All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.

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Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say what truly amazing people you and your family are. I have always wanted to foster , i am 23 and i had my first child last year and i have no doubt in my mind after reading your book Damaged that when my own family have grown up a bit that i will look into helping others. I’m so glad you decided to carry on fostering and wish you and your family all the best for the future.

Hello Cathy, I would just like to say that this is the most moving book I have ever read and I think probably the best book I have ever read, I am a single parent bringing up two children on my own and fostering is always something on my mind, I get very touched by all those children out there without any parents, I think this was brought about by my two children losing their father very young when he was only 36 years old and seeing what it is like for two children to grow up without a father and then I think about all those children with no parents. I have never been able to foster due to my employment situation however it is always something in my mind for the future if things change. You are a credit to all those foster parents out there who do a fantastic job and thanks to you’s give so many children a stable happy life. great reading… a truly fantastic book….. can’t wait for the next one.
Janice, England. 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book in less then two days. I used to work with a child in the same situation and was wondering through the book if it could be her. Although probably not, it shows how many children are like Jodieand how many terrible people there are in the world. You should be so proud of yourself for what you achieved with Jodie. Although I wanted a better outcome in the end and was sad to learn she has brain damage you did your up most best and I do believe she is in the best place to help her now. I think social services not only failed you as a carer but Jodie too. Jill did her best i am not doubting that but there should be more help for those who help the children. You are a fantastic person and your three children are proud and happy. Well done for helping the world and remember you are an inspiration to all these children you foster, never doubt yourself because without people like you they would never get the help they needed. I know your book has opened eyes to the fostering industry and wish everybody all the luck to achieve what you have.
Emma UK 

Dear Cathy, First, I want to congratulate you on this big benefaction that you’re doing with all those children who so much need love and understanding. I was born in a country where there is violence and especially with the children; it is horrible. On every page that I was reading in your book “damage” I was filling with anxiety and courage of knowing everything what Jodie had suffered, but also of anger and powerlessness. I believe we should become aware more with what happens in world, and with the abuses to the children. I wish more persons like you existed in my country , and in those places where there are thousands of children suffering these abuses . Deeply I wish that Jodie keep on recovering, and to you a thousand thanks for being as you are, that my god fulfils you with blessings to you and your dears, including all those children whose life you have changed by giving them so much love and support. P.S (excuses if you have not understood any part of what I have written as my first language is Spanish , but i wanted to let you know the whole respect and admiration that I feel for your person).
Vicky, Colombia 

Dear Cathy, i like many others have only just finished your truly touching book damaged. i was in foster care as a very young child after my father tried to commit suicide as he had just been found to be interfering with his step children. He caused a car crash intending to kill himself me and my elder sister, (my sister died in that crash), so i not only have to live with what he did but also the terrible back flashes of that day. i am 29 now and have just finished my first year of an open university degree in childhood and youth studies. i hope that one day i can help ease the suffering of these young people. i know you get told a lot but you truly are an amazing lady who deserves a medal for all you do and give to others. Lots of love and respect
Luisa, UK 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book Damaged (after just 2 days). I work within a Nurture Group giving children with difficulties and tragedies the support and nurturing needed to support their emotional immaturity. I love what I do and it is hard to receive disclosures and to gothrough days that seem like no progress has been made. Your strategiesand approach are like a breath of fresh air for me and have given me more hope and understanding of how to approach some situations. I work with foster parents too and will appreciate their huge role more as you have given me insight to this. At least I can try to switch off at the end of the day but I think your patience and caring nature saved this little girl’s life. Thank you
E, UK 

Hi, Cathy, I picked up your book today, and I finished it in hours. It has hit home! I went through the care system in its mainly forms , and I experienced a lot of “over sights” in the social services system. Jodie’s trauma is not that unheard of. I spent many years in foster placements and one residential unit , where I was seen as the most responsible and was given chores of dealing with other children’s problems! It was nice to hear that there is a least 1 residential unit (even though it cost a fortune) that cared for the “said” child and improved her quality of life. I had to identify and deal with my own problems , it took me a while, but once my son arrived, I had an overwhelming case of protection. Unfortunately I still have contact with my biological parents and my abusive step father. I keep this to a minimum and do not expose my children to them. I know the burden of social workers and what they have to face, red tape is shit, they have a line, but the children they are dealing with don’t have 9-5 problems, and rejection is great! There is 1 in a 1000 social workers that are fantastic. the rest are …well, let’s say, notgreat. I am 33 yrs old and still have contact with my foster parents , all of them, as I was” an uncommunicative child with a wall!” I love and respect them all. My heart goes out to you, as I have been asked numerous times to foster or become a social worker! I have lectured tomost social work colleges and have set up AFTER CARE groups for kids just left at 16 to fend for themselves. but unlike you I didn’t have the stamina and conviction and was completely pissed off with the red tape. Your book only touched the surface of what you actually went though and if I had your strength I would have wrote my own. thank you for such an honest portray Just an added note, I hope all your children are doing ok re-adjustment after so much turmoil, is hard but I can feel, with a mother like you all is well!! PS I had some good foster parents, but I wish you were mine! Much Love
Anita, Bristol, UK 

Dear Cathy, First of all Congratulations. I have recently read Damaged, and thought it was an absolutely fantastic read that was gripping, emotional and dramatic. How sad it is that this is a true story! I have fostered with my family for many years, since i was about 7, and I am now 19 years old . It is never easy, and there are certainly times when you wonder just how much more you can take. It was so interesting to read about your story, i have experienced many similar cases although thankfully nothing has horrific as Jodie’s. My mother wasfostered when she was 7 as her mother died and dad couldn’t cope, but fortunately hers was a happy story. she was able to see her father still at the weekends and the foster family were loving and generous. In fact, she still keeps in touch with them today. She wanted tosomehow repay them, and decided to start fostering. Jodie was so lucky that she found you. Thank goodness there are people like you in our world. I hope that your book will make people realise that fostering is tremendously difficult, exhausting and deserves more appreciation from society. But also that it is rewarding, humbling and enjoyable. I believe that your book is an honest account of your life as afoster parent and think that it will encourage more people to become a foster parent. Your family are incredible, and are a credit to you. You must be very proud. I do hope that you continue doing this fantastic work that you are doing. You clearly have a tremendous talent for it. Can’t wait for the next book! Love
Victoria, London 

Hi Cathy, have just read your book and was so moved by it i had to respond, i read it in less than 24 hours , gasping! shouting out loud with frustration! Sobbing! ( most books take me at least a couple of months to read! ) i was also then moved enough to visit your website and read the blog in full!! I have no comprehension of how bad life can be as i have had a very loving upbringing and a great family network. It makes it so real in black and white! and i now understand that unfortunately your story is not necessarily a one off. I am a parent with two beautiful boys 8 & 20, but i feel i have so much more to give. I have considered fostering for a couple of years now but have never plucked up the courage to do anything about it. Your story showed me how much help is needed (of which i have an abundance). The children i could give a lot of love and understanding to, but how does anyone cope with a terribly understaffed, under funded system of support that goes with it? Thank you for doing all you have done for all the children you’ve had and may have in your care you are an inspiration to us all, and maybe one day i can make a difference too !!
Sarah UK 

As i have read that a lot of people have praised this book and rightfully so… I think its the most amazing story i have ever read . I’m sure dealing with Jodie and everything that came with her was far from easy and you are a truly amazing individual and a role model for people like us!
Nafas Family Support 

Hi Cathy, I’ve just read ‘Damaged’ in one sitting….couldn’t put it down. Bit stuck for words right now, but wanted to say thank you for telling Jodie’s story, and for all you did for her. My experiences as a child were very similar, involving family and multiple abusers, and its taken years for me to be stable enough to work on it. Its a long painful process, and sometimes seems without end. I ‘m 29 now , but can feel anything from 3 to 83 in the space of a few hours. you wrote so touchingly (and accurately) about the flashbacks, and the remembered pain…things i have tried to explain to people but never had the words . Thankyou….it made me cry for Jodie, but it helped me to feel less crazy and alone . Its been hard to find people who believe what happened to me, but maybe now the healing can begin ….. x

Dear Cathy, First, i want to congratulate you on this big benefaction that you`re doing with all those children who so much need love and understanding. I was born in a country where there is violence and especially with the children; it is horrible. On every page that I was reading in your book “damage” I was filling with anxiety and courage of knowing everything what Jodie had suffered, but also of anger and powerlessness. I believe we should become aware more with what happens in world, and with the abuses to the children. I wish more persons like you existed in my country , and in those places where there are thousands of children suffering these abuses. Deeply I wish that Jodie keep on recovering, and to you a thousand thanks for being as you are, that my god fulfils you with blessings to you and your dears, including all those children whose life you have changed by giving them so much love and support. P.S (excuses if you have not understood any part of what I have written as my first language is Spanish , but i wanted to let you know the whole respect and admiration that I feel for your person).
Vicky, Colombia 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book Damaged and I felt compelled to write to you. Never has a book touched me in the way yours has . You have made me realise just how many children there are out there that have no-one in their lives to give them that much needed love, security and support. I’m only 21 but since reading your book I feel the urge to make a difference to a disadvantaged child’s life , I know I am too young and inexperienced to foster, but I am applying to be a mentor to a young person in my area . I also would like to thank you for pointing out that Social Services don’t always get it right, I too have been through their cogs and have felt that they didn’t offer me the right kind of support that I needed at the time. I don’t have a father, and my mother put me into care because she ‘couldn’t cope’ with me when I was 14, after years of emotional and physical abuse. I have never called anyone mummy or daddy, and don’t have any siblings, and have always felt sorry for myself about this. But after reading Jodie’s torment I now know that I have actually been quite lucky. Thank you Cathy. You are inspirational. All the best,
Tricia, Northern Ireland 

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your book I couldn’t put it down. I am 24 years old and have just qualified as a social worker. I would just like to say what an inspiration you and your family are. I have witnessed firsthand how difficult social workers jobs are and how some poor children can be lost in the system. The difficulty of a social workers job is by no means an excuse for the social worker in Jodie’s case. The extreme nature of Jodie case is thankfully that of a minority and the social worker should have been doing a lot more. I was shocked and saddened to discover that in error they gave Jodie’s parents your address, this at a time when Jodie was struggling must’ve caused you and your family even more worry and upset. It is foster carers who have the most difficult job of all. Introducing Jodie and other foster children into your family and being able to help them on their road to recovery really is a gift. Your children are truly an inspiration too. Your devotion and dedication really is humbling. I hope your book encourages more people to consider becoming foster carers. Jodie is an amazing young girl i truly hope she can go some way towards overcoming her horrendous past. Cathy you truly are a remarkable woman and in inspiration to us all. Thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to share Jodie’s story and i am so pleased to hear your still fostering.I wish you and your family all the best for the future.Thank you.
Gillian, Glasgow 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book in three days. I could not put it down , I was hooked from the first page to the last. It is now my dream (since reading ‘Damaged’ ) to become a foster carer. I cannot understand how anyone could hurt their child, thank goodness there are people like you out there, so dedicated to these children in need, hopefully one day i will help someone in the same way you have. Thankyou for sharing yours and Jodie’s story, it was not only touching but inspiring. Keep up the good work.
Beth 15 

Dear Cathy, My husband and I are Foster Carers, and have been for just over 2 years . For the majority of that time we have a long term permanent placement with us who is very much part of the family, which considering her initial attachment issues, is truly a wonderful development. I just wanted to mention, that although Jodie’s social worker was quite obviously not doing her job, there are lots who are great. Our little ones Social Worker is truly fantastic, if we ask something it is answered, if we request something, its done and we have a great relationship with her, as she does with the child. We have got to the stage now that she leaves us to get on with things and has reduced her visits to every three months, content in the knowledge that her charge is very happy and stable. We have recently moved to a large house in the countryside and have room in our hearts for more children which we hope will come soon. It’s amazing, my husband and I have found something we have a talent for and its a great feeling. Thank you for getting this book out, I hope it will inspire others to take the path our families have, it’s very hard work, but worth every sleepless night and every grey hair! Kind regards and good luck for the future.
Louise, UK 

Dear Cathy, my name is Kelly and i am 30 years of age. i have just finished reading your book damaged i only brought it a week ago i could not put it down the amount of hurt that poor Jodie has been through it is unbelievable. i was in care from about 7 onwards due to my mum passing away i was 4, my dad looked after us, then i was in foster care, and then my aunt looked after me until i was 19 years old i just hope that Jodie comes out okay. i think you should be honoured for the love and support that you have given to Jodie and all off the other children you have foster my love and admiration goes to you and your family god bless xx

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book (Damaged), a truly heartbreaking story. How any parent can abuse their children in this manner is despicable. Children are so precious, [having lost my eldest daughter in a road accident] .You and your family are an inspiration to us all. My heart goes out to Jodie and I hope she continues to do well on her journey to recovery. Good luck to you all.
Cathy, UK. 

Hi Cathy, just finished reading your book which kept me captivated for a day as had to finish it. i think you do a fantastic job and its good to know that there are people like you in the world. do you still keep in touch with Jodie hope she is doing well cant wait for the next book keep up the good work. Good wishes,
nikki and sylvia 

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your truly inspiring book ‘Damaged’- as a foster carer who is dealing with a damaged child – I felt true empathy with you and your feelings and how these children take over your life. Social workers can support but have no idea the living with a child like this 24/7. I am now into my 5th year with my young lady and in the early days (years) my life felt like a mirror image of what you went through. I will pass your book title on to other carers that I see and teach on Skills to Foster. We still have many demons to face but I know we can get there. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading your next book. Kind Regards,
Jane, UK 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book ‘Damaged’ and would just like to thank you for everything you have ever done for the children in your care. I read your book in a day and shed many tears. As a teacher, I too have been frustrated with the impotent attitude of some social workers. Several years ago, a child (Emily) was placed in my class. I just knew that something wasn’t right. Unfortunately, the wheels in Social services turn far too slowly and relevant paper work wasn’t passed on or followed up. Emily was often hostile and abusive and I spent most of the day trying to avoid her many tantrums. She too pulled at her own hair and scratched at her face and hands and seemed to enjoy the confrontations she brought into the classroom. She was dirty, unkempt and often smelled of stale urine. Although the head teacher and I suspected neglect, our many reports were not followed up. One day ‘Emily’ had the most horrendous tantrum, and the rest of the class where ushered outside. She threw chairs and tables, bit, kicked and punched whoever got in her way. This lasted until she threw herself to the floor, removed her boots and persistently hit herself across the face and head, until she was marked and bruised. We had no option but to call for Dad to come to collect her. ‘Emily’ was clearly terrified, but Dad seemed so gentle as he carried her away – too gentle. As time went on, she would occasionally suggest things, about home, She and the family moved away and I hoped I had been wrong about my suspicions. We then heard that Dad had been found to have obscene photographs of their children on the computer. Dad went to prison and the children were removed. I had known all that time, but could only wait for the proof. Unfortunately I will never know the outcome, but I can only hope that someone like you was there to pick up the pieces, when she needed someone.
Helen, UK 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book and felt compelled to write to you. You are a true inspiration and have restored my faith that there are good people out there determined to help others less fortunate than themselves. Your book moved me to tears repeatedly. I cannot even start to comprehend how anybody could possibly do those things to anybody else, let alone a child and worst of all, their own child. I was repulsed at the thought of Jodie having to go through that horrendous trauma, for what must have seemed like an eternity. Not only did they take away her childhood and innocence, but also her opportunity of leading a happy, carefree, independent life. It must have been very frustrating for you to deal with people who clearly didn’t even attempt to build a relationship with Jodie, nor give you the support that you needed. I want to say thank you for sharing your and Jodie’s story with me and I truly hope that Jodie is happy and can make even more progress as time goes on. I have nothing but admiration for you and your family. Thank you again for sharing your story. You are a wonderful role model.
Susie, Brighton 

Hi there Cathy! my names jo, and I am 16 years old. To be honest i have never read a book in my whole life haha! but it took me only 2days to read your book Damaged i finished it today an my god there are no words to describe how hard it must have been to write it in such great detail and the way it was wrote was amazing! i have had bad experiences like Jodie and i the same my brain shut itself down an now i have no memory of my childhood at all i cant begin to imagine how hard life must be for her and i think you did an amazing job with Jodie nobody could have given her more love an support that you gave i wish the world was full of people like you! it would be a far better place! I cant wait for your new book to come out “damaged” certainly opened my eyes to the suffering going on in this world! I was thinking that i would love to foster children in the future, but it takes a very special person to be able to love another persons child the way you do an i was soooooo happy to hear that you are carrying on fostering your truly are an inspiration! The best part was when you wrote when Jodie had complimented Paula about her t-shirt “i like your top. It’s very pretty” that was very moving to see her make a huge step like that! Thank you so much your truly are a wonderful person! Thank you once again! good luck to you and your family and most of al i would like to wish Jodie the best of luck!

Hi Cathy, I want to thank you for writing this book (damaged) it took me 2 days to read it and frequently had tears nipping my eyes. My husband and I recently went to the pre-approval classes to become foster carers while we have been waiting to be allocated Case Worker we were doubting if ut would really be the best thing to do for our own 2 girls. After reading your book we have decided that we definitely will be going through with it. You highlighted the need for safe homes for these kids even more. Thankyou Good luck in everything you do.
Sandra, South Wales. 

Hi Cathy, My sister in law has just read your book about Jodie and she too was horrified and very touched. We were both wondering if we could send Jodie a Christmas present or something , obviously I know that there could be no address or anything but perhaps to a post office? It may sound strange to you, but I can’t explain how hurt I feel for her. I know she is happy now and thank god for that. Kind Regards,
Melanie UK 

CG: Dear Melanie, That is very sweet of you and your sister, I am very touched by your kind gesture. However, it would be very difficult for me to explain to Jodie where the present had come from, particularly given the role that ‘presents’ have played in her past. Can I suggest as an alternative that you make a small donation to a children’s charity. You could say that after reading Damaged you just had to do something. I am sure they would be very appreciative. I have made similar donations recently, and there are many charities to chose from. I do hope you understand my reasons for saying this. Thanks again. My very best wishes, Cathy

Hiya Cathy, my name is Vicky i am 16 and have just finished my G.C.S.E’s. reading your book has really inspired me and i am now going onto college to help young children like Jodie . I read your book within 3 days and didn’t put it down i am not a reader really but my aunt gave me your book and another 1 like it, i really enjoyed your book although what had happened to Jodie made me feel physically sick i just couldn’t put it down. i cant wait for your next book hidden to be realised because im going to grab it straight away.

Dear Cathy….. wow what a wonderful woman you truly are….. i don’t even know were to start on trying to explain how amazing you are…. i bought your book from asda sunday26th august 2007… and finished the book today Tuesday 28th august 2007.. i just couldn’t put the book down… as an 8 year old child i was sexually abused and it as damaged me my whole life…. but i guess i was 1 of the lucky ones… i put myself into care when i was 13 to get away from the abuse… i never spoke to anyone about this until way into my late twenties … only then could i move on with my life…. after reading your book about Jodie i have cried so much that poor little girl…. oh my no one can imagine what she went through and what she is still going through…. but Cathy you gave your time your heart and love and care… what an amazing women you are… and what wonderful children you have got to stand by you through all the disrupt that was brought into your home. Adrian Paula and Lucy you are all inspirational… i am so proud of you all…. well done keep up the fostering up Cathy… i wish id had someone like you when i was a child … thankyou for allowing me to read damaged.. best wishes and love… xxxx
Melanie, Yorkshire, UK 

Hi Cathy, my friend gave me the book to read and i finished it in 2 days.u are a fantastic person and thank you for saving Jodie .
Emma, UK 

Dear Cathy, What a heartbreaking story of a child robbed of her childhood and life . This must have been heartbreaking for you on a daily basis and my admiration for you is of the highest. It is so unbelievable what goes on outside our own homes and the suffering that these poor children suffer. I truly hope one day that she will come back and live with you and your family. A family who had the patience and care that somewhere along her troubled mind, she found love. Love given without perversion as what they gave her, was absolutely evil, and they should be hanged for what they have done. Please keep writing about Jodie as people who read these terrible stories do get involved, as I have done. Kind regards,

Dear Cathy, Its the most amazing and saddening thing i have ever read! i couldn’t put the book down and it reduced myself and my colleagues to tears. You are so strong and truly an inspiration!!! your family must be so proud of you! I cannot understand how anybody can treat children so cruelly, they’re so young and unaware of the dangers in the world and that’s how it should stay, no child should ever be treated the way Jodie was and it makes me sick to think there are so called ‘parents’ out there who could do those things to a human being let alone their own flesh and blood. i am only twenty years old but was pregnant when i was 17, i was so looking forward to being a mother but unfortunately i had a miscarriage at 31 weeks and was devastated. I hate to think that there are so many good people and potential parents out there who have trouble conceiving etc when there are such mean and cruel people in the world who take their children and precious gifts forgranted. Keep up your AMAZING work Cathy! The world would be a better place with more people like you!!!! Yours sincerely,
Rhiannon, Wales 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ after reading it in 2 days and I just wanted to get in touch and tell you what an amazing person you are and how Jodie’s story has affected me deeply…I just wish I could take her in my arms too and hug her and tell her everything will be ok. I have been deeply touched and moved by her. I too have been in foster care, by my mom marrying again and having a new family and not wanting her old one and I know how rubbish the Social system is. I would dearly love though to become a social worker as I know that I can relate to it and offer something back. was deeply moved to read the letter that she sent you, and that you are standing by her….how kind, caring and patient and most of all, special you are. I was also pleased to hear that you hadn’t given up on fostering, you did more for her in 12 months, than anybody ever did in 8 years. My thoughts and love goes out to Jodie and while I was sat eating my breakfast this morning, I couldn’t help but think of her and wondered what she was doing . have read several books, starting with ‘A boy called It’ and even though I was moved, none moresoever than your book. Lots of love,
Miranda, Staffordshire,UK 

Hello Cathy, I am the mother of 2 adopted children, my eldest was severely neglected by her binge drinking alcoholic mother , and at the age of 13 months was put into care for 14 months, and adopted by us when she was 2 years 5 months, she has an attachment disorder, is emotionally damaged, and the only emotion she seems capable of showing is anger , she is very intelligent and also very dangerous especially to our adopted younger son. I very nearly put her back into care, after suffering a near breakdown , but then I couldn’t leave her to a care system that has let her and the rest of my family down so badly, it has been such a struggle, and I had drawn away from her. But after reading your book “Damaged”, which so moved me, reminded me of how much I do love her, and how the things she does are not done out of spite but as a defence mechanism to protect herself, and for the 1st time in a long time, I can actually see where she is coming from. Thank you so much for helping me believe in myself again and giving me the courage to continue. Regards

Hi Cathy, I have never been much of a book reader however a friend gave me a copy of “Damaged” and I read it from cover to cover, I just could not put it down. My childhood was pretty bad but reading your book really puts things into perspective and you realise that there really are people out there that are worse off than yourself. The thing that hit me the hardest was that just as you take in some of the bad things that had happened to Jodie, you read on and discover that was only the tip of the iceberg and that things were actually worse than you first think. What I found positive about the book was that whilst there are evil people in the world, there are also angels out there too. People like you and your loving and supportive children. This is the first time that a book has ever filled me with such emotion and I am not afraid to admit that on several occasions the tears were rolling but I wanted to take this opportunity to praise you, and others like you, for the valuable and loving support and care that you provide to those special children when they need it most.

Hi Cathy, Thank you for writing such a powerful and moving account of your time with Jodie. My Mum is training to be a Child-centred Play therapist and purchased this book after it was recommended by her lecturer .. She also complains that the system lets some children down . Although not living with foster children, I have pictured the whole book , based in my grandparents house, in which my gran fostered many children over 10 years or so . I believe this is where my mother has got her caring street, as I pictured her playing Lucy in your book. You come across as very kind and loving, just two qualities which every child deserves and is entitled to in a parent/carer. You’ve obviously done a fantastic job. I look forward to your next book. Best wishes
D, UK 

Hi Cathy, Just read your book in one day. and I would like to say thank god for people like you, and your wonderful children who truly do make a difference. Lucy, Paula and Adrian are truly exceptional kids , and I do hope Jodie finally achieves the peace she truly deserves and understands one day how loved she is by you all.

Hi Cathy, I really didn’t want to put the book down, and was constantly willing that Jodie would come out the other side, and for you to see that the help and trust and love that you, and your family have given her has made a difference in that little girls life. My own daughter is 7 and I will never understand how people can do these terrible things to such innocent children. Patience,love and understanding – you are indeed a special lady and you should be very proud of you family, as I am sure there must have been times when you didn’t know which way to turn .
Irene M, Scotland. 

Dear Cathy, I am an ex soldier who has seen a lot of badness in the world but none affects me more than when I hear of young innocent children being hurt especially by those that they should be able to trust. I have recently started training as a counsellor on the advice from my CPN ( I suffered emotional abuse from a very young age ) who thinks I may be able to help others. I am hoping to work with young adults etc my problem at the moment is I am concerned about getting too emotionally attached so i have a lot of soul searching to do. Thank god (if there is one) there are people like you who have the strength to cope with all the emotions and can put it all down in writing in such a way that people understand. Lets hope enough people in the right places read Damaged , and get a twinge in their cold stone hearts to make them want to put all the funding that is required for helping future children like Jodie.

Hi Cathy, i was so touched by this book. you did an absolutely fantastic thing keeping Jodie in your family instead of turning your back on her. not many people could have coped like u did and your family. i am e mailing you to say well done keep up the good work and remember all the love and help you’ve given to all those children and Jodie with pride cause to me and many others we are all so proud of you . children are so lucky to have been placed with you and your family. hope Jodie is getting better and one day she will get to live with you again all the best for the future,

Hi Cathy, I read your book in 3 hours and found it totally amazing however i couldn’t cry because it related to me so much. I have been abused mentally . I however had someone like you to pull me back out i reached the stage of wanting to stay in bed and so on, not wanting to go to college, not wanting to do anything, watching the world moving forwards when you stay still . The only way i survived was that person i met at college she taught me how to love again, she loved me and cared for me and held me when i cried. Your book really made me think about that there really isn’t enough people in the world who want to help others. In the future i really would like to foster and help others. Thank you for your book you are a total inspiration. x

Hi Cathy, I also have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ – A book that ‘took hold of me’ from Chapter One. You have not only written a book that takes the reader on a parallel journey to yours, one of emotional upset, turmoil, anger, determination, joy, learning, heartbreak, frustration and desperation, but also gives hope to any one who has suffered at the awful hands of abuse. It is not their fault , and the behaviour of the abuser(s) has to be reported. In addition I truly also hope that every Professional from all agencies will have read ‘Damaged’ and learn the word ‘COMMUNICATION’ in all it’s forms: I am a Sexual Health Counsellor, and have experience unfortunately in seeing the results of survivors of abuse who have been ‘Damaged’ , but my wish would be that more Adults, Professionals etc learn to communicate, to bring a STOP to not only what Jodie was put through, but also what you and your ‘family’ had to go through while providing Jodie’s care. Congratulations on your book, good luck and Best wishes for your future success with your two new books, you are Truly an Inspiration to many , many people. With Thanks, Love & Best wishes,
Malcolm – Worcester, UK 

Hi, I have bought your book today and I have just finished reading it. I was shocked and appalled. I have spent years working in mental health services but have been considering for some time about foster care . I was not and still am not sure if I would be any good. I am sure most people would think this before embarking on such a path. Thank you for the truly remarkable and inspirational book, and I look forward to the next book which I have already pre- ordered. I apologise for any spelling mistakes as I started reading your book at 19:30 and finished it at about 01:00 ( I think that is a record for me 5 1/2hrs ).
Samantha, Lytham St Annes, UK 

Hi Cathy, After reading your book Damaged I felt I had to get in touch. I finished reading your book in the early hours of this morning around 3am. It’s the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever read. When it got to page 291 & Dr Burrow’s findings and suggesting Jodie go into a therapeutic residential unit I broke into floods of tears. I just can’t get Jodie out of my head. You’re an amazing woman Cathy. Who looks after you? My husband and myself have spent years planning and putting everything in place ready to start a family, to give them everything they need etc to be told that we are unable to have Children. I’d have given my right arm to have a little Jodie to love & care for. I’ll unfortunately never be blessed with my own child but have been thinking through my options of fostering/adoption. You were such an inspiration I’ve even started thinking of retraining and looking into doing something to help children like Jodie. I wish her all the very best for the future and hope she comes through all of her pain one day and leads a happy life which she so deserves. Give her an extra big hug & kiss when you see her next. All my love to you Cathy, Jodie & your Children you’ll always be in my thoughts. Well done Cathy you’re a very special person, an inspiration to us all, Jodie and many others would have been lost with out you, you make a difference to their lives, keep up all your fantastic work you’re a saint. All the very best to you all for the future.
Helen, UK 

Dear Cathy, It only took me two days to read your book. I just couldn’t put it down. I have two daughters of my own and couldn’t bare the thought of any innocent child going through what Jodie had to. I hope she is leading a happier life now and i send her and your family much love. You are an inspiration to any mother Cathy.
Diane, Warrington, UK 

Dear Cathy,I am 18 and have just finished studying child care at college. I am going on to university to study psychology and hope to become a child psychologist, so your book has really opened my mind up to the kinds of cases which i will be examining , and the horrific true stories of children i will come across through my life. I can only be grateful to people such as yourselves who dedicate their lives to helping and making a difference to those who are most vulnerable and in need of help, love and support. I think you have amazing courage and understanding for these children, and from your book your family, especially your children seem to have been a huge part in your continuing love and support for these children. I wish you the best for the future, with your books and your fostering prospects. Keep up the amazing work, your book has really touched me and made me put my life into perspective. Yours Faithfully
Dani, UK. 

Hiya Cathy I bought your book about week ago, and i have finally finished it today, spent most of the afternoon finishing reading the last 4 chapters, and i could not put it down..I was shocked and saddened to read what happened to Jodie.. and i cried too… Please keep us up to date how Jodie is doing best wishes
Julie, UK 

hi Cathy , i have just finished ur book in one sitting. bought it at two pm and finished by five pm. although u did a great job you knew that it was hard and worked as a team. u were very honest and it inspired me. although i have never been in care i have been through something similar to something to Jodie and no how hard it is to talk about it. you must be a fantastic person to get someone that seriously abused to talk about it.keep up the good work and i wish u luck in the future and ur family.
Sarah S, 20 year old 

Hi, I picked up your book Monday, because of the girl on the front and her adorable and young face, and i have finished it in only 3 days, i could not put it down considering i don’t read that quite good for me! I went through the same as Jodie but I was at the age of 14 and it damaged me, i am now 17 and it still gets to me, he told me one day that if i didn’t tell mum what he done to me, he wouldn’t tell mum that i swore, i didn’t listen to this . It was my mum’s boyfriend , my brother and sisters dad that abused me and i thought i could trust him. i told my teachers as i felt i couldn’t tell mum as it was the man that she loved. After it all came out i went through social services and made a police video , but it never went any further because of the lack of evidence but my mum has been my rock after he threatened to come back and get me; god no’s what it must have done for her at such a young age and for so many people to abuse her like that. i really loved your book and will be picking up every single book that you do from now on.
Emily, UK 

CG: Dear Emily, Thank you for writing, I am so dreadfully sorry to learn of your ordeal. It so often happens that a case like yours doesn’t get to court because of so called ‘lack of evidence’. I’m afraid it’s the nature of our legal system here, and I believe it’s something that needs looking into. Other countries have different systems when it comes to child abuse cases. Fortunately you have a loving and protective mother and I hope that in time, with help and support, you will be able to come to terms with what has happened. Take care, Cathy

Dear Cathy Glass, I found your book so inspiring , I’ve always wanted to be a foster carer and, since reading your book its made me want to become one even more It Took Me around 9 hours to read your book, and i’m not actually a book reader , but my sister leant my your book and i Loved it from the start till the end. Thanks for a great experience in reading your book. I cant wait to read your next.
Ashley, Huddersfield, UK 

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading your book. I couldn’t put the book down as heartbreaking as it was to read , What you and your family went through must have been very difficult, but you all sound such a lovely bunch, your an inspiration to all!!! I found the behaviour of Jodie’s parents despicable, appalling and horrendous and I feel for that little girl immensely and pray that she can eventually overcome all the hurt and suffering she has been through.
Faye, Essex, UK 

Hi Cathy! Your book, Damaged is amazing!! I couldn’t stop reading it! It really gave me an insight of child abuse and how badly it can affect children , it also made me think how lucky i am! I’m only 15 but when I’m older i would like do something to help stop child abuse, or help those who have been affected by it. I also cant wait till your new book comes out! Before i go i would just like to say what a amazing person you are, You have helped so many people and it really encourages me to do the same. Best wishes xxxxxx
Becky, UK 

I am a nursery nurse at present but one of life goals is to become a child protection officer and i have also considered fostering. Your book was enlightening and i cannot believe how much abuse there is around in this world. I could not put your book down, i was so engrossed, to go through that just shows how caring and considerate you are. I’m glad Jodie is doing well and is able to get her life back on track.. You are a truly amazing woman and i hope you, Adrian, Paula & Lucy are doing well and that Jodie is also doing well. In my spare time i like to write poetry and i am going to write one especially for Jodie and also your family. I post all my poetry on a website, the poems will be dedicated to you . Lots of love x x x

hello, I am 15 years old . I am in the middle of reading your book ‘damaged’. You’re a great writer , its really upset me and made me angry about all the stuff Jodie’s parents and other relatives did to her. I admire you for taking her on even though she was a very difficult child to look after. I just wanted to email you to say how happy i am that there are such kind and caring people in the world like you. I don’t know how these parents who abuse there children can live with themselves, its disgusting and a horrible thing for a child to go through at any age. I am always thinking bout little Jodie now, and the pain she had to go through, I have to go into a different room to my family when reading it because i always end up crying. I cant wait till your book ‘Hidden’ comes out i will go to the shop and buy it straight away. You are a wonderful women and im sure everyone you know is very proud of you. Thank you

Hi Cathy, I bought your book on Thursday and finished it Friday afternoon, after which I just sat and cried, what a lovely lady you are and what wonderful support you have from your children! It really beggars belief that the things that happened to Jodie is happening so much all over the place these days. Some social workers I can not believe that they do not realise what is going on,. but Jill was your brick as well as your lovely children. I was beaten as a child and my life so far at forty has been one disaster after another and feel I would love to write a book myself but do not know how and where to start. I can not wait for your next book to come out. Regards

Dear Cathy, I would like to tell you how much respect i have for you, there are not enough caring people in the world like yourself. I had a horrible childhood. My mother left the family home when i was 4 and i was left with my alcoholic father and alcoholic brothers, my mother could not handle living with them, but somehow thought a 4 year old could. I went through abuse and at 10 was put through foster care and eventually went to a children’s home at 15. I have spent my life dreaming of having a family, having a mum in particular! However, i know if my mum ever contacted me i would never have anything to do with her for the hurt she put me through. In particular i related to the part where Jodie was lying in bed staring at the ceiling for days. I had a memory of myself in a memory in foster care in a very very similar situation. I only wish i came to you when i was young! Cathy, i want to say is a big thank you from all children like Jodie and myself. Now, i am just finishing my degree, bought a house with my partner of 8 years and loving my adult life. I have NEVER written to anyone like this , but had to say THANK YOU for being such a brilliant one in a million carer which has obviously rubbed off on your very lucky children!
A, UK 

CG: Dear A, I have had quite a few emails from adults like yourself who were abused as children and have gone on to lead successful lives. I greatly admire your courage; it makes me feel very humble. Take care and god bless, Cathy.