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All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi, I read your book about Jodie. Her story moved me to tears. What happened to her is terrible. I admire you for what you did for her. Best wishes.
Magdalena, Poland, 30/09/2016
OMG Cathy. You have turned me into an emotional wreck. I read for an hour in bed last night. Don’t think I’ve ever cried at a book so much. Then telling my husband about it this morning I cried even more!!!!!!!!!! I’ve still not finished it. The bit about snuggles I think was the most moving. How do you do it?  Really you deserve an OBE, MBE and anything else that’s out there.
Julie, UK, 29/09/2016
Hi Cathy, Well what can l say, yet another brilliant book. I read it in my lunch break at work. When it came to the part of Faye leaving the hospital l knew l would cry, so stopped reading and continued at home. Let’s say a few tears were shed. Even with Faye’s learning difficulties she still knew what was right for Edward. Sorry about our father. Like my father, he passed on in the place he loved. When ever l see a robin in the garden l know that my father is looking out for me. Look forward to the next book. Take care.
Karen, UK, 29/09/2016
Hello again Cathy first I would like to say how sorry I was to hear of your dear fathers passing and hope you and your family are all doing ok.  I have just finished reading your latest book Can I Let You Go.  Another fantastic read and like yourself I shed some tears for Faye who was so brave. You are such an amazing woman, even through your own heartache you still helped Faye Wilma and Stan through this sad episode of their lives. I also found the part of the book when you told of your mothers red rose for your father so very moving, they must be so proud of you. Hope you have much happier times ahead. Love to you Adrian, Lucy, and Paula.
Jan, UK, 25/09/2016
Cathy Cathy Cathy what a heart breaking story. Poor Faye having to make that decision, but looks like the right decision. The tears came. Looking forward to your next book. Oh and Cathy sorry to hear about your Dad. Best wishes
Pauline Australia, 25/09/2016
Dear Cathy, I’m almost towards the end of your new book, “Can I Let You Go?” It’s just sad that Faye had to battle her late mother’s alcoholism… even if she isn’t the one drinking!  Hope for the best for Faye.
Daryln, 22/09/2016
Dear Cathy, soooo happy found Can I Let You Go in our MPH bookshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the BESTSELLER rack. Blessed days ahead. Regards
Suzie, Malaysia, 21/09/2016
Hello Cathy, firstly, I would like to say how sorry I was to hear about the passing of your father.   Please accept my sincerest condolences to you and your family. The book, Can I Let You Go was a great read as always.  I felt so sorry for Faye and her grandparents though. She made the best decision for Edward.  Kind regards.
Sue, 21/09/2016
Hi Cathy, I have read the majority of your books and I’m currently half way through your most recent on (Can I let you Go?) when I suddenly felt I should contact you. You are a truly amazing woman, I love nothing more than getting my one year old to sleep so I can sit with a cup of coffee with one of your books! I was very sorry to hear about your father and genuinely shocked, after reading so many of your books I truly sensed that he was a wonderful unique man and I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m sure he was very proud of you. Thank you for reminding me that although the world can be a dark and cruel place at times, there is always people like you shining through.  I’m looking forward to your next book already!  Best wishes and take care.
Michelle and family, 20/09/2016
G’day Cathy, I’ve been “reading” a LONG time…. am an 81 year old grandma who just got lucky  enough to “meet” you via Amazon Books. I’ve never written a review, much less written to the author, but have to let you know how much I admire your wisdom and heartfelt writing. A Baby’s Cry was so elegantly written. How do you manage to live all these lives simultaneously? Running the household with an infant is tough enough and with all  the paperwork, meetings, raising two  young children , cooking real meals, cleaning, shopping. picnicking  and chauffeuring. It seems overwhelming. It’s been a while since I probably did the same and perhaps I just don’t recall the frenzy!! I had no inkling  re the very controlled  system of foster care in England and feel America needs to take a few lessons. These children just struck it rich by having been placed in your care… And your own children ? They all learn by example and hopefully have continued to be fine  people. Thanks for reading this and  I shall continue to look for  your other books. Best regards.
Marlis, USA,
Hi Cathy. I just wanted to email you to tell you your books are amazing. I have read everyone and have to buy them as soon as they are out. I have just finished Can I Let You Go, couldn’t put it down. I think you are a absolutely amazing person and love reading your books. Such a shame what some people have been through, but it’s lovely to read how you change their lives.
Kimberley, UK, 19/09/2016
Cathy, I have read every one of your books and after each one, I find myself physically hungry for your next one! After reading two of your books I became very interested in the British foster care system, and I’ve read everything you have written, and realize the need for good foster carers. I’ve found myself wishing I could have done that when I was young.  I admire you so much and eagerly await your next book.  You are truly one of a kind!
Karen, 19/09/2016
Hi, I pre ordered the book Can I Let You Go and have just finished it, it’s the first ever book to make me cry! You did wonderful in looking after Faye, as well as every other child you foster and help. Shame there aren’t more people like you and your family in this world then it would be a much better place. Your book has really inspired me and I am looking into adult fostering. Keep up the good work, forever a fan.
Natalie, 19/09/2016
Hi Cathy, I am new to reading your books and have read two over the last three days. Absolutely amazing what you do and how you help others.  You are obviously a special person to deal with everything you do along with bringing up three lovely children of your own.  I wish you and your children all the very best for everything in the future and thank you for caring and changing so many peoples lives. Kind
Gill, 18/09/2016
Morning Cathy, Just finished reading ‘Can I let you go’ – Faye’s story. My word what an emotional story it was to read. Thank you for sharing Faye & little Edward’s story. I’m also sorry to hear of your father passing away, I’ve recently experienced a dear family friend passing away, so I know how you feel. Hope your mother is OK. Hope Adrian, Lucy & Paula are all well. I’ve left a review about Faye’s story on Amazon. Thanks
Jodie, 17/09/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Faye’s story, such a sad story. Faye has so much courage. Hope you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula are well. Kind regards, Kelly, 17/09/2016
Hello Cathy, I have messaged you a few times about your amazing books and you did it again with another amazing book. I read Can I let You Go in one day, such a page turner. I cried so much at the end, Faye is such an amazing person with the biggest heart and with this book I feel like I know her.  You make me think about what it is I really want to do with my life and for my children, I really want to become a family support worker. Every time I read your books I feel like I learn something about parenting so thank you again. Thanks Cathy for all your amazing books. From your friend
Karolanne, UK, 16/09/2016G
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me. I have been collecting and reading your books and you are an amazing woman and have my full support and absolute respect. I was sexually abused by my step father and although I wasn’t in care it was no less difficult. It wasn’t my mum’s fault either as she didn’t know. She was a good mum but just didn’t know till I was 13. That’s when it stopped. I had to go through a court case and everything and it was long and tiring I was accused of lying because I couldn’t remember certain facts but who could blame me? It was left for over a year before the trial so how was I supposed to remember what I told the police. Anyway, the reason I wanted to share my story with you is because you are a beautiful inspirational woman and I love reading about how you have helped so many children and teenagers. Reading about abuse is my coping mechanism. Thank you for reading x
Adrienne, Australia, 15/09/2016
I have just finished Can I Let You go. You’re an amazing lady, this story had me crying. I have a brother with a learning difficulty who married a girl with same problems. They had children who ended up in long term foster care which was for the best. You’re truly amazing. Now I need another book.
Sue, 14/09/2016
Cathy Glass, your books are way too addictive! I love them. I downloaded your last book and read it in 4 hours! I can’t put the book down once I start. I read your books over and over again. What an inspiration you are! I read with tears in my eyes most of the time. What a brave, courageous lady and such a wonderful family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy reading. I eagerly await your next book.
Tamara, 14/09/2016
Hi Cathy I hope you and your family are well, I have just finished reading your latest book and once again an amazing story but such a sad one too. What a heartbreaking and selfless decision to have to make and proof of what a lovely person Faye is wanting what’s best for her baby. I’m due to give birth soon and can’t imagine what Faye went through. I’m sure when Edward is older he’ll understand. I just wanted to add I was very sorry to hear of the loss of your father and send my condolences to you and your family.
Mandy, UK, 14/09/2016
I just finished your latest book, Can I Let You Go? This one really moved me. I don’t cry easy. I so look forward & dread you new books. I’m excited to read it BUT sad when I finish it. Now I have to wait for your next one. Please say you have another one coming out this year? Please don’t ever stop writing. Thank you for the wonderful writing.
Nancy, 13/09/2016
Hi Cathy, Another fantastic book, I have read all your books and will never part with them, beautifully written,.  I could almost be in your house with you. What a remarkable story, it nearly had me in tears. What a brave girl Faye was, and thinking about her grandparents too.  Carry on with your fostering, writing and looking after your family like you do now.
Julie, 13/09/2016
Hi Cathy, I have read all your books.  Your latest ‘ Can I Let You Go ‘ I could not put down. Unfortunately I cannot have children and don’t understand how parents/people do what they do to children.  I admire you so much for the help you give to those poor defenceless children. I look after my friends children a lot and often do things that I have read in your books. Can’t wait for your next book to come.  Good work Cathy. Regards
Lynne, 12/09/2016
Hi Cathy, Can I just say I have read all your books, all just amazing stories.  I have just completed Can I let You Go! By audio. I thought it was another fantastic read.  Sounds funny but feel I know you and your family after reading all your books.  Apart from being a fantastic foster carer an amazing writer too.
Kind regards, Elaine, UK, 12/09/2016
Hi Cathy Read ‘ Can I let You Go?’, finished in a day, absolutely fantastic. I’ve read all your books sometimes twice! Such an amazing lady, sorry to hear the loss of your father, very sad. I like the way you always include your family and pets in every book so we get an update on how they are all doing. The way you looked after Faye was very touching, you have such patience. Your very strong, kind and welcome people into your lives, just wish you had time to write more books, but with all the caring you do for people I don’t know how you find the time. Can’t wait for the next read. Thank you
Sarah, UK, 12/09/2016
Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Can I let you go?’ I’d like to say what a lovely read it was, I’ve written to you a few times now and have read every book of yours to date. This book touched me as I have a daughter with high functioning autism and dyspraxia and some (not all) of Faye’s ways remind me of my daughter. Your books are so inspirational, my husband is going back to university to become a social worker. When our children are older I’d love to adopt or foster to give a child a chance to come into our happy home. Our dreams are inspired by you.
Thank you. Amy, UK, 11/09/2016
Hi Ms Glass,  I love your books and the work you have done!  I have changed my career path to a Psychologist for Abused and looked after children. Your books and stories have inspired me to help those children who need it the most ,and I have decided to become a foster carer in the future.  I purchased your latest book – ‘Can I let You Go?’ Thank you again so much for your inspiration. I am currently reading ‘The silent Cry’ and I am loving it. Yours sincerely
Brigette, 11/09/2016
I have read and re-read all of Cathy’s books and found them all to be absolutely riveting. Can I Let You Go must be the best of them all, slightly different from a “normal” Cathy book but nonetheless still as compassionate as ever.   I defy you not to weep!!
Linda, UK, 10/09/2016
Dearest Cathy,   I hope this email finds you well. I have emailed you before about your books and how truly inspiring I find you. After reading Faye’s story in can I let you go I felt I had to again. I’ve read just about all your books and I feel like I know you, and your children. And have watched Lucy Paula and Adrian grow into wonderful kind hearted young adults that I hope you are proud of. I was saddened to read of your fathers passing and I’d like to offer my condolences to your family, your parents have always played such a part in all your fostering and I’m sure your father’s memory will live on in all the young people that lives he played a part in. It broke my heart when Faye had to choose. She put her baby first. What a remarkable young woman!! You and your family are amazing. I look forward to reading more of your success stories. Good luck Cathy. Aussie fan, Samantha.
Australia, 10/09/2016
Dear Cathy, Have just read “Can I Let You Go” in one afternoon. I couldn’t put it down as I had to know what happened in the end. I’ve been in tears reading it and I think you truly are an amazing person. To lose your dear father and then go on to support Faye, Edward and her grandparents. What an inspiration you are. I hope you and your family are well.
Carly, UK, 09/09/2016
Dear Cathy, Each time I read your book I wish the pages never end. While waiting for your new book out I read some other book by a  different author but after a few pages I could not recall what the story about. I  finally have to put the book aside and never read further. With God permit, my family is planning a holiday to UK. It would be wonderful to see my favourite author in person. Blessed days ahead. Warmest Regards
Suzie, Malaysia, 08/09/2016
Cathy, I just read Can I Let You Go in one sitting (I should be asleep). I read every single one of your books while we were beginning the journey of becoming foster parents. We just recently had a wee baby girl  who stayed with us for 4months. I cried my eyes out reading the chapter where baby Edward is put into his car seat for the carer to take home. I’ve had to do that a fair few times now, loving and caring for a wee one takes a lot of emotional involvement, and that last buckling of the car seat is so very very hard. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for Faye to do for her own baby, what a brave and amazing young woman she is. Thanks so much for your writing, it really is inspirational, and now I am passing on the links to your books to people who ask me about foster caring and how to get into it. A good friend of mine is just about to put her feet on the beginning of the path to becoming a carer too! Take care Katie
New Zealand, 08/09/2016
Dear Cathy, My husband John and I have just re-read all the books we already possess. We both agree that we never weary of reading your books over and over again.  I should like to find your secret of putting so much information into such a small space. Each book should be as large as an encyclopaedia. We shall be heading to our favourite bookshop forthwith to buy Can I Let You Go.  Every Good Wish to you and yours.
Sylvia & John, 07/09/2016
Cathy I  brought  Can I Let You Go today, and have read it already. So beautiful, the whole book was just so loving. How you all really helped Faye, and you had just lost your father. I had a good cry myself reading the book. Thanks again.
Margaret, 07/09/2016
Dear Cathy, I started reading Damaged and through lots of tears I finished it in two days (I was on holiday at the time). You’re an amazing and inspirational woman and I am sure your children are proud to say you’re their mum. It’s a shame you don’t hear from Jodie or have any updates about her bro I suppose that is the nature of your work.  Kindness and patience are two skills that often are overlooked with troubled children and the world is very lucky to have foster carers like you. I wish you every happiness and success. I am now on Amazon buying all of your books. I am a big fan of Torey Hayden and instantly knew I would love your stories. I am looking forward to reading the rest of them.  On behalf of all troubled children, thank you for being you.
Nicola, UK, 06/09/2016
I have read a lot of Cathy’s books. They are great. Sad but gripping. You can’t put them down.
Julie, 04/09/2016
Hey Cathy, I just wanted to remind you how inspiring and compassionate you are. You are an incredible woman, with a heart of pure love. I hope you’re doing okay. You and your writing saved my life. Love,
Emily, 19, Wales, 04/09/2016
Oh Cathy you are amazing person and changed so many young lives for the better. This world needs more people like you. Because of you it’s a better world.  I have just finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby. I went to your website to get an up date which has brought tears to eyes. Cathy you believed in them and had confidences they would do well. I really like the going to your website to see the update / where are now. Your books are inspiring. I’ve had loads of your books mailed to me and can’t wait to read your new books. I hated reading books in my teenage years at school but now I’m older and found your books I can’t put them down. So loads of late nights reading your books. Please keep writing & fostering. You really have changed the world for a better place.  Take Care & keep up the amazing work you do. Lara.
Australia, 03/09/2016
Hi I have read Damaged. It was brilliant. I have read quite a few of your books.
Julie, 03/09/2016
Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished one of your books and I’ve purchased a new one.  I can’t stop reading them…  I love every single one of.. .  I admire you and your work and the fact that you’ve helped so many children…  You truly are an angel! I work for children social services myself and I am horrified by situation the children can be found in. I am also mother of two very energetic boys and I find your books really knowledgeable and helpful.  Due to the problems with my older son I decided to purchase Happy Kids to help me to deal with him. After reading the book I understood that I let him to control us in many ways!  I always find a lot of information in your stories and I am trying to use  techniques every day if needed. I love closed choice technique. I just want to say thank you for all you have done and that you are amazing person.  Yours sincerely
Anna, UK, 02/09/2016
Dear Cathy, Hi there! I’ve just finished your book ‘Damaged’.  Jodie’s story was such a shock  especially when she  used Julie to reconstruct what had happened to herself. It’s a wonder  how the parents treat their daughter like that! Something must be done to stop this. Unfortunately Jodie didn’t really say goodbye to you when she was moved to that children’s home… but at least we know that Jodie is in safe hands. To Adrian, Lucy and Paula: Thank you all for helping your mum with the children she fostered. You all are patient, loving, generous and much much more. Your children (and you) are going to be my role models.  Love
Daryln, 27/08/2016
I’ve had many problems of my own, in school and at home. During those times, I read your books and that really consoled me. I began to see things in a more positive light. I was shocked by the adversity your foster children faced. I am considering fostering when I grow up. I would like to help children like you do. I have suggested fostering to my mother and she too is seriously considering fostering.  Thanks for motivating me and I will continue to read your books.
Sweeta, Singapore, 27/08/2016
Dear, Cathy Glass.  I wanted to thank you. Your books have helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain. I was the victim of abuse for my entire childhood. Until a few months ago when my father was sentenced to 11 years in prison. I will be 20 in a few months and my life is just beginning. When I was 14 I discovered your books. I read the entire book in one night and while I was reading I found myself completely lost in a world where there was no way I had time to think about my problems!! I had a life where all I knew was pain, until I discovered your books. You single-handedly helped me to forget for a while. You are my all time favourite author! I just had to say thank you! Yours sincerely.
Shanley, 20, 26/08/2016
Hi Cathy,  I really love your books I live  with a foster family and I can relate to some of the stuff in your books. I recently just finished reading The Child Bride and it is such an amazing book. I really felt sorry for her but I am so happy she got to go live back with her siblings, although I don’t think her mum is the nicest of people. It’s lovely hearing about other people. Anyway must be off GCSE results today.
Sharna, UK, 25/08/2016
Hello Cathy, I am a reader of your books and have read a few. I have just this morning finished ‘The Night The Angels Came’ and I was in tears. You are a wonderful woman for what u have done and been through with these children and families, you are a true inspiration to women and mothers. Would just like to say I feel so so sorry for poor Michael having gone through so much so young, my heart truly goes out to him. Hope you are well. Take Care.
Nicola, 22/08/2016
Hi. I just finished “Damaged”. What a heartbreaking story-to put it mildly. I will read some of your other books as I am interested in this field of memoirs. Our church is very involved in our local foster care program here in the US. I will become involved with our ongoing ministry and I want to get educated by others experience before I do.
Susan, USA, 22/08/2016
Hi, I have just read Another Forgotten Child and every page was the story of my niece. As with Aimee she never went to school, never any food in the house, no furniture.  She was on drugs and would take the children to the local supermarket and make them shoplift. When my niece was 6 years old I had a phone call from social services as  the police had found her mother, some bloke she was with, the 2 children & a vicious dog living in a car.  I was in regular contact with the foster carer and she was lovely, putting up with my niece telling her you can’t tell me what to do you are not my mother. When she went to her she did not know how to use a knife a fork, did not know what toilet paper was. I have kept in touch and thanks to her foster mother she has done incredibly well. Her own mother went on to have another 3 children, all taken into care. Every time I speak to her on the phone I tell her how proud I am of her. It is all down to her foster mother that she has the life she has.
Georgina, UK, 21/08/2016
Good Evening Cathy, I’ve been truly touched by your books and felt the need to express my fondness.  I stumbled upon your books about a year ago with your book “Mummy told me not to tell”. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, the title stuck out to me in the local book store. Within the first 5 pages, I was hooked. My most recent read of yours, “Damaged” was what brought about this email. Although at times, I had to put the book down to collect my thoughts and regroup, I was truly touched with your patience, kindness and understanding of Jodie. It made m stomach turn and my blood boil to read about what had happened to poor little Jodie. It was not easy, upsetting Paula, Adrian and Lucy, dealing with a child who was sexually abused, and had D.I.D. can really take a toll on a person. Just like the father at the park, most would look at Jodie and think that she is a trouble child with no manners. It takes a special person to be able to see past Jodie’s weight, looks, attitude, demeanour and mannerisms. What you were able to see in Jodie was a kind, hurt, and lovable child.  I am a student and I use your books as guidelines while I am working with children. Your books have helped me to have a better outlook on life, I am more positive in regards to my daily interactions.  Please continue to write. Hugs and Kisses from Canada!
Vanessa, 18, Canada, 21/08/2016
Hi Cathy I am still trying to get through all of the books you have written. It’s unbelievable the stuff the kids you have looked after have gone through. I used to say that my life was bad until I started to read your books. Now I look back and think that my life wasn’t that bad after all. There are  people out there that had been through a lot worse. I hope  your kids are going to follow in their mothers footsteps.
Suzanne, 20/08/2016
Hi Cathy, I’ve only read 3 of your books at the moment. You are such an amazing person, how you care for each and every child you’ve fostered is beautiful. You are an outstanding mum to all 3 of your children Paula, Adrian and Lucy. The way your children helped with your fostering career was brilliant, you can just tell how much you love and care for people. Once I’ve started reading the first page of one of your books I simply can’t put it down. For my 18th birthday I’ve asked for all of your books from my parents. You are an inspiration Cathy Glass. Kind regards.
Jeorgia, 18/08/2016
Dear Cathy Glass I wanted to say thank you for your books and for being such a wonderful foster carer. I was in foster care here in the states before I was adopted and it is to foster carers such as yourself and my adopted mom that I have turned out the way that I have. So thank you for putting these stories or there and for giving all of us abused and troubled kids love, kindness and affection when we needed it to most!
Kathryn, USA, 18/08/2016
Hi.  If I had not started reading your books I would not have found my way back into my current career. I have always loved children; all children are beautiful but I seem to be attracted to the children who are different. Those who have the shakes and the constant skin rashes that change weekly and the behaviours that include hand twitching, obsessing over toys. Your stories have helped me help them. Thank you for getting me back to childcare. Where I can make a difference. hank You Cathy.
Anuschke, 15/08/2016
Hello Cathy, I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know what an influence you have had on my life. It started when I was at Uni studying Psychology, I was in the library and came across some of your books, having known my Mum had read Damaged. That led to me reading more and more, and I am now awaiting the newest release that I have pre-ordered. As a result of your books I decided to look into careers with children maybe play therapy? I just wanted to highlight how much of an impact you and your books have had on my life. They’ve literally shaped my future. So thank you, and thank you to your children for being such an inspiration and a guiding light for me. Hope you are all well and enjoying the sun! Kind regards.
Courtney, UK, 15/08/2016
Dear Cathy, I’m a huge fan of your fostering memoirs. They are absolutely fantastic, and have touched me in the deepest possible way. I look forward to them every year. I think you are a truly remarkable woman who has probably given hope to millions of people. It’s so nice to know there are still some good people out there in the world. Thank you for your time.
Amy, Australia, 14/08/2016
Dear Cathy, The Child Bride is  the first of your books I have read, just picking it up at our K-Mart. I was so shocked to discover that this sort of thing is still happening in the world.   Zeena was a very brave and courageous girl to speak out and I am so happy to hear that everything worked out for her. I must admit it was very tense and stressful to keep reading on in the hope that she was alright.  I hope her story is an inspiration to all other victims in these appalling situations. I am looking forward to reading many many more of your books.  Thank you.
Josie, Australia, 11/08/2016
I loved and appreciated your vulnerability in the book The Night the Angels Came.
Ashley, 08/08/2016
Dear Cathy, I have been busy reading many of your books and have just finished The Silent Cry.  Samson was quite a character, I’m so glad you got downstairs in time to make sure his bedbug Bruce wasn’t let out. That would have been horrible!!! I always feel you deal with every situation you face with the children and teens in a professional and well thought out way. I also read that you’re highly qualified with your many qualifications and courses. You are an amazing caregiver and mother. Your books are awesome!!!! I’m waiting for  Girl Alone. I can relate a little to your experiences as for the last 20 yrs I have worked in various   day care preschools and as a nanny. I may read Happy adults later on.
Sheri, Canada, 08/08/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Another Forgotten Child……on average it takes me approximately 1 week to read your books….but this one took a little longer. I found this book to be a little more heart wrenching… very sad. What this little one has endured in her younger years is terrible…..but I am glad to have read in your update. I wish you all the best for your future Aimee….good luck. Cathy, thank you again for giving us all another wonderful book. Looking forward to reading the next.
Anne, Australia, 06/08/2016
Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading The Child Bride and from the moment I started I couldn’t put it down. It made me feel absolutely heartbroken for Zeena and the suffering she had to endure as a child. I, like her, wished she could have stayed with you and become a permanent member of your family. However, I have read your update on Zeena and I’m glad to hear that she has achieved what she set out to do. She sounds like a wonderful, confident and well adjusted young lady who is an inspiration to many. I also work with children but in a setting and really love my work although there are times when it is stressful and challenging.  Keep doing what you’re doing as you are an amazing lady who has dedicated her life to helping others giving them hope in what for them must seem like an impossible situation. Your family must be so proud of you.  I   look forward to reading more of your inspirational work.
Dee, 05/08/2016
I just want to let you know you’re my favourite author. You’re so good at writing, and such a great foster carer. You’re so good with kids, and are so sweet to them. I’m 16, and have considered doing foster caring when I’m older from reading your books and if I do I want to be just like you! Also learn from what I can from you! Love you!
Hailee, 01/08/2016
Dearest Cathy, I just finished ‘I Miss Mummy’ and I also checked the updates. I am so happy for what has happened to Alice. But for sure if it wasn’t for the phone call you made to Nana, advising Leah, they would’ve not been able to keep Alice. You are such a nice mom that anyone would wish to have. Adrian, Paula and Lucy are so lucky to have you. Specially Lucy. You have done so much for children in your life. You have enlightened so much. There are lots to learn + when I read your books, it’s like living with you all. May God bless you and your loving family. With love
Maneesha, Sri Lanka, 31/07/2016
Hey Cathy! I’ve read four books of yours, I just finished The Child Bride today. What a story! I feel sorry for what Zeena had to go through, I’ve checked the updates on her. I have also read The Silent Cry, Girl Alone and Daddy’s Little Princess. Reading your books are so enjoyable and make me realise how sad life can be, being an Asian girl myself I understand what Zeena went through. I, myself was involved with the social services but I am happy that she had a good ending.  When I started reading your books, only then I began to love reading, it became a hobby. Good luck with looking after the two brothers! You are such an inspiration to children and teenagers who have been through rough times. Your stories are amazing, hope you are doing well. Cathy, when I read your stories they make me feel at ease, I enjoy reading stories about people.  Love From
Faiza, 27/07/2016
I have been reading your books for years and had to send this email after I read baby Harrison’s story (A Baby’s Cry).  I cried four times. Your writing is beautiful and amazing.
Evalyn, 27/07/2016
Hi Cathy. I love your books!!! I have read some of your really good fostering books, I will be buying more!! I am becoming a foster carer when I turn 21, I love how you have write your stories. Would love to meet you. Thank you very much, book fan.
Alfie, 27/07/2016
Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books and they are amazing. I have nearly finished reading all your books. I would recommend them to anyone. I am ready for the next one xxx
Kaitlyn, 25/07/2016
Dear Cathy. I’m writing to contact you about my own story and to thank you for your books. I live in New Zealand, we have one of the highest child abuse statistics in the western world. While I haven’t brought up in social services I have suffered at the hands of people in my life, I’ve been sexually abused as a toddler and later bullied at school, home and work. I am lucky however that I had a mum who did the best she could to protect me and help with every little struggle I have had. I’m currently a recovering alcoholic which is common with people who have been abused as well as having it running in the family. Life’s tough but I feel I am lucky. I’m dyslexic but haven’t let that stop me I have a degree In Early childhood education and am currently looking after under 5 year olds. I think like most care services the sector has changed drastically since I started in the field 8 years ago. I went  into it to give children the childhood I missed out on because my innocence was taken away at an early age. I wanted to do what I could to help nurture a child’s growth and development in a safe way. The main reason I’m writing is to thank you for writing your books it puts what I’ve been through in perspective and helps give me confidence with the children. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Phoebe, New Zealand, 24/07/2016
Hi Cathy, your books are amazing, they are so well written. I love being part of your family for a while. They have kept me sane on days where I want to tear out my hair! I have a 4 yr old daughter and suffered from postnatal depression – from which I am recovered! I can relate to ur latest book (The Silent Cry) and then last year I gave birth to twin boys! So my world turned upside down again! I’m just about coping with the transition from 1 to 3 children but it’s hard. Being a foster carer sounds fantastic and full of reward. U do a fabulous job. Keep writing ur wonderful books.
Viv, 23/07/2016
What a lovely but sad book, The Night the Angels Came. Cathy I really enjoy your books, so looking forward to purchasing the next one on my list which I think is Hidden, also Can I Let You Go? Have read all your others. They are books that can’t be put down once you start them. Kind thoughts.
Elaine, 22/07/2016
Dear Ms Glass, I am a huge fan of your Books. I have recently read Please Don’t Take My Baby (which touched my heart dearly), Will You Love Me? Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, which I have just started. I am at the part where Reece has you up at 5.00am and being very very hyperactive which I find quite hilarious. I suffer from ADHD but not on Reece’s scale. He is off the chart.  I was touched by the story about ur adopted daughter Lucy. That really hit home for me as well as my partner. We have both been in care and can relate to what these kids have been through, especially Reece’s story. I too had to change care homes on a regular basis as I was deemed a problem child. I was in 36 different foster carers and 4 different care homes Including a  secure unit which I came to know as “HELL”  I love the  way that you  go into detail about the days and they logs that U keep. I hope you keep up the great work. I think what U do is highly commendable, God bless.
Matthew, UK, 21/07/2016
Ms Glass, I have just finished The Child Bride and would like to thank you for your great work and for your wonderful writing. I will remain a grateful admirer, and will be reading more of your books. Am so pleased they are available on Kindle. Best wishes.
Elizabeth, USA, 21/07/2016
Hello Cathy, I’ve read all your books and with everyone I’m transfixed from start to finish. When I read happy parts I’m smiling, when I read the sad parts I’m filling up! I’ve never read a book of yours yet without pausing and wiping a tear. The book The Night The Angels Came!!!!! My god I shed buckets. How I got to the end I never know. Cathy god bless you, and thank you for being you! Lots of love to you and your family xxxxx
Sherri, 19/07/2016