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When I first started writing my fostering memoirs it broke new ground. No one before had dared to write about the hidden sometimes secretive world of fostering and the social services. Since then my books have been constantly in the best-seller charts with 35 books published and over 5.3 million copies sold world-wide. I have been overwhelmed by the response from readers, thousands of whom have emailed, sending their love and best wishes, saying how moved they have been by my books, and sharing their own experiences. Some of those emails are in Comments.

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Top Ten Bestseller

Top Ten Bestseller!

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“Your  writing is excellent and your stories profound. What a soul you are to relay such truths in an awe-inspiring manner.”

“From the moment you pick up the book, you want to continue reading. Cathy writes in a clear manner which allows the reader to actually feel as if they are experiencing the story.”