hat of to all foster carers who give kids a home and flying chance without judgment xxx
Kate, Wales, 17/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I hope this email finds you well & you are having a good weekend. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much your books have touched me. I picked up Damaged over a year ago now & read the book in a day. Since then I am continuing to make my way through the rest of your novels. The strength those children find from within is inspiring & the love, patience & kindness you, your children & parents show them is incredibly admirable. I am not a mother yet, but I hope to be soon & when I am I know that I will utilise so much of what I learn from your parenting ways. On behalf of all the children whose lives you have touched, guided & ultimately changed, thank you. You & your family are one of the reasons why we as people have to believe that the good in this world will forever outweigh the evil. Wishing you continued strength. Warm wishes.
Sara, 31, UK, 14/02/2016
I have just read Girl Alone & could hardly put it down. I was so worried when you went into Chelsea’s flat during the party to get Joss. I was worried that you’d be hurt! Thank goodness Joss disclosed what happened. I didn’t see that coming. I’m so glad things worked out for her. I have your next book reserved on Amazon.  I wondered if Paula did become a child psychologist, what Joss was doing with her dolls house was almost play therapy. I am sure that the peer support of Paula, Lucy & Adrian helped Joss especially as Lucy had been a foster child. I’m so glad Joss had the benefit of being placed with an excellent experienced foster carer like yourself or she could quite easily have ended up in a secure unit and prison. I’m glad that you had the support of Jill from Homefinders & that  teacher was helpful too, all good team work. It was good that the police dropped the case about Joss setting fire to the car. Thank goodness we live in a country where Child Protection is taken seriously.  Kind Regards.
Denise, 13/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I am sure you hear this all the time but your books bring me to tears every time I pick one up. The work you and other foster parents do is just amazing you really are a special kind of person. I myself grew up in group homes and foster care after been physically, emotionally and sexually abused by 3 members of my family. I have just finished my diploma in community services and have started as a support worker at child safety. I will hopefully get a job as a social worker for child safety. Your stories are an inspiration keep up the great work.
Summa, 11/02/2016
Hi Cathy.  I just wanted to say I have read most of your books and I really enjoy them. My favourite so far is saving Danny. Your books inspire me and also let me know that there is always hope. I was fostered when I was 3 years old with my brother and sister and was adopted at the age of 4. Your books have reached out to me a lot. Please keep writing. Best wishes.
Sky, 17, UK 11/02/16
Hello Cathy, My name is Rachel and I’m 18 years old, before reading your books I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career but after reading nearly all of them in the space of a month (I just can’t put them down!!!) I have decided I want to be a social worker! What you do for children is the most amazing thing in the world and you should be so proud of yourself and your family for doing what you do. I will admit I have cried at nearly every book, knowing what these children go through is horrific but also knowing that there are kind people like you out there makes it slightly better to handle. Thank you, and again, you are truly the most amazing woman on the planet!!
Rachel, 18, 09/02/2016
Hey Cathy!  I just wanted to say that you’re actually an inspiration! I just recently read your novel “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell” and I was deeply moved during each page I read. I honestly couldn’t put it down.  I begin university soon to become a psychologist and if I can help half as many children as you have I will feel extremely proud of myself, so thank you for showing me that it is possible to make a difference in the lives of children. I’ve always been interested in becoming a foster carer myself and reading one of you novels makes me want to definitely become one so I am able to make a difference in even one child’s life like you have with many children.  You and your family are incredible people and should be immensely proud of everything that you do! So thank you for allowing me to be a part of your foster caring and I look forward to reading many more of your books.  Thank you so much for opening your world to us and sharing your stories with us, and thank you to all the kids you have fostered that allow you to do this also! Yours sincerely.
Emma, Australia, 08/02/2016
Hey there, I am reading your book Will You Love Me and I just wanted to let you know I think it is great! I think something I love about your books is that I am also a person who loves routine and order and you seem to possess those traits as well.  I love this book in particular because I already know it has a happy ending as I have read books after Lucy became a permanent part of your family and also because she needed you and your family so much! Life has a way of handing us a lot of tough things and somehow things work out exactly as they are meant to. Having said that, it is hard to understand why some people get so many challenges at times but one theme that comes across over and over again in your books is how resilient we as people are and how difficult times we endure can truly create inner strength. Our experiences shape us and the way we choose to deal with life speaks volumes about our character.  Parenting is not for the faint hearted, that is for sure! We as parents can make or break so many things for our children and I love to find people who don’t take that responsibility lightly. Anyway I will get back to work but know your books get me through a lot of bus and train rides to and from my place of employment! 😀 I hope you enjoy your week! Thank you.
Marnie, USA, 08/02/2016
Hi Cathy, I have some of ur books with me some are translations. I love reading ur books. Love to hear from u and ur family Tc god bless u.
Ashika, Sri Lanka, 08/02/2016
HI Cathy.  I wanted to get in touch with you, as my friend and I have read a number of your books, and we have always said just how much we would love to meet you.  Both my friend and I have devoured the books we have read, and can’t wait for the next one to be released in a few weeks.   We have always said you are hugely inspirational. The way you have sacrificed so much to ensure these youngsters you take into your home, as I say, is inspirational.  We would love to meet you at some point. Please be assured of our prayers as you continue to support and encourage the youngsters you take in, as you love them and guide them, and help them grow to be all they were meant to be. All good wishes.
Rhiannon, UK, 07/02/2016
To Dear Cathy Glass, I would like to thank you for all your books, I have enjoyed them all so far. Please let me know when you write a new book as I would like to get them. I have all of your books including the newest one! Thank you.
Betty, 76, Australia, 06/02/2016
Hi Cathy! I have read all of your books, most of them at least twice. I had a rough time myself growing up, some of which I am still learning to deal with, but luckily enough I had family members to support me even when others couldn’t. I sat at work last week and read some of your book (Damaged) on my break and I must admit, I actually cried for you. I cried for you, your family and of course for Jodie. I felt every little thing that you described in your book, every emotion. And it has stayed with me since finishing your book. I am now half way through ‘please don’t take my baby’. I have read it before but it was definitely worth another read. You are a true inspiration. I am hoping to go to university soon to study psychology as I have a strong interest in mental health in children and adults. I already work in health and social care and find that my job is hard but enjoyable. I just hope that one day I can make a difference in people’s lives just like you do. I had the help from mental health nurses and psychologists and it is time for me to give something back to say thank you. They have no idea how much they have helped me and I don’t know where I would be without the skills and compassion of the people that looked after me. Please don’t stop writing your books!!! Best wishes to you and your family and foster children.
Lu, 05/02/2016
Hello Cathy, I have a mentally disabled mother that was incapable of looking after me because of her disabilities. I was in care from 2mnths to 18yrs old. I am not close to my mother as my abuse was constant and in every way.  But I look at the positives of life. I love reading your books so so much. My favourites are ‘Jodi Tayo and Zeena Lucy and Danny.  Joss’s story I can relate to.  I am now 26 and been out of care for years.  As I want to work with young people in Foster care I’m a trained and qualified Youth worker 🙂   They can’t try any tricks on me I have not already tried. I love your books and at the moment I’m reading Daddy’s little Princess on Beth. Your stories of the children you have looked after have inspired me.
Jennifer, Australia, 04/02/2016
Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note to say how very much I enjoy reading your books. You help me parent my own children more effectively. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, may God bless you! Thank you.
Marnie, USA, 01/02/2016
Dear Cathy, I have read several of your books and they have really helped me to understand what foster care is like. My best friend is currently in foster care and your books have helped me to understand what she is going through and how I can support her. Your stories are realistic they feel like a true story. I will continue to read your books as they help me understand thins and how I can support my people around me. Thank you for you indirect support.
Holly, UK, 31/01/2016
Hi Cathy, I have enjoyed your books immensely and I have read all of them in such quick success and I can’t wait for your next book to be released! Thank God for people such as you in the world, I have two daughters and have raised them on my own. I have learnt so much from your books in the way you approach situations, so I thank you sincerely, I learn something new from each book:-)) Best Regards.
Christine, 29/01/2016
Hello Cathy, I am so thankful for the books you have written which helped me understand a lot of things in life. I was in foster carer in Australia for 4 years, I never knew that such caring and loving foster carers do exist for you have proven me wrong. I enjoyed your book “The Child Bride” When I was reading it, it reminded me of so much similarities me and Zenna had and how much I could relate. For me and my sisters been through similar experience. Which brought tears to my eyes and showed me how to leave past behind and move forward in life. 🙂 Now I am 20 years old going to University to become a lawyer. Thanks so much again.
Marzieh, Australia 26/01/2016
Hi Cathy, I have read approx 10 of your books and I have loved each one.  I work in the field of early intervention and your books have opened up my mind to understanding the worlds of some of the more vulnerable children that I work with.   However, the main piece of feedback I wish to give you is that I have found your books help me to speak to my own children in a more patient and calm manner. You inspire me to be a better mother. Thank you.
Lisa, Australia, 24/01/2016
Hi I’m a 10th grader. This year I started reading your books in my reading class and I fell in love with them, so far I read over 8 books. They’re so sad and eye opening. You have inspired me to be come a carer myself because you help so many child. I want to help too. No child should have to go though that.
Taija, Australia,  23/01/2016
Hi Cathy I hope u and your family are good. I’m really excited about your new book, can’t wait to read it. Hope a new year brings many happiness in many lives,  u are wonderful person who has touched many lives and made them feel safe. Bless u and your family.
Niveen, UK, 21/01/2016
Have just finished Another forgotten child and Will you love me.  Loved them both — glad they had happy endings — so many children fall through the cracks. Just wanted you to know I read them in 2 days. Thanks.
Jenny, USA, 17/01/2016
Hello Cathy, I have read all of your books, and re-read them! Damaged touched me most of all, my daughter sadly got abused by her step-dad and he has got away with what he did to her. But we moved away from our home town so I could keep my children safe. Whenever I read that book I cry and feel so sorry for Jodie, but so glad she had you as her foster carer the angel who saved her, and many other children. I want to become a support worker due to you and my support worker I see what good can come from a good support worker. The night the Angels came I have used some lines out of that book when my Nan passed away to explain to my children. Cathy, your books have been amazing to me. Sorry for rambling on but I honestly love your books and the great work you do. So thank you again.
Karolanne, UK, 17/01/2016
Hiya Cathy. I adore all of your books!!  I am fourteen and am currently in year nine at school which means in a few months I will be picking my options for me GCSE’s. A  social worker (or a mental health counsellor) is something I am incredibly interested in becoming once I leave school if I can get the required qualifications, and by reading your books I have managed to learn a lot of information and get a realistic idea of the qualities needed. I read your books constantly and I can happily say I have almost completed the collection and read them all. I find all your books individually and equally as inspiring and I get just as engrossed each time!  I think your books are very inspiring and I think your strategies are very admirable. I hope you and your children are all well and that life at home is as adventurous and unique as ever. Please keep writing as your books are very much enjoyed and appreciated!! Take care Cathy and family, and thank you for taking time to read this 🙂
Leah, UK, 14/01/2016
Hi Cathy! I feel I need to tell you about this. Since I read your first book I become attached and obsessed with the stories you’ve written. I honestly did not like to read and found books very hard to understand. When I read it took a lot of time to finish it. But with the help of your books, I become so eager to read more. I can now finish one book only in 3-4 days!!! Just because of your books I began to love reading.
E’zzati, 12/01/2016
Hello Cathy, My daughter lent me her copy of your book, Please Don’t Take My Baby’, shortly after being approved as a foster carer. She felt it was an appropriate read and ‘got a lot out of it’.  I only read non-fiction although, when I was younger, I have read plenty of fiction (I am now 58).  This book was lent to me and I absolutely loved your style of writing and although I am aware of the plight of so many children and the awful situations they can be in, I am now realising just how many children are in need of people like you.  It is really good to read a book well written about something that is real and happening every day as awful, sad and depressing as that can be.  At the moment I am half way through Damaged – there are really no words to comment on Jodie’s situation.  I have also read Daddy’s Little Princess and A Baby’s Cry and have bought Hidden as the next one and ordered Will You Love Me. Kind Regards.
Linda, UK, 11/01/2016
Hi Cathy, absolutely love your books, you are a remarkable woman. Can you please advise of any new books this year thank you.
Vanessa, Australia, 11/01/2016
CG: Thank you. My next book – The Silent Cry – is out in February.
Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished yet another of your books, ‘The saddest girl in the world’ and cried at the thought that I had finished it. You really amaze me as to how much effort you put into making a child’s life so much better. I could have done with you in my life as past can imprint itself and cause trauma years later. Thank you for writing your books otherwise I would never have felt such a comfort and place to escape to and relate.
Eilis, 10/01/2016
Hello, I enjoy your books very much and have ordered all of them.  I have always worked with children, usually as a volunteer to children that are in therapy or removed from their home and was a CASA (as guardian ad litum is called here) for several years.  I also worked as an aid in ESE classes (special Education) for 7 years but am now retired.  I’ve often thought about writing about some of “my kids” and enjoyed your books so much.  I joined the mailing list so that I can keep informed when any new books come out.  Many of the ways things are handled in the U.K. is very different that they would be handled in the U.S.  Thanks again for your wonderful books.
Billie, US, 09/01/2016
Hi there Cathy .I just want to say how wonderful you and your books are. I’m not a reader as such but have loads of your books and can’t put them down. Thank god for the ppl like you.
Sally, 09/01/2016
Hi Cathy! I just finished reading your book about Joss. Although she’s had a very tragic life, it seems as though there is light at the end of the tunnel for her. I don’t think this would have been possible for her without coming to you. You inspire me to be a better person. I hope all is well with you, Adrian, Paula and Lucy. I have attached a picture of my shelf dedicated solely to your books. Happy New Year!
Shannon, Canada, 08/01/2016
Hello, I’m reading one of your books and, as with in the first one, I can’t stop reading. I want to know what will happen with Michael and his father. You are a wonderful person and I want to be like you when I start to work, when I finish my college of social work.  I’m glad I found your first book and I had the opportunity to talk to you. Thank you!
Larissa, Brazil, 07/01/2016
Hello Cathy, I met with your book damaged accidentally through one of my friend and I just finished reading it last night. I was amazed from the incidents u have described and was thinking what a time u have gone through with her. It was just amazing to hear the way u have helped her out with so much of patience. I am one of those people who love little kids and love to help them out. I’m so pleased with everything u did for Jodie.  You are a great great great mother and god will bless you more and more in Ur upcoming work. Wishing you a happy new year with good health. Your most loving reader appreciating your great work.
Deshani, Sri Lanka, 06/01/2016
Hello, I have been reading your books for about 4 or 5 years now.  I just wanted to thank you for writing about what is rarely seen or heard of from a foster placement. I know a lot of people go into fostering, thinking of the romanticized things they see on TV or hear about.  You are the reason, in the future, my partner and I would like to foster children. You are also the reason I have taken Child and Youth Work, to become a Children’s Aid Worker (social worker). I thank you again for bringing light to what foster carers and their families go through on a regular basis, behind closed doors.
Teah, 06/01/2016
Hi Cathy, just wanted to say Happy New Year. I’m so looking forward to your new book out next month.
Tina, UK, 05/01/2016
Dear Mrs Glass, Just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous books you have written.  I downloaded ‘Girl Alone’ to my Kindle last week and have finished it today.  I have ‘unfortunately’ read all of your books, I think and look forward to reading your next true experience of fostering.  Your style of writing surely engulfs readers from the outset of each book. My son is studying child psychology at university and his dream is to become an Educational Psychologist, assessing special needs children.  He became interested in this work whilst reading Tory Hayden books when he was a young teenager. He is now avidly reading your books. Last, but by no means least, thank you for the care you wholeheartedly give to so many vulnerable young people, over so many years. Best wishes for 2016.
Mandy, UK, 03/01/2016
Dearest Cathy,  I am an avid reader of your books! I have read every book you have published and I never fail to feel so emotional after finishing a book. There are so many things I would love to say to you! Firstly, I would like to say that you write beautifully. You write very differently compared to other authors of the same genre as you. You write with passion and emotion. I always find myself losing track of time, getting lost in my own world of imagination while reading your books. I am always able to feel your pain, your happiness and your feelings at different point of each story; this is what I absolutely love about you and your books! I enjoy the details that you include in every page, I tend to imagine the same house that you live in whenever I read your books ha ha! I admire that way you handle the children you foster. I admire your patience and your passion towards fostering. You have a heart of gold and I have much to learn from you!
Cassie, 19, Singapore, 03/01/2016
Dear Cathy and family.  HAPPY BLESSED NEW YEAR 2016. Warmest Regards
Suzie, Malaysia, 01/01/2016
Your website looks great and is easier to manage on the phone.  Happy New year to u and your family. X
Lisa, 01/01/2016